New Japanese Garden

New Japanese Garden

TGIF!  Not much going on this morning, so Deb logged in to set up her new Japanese Garden room.  It’s complete with Mossy Carpet and a Garden Wall, and an assortment of Japanese themed items.  I was going to add the Tokonoma and other DLC that Chokomaru sent me, but I was thinking about it and I think those items are better suited for an indoor Japanese themed room.  So I will save them for when Deb upgrades to a house with a basement!  lol

Deb likes doing gardening so she set off to water flowers.  When she walked over to the black tulips, she noticed an extra one had sprouted!  Now I’ve got three black tulips.  Nice!  Deb also spied Saharah walking around town.  Ugh.  She’s looking for wallpapers today.  Deb surprisingly got 3 wallpapers from the townies!

Squirt logged back in, since he’s got work to do now.  First he stopped over at Nook’s cuz nobody had done that yet.  Bought the usual 2 flower packets and looked around.  In the back of the store where the tools are, at first I merely glanced and moved on.  Then when I looked again… I noticed the fishing rod on sale had a green handle.  Wait a sec – then it must be the Silver Rod!  I bought it in a hurry.  I’ll leave it for Deb since she’s the Silver Tool maven.

Next, over to the Able’s Shop.  I read in Vella’s blog that Mabel still had something to say in regards to the conspiracy.  I decided to go hear her out.

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  …Squirt, I’ve been thinking about what we talked about…  After all is said and done, there’s really just one thing I want to happen.  If only Sable and Label could be on speaking terms again, I think I would be completely happy.  And if I want to see that day come, I need to stay bright and cheerful!  Because if I lose hope, so will my two sisters.  But if all three of us keep working toward our dreams…  Then I’m positive a day will come when we can all be together and happy!

I hope this isnt the end of the conspiracy...

I hope this isn't the end of the conspiracy...

Aww, that was sweet Mabel.  I hope that day comes too!  Can’t I help them along in some way?  And I agree with what Vella said in her blog:  “What does Tom Nook have to do with all of this?”  I have no clue!  Maybe this conspiracy isn’t as over as I thought it was!

In the afternoon, I had a bunch of friends over.  No name, Vella and Jake came by at first, and the guys watched as Vella and I organized a massive wallpaper cloning session.  Jake managed to convince me to let him clone my Royal Crown, but I wouldn’t allow more cheating than that.  I don’t think cloning wallpapers counts as cheating cuz it’s too rediculously hard to get anything if you play legitimately!  Saharah is a biatch.  Vella and I got tons of wallpapers, and Jed came by later on to take some of the spares.  I hope everyone who visited got loads of nice, rare wallpaper!  We’re still looking for a Backgammon Wall, does anyone out there in the interweb have one that I can clone or trade?  🙂

Stupid Saharah!

Stupid Saharah!



Today is the Fishing Tournament!  It’s also Dan’s birthday.  I wonder if he’ll get a cake, since he never plays…

Check that.  Apparently today is the Sea Bass Fishing Tourney!  Great, I have to catch sea bass all day?  Blah.

Last night, a new friend named Brenda came by.  Too bad I was busy dismantling the Tomb Room to get ready for Sunday’s Flea Market!  My house was a mess.  She asked if she could clone my Lovely Phone, and I said, “Sure, if you can clone a couple of hybrids for me while you’re at it.”  I just want more purple roses to attract some peacock butterflies to Shaolin.  There are NO peacocks as of now.  And Brenda came back with sooo many hybrids – roses, carnations, pansies and tulips.  Thank you Brenda!!

So far I’m in the lead with a 46.5 inch Sea Bass.  This is one sucky tourney!

Kadomatsu up for auction!

Kadomatsu up for auction!

Don’t forget, everybody, it’s the weekend!  So get to the city and put something on display at the Auction House!  Next weekend is bidding!  I placed my extra Kadomatsu on display, so if you are looking for a rare Japanese item, bid on it next weekend!

GASP!  I went to GracieGrace and spoke to Labelle.

Sigh…  (Label?)  Yes?  Just a moment, please…  …Oh, my goodness!  H-how on earth did you know that name?  Oh…  Of course, you must be from Shaolin, hmm?  Yes, sir, that sure was my home.  But I reckon that was a long time ago.  When I moved to the big city to become a designer, I tried my darndest to start fresh!  …What?  My sisters really said that?  I-I’m afraid I said some downright mean things to my sisters when I left.  I was young, you see, and hadn’t learned much in the way of grace or tact…  Truly, I feel just awful about some of those things I said.  But maybe my sisters understood more than I gave them credit for after all…  Sigh…  I guess I can’t just stay depressed about it forever.  If I have time to mope, I should be using it to study fashion design!  When I fulfill my dream of becoming a designer…  Then maybe the day will also come when I reunite with my sisters.  …Oh!  I am so sorry for prattling on like that again…  If my boss had caught me, I know she would’ve chewed me out.  But even so, I actually do have a ton of respect for my boss.  That’s why I’m going to keep working here.  I have so much to learn!

Well go back home and talk it out!

Go back home and talk it out!

Well, that’s better!  At least a glimmer of hope that the sisters will reunite some day.  Maybe in the next AC installment?  I don’t know.  I doubt they’d be reunited in this game though.  Label(le) wouldn’t talk any further on the subject.  She’s got her goals, gotta respect that.  At least this conclusion was a little more uplifting than Sable’s “oh well things are better off as they are” BS.  Oh crap, I didn’t even realize Gracie was back there!  I’m wearing a custom shirt, a blue cap and blue shoes.  Let’s see what she says about me.

…Just to start, honey, your choice in clothing is all over the place!  I just don’t see a solid theme…  So I guess you could say your shoe choice is just a small victory in this whole fashion disaster.  …Hmm.  Honey, I gotta give you an A for effort…  but you haven’t arrived yet.  But don’t fret!  Study your fashion flash cards and make a few purchases, and you might make it!  Maybe.  Dear, you’ve still got much to learn about fashion.  You have potential, so you can still dare to dream.  You have to start studying.  Start by perusing my latest collection!  Off you go!

Fashion flash cards?  Or does she mean Liquefy’s AC:CF FAQ lol?!

Ooh and I’d just like to mention, Vella’s princess room is in the HRA HQ today.  Don’t know how long it’s been there, but congrats Vella!


Yay it’s hump day!  Ironically, Nook has a mummy’s casket for sale on Spotlight today.  Too bad I already have enough for my Tomb Room!  

I went to the Able Sisters shop as always.  I thought I’d talk to Sable first to see if she was all right.

Oh no Sable, you should let her come visit!

Oh no Sable, you should let her come visit!

Aw…  Squirt, it sounds like you had quite a chat with my sister.  You know…  about Label?  Don’t worry, I don’t mind.  Yes, it’s true we didn’t part on the best terms…  But at least I know now that she didn’t want to go to the city just for her own selfish reasons.  It’s hard for me, though, because I can’t just up and leave the shop  that Father left for us.  I really didn’t have a choice, but I think things have worked out well, after all.  I can’t abandon this shop that Father left behind.  But that’s not a bad thing.  In the end, I think everything has worked out for the best for all of us.  

I understand...

That’s kinda depressing, if you ask me.  Sable should be able to take a day off once in a while to visit Label!  She needs to lighten up!  Maybe I can talk some sense into Mabel.  Hmm, no she doesn’t seem to want to talk about this at all.  Oh well.  I hope this isn’t the end of the saga!  If it is, I don’t think it’s a very happy ending. 

Since it’s Wednesday, I hopped on the bus to the city to see if Label had anything more to say.  But before going to GracieGrace, I stopped over at Kicks’ stoop.  I decided to go with a feminine shoe style and choose color.  Now I’ve got what I think looks like sandals with red straps?  I can’t zoom in so I don’t exactly know yet lol.  

Shine em up good!

Shine em up good!

Well, Label didn’t have anything to say either.  Guess there’s no happy homecoming in the future.  Gracie isn’t here, so I suppose her problems are being dealt with too.  Oh well…

Hmm, today Redd is selling a Classic Chair, a Dynamic Painting and a Blue Clock.  I already have a Dynamic Painting displayed…  but I guess I’ll buy this in case one of my friends would like to give it a try!

I’ve been so distracted with the conspiracy that I didn’t even realize that Pascal was here!  Weird, I did ask Booker if anyone was visiting and he said he didn’t see anyone.  I guess Pascal enters the town via waterfall?  He does always float away into the sea, so that must be his mode of transportation lol!  Oops I accidentally pressed B and insulted him and he just dove and swam away.  Oh well, I already have everything in that set anyway.

Later on, Vella and Jake stopped by to hang out!  

Dont worry, Vella seemed fine after the experiment.

Don't worry, Vella seemed fine after the "experiment."


Wisp by the Pond

Wisp by the Pond

Pretty normal morning so far.  OH right, last night I had to find Wisp.  I hoped he was going to be right by my house like last time, but no.  I searched all over town, and he didn’t turn up until I was in the north-east area of town.  He was hiding by one of the little ponds near the river.  I was nervous about what to ask for, since I know he doesn’t always give you such useful objects.  I decided to go with a hat, and he gave me a 1-Up hat, which is great cuz I didn’t have it!  So WOO thanks Wisp!

Anyway, my Ancient Room is pretty much done.  I think it looks cool!  Maybe someone can give me some pointers?  Come visit and check it out people!

Ooh, I went to the Able’s Shop and things are fine with Sable.  But Mabel is another story…

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  Ohh, Squirt…  Ever since I told you about my sister, I’ve had so much on my mind, Squirt.  I realized that what I want above all else is to reconcile things with her.  I think I finally understand where both my sisters were coming from when that big fight happened…  Label was always talking about how she wanted to go live in the city.  Sable kept saying she wouldn’t let her go, no matter what.  And I was so young then…  I still didn’t understand what was going on…  But now, when I think about it from their perspectives, I feel so conflicted about it…  Ohhh, sorry about that.  I know that story is a bit of a bummer.  And there’s nothing that can really be done about it now, so I should probably just drop it, right?  Anyway, back to work, back to work!

Go visit her then!

Go visit her then!

Don’t drop it Mabel!  Ohhh well.  Is this the end of the saga?  Or is it endless banter with no real action of anyone doing anything about it?  I dunno.

New Shoes... not really

New Shoes... not really

I went to the city to get a shoe shine to match my new King Tut ensemble.  I told him to go by color, as usual.  But he gave me the weird orange/gold shoes that you get when you’re wearing the Royal outfit.  Wow, I clearly have gotten my shoes shines too much lol!  But maybe I should try again tomorrow, and select style for once?  Or maybe girl’s shoes would be better for this outfit?  I’ll keep trying…

Imagine my surprise when I logged in again later, only to find Pete standing outside my house!  And he had a special delivery letter for me from Nintendo!  Can it be, the first DLC to be released in America for this game?  Indeed!  A Shamrock Hat was attached to the letter, which I quickly put on and started wearing it around town.  I’ll have to log into my other characters so I can get some spares.

New Shamrock Hat!

New Shamrock Hat!

I think word must have gotten out about the new DLC, because lots of people were on WFC!  Doomdoom’s gates were open and I popped in to say hello!  Vella’s friend Antonio also came by, in a chef’s outfit.  Very nice.  He hadn’t gotten his new hat yet, sadly, so he had to wait in the background while we took a photo at the bus stop lol!

Vella is looking like a Leprechaun lol!

Vella is looking like a Leprechaun lol!

We cloned Sahara carpets for a while since the opportunity was there, and I got a bunch of new wallpapers!  Too bad most of them don’t match the new carpets I got the other day lol!  I’ll post a list or something tomorrow if I remember.

I wanted Vella to see my new Tomb Room (or so I am now calling it).  An unexpected visitor showed up – Bam Bam!  He finally got his friend codes in line and found my open gate!  😛  He had already received his Shamrock Hat, so of course it was photo-op time once again!

Three Shamrocks in a row!

Three Shamrocks in a row!

After Vella had to go, I decided to pop on over to Plaahaus (I hope I spelled it right, it’s pronounced Playhouse lol).  I got the grand tour, and checked out all the cool furnishings in everyone’s house.  My favorite was the wheat field room – I had never really seen this item in a room before, and I didn’t know you could run through it.  I thought it was so fun!  You can only see our heads.

Bam Bam and Squirt heads!

Bam Bam and Squirt heads!

And one last tidbit…  I logged in to the other characters in Shaolin so they could get extra Shamrock Hats for me.  Deb likes to talk to the townies when she’s walking around, especially Rowan since he was so nice to give Twinx a birthday cake.  Deb’s birthday is next month, and she wants something good too lol!  Rowan had something on his mind that I think needs to go out in the open.  He said that a certain town was trying to steal Shaolin’s thunder.

Youre going down, Doomdoom!  LOL

You're going down, Doomdoom! LOL


Wow, I can hardly believe it.  Even I forgot to go to the Auction House this past weekend to bid on items.  I suck!  Oh well, there’s always next week…

According to the Bulletin Board, this upcoming weekend is going to be a busy one!  We have a Fishing Tourney AND a Flea Market coming up.  How thrilling!  LOL

An empty lamp!

An empty lamp!

OH HO!  I just was watering plants as normal, when I stumbled over a shiny gold thing on the ground.  An empty lamp!  Guess I’m going to be on the lookout for Wisp tonight!

I decided to go to the city and see if there was anything cool to do there.  I checked the Auction House, nobody else had displayed anything for me to bid on anyway.  😦  I wish more of my friends used this stupid thing, so it could actually be fun lol!

GASP!  Gracie is in her store AGAIN.  Why is she there like all week?  How weird.  Well, I was wearing a horrible mixture of a Pirate coat and Midna’s Mask so I high-tailed it back to the Auction House so I could access my checkroom, and get an outfit that matches!  Since it’s cloudy in the city there’s no Kicks, so I had to make sure I had something that already matches the black dress shoes I have.  Tux and top hat it is, then!

Back to Gracie.  I wonder, will she actually evaluate me this time, or will it be more crying that people have no fashion sense?  Uh oh, she’s sighing again…

Excuuuuse me, It Girl

Excuuuuse me, "It Girl"

Total sigh…  (What’s the matter?)  Sigh…  Honey, I told you.  It’s nothing.  Not even a little thing.  OK fine!  Everything!  It’s all so horrible!  It isn’t easy being the It Girl.  For one, my young assistant, Labelle, is a mess.  The poor thing lost yet another contest, and she’s been down on herself ever since.  If you ask me–and isn’t everyone–she’s going about it the wrong way, honey.  Let’s face it.  How can you expect to create ferocious runway designs when you doubt your own divaness?  It’s not like great designers are made overnight.  It takes blood, sweat, and imported silk to get there!  Why can’t the poor girl get that fact through her head?  

What is Gracie babbling about?  Contest?  I’m lost.

You again?  What is it?  Listen, I woke up on the wrong side of the catwalk today, honey.  Let me make this clear as crystal, sugar.  I need some “me” time.  Alone!

OK fine!

OK fine!

I think Ed, who just happened to be in the store, was eavesdropping.  Then I did the only logical thing, which is to go confront Labelle about all this.

Sigh…  (You don’t look well.)  …Oh!  I’m sorry.  You know how I get.  Lately, things just haven’t been going so well.  And I just start wondering, “What am I doing working here anyway?”  See, I had a big fight with my sisters a while ago, and I ended up leaving home.  The fight was so bad that I can’t even pop in from time to time to see how they are…  Whenever I go through hard times now, I always remember my little sister’s face.  She was so young…  Oh, dear!  I’m so sorry for prattling on like that…  If my boss caught me, I’d NEVER hear the end of it.  I’m sorry.  I hope you’ll understand, but I really need to get back to work.  


Come back home, Label!

Come back home, Label!

Hmm.  Sooo… does that mean Labelle secretly wants to move back home?  I don’t know what’s going on anymore!!!

To clear my head of all this, I went to the Marquee.  But I only watched a show called Sadness.  Just sticking with the mood of the week, apparently…  LOL it’s a cute emotion though.

Poor Broccolo is sick!

Poor Broccolo is sick!

Later on, Vella came by with a bunch of new clothes.  Thank you Vella!  

Woo frog costume and Kappn suit!

Woo frog costume and Kapp'n suit!



Time Lapse Pt. 5

Time Lapse Pt. 5


I didn’t get up early enough to see Joan.  That’s ok cuz I still have two red turnip seed packets that I haven’t even planted yet.  So screw it!

Today is Points Special day at Nookington’s!  I went upstairs and bought all the items, for a change!  Then I went back down to sell the crap back to Nook, but he was too busy sighing away!  Time for more info!

Hm…  (What’s wrong?) I have to say, I regret telling you everything I did, Squirt.  The rumor mill has likely spread the news all the way to Mabel by now…  

Now I have to choose between “She knows.” and “About Labelle?”  Ahh I don’t like these options!  How do I know I’m getting the whole story if I’m not sure I’m selecting the right choices???  Well, I’ve been going with the top option for everything else, so I guess I’ll continue with that trend.

Ah…  I suspected that.  And here I thought I could hide from the rumors…  You see, because of certain circumstances, Labelle broke off ties with her two sisters, yes?  Those three sisters were very close while their parents were still alive…  But after their parents passed, Labelle got in a huge fight with Sable.  …And then she left home.  After that, Sable grew very depressed and didn’t speak for weeks.  Little Mabel was still too young to realize what had happened, the poor thing.  We heard rumors that Labelle had gone to the city with hopes of becoming a designer…  But I never expected to find her where I did…  

Another choice… either “Where?” or “Why not?”  I think for once I’ll choose the bottom option because I know where she is.

Oh no, I can’t tell you any more than I already have!  If I tell you, Squirt, I know you’ll try and go meet her!  I just know it!  So, please let it lie!  I don’t know anything, and you can’t make me talk, hm?  I’ve been blabbing on too long anyhow!  Time to get back to work, yes?  


But you didnt explain WHY, Nook!!

But you didn't explain WHY, Nook!!

I’m feeling hopeful that it doesn’t really matter what response you select.


Oooh I discovered a black rose!  My first one ever!  And another orange rose has spawned too.  Cool!  I’ve decided once the grass grows back and I’m not in ‘repair’ mode anymore, I’ll organize the flowers by type and color and really try to get some hybrids.  But until then… it’s patching up grass mode!

Monique just told me she has a ‘thing’ for No Name from Glitch.  LOL! 


Monique and No Name sitting in a tree....

Monique and No Name sitting in a tree....


Today is Twinx’s birthday!  I’ll have to remember to log in as her, and see if she gets a cake!  I won’t hold my breath tho…

Things seemed normal enough when I walked into the Able Shop.  I bought a snorkel, talked to Sable about Saturdays.  Then I walked to Mabel, just to make sure.  And she wasn’t happy!

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  Well, a faraway relative has been worried about me and constantly sends me little gifts of money.  And I know this relative isn’t rich or anything, so I usually refuse it.  But no matter how many times I refuse, it keeps coming, so I don’t know what to do…  

Now I have to choose “Is it a sibling?” or “Might it be…”  I’ll go with the sibling one, I guess.

Huh…!  Why, Squirt!  How did you know that?!  …Oh, I know.  It must have been Tom Nook…  I can’t think of any other way you would have known.  Well… You’re right, for what it’s worth.  Between me and my older sister Sable, I have another sister.  Her name is Label.  Because of various circumstances, we live apart now.  


Mabel, Sable and Label.  Cute names.

Mabel, Sable and Label. Cute names.


Again, I have a choice.  “Why is that?” or “Where is she?”  Since I already know she’s at GracieGrace, I’ll go with the first one.

…Ohh, Squirt!  You’re like a police detective or something!  Don’t worry about silly little details like those!  Now, I need to get back to work!  

And then Mabel refused to talk about the subject any more.  But, does this mean the controversy is over?  I mean, I have the proof now, but do I still have to worry about this family drama and help fix it?  I dunno.

Ugh, there are a TON of wilted flowers today.  Where’s the rain?  It’s all dark and cloudy but no rain!  


Time Lapse Pt. 4

Time Lapse Pt. 4


Rowan told me the town charm for Glitch, which is to plant 2 trees.  Then the flowers won’t wilt!  I must get to Glitch!!!  lol

Ooh the rain started.  YAY!  No more watering.  


Its Pal, someone whos name escapes me, and Squirt!

It's Pal, someone who's name escapes me, and Squirt!


I also visited Pal in Cairinie today, which was fun!  I hadn’t seen her in a while.  Cairnie is in June right now, and it happened to be the day of the Bug Off!  I crept over to the Town Hall to check it out (since I also needed to send out a piece of mail to enable the town charm).  Nat, the Bug Off guy was pretty scary!  He was shouting all kinds of nonsensical things at me!  I don’t like bugs, especially those that scream nonsense words at me!  And his eyes are huge and bug out!  I attempted to find something rare to submit, wondering why the Bug Off isn’t at night when all the big scary beetles come out.  My net only caught a Tiger Butterfly (although I saw a really speedy dragonfly whiz over my head, no idea what that was!) and it only registered a measly 33 points.  Not enough to beat Pal’s Peacock.  I conceded defeat!  LOL