Jubilife Gets Livelier!

Well, now that it’s July, that means I’ve been the Mayor of Jubilife for almost a month now.  Every day we have something new going on in town, there’s really never a dull moment!  Here’s a photolog of the latest happenings in Jubilife:

Gulliver washed up on shore recently. Despite the efforts of myself and JDubz whacking him with squeaky hammers, he would not get up. (Note: Gulliver will not wake up if you have visitors in town. He did eventually get up once the gates were closed.)

So far, the Gulliver items I’ve collected are a Hula Doll from Hawaii, a Dala Horse from Sweden, and a Mummy’s Casket from Egypt.  Pretty cool stuff!  I wonder how many countries Gulliver plans to visit in this game?

I love going to the Island with my boyfriend JDubz. Kapp’n however seems a bit jealous lol!

Playing on WIFI is so much fun! Recently Mayor JDubz and I visited with Mayors Vella and Kokuto.

We tried some cliff diving while we were in Hanabi! It’s really hard to coordinate everyone to jump at the same time…

I didn’t post this photo last time, but it’s cute! This is a face-cutout standee from the Summer Solstice festival on 6/21. Vella is a happy sunflower, while I am a happy sun wearing Ladder Shades!

The Dream Suite is now open for business in Jubilife!

Some profound words from the most annoying camel I know…

Oh hey, Reggie visited my Happy Home Showcase again! But he still doesn’t give me any ice cream so… I’m not impressed lol!

I *might* have eaten a Magic Mushroom while visiting the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town! FYI the Official Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite code is: 0000-0100-0017

Gruff seems to think he’s my stand-in for Mayor. He was also seen patrolling outside Ruby’s house to make sure nobody plants pitfall seeds… (I swear I’m not making this up lol!)

Chops thinks he’s the Official Jubilife room inspector… I mean, I appreciate that these guys want to help me out with my Mayor-ly duties. I just hope that they realize these are volunteer positions and that they won’t be getting paid or stealing my coveted Mayor’s chair at the Town Hall!

YAY I’m starting to get a tan!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Island doing tours to stock up on medals and get my tan on. In the process, I’ve discovered that not all Island Tours take place in the daytime.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are more night-time Island Tours popping up than I’d realized.  The Evening Firefly Tour, the Pro Diver Tour, and the Dangerous Fishing Tour all take place during night time, or during a thunderstorm.  So don’t try to get a tan by doing those tours!

So happy! I’ve basically completed the my Sweets House exterior! I have the house exterior, the roof, the door and the mailbox all with sweets style decor. Don’t know if there’s a sweets fence or something… Anybody seen that in their Nook’s Housing store?

On June 30th we completed the Face Cutout Standee Public Works project. Of course I replaced the existing image with a face cutout of Miyamoto, which I picked up in the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town!

Yesterday I also got the latest Best Buy DLC… a “Cat Tower.” Now I need to somehow obtain the latest NL DLC, which is a shaved ice lamp!  Don’t forget to pick up the monthly DLC from the Post Office as well!

So yeah… lots of happenings in Jubilife!  Here’s the latest news from Wasabi: “Due to inactivity, some villagers have been moving out.  So far Deli and Gabi have already left town for greener pastures.  Mayor Neko is taking it as well as anyone can… just hoping for new neighbors to take their places!  If you’re trying to get rid of a townie, please let Mayor Neko know!”

If you are looking to make new ACNL friends, I highly recommend you join ACUKE.  They have a lot of fun in-game meet ups planned, and you can chat w/members in the chatroom and forum.  Definitely a great resource!




My Lucky Day!

This morning I woke up ready to start my AC day, excited for the potential of new USA DLC, the Ladder Glasses!  (see here)

But Pete was not at my door.  Instead, I was greeted by pouring rain, thunder and lightning.  That’s ok!  Rain is good, and thunderstorms are even better because they are rumored to bring sharks out!  I’ve already got Apollo praying for our town to be visited by a few Hammerheads.



I haven’t caught one yet, so hopefully the thunderstorm will last until tonight when I try again!

The elusive Piranha has been avoiding me for a while.  Squirt’s been fishing in the river night and day ever since Deb caught one.  Usually when I fish, I press the A button on the Wii Remote to reel it in.  For some reason, I had noticed quite a few small fish escaping me while fishing with this method, despite my Gold Rod.  I decided to try shaking the Wii Remote instead, since I was desperate to catch one!  Suddenly, I spotted a small sized fish in the large pool area of the river.  I shook the Wii Remote in time and…

Woo Piranha!

Woo Piranha!

Finally!  I’d just like to mention that when I was playing as Deb, I used a Silver Rod and pressed A like I normally do and had no problems catching it.  Deb donated the piranha to the Museum, so Squirt just needed the piranha for his Fish Index!  I want to earn a legitimate set of Gold Tools, so I have to catch every fish and bug in the game!

As I was walking around triumphantly, I saw Saharah wandering around town.  Apollo is an “older” townie, so he seems to know about Saharah’s younger days.

Saharahs Past

Saharah's Past

I don’t know about Saharah doing stand-up comedy, but I remember she used to talk normally in Wild World!  LOL!  I figured I might as well go around and look for wallpapers.  I’m still missing a couple of random Saharah items so it was worth a shot.  While walking around town, I was commissioned by a townie to deliver a package to Curly.  I didn’t really want to talk to him since I’m trying to get him to leave, but I decided I could at least ask him for old wallpaper while I was delivering the present.  When I got down to the beach, Curly was waiting for me with an urgent message:

See ya, wouldnt wanna be ya!

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

You can imagine how hard it was not to laugh, and instead politely tell him “I see…” to confirm that I did not mind that he was going.  I also enlisted all my Shaolin characters to also give him the same pep talk.  Curly will be gone within the week, I’d guess!  HUZZAH!!!  No more swine flu for me!  With my luck though, some new townie will move right into the same spot where his house was lol!

I heard from Vella that Gracie herself was in her store GracieGrace in the city.  Since it’s Wednesday I was planning to take the Basu (that’s “bus” in Japanese, I’m trying to learn how to speak it hehe!) to check out Redd’s new inventory.  I ignored Kapp’n as best I could, he’s the most annoying driver!  I went straight to GracieGrace and peeked at the back of the store.  Gasp, she was there!  I ran back out to prepare for my evaluation.

Since I had discovered fashion styles, I had an outfit planned that was fool-proof.  My watermelon costume has a “funky” style, so I had a “funky” hairdo to match.  My shoes were red.  It HAD to work!  I also grabbed my Gold Card from Lloid’s Checkroom at the Auction House, since I was planning to buy the entire Gracie set if I passed my review.  And good news, it worked!

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

I was very proud as I bought every last piece of furniture in the boutique.  I’m sure animals were staring as I walked with my pockets full of expensive wares and went straight for the “bad side” of the city, Crazy Redd’s alley.  He had a Proper Painting for sale (I don’t even look at the other items he sells, since I have them all catalogued already!) so I snatched it up, even though Ruby had warned me about buying paintings this morning.  I was too happy about all the great luck I’ve been having today (thanks to my lucky four leaf clover, I’m guessing!) and took the painting straight to Blathers.

How Proper!

How Proper!

Wow!  Now I only need four more paintings to complete my Art section of the Museum!

Long story short, I’m going to be wearing this four leaf clover for a WHILE!  😀


Ruby wants to be a mermaid apparently.

Ruby wants to be a mermaid apparently.

Apparently today is CHORES day!  Rowan wanted me to deliver a package.  Monique lost her house key.  Ruby says she needs a squid to finish her ‘mermaid transformation.’  And Victoria’s been looking for a fossil.

Speaking of Victoria, I talked to her about moving today and I think I convinced her to stay!  I hope I hope!!!

I just found Saharah walking around town.  Now, I’m not planning on doing more cloning sessions, but I think I’ll see how many wallpapers I can get on my own.  You know, the legit way.  LOL!

Didn’t work out…  nobody gave Squirt anything!  Maybe I’ll try with another character later.


Yay it’s raining again!  I like the rain, I find it soothing.  And it looks cute.

Oh dear, Kaitlin is BACK!  NOOOOOOO!  This time she was fretting about leaving her child behind in Doomdoom.  Vella, if you’re reading this, there is a lost child on the loose in your town!  You know the drill…  LOL

I went to the city… just cuz… and Gracie is in the GracieGrace shop!  I rushed back out to re-dress myself in something that matches.  Gracie wasn’t so impressed with my hand-made hockey jersey last time.  I quickly grabbed my Royal getup: the Royal Crown and a Royal Shirt, and then hustled to Kicks’ stoop to get matching shoes.  Lets see Gracie criticize my look NOW!  Oh, I didn’t realize this but he gave me red shoes.  Hopefully they still count as matching, since I’m wearing red.  I wonder why I didn’t get the royal sandal thingies?

…Oh.  I see you’ve decided to make regal a central theme to your ensemble.  …We need to get you to a hairdresser, STAT!  Honey… I know wildebeests with better hair!  So I guess you could say your shoe choice is just a small victory in this whole fashion disaster.  …Honey, the way I see it, you’re still a step away from full-blown fabulousness!  You ARE keepin’ it quite saucy, though.  Keep working hard!  Just don’t sweat.  That’s a faux pas.

Just because I went beard-less?  Grr...

Just because I went beard-less? Grr...

What’s wrong with my hair….?  😦  Oh, maybe you HAVE to wear that ugly king’s beard thing with the regal outfit to get full marks.  Grr, I knew I shoulda just worn my Native outfit again lol!  Nobody mentioned anything conspiracy-wise.  Maybe I have to get three more Gracie evaluations?  I have no idea…

Great, now I’m stuck with bright red shoes that I don’t even want!  Guess I’ll keep this royal ensemble on for the rest of the day.

I heard that Saharah was wandering around in Doomdoom, and this was probably blocking Vella from finding that whiney Katie.  We decided to make the most of it, and go on a little cloning spree.  It was a lot of work, but I have almost every rare Sahara wallpaper/carpet set.  Now the question is…. what to do with them all?

Its a pathway made of old floorings!  lol

It's a pathway made of old floorings! lol

I know I shoulda cropped this.  Too bad!  :-P

I know, I shoulda cropped this. 😛

All in a days work...

All in a day's work...


New Japanese Garden

New Japanese Garden

TGIF!  Not much going on this morning, so Deb logged in to set up her new Japanese Garden room.  It’s complete with Mossy Carpet and a Garden Wall, and an assortment of Japanese themed items.  I was going to add the Tokonoma and other DLC that Chokomaru sent me, but I was thinking about it and I think those items are better suited for an indoor Japanese themed room.  So I will save them for when Deb upgrades to a house with a basement!  lol

Deb likes doing gardening so she set off to water flowers.  When she walked over to the black tulips, she noticed an extra one had sprouted!  Now I’ve got three black tulips.  Nice!  Deb also spied Saharah walking around town.  Ugh.  She’s looking for wallpapers today.  Deb surprisingly got 3 wallpapers from the townies!

Squirt logged back in, since he’s got work to do now.  First he stopped over at Nook’s cuz nobody had done that yet.  Bought the usual 2 flower packets and looked around.  In the back of the store where the tools are, at first I merely glanced and moved on.  Then when I looked again… I noticed the fishing rod on sale had a green handle.  Wait a sec – then it must be the Silver Rod!  I bought it in a hurry.  I’ll leave it for Deb since she’s the Silver Tool maven.

Next, over to the Able’s Shop.  I read in Vella’s blog that Mabel still had something to say in regards to the conspiracy.  I decided to go hear her out.

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  …Squirt, I’ve been thinking about what we talked about…  After all is said and done, there’s really just one thing I want to happen.  If only Sable and Label could be on speaking terms again, I think I would be completely happy.  And if I want to see that day come, I need to stay bright and cheerful!  Because if I lose hope, so will my two sisters.  But if all three of us keep working toward our dreams…  Then I’m positive a day will come when we can all be together and happy!

I hope this isnt the end of the conspiracy...

I hope this isn't the end of the conspiracy...

Aww, that was sweet Mabel.  I hope that day comes too!  Can’t I help them along in some way?  And I agree with what Vella said in her blog:  “What does Tom Nook have to do with all of this?”  I have no clue!  Maybe this conspiracy isn’t as over as I thought it was!

In the afternoon, I had a bunch of friends over.  No name, Vella and Jake came by at first, and the guys watched as Vella and I organized a massive wallpaper cloning session.  Jake managed to convince me to let him clone my Royal Crown, but I wouldn’t allow more cheating than that.  I don’t think cloning wallpapers counts as cheating cuz it’s too rediculously hard to get anything if you play legitimately!  Saharah is a biatch.  Vella and I got tons of wallpapers, and Jed came by later on to take some of the spares.  I hope everyone who visited got loads of nice, rare wallpaper!  We’re still looking for a Backgammon Wall, does anyone out there in the interweb have one that I can clone or trade?  🙂

Stupid Saharah!

Stupid Saharah!



Time Lapse Pt. 2

Time Lapse Pt. 2



Sahara is in town!  Hooray!  I’ll use all 4 characters if I have to, I want cool wallpapers!

Oh no, Cube just said he was thinking about leaving.  I told him not to go but he said “I don’t know if I can get out of this one” so I guess I will have to try hard to get him to stay.  I just wish it was stupid Savannah who wanted to leave…  Cube did give me an old wallpaper though, so that was nice.


Curly must be having another one of those epic brain cramps cuz he isnt speaking english so well...

Curly must be having another one of those 'epic brain cramps' cuz he isn't speaking english so well...


Curly was nice enough to give Twinx a wallpaper, but she didn’t have much more luck than that.  She searched high and low for Broccolo, only to find him goofing off at the Roost!  And he wasn’t alone, Kapp’n was there too.  Neither of them seem to like hot coffee.  I took a picture of the full bar (cuz I’ve never seen it with two people already inside lol) but you can’t even see Broccolo cuz Kapp’n has a huge head.  Guess Broccolo is too busy to talk about wallpapers.  


Broccolo is hiding behind Kappn!

Broccolo is hiding behind Kapp'n!


Daisy gave a wallpaper to Dan.  So now I have three!  Good start.  Not really, but its better than NOT finding three at all!  Hmm, Daisy also just gave one to Deb.  I wonder why she was holding out on Squirt?  Maybe its cuz he’s always a jerk to her… lol!  MOVE OUT DAISY!  It’s weird tho, I kinda like Daisy more in this game.  I feel somewhat bad about being mean to her.  But Savannah… I don’t care!

Well, thanks to Broccolo being a jerk and sitting in the Cafe all day, I only was able to get 5 wallpapers from the townies, using all my characters.  Lame!  At least I’ll get something though.  And that something is an Office Wall.  

I went to the city to see if Gracie was in town.  And she was!  And she was UPSET!


Tell me everything, Gracie...

Tell me everything, Gracie...


Sigh…  Oh… What’s wrong?  Oh, nothing.  Nothing at all.  Fine, twist my hooves!  Everything is going wrong!  My life has completely fallen off the catwalk!  But someone like you can’t possibly understand my problems.  It’s just that… my customers always ask for fashion advice, but they’ve got absolutely no style!  And that’s not all.  Even my assistant, Labelle, would say chic was a baby chicken!  But, whatever!  These are problems you can’t understand until you’re an A-list fashion icon.  So don’t worry, sugar.  Just give me and my fashion problems some space.  

But… I wanted my fashion evaluation?  I bugged her again.

You again?  What now?  Listen, I’m having a bit of a bad fur day, honey.  Let me spell it out for you.  I need to be alone right now!  


OK, sheesh!

OK, sheesh!


So, no evaluation then.  I went over to Labelle to complain.  But she was upset too!

Sigh…  Oh!  I didn’t realize that anyone could hear me.  Um, it’s nothing.  Please don’t worry about it.  


Come on Labelle, tell me whats going on!

Come on Labelle, tell me what's going on!


Well then!  The plot thickens!!!  


AM turnip price is 59 bells.

I saw Peanut this morning and she said she was planning on moving.  (Does this happen every week?)  I told her “Bye.”  Then she got all offended, because she wanted me to plead with her to stay.  Not happening, you dumb squirrel!  😛

Well, look at that!  Kaitlin is in my town today, looking for her kitten.  And the kitten is in Cairnie!  Hopefully my friend Pal will be able to bring Katie here in one piece!

Whoa, Sahara is here too, she was hiding over by the southern waterfall.  Only one townie was nice enough to give me an old wallpaper, Apollo.  He’s my new best bud lol!  I got a Shogi screen, after I combined Apollo’s donation with my leftover wallpaper from last time.  Maybe Twinx will try her hand at this later.

I found a fossil and took it to the museum, as always.  It happened to be a plesio skull, and now my Plesiosaurus is complete!  WOO HOO!  I only need one more fossil, I think.  Let me go check.  Yep, all I need is a parasaur skull!  Nice!

Awesome, Phineas is in the city again!  He’s been here all week, sweet!  I saw Jambette in the city, but she didn’t seem to recognize me… sniff sniff lol jk!


AM turnip price is 73 bells.

Sahara is in town today!  Let’s see if I get ripped off again…  Well, Bree gave me one!  OK, doing better than last time lol!

Let’s visit Serena real quick…

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was a regular axe. 

Serena:  Hmm… at least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…

Sigh… maybe it takes a week or so for her to open up to you… lol

Grizzly seems like he is definitely moving.  He asked me about it again today, and said he wanted to keep the whole thing ‘hush-hush.’  

Oh no, Rowan is sick!  Better go get some meds..

Sahara gave me a Tropical Vista for collecting 3 old wall papers.  Cool!  Too bad I don’t have the matching flooring to go with it.  

PM turnip price 68 bells.

Twinx was a little rude with Serena, and she got upset.

She asked if she should resign from being a goddess and Twinx said yes.  She got all mad and stole the axe.  Ugh!



I spoke with Nintendo last night and the best answer that the Rep had for me was that in the spring and summer months, the grass will grow quicker.  It just so happens that in the winter time, grass/snow takes longer to re-grow, just like in real life.  Supposedly.  I’m just supposed to take this guy’s word for it I guess…


There is a “weather report” posted today, saying there is going to be a meteor shower tonight.  That’s kinda fun!  Also, there’s a 50% off sale going on at Nook’s tonight at 8 PM.  I guess the game really wants me to play tonight!  Maybe I will…

Tomorrow is the fishing tourney.  I have two tunas in my basement that I’m saving for the occassion, LOL!  But I wonder, since I’ve already won a gold trophy, maybe I should try to get the silver instead.  Purposely lose the tourney??  I dunno if I can do something like that, lol!  

Curly is in the Cafe again, this time at 11:25 AM.  It’s so wierd to see neighbors in there randomly!  I wish I knew what times they are in there.

Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday but I checked at Town Hall, and construction for the fountain is starting!  Yay!  Hopefully next Thursday I’ll have a fountain my town.  Woot!

Almost every single hybrid in my town is withering today.  NOOOOo!  I’m going around trying to check them all but I can’t help thinking I’m missing some.

AM turnip price is 117.  What a wild week!  

Oh no.  I just realized, a new neighbor moved in.  And it’s freakin DAISY.  I hate Daisy!  She was so annoying in Wild World!  UGHHHH!!!!  Maybe she’ll be better in this game.  I’d also like to note that she moved in directly next to Rowan’s house.  There go all the nice fruit trees I had planted there….

I just ran into Sahara!  The hunt for old wallpapers begins!

Squirt just asked EVERY neighbor in town and nobody had any old wallpaper.  One of them said “Oh Cube will have one, he’s been redecorating” but then Cube didn’t have any either!  Or maybe they just won’t give them to Squirt.  I guess I have to log in as Twinx if I want to help Sahara!


6 AM – I attempted to look for a Stringfish early this morning. Unfortunately I still didn’t find anything. How much more extreme do I have to get to find this stupid fish???

Twinx gave Rowan the message about “furniture.” And then he gave her a Lucky Frog! She dropped it off infront of Squirt’s house, as always.

  • Curly wants a flowery shirt.  I just looked it up in the guide and it’s not available until summer.  Better luck next time, Curly!

Peanut said that Bree told her that there might be northern lights again tonight.  I didn’t see any the last time I was told this, on Saturday.  Is every night a possible chance to see them or something?  Maybe only in January.  I dunno.

Turnip AM price is 93 bells.  Hopefully this is a good sign and not a bad one.

Sahara is in town today!  I will really try to find all three wallpapers today.  I know it can be done!  Even if I have to use Twinx to get the wallpaper.

Ruby lost her key so I have to find that now too.  A lot is going on this morning!

The PM turnip price is 140 bells.  Maybe I’ll sell one of my batches?  I dunno what to do anymore lol!!

Squirt was only able to get two old wallpapers from the neighbors.  Twinx managed to get three!  She was nice and dropped off the third at Squirt’s house, and then traded in the two remaining.  Sahara only gave her a sky wall!  Weak.  Then Squirt handed in the three he had, and he got a Lunar Horizon.  Yay, I got something rare at least!