Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I've been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I've barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.) Before …

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The Last Bug-Off

Yesterday, I went on a trip to Hang to visit Miao! Vella came along as well, so we were able to hang out in hang!  LOL!  Miao was nice enough to drop off all the remaining shirts that I had on my list, so I am extremely thankful for that!  Now all I need are …

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Giant Petaltail, Jellyfish, and DLC… Oh My!

Summer may be winding down, but there's plenty going on in Animal Crossing!  I still had to catch the Giant Petaltail and Jellyfish this month.  As I explained in my previous entry, I recently chopped down ALL the trees, and dug up and hid my flowers.  I did this to give rare bugs a better …

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