Ready for Setsubun!


Fans of Wasabi can breathe easy.  It seems that Wasabi is no longer in imminent danger of being destroyed!  I did a bit of research on my game loading slowly, and saw that I wasn’t the only one experiencing similar problems.  I was reading some different forums, and many suggested that perhaps the SD card was to blame.  I investigated this a bit, by playing some of the other apps and software that I have stored on my JP3DS’ SD card.  Every other game I tried ran fine, and there were no more issues regarding the A button acting strange.  I determined that it couldn’t be the SD card.  (For the record, I’m using a Lexar 4GB SD Card.)

More research turned up this forum thread, which was very interesting.  The original thread creator describes that he is facing a problem that is almost identical to mine, only my game wasn’t crashing, just taking a long time to load.  This poster describes how it could be a digital software issue, an SD card issue, and then there was one more factor that he described in his thread:

Wow, just wow… My town crashed for the sixth time today, 3 days after I formatted that SD card into FAT32. When it happened, I was playing online with two other players in my town with the “Best Friends” function activated and my town has quite a lot of bushes, flowers, trees, and whatnot… Most of the other towns I visited are usually less jam-packed than I do. It might be due of the complexity of my town for raising the crash rate over time.

This post got me thinking about Wasabi.  What was different about Wasabi as of late that would cause it to act differently than it had in the past year?  Ohhh right… Wasabi was completely overrun with bamboo at this time.  Then I started thinking about how Animal Crossing save files have been notoriously large (remember how you needed an entire dedicated save cart to run AC: Game Cube?) and maybe all that bamboo (plus everything that comes with bamboo, such as new spawned shoots/cracks every few days, loads of rotten shoots that didn’t have the room to grow into real bamboo, which I hadn’t been shoveling up) was causing the load time to slow.  Think about it, the game has to render all of the townies, houses, flowers, bushes, public works, your full catalog… and now I was forcing it to render hundreds of bamboo stalks, shoots, cracks and rotten shoots all over my town.  It sounded like a VERY plausible cause.

So I did what any reasonable person would do.  I grabbed my golden axe and went on a rampage chopping down all the bamboo!  I left all of the bamboo stumps because they look pretty cool, like wierd mini warp pipes or something.  Guess what?  It seems to have done the trick!  As soon as I saved Wasabi with it’s new “bamboo stump” style, the game loaded up much more quickly!  What a relief!

My advice: While it’s awesome and fun to decorate your town with all of these new features like shrubs and bamboo and public works, remember that aesthetically (and apparently from a coding perspective) less is more.  You don’t need to have something in every single square inch of your town.  In fact, doing so seems to kill your game!  I don’t know if anyone had the same issues with a cartridge, but at least if you have a digital download, use caution!  But personally I think it was the living bamboo with all of the spawning and rotten shoots that was the main issue in my game.

Having said all of that, the good news is that the Setsubun Festival is ON!  If you are still interested in participating in the festival, which I will have open in Wasabi on Monday 2/3 from 9PM-11PM EST, please visit the event page here:

The main reason I ask you to RSVP on the event page is so that I know how many to expect.  If I don’t have it already, please comment on the event page with your friend code so that I can add you to my system.  I will also be trying out a new format for this JP event.  Using the StreetPass Long Island Twitch Channel, I will be streaming this event live on the internet.  Hopefully this will make it easier for people to see who is coming and going, and when they should pop in.  Our Twitch channel also has a chat room, so hopefully the power combo of a live stream AND a chat room will make the experience a little smoother for everyone.  Keep in mind that the chat room on Twitch is not compatible with iOS, so you’ll want to be on a real computer to participate in that way.

Hope to see you all there!  Fingers crossed that we won’t have any more loading problems in Wasabi!


Crisis in Wasabi!!

Over the weekend I attended Apex 2014, which is the world’s largest Super Smash Bros. Tournament.  JDubz and I assisted in running the StreetPass Plaza Arcade at Apex, which was run by StreetPass Long Island, StreetPass NYC and StreetPass Princeton.  We offered Pokemon battles on a big HD TV screen provided by JDubz, and SPNYC was running Wii U tournaments.  This was all in addition to the official tournaments running at Apex!  The weekend was a lot of fun and we met lots of cool new people.  However, there was one problem: My JP3DS was having issues with ACNL!  D:

I think it started on Thursday but I didn’t pay much attention.  I had turned on my JP3DS to see what was new, and it took longer than usual to load up the game.  It wasn’t freezing or crashing, but the little “load train” in the corner was driving and driving and the game took about a minute to load.  At the time I didn’t pay much attention, I just put the 3DS down and did something else until I noticed the title screen come up and I could play.

However, at Apex I turned on my Japanese ACNL and it had the same issue.  But this time, it was several minutes before the game would finally load.  When the game finally did load up, I was walking around as Neko and she was carrying a tweeter.  As she ran around, she would randomly stop to blow the tweeter, but I hadn’t pressed A.  It was just going on it’s own, every few steps she would stop on her own and blow the tweeter as if the button was stuck.  But the button wasn’t stuck!  I had no problems loading up and playing my StreetPass games on the JP3DS so it seems that it must be a software issue.

We thought maybe I should try to update the software, or see if there was a “Fix Software” button in the eShop.  That will be hard enough of a task, since it’s all in Japanese.  If it’s a hardware issue, then I’ll really be out of luck.  But so far, there is nothing to indicate that the hardware is malfunctioning.  I have a digital copy of ACNL on my JP3DS, so worst case scenario I might have to delete the file and re-download it.  You all know what that means though… that would be the end of Wasabi as we know it.  I’d have to restart my game.  (NOOOO!!!!)

Yesterday I decided that if I do have to re-download the game, I needed to rescue the rest of my non-orderable items from Wasabi, such as the Campus DLC furniture and 7-Eleven items that were given to me by a friend.  These are all rare Japanese items that you can’t order from the catalog.  So I hoped for the best and started up my JP ACNL.  For some reason, it loaded slowly but not as bad as it had been on Saturday at Apex.  It only took about a minute, I guess similarly to the first incident that I described.  I had Neko purge her house of all her treasures, including her throne, which was kind of sad.  Every time a loading screen appeared, I flinched.  I don’t know when it might crap out again!  Then I used my American ACNL to take the items out of my JP3DS to a hopefully safer place.

…Did I mention that I have a third town?  JDubz gave me his ACNL cartridge and I started up another town called SPLI.  I haven’t finished setting it up to my liking and thus have not given it an official “reveal” here on the Glux Blog yet.  (Sorry about that, someday soon!)  Anyway, all of the rare JP items are now safely stored on the ACNL ‘cartridge town’ SPLI.  I figure if the digital copies of games can somehow become corrupt, maybe the safest place for my rares is in SPLI.

Since the loading time on the JP3DS wasn’t too bad yesterday, maybe I won’t have to delete and re-install ACNL on it after all.  I won’t delete it until absolutely necessary.  I just wish there was a way to back up your save file on the SD card or something.  ACNL has always been like this, I had a similar scare back in 2009 when I had to send my Wii in for repair.

Anyway… so assuming Wasabi doesn’t cease to exist, there is a JP event coming up in early February that I’d like to invite everyone to attend!  It’s Setsubun, or the Bean Throwing Festival on 2/3!  I’ll have to do the event at night after work since it’s on a Monday.  I’m thinking of streaming the event live on SPLI’s Twitch TV channel, so if I do that I’ll be sure to give you guys the link.  Otherwise, if you’d like to attend, please join the StreetPass Long Island group on Facebook and RSVP to the event page for Setsubun so I know to expect you there!  Don’t forget to add my JP3DS Friend Code (check my Friend Codes link here on the blog) and let me know your FC too if you’d like to join in!  You’ll get a free Ogre Mask for stopping by, courtesy of Shizue (aka Isabelle) and the Wasabi Town Hall.

Wasabi’s Obon Festival

On August 15th, Mayor Neko was very excited.  It was time for the Obon Festival!

A special WIFI Meet Up Event was organized by StreetPass Long Island to invite American players to visit the Japanese town of Wasabi, so that they could partake in the unique festivities of this Japan-exclusive holiday!

Mayor Gluxie of Jubilife City came by to find out the details of this event [in English].

Isabelle was more than happy to explain what the Obon Festival was all about!

Isabelle was handing out free gifts.  There were two options that were handed out, either the Eggplant Cow or the Cucumber Horse.

She must have seen me giving her a weird look, so she explained that it’s more of a “kids thing” to play with an Eggplant Cow…

Mayor Neko opened the gates of Wasabi to visitors.  At first we had a bit of a connection issue, due to so many people trying to enter the town at once!

Isabelle and Mayor Neko kept their spirits up despite the disconnection frustrations by dancing together at the Town Plaza!

Here’s a shot of the Face-Cutout Standee that was provided by Isabelle for the Obon Festival.  You can see an Eggplant Cow and Cucumber Horse!

Ultimately visitors were only able to enter one at a time, to ensure we wouldn’t get more disconnects.  Sorry for the confusion!

Wasabi was even visited by royalty!  Even a King needs an Eggplant Cow!

Guests enjoyed posing in the Face-Cutout Standee.  It was so cute!

For future Japanese events, it seems likely that the “one at a time” rule will have to be used, only to keep things a little more regulated.  Everyone is just too excited and tries to enter the town at the same time, causing the internet to derp and disconnections happen continuously.  We will be sure to post this as a warning for all future Japanese events.  (And there are plenty of them, so if you missed this event, be sure to “like” StreetPass Long Island so you can stay informed of all ACNL JP Events!)

There’s Life in Jubilife!

Jubilife Update

Hey everybody!  You’re probably all thinking… “What gives?  Why hasn’t Glux been posting blogs about her new Animal Crossing New Leaf town, Jubilife?”  Well said, you.  That’s a good question.

The honest answer is that I really don’t have much time to blog these days.  What I am able to do is post photos as things happen in Jubilife onto my Tumblr Blog ( which bounces the photos here onto the Glux Blog.  I know it’s not the same, and I’m sorry for that.  But ever since I came back from vacation, things have been crazy busy.  Also I came down with a nasty chest cold that will not go away, so it’s been a struggle for me to get anything done.

I’m going to try to do a quick recap of what’s been going on in Jubilife.  Please follow me on Flickr and Tumblr to get the full experience.

Jubilife started on June 9, 2013. I was ready to take on the challenge!

My beloved Ruby lives in Jubilife! HUZZAH!! (She will NEVER leave me again!!)

As soon as I was able, I commuted to Wasabi, where I ransacked the town, stole money and snagged designer fashions to wear.

Meet Gruff. He looks scary when he’s mad. (Yes he’s mad in this photo.) He’s kinda scary looking even when he’s not mad. But he’s still my favorite goat!! 😀

I’m finally able to enjoy the StreetPass functions in ACNL! Here I am standing outside of Mayor Neko’s house in the Happy Home Showcase. Also pictured… some type of robber who is scoping out Mayor Neko’s house. Hope she locked the door…!

While I was at E3, I was able to get a special StreetPass from Reggie Fils-Aime! His house is weird.

Reggie has a picture of his own face on his bed? Like I said… weird.

While I was in California, I had a visit with Mayor Yumi in Kasen Village. She has a Tokyo Tower there now! **ooooh!** Also note that Mayor Yumi was kind enough to give me a squeaky hammer!!

I won the Bug-Off on June 15th! 😀

Been adding lots of public works already. I started with this suspension bridge, but have since added the Dream Suite and the Museum Renovation on Main Street.

We had the Summer Solstice Festival on 6/21. It was really freaky – at night the sun was still blazing! Fireflies were floating about in full daylight. It was odd.

I love Ruby so much!! So freaking cute! My favorite pop star!! 😀

We are impatiently awaiting the grand opening of Club LOL, which I expect to happen tomorrow.  I haven’t decided which public work to start next.  A third bridge?  Gruff wanted me to add a Danger Sign…  So many choices!

OK I promise I’ll try harder to make time to blog about Jubilife.  But the Tumblr updates should at least make it a little easier to keep you updated!  Don’t even ask about Wasabi.  It’s falling into disarray, weeds everywhere, bamboo starting to get overgrown…  King better not move away, that’s all I can say!

Game & Waaaaaario!!

In other news, I also recently picked up the Wii U game “Game & Wario” which is REALLY cool!  It makes great use of the Wii U Game Pad, with every mini-game using the GamePad in a different way.  You can shoot arrows, draw shapes, complete puzzles, drive a taxi, dance like a pirate (don’t ask!) and lots more!  There’s also a pictionary-esque side game that posts directly to the Miiverse, which is pretty cool.  Here’s some of my screenshots from my Miiverse Profile!

This is from the Miiverse Drawing game. It’s kinda like the app “Draw Something” but more Nintendo-themed.

This is a screenshot from the cinematic at the beginning of the Ski game. The Ski game plays exactly the same as the F-Zero game in Nintendo Land, in that you have to hold the GamePad vertically and turn the GamePad to steer. It’s tricky!

My score after playing the “Pirates” rhythm game. My score is… MEH!!

For those who like quick, casual mini-games like I do… I highly recommend this title!  It has multiplayer as well as a single player mode, so it’s fun for everyone!  Check it out sometime!  😀

Welcome to わさび (Wasabi)!

Mayor’s Log


Sleeping in a tent is not good for my back.  No surprise that I wasn’t feeling my best this morning.  For some reason I was repeatedly tripping and falling flat on my face all morning.

Needless to say, my first priority was to give Tom Nook my down payment on an actual house.  I gave him ฿10,000 (yes that’s right, I’ve decided ฿ will be the currency symbol for Bells) and was told that my house would be ready tomorrow.  Not sure how he will manage to construct a house overnight but I’m excited!

I thought that for today it would be nice to get to know the residents of Wasabi.  Unfortunately since I don’t speak the language, I’m struggling to learn their names.  But here’s the current Wasabi Town Census:

  • たいへいた (Taiheita?) – A friendly, large brown Bear.  I’m just going to call him Teddy.
  • 2ごう (2-Go?) – This Squirrel is a familiar face to me.  King Squirt told me that she once lived in Shaolin, and called herself Agent S.
  • リリィ (Ri-Rii) – She is a tall, blue Wolf.  We are neighbors and I see her quite often.
  • キンプ (Kinpu?) – The majestic, royal Lion of Wasabi.  I’ll call him Kingypoo.  The inside of his house looks very regal, he has a throne and everything!
  • ペーター (Paytah) – A delightful young male Deer.  I guess his name is Peter?  We’ll stick with that for now.

I noticed that a piece of land had been sectioned off, meaning that another resident would be moving in soon.  How exciting!

Besides meeting all the townies, I also spent a good amount of time working to improve my town by picking weeds and planting fruit trees.  This apparently pleased my Shih-tsu assistant, because she started raving about how I needed to keep up the good work and obtain 100 points.  Town points?  Mayor points?  I have no idea.  After all this hard Mayor-ly work, I thought it might be nice to unwind.  I spoke with Yumi and she said she could open Kasen’s town gates so I could come and see the K.K. Slider acoustic set, which he performs only on Saturday nights.  Clearly I didn’t want to miss this!  (Especially since we have yet to open up a nightclub in Wasabi…)

The show was great.  Kokuto came along as well.  Here’s just a few photos:

Yumi sure has some sweet dance moves!  She learned how to do a lot of cute moves from a stand-up comedian named Dr. Shrunk.  Unfortunately he only performs for an audience of one, and only works during the day.  My best bet will be to open up my own nightclub in Wasabi if I want to be able to dance like Yumi.  Another addition for my Mayor’s To Do List!

After the show we took a quick trip to Kasen’s Resort Island and played a few Island Tours.  I was able to buy a cute sailor cap.  But now it’s time for bed – my last night sleeping in a tent!



Oh Glorious Day!  I have an actual HOUSE now!

Yes, it’s still just as cramped but I have a roof.  And a door.  No more brisk drafty winds for me!  I spoke with Tom Nook and, yesterday he apparently neglected to tell me that I still owed him ฿98,000 for the house.  Ugh.  I figure if I do enough fishing around town, I should be able to pay it off fairly soon.  Then I heard that there was a visitor in town named Joan, who was selling turnips for the stalk market!  Now that’s a good way to make some money!

Unfortunately the buying price for turnips this week was pretty high – ฿108 per turnip.  I opted to just buy ten.  Hopefully I will be able to sell them for a decent profit later this week!

The new resident moved in today.  Her name is ウエンディ(Yu-in-dee?).  She is a yellow Sheep that kind of looks like a piñata.  I think I’ll call her “Windy.”

For most of the day, I was fishing and earning money to pay off my house loan.  (I eventually made it!  Hooray!  Then Tom Nook began saying something about how my house was too small and I should expand it…  I think I agreed.  Most likely will be in debt again tomorrow, but with a larger room in my home!)  But in the afternoon, I popped over to Kasen once again.  Today she had a friend named Zen over, and we all hung out in the well-stocked Kasen Museum.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been taking loads of photos?  But there are just too many to include in my log.  The rest are posted on Flickr.

After having fun at the Museum, I headed back to Wasabi.  There’s always more to explore!  I was hanging out by my house, looking at the waterfall from the edge of the cliff where my house is situated.  I noticed that off to the north was a beach area I hadn’t noticed before.  I’ve decided to call it “Secret Beach.”  I say it’s a secret because there’s only one way to get there – by swimming!  I pulled my wet suit from my closet and braced myself for the freezing ocean water.

I mean, as far as beaches go, Secret Beach isn’t very glamorous.  The train tracks are right above, as well as the metal bridge that the train crosses to get to the next town.  But it’s still special to me ♥.  It’s an exclusive beach that only those who are privy to the info and have the proper equipment can visit!  Since I was swimming around anyway, I started diving for some rare fish and crustaceans.  Now the Wasabi Museum is looking a little better!  It’s nothing like the museum of Kasen but these things don’t happen overnight.  🙂

More to come tomorrow!

Turning Over a New Leaf…

I am one lucky girl.  I happen to have a certain awesome friend who sold me her JP region 3DS!  It arrived in the mail on Friday evening, along with some other goodies.  I don’t think I can EVER collect enough Pokemon stickers!!  Thanks Jenn, you are the absolute best!!  🙂

If you can't see this, visit

Why the Japanese 3DS?  It should be obvious.  So I can FINALLY play Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  It doesn’t matter that I don’t speak the language.  As it is sung in the Disney film Pocahontas, “Listen with your heart, you will understand…”  (If it worked for John Smith, why not me too?)  So without further ado, I shall begin my ACNL journal.  It’s going to be a bit backlogged but I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.  Keep checking back!

Mayor’s Log


I have a friend named King Squirt of Shaolin, who is very well connected.  He heard through the grapevine that there was a HUGE job opportunity for someone with “leadership qualities” available in a far away land.  I was told to board a train and I’d find out more when I got there.  While on board, I was questioned by a strange looking dog who began asking me a million questions.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what he was saying, because he was speaking Japanese.  All I told him was, “ねこ (Neko) is my name.  I’m on my way to わさび (Wasabi).”

It was late in the evening when the train pulled into a station and I was greeted by a small reception.


An adorable Shih-tzu began talking to me.  I just tried to smile and nod.  She directed me around town for a bit, and helped me find the real estate agent, Tom Nook.  It occurred to me that there might have been some kind of misunderstanding.  I thought I was going on a job interview, meanwhile these friendly yet incomprehensible animals are setting me up to move into town!  Not wanting to seem rude, I agreed that Tom Nook could set up a tent for me to live in temporarily.  Maybe I’d straighten all this out in the morning.

Or so I thought.  After pitching the tent, I began to wander around the quaint village.  There wasn’t much to speak of, only a Recycling Shop and a Town Hall were set up, with a run-down strip mall at the north side of town, past the train tracks.  The Shih-tzu convinced me to sign some forms that I didn’t understand, and we were whisked off to the town plaza, where she handed me a tree sapling.  Everyone was crowded around us, again I didn’t want to seem rude… so I just went with it.

Turns out I was being sworn in as Mayor of Wasabi!  Well, I guess this is where I’m going to be for a while!  I wanted the job – well I sure got it!  Hopefully I’ll serve as Mayor well enough, despite the language barrier.  My friend King Squirt had mentioned that he had a distant cousin ユミ (Yumi) who lived in the town of かせん (Kasen) not too far from Wasabi, and she too was the Mayor of her town.  I thought maybe I should turn to her for some advice.  Just my luck – the gates of Kasen were open, and I was able to take a train straight there!

Meeting Yumi was a great relief!  She speaks my language, and her town is well developed already!  Yumi had a slew of presents for me, some baskets of peaches, and also was kind enough to give a monetary donation for Wasabi while it’s in this state of transition.  I was so thankful!  She gave me some very useful tools: a silver fishing rod and a silver slingshot!  After we finished the formalities, Yumi showed me to where her house was, greeting her animal townies along the way.  I was amazed by the size of her house!  She had a very large main room, as well as side rooms, an upstairs and a basement!  Thinking back to the measly tent that was waiting for me back in Wasabi, I toyed with the idea of asking her to let me sleep in her exquisite Mermaid Room for a few nights.

After visiting Yumi’s estate, we met up with her husband こくと (Kokuto).  Sorry I don’t know if I spelled his name right, and I can’t remember the name of his town… I forgot to add him as a friend.  Oops – rookie Mayor mistake!  Anyway, we thought we might head over to Club 444, which was featuring a doggy DJ named K.K. Slider spinning house music with a light show.  Honestly, it was amazing – I was in a trance as soon as I walked in.  The music was pumping and my head began to automatically nod to the music.  We all started busting out our best dance moves!

Our next stop was a tropical island to the south of Kasen.  We were escorted by a singing frog.  The music seemed nice enough, but even though I couldn’t understand the song, I got a funny feeling that something wasn’t right with him.  I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any strange behavior.  The island, on the other hand, seemed like a paradise awaiting me.  I heard that the currency on the island was different from what we used in our villages, and so I’d have to complete some Island Tours to earn medals if I wanted to make any purchases.  I was excited for the challenge.

And a challenge it was!

We tried a lot of games, more than I can explain tonight.  But there were a lot of different Island Tours and I can’t wait to try them all.  Balloon popping was my favorite so far.  I hope to somehow convince the singing frog, Kapp’n, to make stops at the dock in Wasabi too.  Add that to my “Mayor’s To Do List.”  We completed so many tours that I was able to purchase a diving suit, which I am very thankful for!  I suspect that most Mayors don’t get to try out diving on their first day!  When we returned to Kasen, we stopped at the coffee shop.  I hear that Yumi occasionally works as a barista there part-time.  I think that sounds fun, it could be a good way to get to know the residents of my town.  I hope I can open a coffee shop in Wasabi someday soon.

It was getting late so I decided I should get back to Wasabi and continue settling in.  When I took another look at my tiny tent, I had second thoughts (and feelings of claustrophobia) and decided to wander around town again.  As I wove through the cherry trees, I noticed a large ball of snow.  I started rolling it around until I spotted another one – aha!  Time to make a snowman!  When I finished constructing the snowman, I was surprised – the snowman shouted [something] out at me!

Hopefully it means something good!  Something about the snowman made me feel more comfortable here in Wasabi.  I’m a little nervous about taking on the role of Mayor of Wasabi, since I don’t know what these cute little animals are saying to me, but I think with a little help I can do it.  As soon as I move out of this tent.  Tomorrow I’ll have a talk with that Tom Nook fellow again and see if I can get him to build an actual house for me.  I’ll be staying here a while.  This Mayor needs an actual roof over her head!  I’ll try to do a better survey of the town tomorrow, and get more familiar with the villagers.

–  Mayor Neko