Greetings from Mayor Gluxie’s campsite! #acpocketcamp…

Greetings from Mayor Gluxie’s campsite! #acpocketcamp…

3 Random Games I’m Playing Right Now

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about video games. My bad. It’s mostly because I’m playing three games right now that are taking up a lot of my time! I still check in with my regular games like ACNL and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but there’s three games that are really taking over my life right now.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I’m a noob to the Monster Hunter series. People have tried to get me into the earlier titles in the series, but I never took the time to try it out. I’d played demos and always thought the controls were too confusing. However, I happen to have the New 3DS XL system and it incorporates the new c-stick camera controls REALLY well. So I decided to pick up the game… I mean, everyone’s playing it! That means it must be good right??


At first I felt kinda bad about hunting these monsters. Especially in the very beginning, they have you slaying these really docile and gentle monsters and I had guilty feelings about it. But once you really get into the action, it’s like, “HEY monster – you’re trying to kill me! Let me kill you first!” and I got over the hunter’s remorse. Now I’m really getting the swing of things, and I can’t believe I didn’t start playing this game sooner. I love games that are content heavy and have a strong multi-player aspect. MH4U incorporates both of these things with extensive quest lists that you can play online with friends, aside from the regular storyline missions. On top of that, you can forge new armor and weapons to upgrade your skills and take on bigger foes. And did I mention that you collect KITTIES?? There are these helpers that you can enlist called Palicoes, and they are all cat-like creatures that do amazing support work during battles. Some add more attack power, others replenish health, some can throw bombs, others focus on defense… you can customize your Palico team to suit your style. I love the Palicoes because they add this element of cuteness to an otherwise gory and somewhat violent game. It’s a LOT of fun and I am down to hunt with friends anytime! Evenings are best for me to get on WIFI. 🙂

Story of Seasons

Am I the only one who still wants to call this game Harvest Moon? I can’t get the new title to stick in my brain. Anyway, now that Natsume has parted ways with Marvelous and XSEED, I have to call this game Story of Seasons. Cuz Natsume owns the rights to “Harvest Moon” in America and that’s how it goes sometimes. (BTW, don’t try the new Harvest Moon: Lost Valley game unless you’re into Minecraft, because that’s basically what Natsume has done with the franchise here in the US. It’s not pretty.)

Story of Seasons brings us the familiar art style and gameplay features we have grown to know and love in the HM series. I think this is the best farming game available on 3DS, and that’s saying a lot because I really loved “Tale of Two Towns.” I had some issues with “A New Beginning” due to too much customization. I don’t want to worry about decorating the entire damn town, my homestead is enough thanks! Story of Seasons tones down the customizing to a more feasible amount. You can still craft new objects for your farm and place them wherever you want (the same applies to furniture in your house btw!) but you’re limited to your own fields. However, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with just one field area. A cool new feature of Story of Seasons allows you to compete with other farmers in town for some extra fields that are specifically set up for certain types of crops. For example, my character is renting the Root Crops field area in addition to my main farmland. This allows me to free up some space on my homestead for grains and tall crops, and plant all of my root crops in this satellite field instead. But it’s not that simple, you have to defend your rented fields every season by performing well in contests or shipping lots of goods. Yep that’s right, farming just got a lot more competitive!

I haven’t gotten too far in my game yet, only up to early Summer Year 1, but I’m raising cows, a horse and a chicken (with another chick on the way! lol) along with my crops. You get a lot of space on your farm, and you can build multiple barns, chicken coops and other facilities on the homestead. Basically, if you are unable to rent one of the special public fields, you can still grow all types of crops on your own farm, so no worries! Another great feature is the farming itself. Now you use your hoe to plow a plot that grows up to 9 crops at one time. No more watering each individual crop. Now you just water a plot and all of the crops are saturated. Just makes everything that much easier and less time consuming. Leaves you more time to socialize and find a sweetheart in town! I’m still working on that part… lol

Pokemon Rumble World

This game has only been out for a day and I’m already obsessed with it. This is the Pokemon Company’s latest “freemium” game, meaning you pay nothing to download it, but there are a lot of features and items that you can only get if you pay for premium in-game currency. Since the game just came out, there is a sale for the premium currency so I snagged that. It’s not very expensive either.

I’ve been playing the Rumble series since it first came out on the Wii. I love it! I enjoy the action/adventure gameplay, it’s a nice change from the RPG format of the regular Pokemon games. Plus you can take photos while you play. And its a simple enough game that you can pick it up easily and play a few rounds. As far as the actual gameplay goes, it’s basically the same as it always had been. You press A for one move and B for another (if you have two moves registered) and beat up other Toy Pokemon dungeon-crawl style. A lot of the music is the same too, I have to add.

But here’s what’s new in Pokemon Rumble World:

  • Mii’s! You import your Mii, who can be customized with new outfits. Other Mii’s will start showing up too via StreetPass and SpotPass, who will help you in the game! Some will let you visit areas for a discounted price, others will give you premium currency if you save them from Toy Pokemon, and more.
  • Hot Air Balloons. In previous games in this series, you had areas to navigate, and you selected the one that you wanted to battle. Now you have to ride Hot Air Balloons, which have to be “refilled” afterwards. This is the main time when the “freemium” aspect comes into play. If you want to challenge the same area twice, you’ll need to spend premium currency. Or wait for a set amount of time, which is indicated in the selection screen. This wait time can be over an hour. You also need to spend premium currency to purchase new Hot Air Balloons that will take you to other areas.
  • Premium Currency. Let me explain this a little bit more. I’m making it sound evil. You can actually EARN premium currency easily throughout the game. There are certain (once a day) areas where you can earn premium currency, and you get even more for free if you get a lot of StreetPasses and interact with friends. It seems to me that the game provides enough premium currency for free to get you through the main parts of the game without paying anything. But if you’re impatient or want to wear a specific premium shirt design, that may cost you out of pocket. It’s up to you if you want to spend money!

There are other new features too, but I won’t spoil everything. This game is FREE to download from the eShop right now, so definitely check it out and see for yourself! My only criticism of Rumble World is the lack of a mini map. The top screen gives you arrows that indicate where the Toy Pokemon are, but I preferred seeing them on a map instead. It’s not a huge deal, just one little thing that I miss about the older games in the series.

Well, as you can imagine, I’ve certainly got my hands full here! All three of these games are really fun and it’s always a struggle to decide which game to play. Rumble World is best for short spurts, since there’s that whole time limit aspect. Monster Hunter can be very intense and time consuming, so it’s ideal to play at home when I have free time. Story of Seasons is low key, so I enjoy playing it when I need to relax, or after an intense hunt in MH4U. They compliment each other nicely.

Soo…. what games have YOU been playing??


Smash is Back!

The return of Mayor Gluxie.

Mayor Gluxie had been missing from Jubilife Town in ACNL for quite some time. Weeks, months probably… Isabelle was up to her doggy ears in paperwork trying to pick up the slack. Where was Mayor Gluxie? There wasn’t much of an excuse for the absence all summer, but in the past month, Animal Crossing Villagers had been spotted in another popular Nintendo title.

Where the Villager has been…

OK, so maybe you pro’s might notice that the Villager pictured here isn’t really Mayor Gluxie. Let’s just go with the suspension of disbelief ok? They didn’t make Mayor Gluxie’s face type an option in Super Smash Bros. 3DS lol! Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but the “sprite” of the Villager character still maintains the fashion style and proportions of the ACCF/ACWW Villager, note that you can see the female Villager’s undies – something that was done away with in the newest installment of the game. The Villager is also not as tall and slender as in ACNL. Am I the only one who cares? Probably.

Since the release of Super Smash Bros. 3DS on October 3rd, I’ve been playing this game practically non-stop. When I need a dose of nonviolence, I’ll switch over to ACNL, Harvest Moon or Tomodachi Life. But that usually doesn’t last long before I start jonesin’ for some more Smash action. I’m really enjoying the latest Smash Bros. game, there are a lot of new features and game modes. Plus… you can take SCREENSHOTS! I’ve decided to turn Smash into my own personal Pokemon Snap Redux. I’m going to start taking photos of every Pokemon and build myself a Smash Pokedex. And of course, I’ll only use the BEST photos, only the ones that would be up to Professor Oak’s standards! Save that for a future blog entry… lol!

Pokemon Snap Smash!

Overall, I have a ton of things I love about Super Smash Bros. 3DS. The updated graphics look amazing, the new characters add more options and being able to customize them really opens up the playing field in the competitive scene. I love the multiplayer options – from the original Smash mode to Smash Run and don’t forget the 2-Player games like Multi-man Smash! Since the game is now portable, it’s even easier to participate in local Smash Tournaments in the area. I recently went to a tournament in NYC and we dressed up in Smash Bros. cosplay. It was so much fun!

Smash Bros. Cosplayers!

I might not have won the tournament (wah) but I did make it to the second round, and I got a decent number of KO’s. I just need to keep practicing. If any of you out there want to battle, hit me up on Twitter – @gluxbox!

If that wasn’t enough gaming for you, there are three cool titles coming out THIS FRIDAY (Oct. 24th)! Coming to stores is the adorable Fantasy Life, which is another open-world style game with a bit of action and quests thrown in. Also coming out on 10/24 is Pokemon Art Academy so we can learn how to draw some of our favorite Pokemon – and I hear each game comes with a demo code for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, which is coming out this November! Not to be forgotten is Bayonetta 2 releasing this Friday for the Wii U, which has really cool dark graphics and a lot of magic and dragon-filled action/adventure (check out the demo on the eShop now)! I’m definitely picking up Fantasy Life on Friday… the others might have to wait. Too many games, my wallet can’t handle it lol!

What games have YOU been playing lately??  😀


Holy Awesome Games!!

If you haven’t seen the latest Nintendo Direct, or rather, the Smash Bros. Direct from 4/8/14… well you are missing out.  The half hour long presentation has taken the Nintendo community by storm!  New game footage and details have been revealed about the upcoming Smash Bros. games for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

There is just TOO much to hype about in the upcoming Smash games!!  So many new Pokemon playable characters, the Animal Crossing Villager character, new stages, new Final Destination stage options, new game modes for the 3DS version… and the graphics for the Wii U version are just so fantastic, I can’t get over it!  If you haven’t checked out the Nintendo Direct, watch it here.  Even if you’ve never played Smash Bros. before, now is the time to get into this franchise.

Can I just say that I totally LOVE Sakurai??  His hair is awesome!  He clearly is a huge Pokemon fan, has a hilarious sense of humor, and definitely represents what I consider to be “my generation” of gamers.  Is it bad that I secretly wish Sakurai would host all future Nintendo Direct videos?  😛

The bad news is that we have to wait.  Super Smash Bros. 3DS won’t be released until this summer.  The Wii U version is slated to be released this WINTER (holiday season no doubt) so we have a while before that new challenger will approach.  Not to mention we don’t have any actual concrete release dates.  I hate that!  My main worry is that the Wii U version will eventually be pushed back to 2015.  Fingers crossed that the developers stay on schedule.  Super Smash Bros. is going to be huge for StreetPass communities, and I can’t wait!!  So what am I supposed to do until then?

Good news!  Lots of cool games are coming out in the coming weeks and months.  Tomorrow, April 11th is the release date for Disney Magical World, which I’m sure many of my readers are psyched about!  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s kind of like a cross between Disney Infinity and Animal Crossing, with a touch of Harvest Moon.  You’re in the Disney world, and you get to interact with the Disney characters in a similar way to how Animal Crossing works.  From what I understand, it follows the daily calendar.  But you also get to gather items and collect things, which you use to craft OTHER things, which is why I say it’s also kind of like Harvest Moon.  Plus there’s some action/battling and you also run a cafe.  Everything I like!  If you want to learn more, check out this trailer:

Lots of cool games are coming out in May as well.  Namely, the awesome new Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf are both slated to be released early May.  At the end of May comes Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, which also looks to be AMAZING.  Sweet HD graphics on Rainbow Road?  Yes please!!

So hopefully all of those new games will tide us over until the release of Smash on 3DS later this summer.  I know I barely have time to play the games I have… I bought Yoshi’s New Island recently and have barely had a chance to play it because I’m still backlogged!  I was rushing to beat Pokemon X before the PVGC, but now that the big competition is over I can put Pokemon down for a minute.  What I really want to do is finish Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward which I had rented from GameFly.  I’m like half way through it so that’s my goal.

And if you are wondering… I have NO idea how I am going to manage 3 ACNL towns as well as Disney Magical World.  I haven’t even played ACNL in over a week, I’m sad to say.  There are just not enough hours in the day!  I’m hoping I will make some time to play games this weekend, even though I will be in Boston for PAX East.

But what can I say?  I have a ton of awesome games to play so I really can’t complain can I?  😀



Bring Back Spiky-Eared Pichu!!!

Oh hey, did ya know?  Pokemon Bank is officially available to download in North America!  After over a month of delays, no official release date and lots of impatient speculation, we finally have the holy grail for Pokemon fans!  With Pokemon Bank, we can now backup and store up to 3,000 Pokemon on Nintendo’s newly offered cloud-based banking software.  All those Pokemon that you’ve been transferring up through the generations can now be safely saved for years to come!  Most likely using Bank will make transferring to future generation games much easier as well.  Rejoice in the free 30 day trial!  After that you will have to pay an annual fee.

Now, when I say you can transfer Pokemon that you’ve been using from past generations, I don’t mean all of them.  Hacked Pokemon and many of the special event Pokemon from past gen’s cannot be transferred so they will forever remain in the past.  HeartGold and SoulSilver fans suffer greatly from this limitation.  HG was definitely my absolute favorite Pokemon in the franchise, I loved walking around with my Pokemon and I especially loved all of the special event Pokemon and cut-scenes that you would unlock through different WIFI and in-store DLC offerings in that game.  My personal favorite was the Spiky-Eared Pichu, and like many other past-gen event Pokemon, he can’t be transferred.

For Spiky-Eared Pichu to be available in HG/SS, you had to download a special “Pikachu-colored Pichu” DLC (which was also cute!) and take it to the mysterious shrine in Ilex Forest.  I think you might have also needed Celebi or something but I don’t remember the details.  Anyway, in Ilex Forest if you have the right event Pokemon, it unlocked a cut-scene where Spiky-Eared Pichu pops out and does a little chase/dance thing with the Pikachu-colored Pichu.  Sorry if the facts here are fuzzy, but it was several years ago and I apparently didn’t take any screenshots lol!  Needless to say, neither the Pikachu-colored Pichu nor the Spiky-Eared Pichu can be transferred outside of HG/SS.  Don’t even get me started on the Surfing Pikachu in HG/SS, which you had to get over 7,500 steps per day on your Pokewalker on a special DLC walking course and THEN you still had to hunt and successfully capture the rare Pikachu using the Pokewalker mini game.  Yep, non-transferrable, because it had an “illegal HM” so the Black and White in-game Transfer Machine wouldn’t accept it.  Really unfair.

I just don’t like all of that hard work wasted.  You get emotionally attached to a Pokemon that you have to work to get, so the fact that Pokemon like Spiky-Eared Pichu can’t be transferred to Pokemon Bank almost makes the entire feature pointless.  It’s these super special RARE Pokemon (and their rare sprites too) that make these Pokemon the ones that I’d actually WANT and NEED to have saved through the years.  But no, they are doomed to sit alone in the Box never to be seen again, unless I dust off the cartridge for old times sake.

All I really want at this point is for The Pokemon Company to re-release some of these special event Pokemon as DLC for Gen VI so that we can at least enjoy them again.  (And not only release them in JAPAN!!  I know that Japanese players were given a Flying Pikachu DLC in Gen V if they went to a local train station and downloaded the DLC, and those are very hard to come by legally if you live outside of Japan.)  Older gamers such as myself especially wanted Pokemon Bank for nostalgic reasons, so if we could have some of our extra-special Pokemon back, it would really make the experience more enjoyable.

Please, someone hear my plea!!  Bring back Spiky-Eared Pichu!!  😦



Week of 5/19 – 5/25

Subterranean Discovery!

Last week, Wasabi News readers might remember that the Manhole Cover public work had been completed.  For over a week the Manhole Cover lay in the ground, unchanged and seemed more like a decoration than anything else.  But sometime after 8PM on 5/20, Mayor Neko nearly stumbled down the Manhole!  The cover was lifted, and a bright light was emanating from down below.  (Anyone having a flashback from the TV show “Lost” right now??)  Without knowing what to expect, Mayor Neko cautiously jumped in and headed below ground.

At first, all Mayor Neko found underground was a long and creepy corridor.  It was pretty dark, and the Mayor admitted afterwards that she was a bit scared.  But curiosity got the best of her, and she walked all the way down the hall to where she assumed the source of the light was located.

Mayor Neko was extremely surprised to find what she did.  “It was pretty rank down there, between the smell of old pizza and garbage, to that wet mildew odor that sticks to the air underground…” Mayor Neko was quoted as saying to King after her visit.  In addition to the garbage, there was an old TV, some chairs, lockers, and of course… Resetti himself!  Apparently Mayor Neko had stumbled into Resetti’s Surveillance Center, and the mole in charge was not pleased!

Instead of giving the Mayor a proper greeting, Resetti rudely berated Mayor Neko for being where she did not belong.  (As the Mayor, shouldn’t she have full access to every part of town?)  After angrily ranting to the Mayor, Resetti decided to ignore her and watch his TV until she went away.

Before retreating back to the surface, Mayor Neko noticed a small area off to the side of the Surveillance Center.  There was a toilet!  She had to try it out, even though it was a bit unsanitary – she couldn’t close the stall door!  The toilet flushed itself when she got up.  Gross.  Resetti didn’t even mutter a “goodbye” when Mayor Neko walked back down the creepy hallway to leave.  Mayor Neko has pledged to speak to Shizue about turning off the cable access in the Surveillance Center.  It seemed a lot more like a break room than anything else!  Why should Mayor Neko have spent ฿398,000 for Resetti to have a place to watch TV??


Blathers, the curator of the Wasabi Museum, is extremely proud to announce the unveiling of a very famous artwork in the Art Exhibit.  Mayor Neko generously donated a Michaelangelo!  The Statue of David was donated to the Wasabi Museum Art Exhibit on 5/21.  This enormous statue was set up in the second room of the Exhibit.  It seems the placement is kind of amusing – it looks as though the ladies of the Van Gogh paintings in the background are checking him out!


There was even more excitement on 5/21, this time at the Town Plaza.  The infamous fashion guru Gracie Grace was standing in the rain, waiting to be judgmental about one thing or another.  Mayor Neko asked what the theme was this time, and did her best Japanese sleuthing to determine that the style requested for this visit was Modern.  Not sure what to wear, Mayor Neko consulted with her colleague Mayor Yumi to find an outfit that would pass the test.

Mayor Yumi helped out Mayor Neko by supplying a “modern ensemble.”  All of the clothes and accessories fit the Modern theme – who said they had to match??  For the record, Mayor Neko wore an Airy Shirt, a Dark Polka Skirt, Ellipse Shades and Sabot shoes.  Mayor Neko practiced her modeling technique in Kasen Village (of course Nelson was creepily hovering close by to catch a glimpse!) before heading back to rainy Wasabi to take her fashion exam.

Even though she felt that she looked super silly, Mayor Neko passed the test!  Gracie Grace did the usual spin of approval, and handed over a coveted item from the Princess furniture series, which is a Gracie exclusive.  Mayor Neko displayed her new item, the Princess Dresser, in her home, which is quickly filling up and needing more expansions.  Now Mayor Neko only needs one more successful fashion evaluation before the final upgrade to the Nook Shop will be available!  Good luck, Mayor Neko!


This week was a busy one for Shizue!  Several Public Works projects were funded and constructed this week.  In chronological order:

5/21 – Big Red Shoe Bench!

5/22 – Enclosure/Garden

5/24 – Rose Arch at the Mayor’s Estate

Currently in the funding stage right now is the Sand Pit, which is expected to be completed by the next issue of Wasabi News.  Stay tuned!


This week, two Wasabi villagers celebrated their birthdays!  On 5/22 it was Kitt’s birthday, and 5/24 was Derry’s birthday!  Many happy returns to you both!  Mayor Neko was in attendance at Derry’s party, but is sad to admit that she kind of forgot to go to Kitt’s party.  Sorry Kitt!


    • The time has finally come!  Start up your new towns!!
    • Message me on Twitter @gluxbox if you’d like to have a private visit from Mayor Neko!
  • 6/15/13 – Bug-Catching Tournament
    • Catch the best bug in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!
  • 6/21/13 – Summer Solstice
    • Join Shizue at the Town Plaza to celebrate the coming of summer!
    • Have fun at the Photo Board!
    • Giveaways for all who attend!