Season’s Greetings from the Shire!

If you haven’t been following my friend Vella’s blog, then you are missing out on a LOT of news regarding the newest Animal Crossing game.  I read her blog every day and I’m always amazed by all the cool, cute, super fun new stuff that they’ve packed into the game.  It’s making me fiend out HARDCORE for some AC.  So I decided it’s time to pay a visit to my friends in my ACWW game, TheShire.  Pippin likes to speak for herself so here’s her latest news:

Hallo there!  Pip here.  Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but journeys tend to take twice as long when you’re a hobbit!  Recently my fellow hobbits and I were requested to serve as consultants on the new Peter Jackson film, “The Hobbit” and so we all packed up some lembas bread and left the Shire for several months.  We assumed that the rest of our enchanted residents would maintain our homeland whilst we were overseas.

However, upon our return, Merry and I were surprised to find that our town was over-run with weeds!  Of course, we don’t particularly mind, so I spent most of my first day back in the Shire collecting all the pipe weed and filling up the corners.  I couldn’t trust Merry for that job – no doubt she’d have smoked it all away!

I probably don’t need to tell you that, as usual, Frodo has been busy sleeping ever since our return.  He never helps with any of the duties of maintaining the Shire.  He usually just mumbles something about asking Samwise to do the work and then rolls over.  Something tells me he’s depressed that he wasn’t able to go to the Grey Havens with Lady Galadriel.

Luckily, despite our absence and lack of maintenance, the town was not damaged by orcs.  One of my dear friends Rasher apparently had decided to leave the Shire while we were gone, only to be replaced by Camofrog, who must be an old friend of Tom Bombadil.  Only Tom could have enchanted a frog to look like Camofrog!

There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air.  We are all preparing to celebrate the Solstice Feast of Yule at the end of this month.  Normally, Merry and I would simply prepare a modest seven course meal for everyone.  But this year, the shopkeeper Nook was pushing me to buy a large festive tree covered in decorations and ornaments.  Not wanting to seem rude, I did set up the tree at Bag End.  However I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with it.  Now I’m being told that Frodo plans to have the Elves of Rivendell bring us an Elvish feast for the Solstice Feast of Yule this year, so I guess that leaves me with nothing to do but fish and wander around the Shire!

I’ll report back after the solstice.  Your good health!

– Peregrin Took


Pond Smelt Tourney

Before I get into today’s blog, I just wanted to share that Shaolin has a new resident.  I’m not pleased.  She moved in next door to Rowan (in Margie’s old spot) and she’s fugly.  Well, not as bad as Elise, but she’s pretty gross nonetheless.

Meet Bella

Yeah that’s right, it’s Bella the Pimple Queen.  Blah.  Somebody get her some facial cleanser!

Anyway, my character Deb has been logging in a bit more often, since King Squirt is still planning on retiring soon.  (If only he could find those last few gyroids!  And maybe find the UFO… but I’ve decided that shooting Gulliver down is not one of Squirt’s priorities.)  Deb, unlike Squirt, still has a lot of stuff to do before her catalog will be complete!  Earlier this week, she shot down the wonderous Golden Slingshot.

Golden Slingshot

Of course, Deb is the character who always has to be a fashionista, and she doesn’t care for the gaudy golden tools.  (She has the complete Silver Tool set and is quite pleased with it.)  So this golden slingshot is waiting in the FREE section by the Shaolin Gates, ready for someone to come and snatch it!  😛

Now for today’s news:  The Fishing Tournament!  Earlier this week, Deb had caught a couple of scary Football fish and she decided to keep one in her house – just in case she could use it in the upcoming tournament.  Sadly, when she spoke with Chip, she found out what sort of tournament was being held this month:

Pond Smelt Fishing Tourney

Pond Smelts.  And ONLY pond smelts.  BOO!  So Deb went up and down the river.  She only saw small shadows, so of course she cast her fishing line out to them.  Every time, it was a pond smelt!  It was like Chip had just brought a bucket full of pond smelts and dumped them in the river.  Deb ended up catching 5 pond smelts in a row!  She entered them all in the competition, and last I checked, she was winning!

Deb's Winning Catch

Wouldn’t it be nice for Deb to finally win a contest, instead of just getting that lame Honorable Mention (aka the You Suck Certificate) letter in the mail?  Let’s hope that none of the other townies will surpass 6.7 inches.  I won’t find out the results til after the tournament.  Fingers crossed!  😀

In DLC news, nothing really has been announced lately.  Sad.  The only clue I have is for the next US DLC, which is going to be released for Valentine’s Day.  I hope it’s something cute!  If I hear any other info, I’ll be sure to post it here!

Before I go…  a bottle was found by the beach.  There was no note attached, only this photo was shoved inside, with a quick little comment:

Pippin is the UFO Expert now!

At least SOMEONE is having some luck finding the UFO!  😛

Celebrating Wild World

Sorry for my absence! After Thanksgiving, I started playing a new Wii Ware game called Pokemon Rumble and it’s been taking up a chunk of my videogame time! 😛 (You can read about some of my Pokemon Rumble adventures in my personal blog, which is at the top of my Blogroll List in the left sidebar.)

Today there was new DLC released in the USA! Hooray! Here’s the note:


It doesn’t really seem like it’s been four years since Wild World was released…  but maybe that’s because I didn’t get that game in 2005.  I think I got my DS Lite and Wild World game during Christmas 2006 soooo…. yeah!  Anyway, in honor of this anniversary, Nintendo sent out a DS Lite Pink.  I’m not much of a fan of the color pink, so I don’t plan on displaying it in my Nintendo room.  But of course, I at least took a picture of it so you could all feast your eyes.

DS Lite Pink

There it is!  Please let me know if you would like one, and I’ll send it out to your town in a letter!  It might look good in a room with other pink furniture, if you’re into that sort of thing!  😛

As Squirt was doing the rounds, watering hybrids, he stopped over at Ruby’s house.  She had mentioned to him a few days ago that she was feeling bored of this town.  Squirt did his best to change her mind, and thought that she would stay after their chat.  He was wrong.

Ruby's Moving Out

Wahhhh!!!  I like Ruby, my albino bunny.  But her mind’s made up, she wouldn’t even discuss the idea of staying around.  She’ll probably be gone by morning.  😦

Oh well, we will all have to just move on.  So when Squirt found a note in a bottle down at the beach, he was very happy to have a distraction.  The note looked kind of old and weather-beaten, like it had been sent a while ago, and had endured a rough voyage before washing up on shore.  Carefully, he pulled out the long parchment and dug his feet into the sand as he read:

To my Mysterious Correspondent:

Peregrin Took here!  There have been some strange occurrences here in The Shire as of late.  And it all has to do with the resurrection of some of old Bilbo Baggins’ wealth of treasure.

It started a while ago, when I was visiting at my friend Yuki’s town.  She had discovered for me some glorious golden tools!  I inspected them closely, and I am certain that the Golden Axe she gave to me was made by Dwarves.  Therefore, I am fairly sure that all these beautifully crafted golden tools were from the treasures given to Bilbo by Gloin and his other Dwarf friends.  I thanked Yuki again and again, as these tools will be very useful to me from this point on.  As I left her town, part of me wondered how Bilbo’s treasure made it’s way to her.  No harm no foul, I suppose!

The only tool that I have not received in ‘golden form’ was a watering can.  However, I heard tales of a Golden Can that can be obtained when your town has achieved what is known as “Perfect Town Status.”  Thanks to Samwise’s diligent gardening, I was informed by Pelly in the Town Hall that The Shire is perfect!  I will continue to badger her until she gives me this confounded Golden Can!

Another one of Bilbo’s treasures somehow popped up in the Able Sister’s tailor shop.  I don’t know if it is Elvish or not, but it was a glorious golden King Tut mask.  The naive girls working in this shop refused to believe Frodo’s claims that this golden mask was rightly his, as he is the heir to Bilbo’s estate.  So I actually had to BUY this King Tut mask back from them.  Unbelievable – and it wasn’t cheap, either!

Treasures have been appearing in other forms too, though I’m not entirely sure if they all belonged to Bilbo.  I’ve managed to dig up several fossils throughout town, and have completed quite a few dinosaurs in The Shire Museum.  Not only that, but I have procured a few rare paintings for the Art section!  The blathering owl (rightly named Blathers) was very excited and now has it all proudly displayed.

So in short, we have been able to collect some of Bilbo’s old treasures.  But they aren’t always free!  We will continue working together until all of Frodo’s inheritance is returned!  Not that Frodo’s been much help.  All he does is write his account of our journeys in his book, Lord of the Rings!




Orenji is popular!

Me too, Chester!  I just recently discovered that there was new JP DLC announced:  
アニパーサリーケーキ.  When sounded out, this katakana spells “anniversary cake”!  Which means that this is probably the same DLC we’ll be receiving in the USA around the same time (mid-November, maybe the 17th?).  It’s pretty cute, so even if you can’t understand Japanese, go to that link and look at the pic at least!


For the past few days I’ve been bothered by the little lost kitten, Katie.  Yesterday I finally remembered to ask my friend Bella to open her gate!  I haven’t received my special item yet, but I hope it’s something cool!

Basic Painting!

A few days ago, Nook was selling a Basic Painting as the Spotlight Item!  Cool!  I picked it up, and I’ll try to take it over to the city today and display it at the Auction House (if this is a display week, that is…  I haven’t really been visiting the Auction House lately.  Sorry about that folks!).  If it’s not a display week, then it will wait by the gate for someone to pick up!  🙂

Other than those few things, it’s been pretty boring around here in Shaolin.  Just looking for the missing pieces from my Mushroom Series.  I keep getting a lot of repeats of stuff I already have.  😦  I hope I can get the furniture I need by the end of the month!!!  EEP!

Oh, there was another exciting thing to share – but it wasn’t in Shaolin.  I found another ‘note in a bottle’ and it had both a message and a picture stuffed inside!

Oy!  Pip here, writing to you from the Shire.  There’s been quite a bit of excitement happening here.  First of all, I’ve met a new friend!  Her name is Yuki and I visited her town earlier this week.  She was very nice and let me catalog a lot of items!  And she also gave me some hybrid flowers to take home.  Thank you Yuki!  (Later I told Sam that the hybrids had magically spawned on their own.  But I don’t think he believed me, as he’s a very diligent gardner.)

In Yuki’s town Mitsukyo, there was a grand department store.  I was finally able to get my hair to look more like normal.  Huzzah!

Remember when I had caught a glimpse of a UFO not long ago?  I had told my fellow hobbits about it and they didn’t believe me – insisting that it was just some conjuring of Gandalf’s, or some other mischief.  But two days ago, Samwise was out watering flowers (as he does every day) and he saw something flying across the sky!  Of course, Sam doesn’t have a slingshot.  So he ran to me and told me about what he saw.

“I knew it!” I scoffed at him.  “The UFO is REAL!”

So I went outside to look for the flying saucer.  I stood out in the garden behind our house at Bag End and waited for about ten minutes.  To my dismay, I saw the UFO flying overhead… but it was going too fast and I could not hit it with my slingshot.  I felt defeated and came back inside to tell Merry what had happened.

Merry still didn’t quite believe me.  So I told her to go out that evening and look for the UFO herself.  She was smarter than me (sadly, that’s often the case) and waited in front of the main gate to see if a flying saucer would appear.  After waiting for a few minutes, the UFO whirred overhead.  She took a shot – MISS!  Then she ran ahead of the UFO’s path, and took a shot a little quicker than before…  and with a loud CRASH the UFO smashed into the ground near the Old Forest.  Merry ran to the crash site and found a large bird knocked unconscious.

Merry with the UFO.

This bird identified himself as Gulliver.  For half a moment Merry feared that he was a spy from Mordor, but after speaking with him at length she was decided that this animal was friendly.  She even searched the town for the missing spaceship parts that Gulliver needed, and he rewarded her with a special item – a Compass.  Merry put the Compass in our house, and I promptly snatched it and put it in my cupboard.  There’s a Flea Market today, and I don’t want these greedy animals around town (nor the Sackville-Bagginses) to try and get their hands on it!

I was both proud and jealous of Merry.  Sometimes it seems like she always has all the luck!

Until next time,

Shortcut to Mushrooms

You might recognize the title of this blog as the title of a chapter from Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring.  (If so, five bonus points for you!  lol)  I wrote that for two reasons, one being that mushrooms have spouted up all over town, ripe for collecting.  The second reason is that another note from The Shire washed up on Long Beach!  But I’ll get to that later.


November is a special month in Animal Crossing.  All month long, you can search beneath trees to find various types of mushrooms!  (They don’t appear under palm trees though.  Not that I have seen, anyway.)  Some mushrooms are better than others.  The mushrooms pictured above are worth a lot of bells!  Other mushrooms won’t be worth as much.  And don’t forget, some mushrooms are actually pieces of the Mush furniture series, in disguise!

Mush Series

So make sure to look for mushrooms all month long, to complete your Mush Series!  I wasn’t able to do it last year, because I didn’t get the game until mid-November.  But I’m hopeful that I will collect all the pieces I need!  From what I’ve experienced, you will find 3-4 mushrooms per day, one of which will be a piece of furniture.

Today was a busy day for Squirt.  He forgot to go to the city yesterday to get the new monthly charm, so that was his first stop:

“I have revealed for you a hidden charm that averts trouble that swarms from the boughs of trees…  You must catch a Koi in Shaolin…”

Hmm… that charm is… okay, I guess.  I don’t think too many people are concerned about bee stings.  But feel free to try the charm when you visit!

Squirt also stopped in at the HRA to see who was given the Model Room Honors this month.  Usually it is someone from ちびくろ, since my Japanese friends are EXPERTS at obtaining high HRA scores!  But to my surprise, the Model Room was filled with musical instruments, instead of the usual Mario set that I usually find.

Congrats, Subi!

I was so surprised to see Subi listed as the winner!  Congratulations, Subi!  Your room officially RULES!  XD

Later on, I logged in as Deb because she was requested to deliver a message to Rowan regarding “fashion flair.”  (He gave her a pair of pink glasses.  Big whoop.)  As she was walking along searching for Rowan, she ran into Chester, who had some shocking news:


She tried to convince him to change his mind but he wasn’t being cooperative.  It’s weird, he didn’t mention any of this to Squirt.  Why the big secret??  Sigh…  I’ll keep you all posted on Chester’s residency status!

Now before I go, here’s the latest news from Pippin in TheShire:

Greetings, mystery friend!  Things around here in The Shire are finally starting to get back to normal.  Well, somewhat.  Frodo still hasn’t left his bed.  We are all a bit worried about him, though Merry and I couldn’t possibly understand what sort of recovery one needs after being rescued from Mount Doom.

Apparently Samwise doesn’t need to rest anymore.  At first he wouldn’t leave Frodo’s bedside, but lately he’s been feeling a need to work again.  He’s resumed his old job as Gardener (although it makes him miss the old Gaffer), and has already started creating a lovely garden around our house at Bag End.  He even told me about a beautiful hybrid flower that spawned one morning – a blue pansy!  I almost didn’t believe him until I saw it myself.  I wonder what other hybrid flowers Sam will be able to grow in this land?

Last night I made a great discovery of my own.  I enjoy fishing (although most hobbits will avoid the water if possible) and when I was in the Far Downs fishing by the Sea, I felt a large bite on the end of my fishing line.  After a great trouble reeling it in, I pulled out a brilliant Tuna!  It was the largest fish I’d ever seen since returning to The Shire.  While I secretly wanted to keep this tuna for myself, I decided to donate it to The Shire Museum.  I will have to donate a lot if I want to keep up with Samwise!  He’s been finding all sorts of fossils every day as he tends the gardens and lays out new roads.

Lastly, I recently found my old helmet that I wore during the Guard of the Citadel.  I’ve been wearing it around to remember my days of battle.  I do enjoy living in peace, but at the same time… I miss the adventure from our journeys!

Until next time, my mysterious friend.


Mid-Autumn and a Strange Note

Halloween is Near!

Halloween is Near!

We are about half-way through Autumn now, and there’s only ten days left until Halloween!  I’m super excited.  I don’t have work on the 31st so I’ll be able to focus on obtaining the entire Spooky series, as well as the extra Jack items!  Woo hoo!  If you want to freshen up on what we’re supposed to do on Halloween, here’s the AC Wiki Page.

So stock up on candy and get some costumes ready, cuz Jack is coming to town!  (Is it Jack, the Pumpkin King from “Nightmare Before Christmas”?  Only time will tell!  lol)

Orange Trees

Orange Trees

I don’t know about your town, but the trees in Shaolin have started to really change color lately!  Many fruit trees have leaves that have turned completely orange.  For example, these orange trees with orange leaves!

Since today is Wednesday, Squirt went to the city to check things out.  He got a fortune (and learned that nothing good OR bad is expected to happen to him), a new haircut (I let Harriet choose, and she said she was giving me the same style that Miao had requested), and stopped by at Crazy Redd’s.  All the animals in the city kept talking about a town I haven’t visited in a long time, Plaahaus.

I miss Plaahaus!

I miss Plaahaus!

So I’d just like to give a shout out to Bam Bam and Subi, in case one of you guys still reads this blog.  You’re probably all busy.  But the animals won’t stop talking about you guys!  LOL

I also saw Broccolo in the city, but all he would talk about was the lack of restaurants.  Sigh… he doesn’t even miss me.

Just in case you didn’t notice:  GracieGrace is currently having their “end of season” sale and everything is 30% off.  The clearance sale will be following shortly, but act fast cuz about half the inventory was already sold out when I stopped by!

Upon returning back to Shaolin, I had to check to see if the painting I bought from Redd was legit or not.  Since my Museum is now complete, Blathers won’t even look at a new painting to determine if it’s fake or not.  Thankfully, Hery figured out a way to test the paintings with our pal Tom Nook.  Basically, if it’s a REAL painting, Nook will offer to buy it for 390 bells.  (I think that’s the number, don’t quote me on it!)  If the painting is FAKE, however… then this happens:

Nook can spot a FAKE!

Nook can spot a FAKE!

Nook will only offer 10 bells for a forged painting.  So rest assured, every painting I put on display at the Auction House is 100% LEGITIMATE!  Of course I forgot to display one last weekend… but in a week and a half I’ll display one, I promise!  lol

After all those errands, Squirt was doing some fishing (Ruby has asked for a pale chub to complete yet another mermaid transformation…) and spotted another bottle by the sea, with a piece of parchment stuffed inside:

Greetings once again, whomever is reading this!  On behalf of the Shire, I’d like to say hello!  My name is Pippin, if you didn’t guess.  Some very strange things have been going on here in the Shire, and I just wanted to make a record of it.

First of all, a rather large raccoon has put us all to work in his store.  Well, all of us except cousin Frodo, who is still recovering from our journey and has not left his bed in a week.  Can’t much say that I blame him, after what he’s been through.  Anyway, Merry, Sam and I have all put in a full day’s work with this awful raccoon (he calls himself Nook) only to be harshly booted off the premises after completing some silly chores.  Apparently this Nook owns all the properties in the Shire, as he also is the owner of the local construction business.  (I suppose that’s why the house at Bag End looked so different when we returned to this land.) Despite our pleading, this Nook is making us pay off a loan to him, since we now live in this house that he built.  I think the entire business sounds fishy to me.  But I suppose Lobelia might have left town for this very reason, after inheriting the house and being told by this raccoon that she’d actually have to pay for it…  I’m sure that sent her packing!  Well, that…  or an Orc invasion.

So we paid off the small sum to this Nook character, only to find out that he was planning to do some renovations to the small cottage and charge us even MORE money!  Samwise was convinced that the scheming miller Sandyman had to be behind all of this… but it’s just not possible.  There are no hobbits here in the Shire anymore.  Merry and I checked everywhere, from Hobbiton to the Far Downs, and across the Brandywine River to Buckland.  Although, we might as well change the name of Buckland to Duckland, since there are two lady ducks now inhabiting the homes in that vicinity.  We are starting to think that these animals were bewitched by the Elves, since they all speak our common tongue rather fluently.

Last night was probably the strangest I’ve experienced here in the Shire.  Not since Bilbo Baggins’ 111th Birthday Party had I been so surprised to see something flying through the sky.  At first I thought perhaps it was one of Gandalf’s fireworks bursting in the air.  But it looked entirely too real for it to be conjured by a wizard, so I scrambled to get my flimsy slingshot out from my pocket.  Alas, I was too slow and the flying object whizzed overhead and out of my reach.  It looked to me very much like a UFO.  I tried to tell Merry about the incident, but she refused to believe me.  But I think Frodo does, as he said he heard a very curious whirring noise in the sky while he was upstairs resting.  I will search the skies carefully from now on, in an attempt to find more proof regarding this flying saucer!

That’s all the news to report from the Shire.  No wine, ale or draft has been found in any cellar as of yet.  But I won’t give up hope!  And if you have a barrel, please do send it over!  Thanks for reading this, my faithful mystery friend!

-Pippin/TheShire/3953-6655-4658  (Wild World)

Apparently these hobbit-folk are getting really desperate for some alcohol.  I’d send some to them, but you can’t send items from CF to WW.  If anyone out there still plays Wild World, please email/comment/message/whatever me with your FC so I can add you!  Thanks!  😀

OH one last IMPORTANT bit of info:  The new EU DLC released today is the Dachshund model.  I catalogued it from the NL town Firdawsi once again (THANKS VERY MUCH IFETAYO!!!) and ordered a bunch for people.  I hadn’t received my mail by the time I wrote this entry, so I don’t have a photo of this new EU DLC yet.  But I’ll get a picture soon!

If you’d like to pick up a copy or catalog this item, you can visit Shaolin tonight!  I plan to open the gates *around* 11:30 PM EST.  The gates may be open earlier, maybe slightly later.  I’m not sure.  But look for the gates so you can get a dachshund of your very own!  XD

Grass Change and a Note in a Bottle

Yesterday, I logged onto AC just after sunset.  I had heard from Vella that the lima bean green grass had finally changed color!

Purple Sky and Purple Grass

Purple Sky and Purple Grass

I don’t know if it was the purple twilight lighting, but everything was looking violet.  I’ll have to take a photo during the daytime to make a real evaluation.  But I compared this grass color to my photos from last November/start of December, it looks approximately like the same color.  So perhaps this is the “autumn brown” grass color I mentioned in a previous post.

I haven’t had a chance to visit Shaolin yet today, but chances are Broccolo has left.  Now we must wait for the NEXT newest townie!  **Please be ANKHA!!**

In other news…  recently a mysterious note in a bottle washed up on Shaolin’s Long Beach (don’t ask… just go with it.)  Inside the bottle was a very old looking scroll, as well as a map to a small town.

The Shire

The Shire

Greetings to whomever this bottle finds!  I am writing to you from a far away land called The Shire.  My name is Peregrin Took, but most everyone calls me Pippin.  I’m a hobbit.  Just recently have I, my cousin Meriadoc Brandybuck (you can call her Merry), and our dear friends Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins, returned to our beloved home The Shire.  We had left many years ago to go on a long and arduous journey to the land of Mordor.

But I must tell you, whoever you might be, that our homeland has turned itself into a bit of a “Wild World” in our absence.  We knew, after Frodo gazed in the Mirror of Galadriel, that the Shire would never be the same after the Great Battle.  But we never expected to find that the houses of our former friends and relatives would now be inhabited by various animals, all of whom speak perfect English!  And perhaps worst of all (for Merry and myself, at least) we have discovered that our beloved Green Dragon Pub has been overrun by some pigeon who only sells COFFEE!  I searched the pantries but not a drop of ale is to be found in the Shire.  Perhaps we will build ourselves a brewery.

Well, I suppose that is all I have to report from the Shire for now, as we have only recently came back and settled in.  All of our belongings have either been ruined or stolen, so we are starting to build up our lives again from scratch.  So if anyone out there would be kind enough to share some of their less needed belongings with us, we’d be very much obliged.  Here is my contact information if you would like to visit our humble town:

AC:WW Friend Code:  3953-6655-4658

Name:  Pippin

Town:  TheShire

PS-  Dear whomever you are, I hope you don’t mind, but as I enjoy writing (currently I’m working on an epic manuscript of our journeys through Middle Earth) I will be sending out more of these messages in bottles.  So please keep an eye out for a bottle from the Shire!  And if you have any beer, ale, or wine… please send it to us!  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I guess that means there will be more random updates from this Wild World town in the future!  😀

**Disclaimer:  Yes, I am an LOTR nerd.  I re-started my Wild World town to make TheShire, and though I don’t feel like making an entire blog for that town, I thought this might be a fun change of pace.  So if you don’t like Lord of the Rings, please skip any of my Note in a Bottle passages!  lol**