Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I’ve been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.)

Before I get into my latest obsessions, here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in Animal Crossing.  I still have to get the latest Best Buy DLC!  AHH I hope it hasn’t expired yet!!

Gulliver is still suffering from PTSD and amnesia…

Gruff wins the award for most random music request AND most cultured townie in Jubilife. I literally had to look this up to understand what he was talking about. For the record, zydeco style refers to Cajun/Creole.

That’s MAYOR Madam Grooville to you! lol

Visiting the island with some Rando’s from Club Tortimer!

Jubilife townies can sleep easy knowing that we now have official police protection! (Or that they might find something they’ve lost in the Lost and Found.)

Existential questions with Vic.

Old Man Phineas approves of my coffee-making skills!

Won second place in the July Bug Off Tournament. I’d like to say that I purposely won second to get the silver trophy (since I already have the gold), but the real reason is that I was traveling that day and couldn’t devote as much time to the Bug Off!

Dizzy proves that he doesn’t have a clever name, but that he’s actually just drunk.

Still can’t afford this crown… 😦

In all honesty, I just have to thank MYSELF for having a second town on my JP 3DS, and my boyfriend JDubz, with whom I StreetPass ever single day. 🙂

Kapp’n shows his support for the 99%. Also, a bit of insight into his problems with the IRS! lol

Visiting with StreetPass Long Island members. And yes I am wearing a Reggie t-shirt in this photo lol!

T.I.Y. Home Store is officially open!

We’re starting to go GREEN here in Jubilife by installing a new Wind Turbine!

BEST NEWS EVER! Jubilife has officially reached PERFECT TOWN STATUS!!

So now you’re up to date on Jubilife.  I will probably write a special Wasabi News entry later on, since I have some stuff to report.  But here’s the REAL reasons I’ve been so busy lately:

  • New StreetPass Games!  Have you downloaded the latest update for your Nintendo 3DS?  The update includes a redesign of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which features a more “town-like” atmosphere.  More importantly, you can also download NEW STREETPASS GAMES!  There are four to choose from.  “Mii Force” is a classic arcade shooter style game, using your StreetPass friends to supply different weapons depending on their color.  “Flower Town” is a casual collection game in which you have a beautiful garden and your goal is to grow and document as many flowers as possible, with your frequent StreetPass friends turning into Flower Pals who help you to grow rare breeds.  (You can also build and decorate gardens and take screenshots!  See below.)  “Warrior’s Way” brings new life to the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game and turns your Mii Plaza into a growing ARMY to help you in a quest for World Domination!  “Monster Manor” is a slow-paced nod to Luigi’s Mansion, except instead of Luigi, you act as your Mii trying to find your way through a haunted house, beating up ghosts and saving your friends from unknown horrors… plus it adds a bit of Tetris to it’s game mechanic!  I love these games because there really is something for everyone.  Another added bonus is the introduction of a new form of currency:  Plaza Tickets!  With Plaza Tickets you can “buy” new hats and outfits for your Mii to wear in the StreetPass world.  Each game does come with a price (of $4.99) but all four can be bundled for a discounted price of $14.99.  Obviously I had to have them ALL!  I highly recommend checking them out.

My first garden in Flower Town.

  • EarthBound has come to Virtual Console!  This classic SNES game is a blast from the past brought to you by the year 199X.  Aliens have invaded Onett and it’s up to Ness to figure out WTF is going on!  I never played this game as a child, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo, please bring this to Wii U VC?  Or… dare I ask… make it a 3D Classic??!?!?) and I didn’t touch RPG’s again until Paper Mario.  To be honest, I’d never even heard of Ness until Super Smash Bros. when he was reintroduced as a fighter.  I could never get his Up+B move to work properly, and had a grudge against him.  But I digress.  When EarthBound came out on Virtual Console for $9.99, I decided it was time to learn what Ness was all about.  Plus I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews about the game for the past month from my StreetPass buddies.  What’s so great about this game (besides the awesome soundtrack, retro-familiar graphics and awesome RPG action) is the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top storyline.  I REALLY love it!!  To show you a sample, here’s a screenshot I posted to my Miiverse profile.

“At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.”

I’m sure you guys can understand now why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like.  But I promise (like I always do… but this time I SUPER DUPER MEAN IT!!) to make a better effort to post my random updates on what videogames I’m playing and stuff.  (Did I mention I also started a new game in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?  Yeah…)  So tell me, what games are YOU playing?


The Last Bug-Off

Yesterday, I went on a trip to Hang to visit Miao!

Vella, Squirt and Miao

Vella, Squirt and Miao

Vella came along as well, so we were able to hang out in hang!  LOL!  Miao was nice enough to drop off all the remaining shirts that I had on my list, so I am extremely thankful for that!  Now all I need are a few shirts that you have to ‘earn’ in the game, such as the shirts you get from Jack on Halloween.  Those two shirts are ugly anyway, and I figured it’d be more fun to do it legitimately.

Back to business.  Today was a busy day.  First of all, my friends in Europe received new DLC today from Wendell.  It’s a “Dirndl Dress” pattern, which I’m told is a traditional German dress.  Ifetayo was nice enough to drop by and leave a copy of the new pattern at my Able’s Shop.  Thank you Ifetayo!

Dirndl Dress

Dirndl Dress

If you’d like to take home a copy of this pattern, just let me know and we’ll coordinate something!  🙂

After that, it was time to focus on the task at hand:  The Bug-Off.  Not just that, but the FINAL Bug-Off of the year.  Last month, Vella had an extraordinary score of 118 points, and I was on a quest to beat that.  I had a bunch of bugs stashed upstairs in my house, in addition to the six scorpions I had in my main room.  I figured it would be easy to top that high score.

I donated five different Birdwings.  None of them surpassed 102 points.  The Giant Beetle, Rainbow Stag, Elephant Beetle and the Scarab Beetle all scored below a hundred points, which was pretty disappointing.  I had an Oak Silk Moth that earned 101 points.  The Hercules Beetle earned a hefty 111 points.  But the closest I came was with my Golden Stag, which received 112 points.

Next I debated whether or not to donate my Giant Petaltail.  Surely it was going to get me a top score, right?  Nope.  105 points.  Maybe if I had caught a few of them I might have gotten a better score.  Then I started donating my scorpions, but to my dismay they scored extremely low:  76, 85… 66 points?!?!?!  I decided to save my remaining scorpion for the Flea Market instead of wasting it on Nat.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with the results.

Burn Nat, Burn!

Burn Nat, Burn!

I was already kinda pissed at Nat because his little tent set-up trampled a bunch of fireworks I had lying in front of the Town Hall.  I ended up moving the rest to a safe storage area.  But I left one roman candle in my pocket to burn Nat’s stupid lizard legs off!  😛

Crazy, but not the best.

Crazy, but not the best.

Gala might have been impressed, but I sure wasn’t!  Ahh well.  Now I really will have to wait until next year, I guess!  lol

Since Squirt was preoccupied with the Bug-Off, he didn’t notice that there was another visitor in Shaolin as well.  The extra visitor went undetected until Deb logged in to pick up the GC Dresser DLC.

Katies baaaaaack!

Katie's baaaaaack!

Ohhhhh jeez.  It’s that brat Katie, who never seems to know the meaning of “Don’t run off.”  Maybe it’s because she has so much trouble trying to keep up with someone that she’s following.  Regardless, it turns out that Katie’s mom is still in Hang.  I guess they got separated last night.  So Miao, if you’re reading this… let me know the next time you plan to open your gates!  😀

Summer’s Almost Over!

Wow, I really slacked off there for a while.  Sorry folks!  Things have been pretty busy over here so I haven’t been able to devote too much time to AC.  So here’s a quick recap of what you’ve missed in Shaolin:

The Bug-Off

The August Bug-Off was on the 15th, and I was ready for it.  Since cutting down all the trees and removing the flowers, scorpions have been popping up everywhere.  I usually see at least 2 per night.  This left me with a ton of scorpions that are now taking up space in my house.  I figured I had enough to spare so I decided to donate one to Nat and see what kind of score it would get.  While it was still a good score, it didn’t come close to beating my July score of 115.

Broccolos Impressed

Broccolo's Impressed

I didn’t really feel like giving up any more scorpions, so I decided to stop there.  Later I found out that Vella did top my score – a 118 point Golden Stag!  *Curses!*  Good thing there’s still one Bug-Off remaining, on September 19th!  I must regain my honor!  ww

Tarantula Trap!

As I wrote before, Shaolin’s had plenty of creepy crawlies since I completed the extreme makeover.  The townies complained a little, but it’s worth it.  I’ve been seeing so many scorpions and tarantulas, I would definitely suggest this method for anyone desperate to catch one this season.  Unfortunately, now I’m in the middle of the slow rebuilding process.  But I’m not going to cover Shaolin in flowers again.  It’s too annoying to maintain.

Anyway, the creepy crawlies have been out and about and I’ve been improving my methods for catching scorpions.  They don’t even phase me anymore.  I now have 6 in my house, it’s a little ridiculous how many I’ve seen.  Tarantulas have been much more rare, but I still see them occasionally.  At first I thought they only come out if none of the neighbors are around.  But I saw Victoria walking right into a tarantula trap!

Tarantula Trap!

Tarantula Trap!

Usually I make sure the pointer is not in the frame when I take a picture, but I was in a panicked rush to save Shaolin’s racehorse!  I distracted her in time, and then set myself up to claim my prize of a pet tarantula.  I waited until the pest was walking towards the wall, and not looking at me.  When I pulled out my net, I heard the little ‘whoosh’ sound that the tarantula makes when it runs to attack.  Instead of focusing on the ugly spider, I swung my net.  Then I realized that for some reason, the tarantula had run straight into the wall, and now was turning around.  I was still mid-swipe when the tarantula ran to my ankles and took a big bite.

Word gets around fast.

Everyone's up in arms about the incident! ww

So I still don’t have a pet tarantula in my house.  😦  But I’ve got plenty of scorpions!


Sunday nights are all about fireworks!  It’s always a blast, Tortimer hangs out at the Town Hall handing out dangerous small explosives.  Townies who don’t mind the noise wander around the town, gazing up and clapping as the fireworks burst non-stop from 7pm-12am.  It’s really great.  I wish it was all summer instead of just August, but hey.  It’s fun and I like it.  I was able to take a great picture of half the town enjoying the festivities last week.

Shaolins Fireworks

Shaolin's Fireworks

Shaolin’s Gates will be open after 7pm EST for the final fireworks celebration of the summer.  Stop by for your last chance to see the fireworks from atop the Shaolin Lighthouse!

Please comment or email me if you want to come by, so I know when to make sure the gate is open.  I might be playing on and off, but I’d love to have visitors for the last hurrah of the season.  And it would be a great chance for you to help rebuild Shaolin’s foliage, since our August Town Charm is to plant one flower.  So bring over any flower you want and enjoy the show from the highest vantage point in Animal Crossing – the Lighthouse!

Bye Bye Bree!

In more recent news, today I received a very long awaited letter from the snobbiest resident of Shaolin:

Brees Gone!

Bree's Gone!

She left very silently, there was no warning.  I didn’t see her pack.  But today her house was gone, and all of Shaolin rejoiced!  The dark cloud of Bree is finally gone!  We are now a one-mouse town.  For now.  I really hope I get a super cool new neighbor!  And I also hope they choose a new area to place their house, because I’m really sick of all the animals living on the east side of town.  We need to even things out!  Apollo and Elise are all alone out there on the west side!

Well, that’s all there is to report from Shaolin.  Don’t forget to visit on Sunday night and celebrate the last Fireworks Show of the summer!  🙂

Giant Petaltail, Jellyfish, and DLC… Oh My!

Summer may be winding down, but there’s plenty going on in Animal Crossing!  I still had to catch the Giant Petaltail and Jellyfish this month.  As I explained in my previous entry, I recently chopped down ALL the trees, and dug up and hid my flowers.  I did this to give rare bugs a better chance of appearing more often, as well as to give myself a better chance at actually chasing them.

It seems to have paid off already!  I got my tarantula the other night, and then yesterday while playing at around 6:15 pm:

Giant Petaltail!

Giant Petaltail!

I think I got really lucky with this catch.  I noticed it zooming West from the Town Hall… which meant there wasn’t much space for him to get far away from me.  I chased it to the wall, as you can see.  Then the GP had to turn south to try and escape me, so during it’s slight pause I swiped my net and snagged it.  What a relief, I caught it without having to destroy the grass much at all!

This basically means that I can start reconstructing Shaolin again.  Yay!  I think I will wait until next week.  I will have my gate open TOMORROW (Sunday!) starting at 9pm for the Fireworks Show.  Leave a comment if you’re planning on coming!  Or send me an email.  Or whatever, be mean and don’t come!  😦  lol

Today is the 15th.  That means “mid-August,” which is the only time that Jellyfish can be caught.  Not only that, but apparently August 15th is DLC Day – all three major regions received DLC today!  USA, EU and JP!  I haven’t managed to take a trip to the UK yet (hopefully soon!) but I did receive the USA DLC, which is a “Hopscotch Floor.”  I placed it in my room… and was a little disappointed.  But I think it would probably match the Chainlink Fence wallpaper pretty well.  The JP DLC is called the “Eggplant Cow.”  Obviously, I went to Japan to pick it up for myself and Vella.

Thrones and Eggplant Cow

Thrones and Eggplant Cow

Chokomaru had built himself a cool throne room.  You can see the Eggplant Cow on the table, next to the crown.  I tried to ask Chokomaru what the Eggplant Cow is for, and he couldn’t explain.  I asked if it was for kids and he said no.  Soooo I’m at a loss lol!  His throne room looks awesome.  I didn’t realize he was THAT rich!  lol  Anyone who has 12 thrones and a royal crown in their room has GOT to be loaded.

I’m going to be setting up a throne room in Dan’s house soon.  He actually REQUESTED it.  Shocking!  Anyway, back to the story…

After checking out the new throne room, we set off for the beach.  I needed to catch the Jellyfish!  I wasn’t sure how small the shadow was supposed to be.  I saw a tiny shadow, but it was only a clownfish.  Then I tried a shadow that looked like it would be a horse mackerel.  But instead, a jellyfish came out!  Hooray!



So it was a VERY productive morning.  Today is now the Bug Off and I’m going to see if I can submit one of my scorpions.  I might add to this post later today if anything exciting happens.

Bug Off & Recap

Terribly sorry to all my readers who have been wondering what happened to my regular blogging!  I decided to take a short break from AC after nights of searching for Tarantulas and Scorpions and having no success.  It was frustrating and I just decided to stop trying.

I came to this decision last weekend, after the Bug Off.  Squirt did very well in the Bug Off, thanks to all the rare bugs he’d caught earlier in the month and stored upstairs in his house.



In case you’re wondering, here’s the scores Squirt got for his rare bug donations:

  • Giant Beetle – 84 points
  • Atlas Beetle – 87 points
  • Elephant Beetle – 77, 92, 93
  • Cyclommatus – 84, 90, 105!
  • Hercules – 115!!

Yes, that’s right.  Squirt got 115 points for his Hercules Beetle!  My goal for this Bug Off was to beat Vella’s previous score of 101 points.  I was pretty psyched about the 105 point Cyclommatus, but the Hercules score was just crazy!  I don’t know if the scores go any higher than that.  Has anyone received a higher score??  Please comment if you have!

After that victory, Squirt decided to retire for a week.  I’m hoping that after not playing this character for a while, it will be easier to find rare bugs once that character returns.  So Deb has been filling in, watering the flowers and checking the inventory at the shops.  (She still has a huge catalog to fill, after all!)  There was supposed to be US DLC released on the 20th, but nothing came.  I went to visit ちょこまる to pick up a Morning Glory flower, which was released that day as well.  Apparently it was too early in the morning and I forgot to take photos.

The week went on without much incident since I wasn’t playing that much.  But one afternoon Deb stepped into Able’s Shop and made a shocking discovery:

DimentioMsk Discovered

DimentioMsk Discovered

Well, I decided to just buy the stupid DimentioMsk and wear it around since it’s stuck in my game anyway.  I guess it’s cooler than the clown mask… but whatever.  Stupid HDLC!  WAHHH!  😛

Then on Thursday (I think?) I was informed that Pete had FINALLY gotten around to delivering the new US DLC.  Better late than never?  Deb tried to give Pete a lecture about delivering things on time but he just walked off, babbling about how his boss gets mad if he doesn’t finish all his deliveries.  So I guess he’s already in enough trouble!  lol

Letter from Nintendo

Letter from Nintendo

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the DLC was released the day after I called NOA Customer Support to complain about the late DLC?

Anyway, the Dolphin Model was a bit of a let-down.  It’s small.  It doesn’t do anything, like move or make a sound.  And I don’t know much about Pikmin.  Sooo…. yeah.

It was my intention to have Squirt remain on vacation until the Flea Market.  I logged in today, thinking it was the Flea Market.  Of course, I was mixed up about the dates.  I did this last month as well.  LOL I just don’t learn.  Even Broccolo was making fun of Squirt for getting the date mixed up.

I Forgot!

I Forgot!

So I went to the city and put a Red Vase on display at the Auction House.  Only 500 bells!  Bid on it next week, people!!  While in the city, I decided to stop in at GracieGrace to see if anything was left in stock.  These end of the season sales really get crazy at the end of the month!  I ran into a former Shaolin resident, Peanut, while I was there!  She’s apparently been considering showing off some skin… lol!

I dont think she has ankles...

I don't think she has ankles...

So that’s what you’ve missed this week in Shaolin!  Nothing too exciting.  Hopefully I’ll remember to log in for the Flea Market tomorrow, and maybe have better luck at catching a creepy crawly!  Or at least get Squirt to work on his tan…

The Bug-Off!

For your reference, here is a list of approximate scores for each bug you might submit to the Bug-Off:  Nat’s Wiki Page

The Bug-Off!

The Bug-Off!

I’ve been hunting bugs all week in preparation for this bug tournament.  The Judge, known as Nat, claims he doesn’t want to eat any of the submissions.  But I don’t quite believe him.  Elise has set the bar high this morning, with a Tiger Butterfly that scored 52 points!

As per my experiment, I am going to post the scores and the color of the bug cage for each of my submissions to the contest.

  • Darner Dragonfly – GOLD cage – 35 Points
  • Peacock – GOLD cage – 66 Points
  • Oak Silk Moth – GOLD cage – 82 Points
  • Agrias Butterfly – PINK cage – 62 Points
  • Rainbow Stag – PINK cage – 88 Points
  • Emperor – PINK cage – 69 Points
  • Lantern Fly – PINK cage – 82 Points
  • Goliath Beetle – PINK cage – 91 Points

So according to my Rarity Research, I’m going to have to conclude that pink bug cages are a sign of extremely rare bugs.  I know that the Oak Silk Moth scored pretty high, but you have to keep in mind that this moth is HUGE and size is also a factor.  But if you think about it, the Rainbow Stag is a SMALL beetle and it scored higher than the Oak Silk Moth.  At the end of the day, this is my deciding factor:  the lowest score I received for a bug in a gold cage was 35.  The lowest score I received for a pink caged bug was 62 points.  Sounds like I’ve got all the proof I need!

I must say, I was cringing the whole time while handing over these bugs.  They are ALL worth a decent amount of money, so part of me felt like I was throwing my money away.  But, on the other hand, this was an experiment!  Plus I want to WIN!  So it’s worth it, I suppose.  😛  And I’d also like to point out that Nat gave me not one but TWO fire hydrants as prizes for beating my previous score.  WTF?  lol

I just caught a Raja Brooke.  I put the bug in my house to see what color cage it lives in.  The cage is PURPLE.  Meh??  I didn’t know there were purple ones.  Let’s see how it scores.  82 points!  Not bad.  But now I have NO idea where purple stands as far as rarity.  I think I should give up on this experiment…  lol

Margie Looks Jealous!

Margie Looks Jealous!