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Pokemon 25 Hype!

Are you ready?? It’s the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon, and there are a lot of big things happening! Pokemon GO Tour Yesterday’s Pokemon GO Tour kicked things off to celebrate Pokemon Week. I didn’t buy a pass but I did check in on the game’s festivities, which featured gen one …

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Self Love Resources

This month I’m devoting a lot of time to talking about self love. I’m doing this because this time of year can be hard for many gamers, myself included. Being single and shut inside for the past few months is not great for dating. Focusing on self love instead of …

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"You Belong" repeating text

February Self Love

Greetings my loves! February is here, which means we made it through the first month of 2021! Congrats! However, February can be a tough time a lot of year for many gamers. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, the pressure of the looming VALENTINE’S DAY can mean a lot …

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The Animal Crossing Inquirer 04: Missing or Retired Persons?

In the Animal Crossing Inquirer debut, an extensive list of missing persons was presented. There were a few names that were intentionally left out because there is evidence to suggest that these individuals are not missing, but possibly retired instead.

Glux Reviews: Superliminal

Have you ever had a lucid dream? Honestly, I haven’t. But when I played Superliminal, I thought that this is probably the closest thing to having one! Superliminal is a really cool indie game by Pillow Castle Games which takes you through a puzzle world like no other – the …

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