Yay it’s hump day!  Ironically, Nook has a mummy’s casket for sale on Spotlight today.  Too bad I already have enough for my Tomb Room!  

I went to the Able Sisters shop as always.  I thought I’d talk to Sable first to see if she was all right.

Oh no Sable, you should let her come visit!
Oh no Sable, you should let her come visit!

Aw…  Squirt, it sounds like you had quite a chat with my sister.  You know…  about Label?  Don’t worry, I don’t mind.  Yes, it’s true we didn’t part on the best terms…  But at least I know now that she didn’t want to go to the city just for her own selfish reasons.  It’s hard for me, though, because I can’t just up and leave the shop  that Father left for us.  I really didn’t have a choice, but I think things have worked out well, after all.  I can’t abandon this shop that Father left behind.  But that’s not a bad thing.  In the end, I think everything has worked out for the best for all of us.  

I understand...

That’s kinda depressing, if you ask me.  Sable should be able to take a day off once in a while to visit Label!  She needs to lighten up!  Maybe I can talk some sense into Mabel.  Hmm, no she doesn’t seem to want to talk about this at all.  Oh well.  I hope this isn’t the end of the saga!  If it is, I don’t think it’s a very happy ending. 

Since it’s Wednesday, I hopped on the bus to the city to see if Label had anything more to say.  But before going to GracieGrace, I stopped over at Kicks’ stoop.  I decided to go with a feminine shoe style and choose color.  Now I’ve got what I think looks like sandals with red straps?  I can’t zoom in so I don’t exactly know yet lol.  

Shine em up good!
Shine em up good!

Well, Label didn’t have anything to say either.  Guess there’s no happy homecoming in the future.  Gracie isn’t here, so I suppose her problems are being dealt with too.  Oh well…

Hmm, today Redd is selling a Classic Chair, a Dynamic Painting and a Blue Clock.  I already have a Dynamic Painting displayed…  but I guess I’ll buy this in case one of my friends would like to give it a try!

I’ve been so distracted with the conspiracy that I didn’t even realize that Pascal was here!  Weird, I did ask Booker if anyone was visiting and he said he didn’t see anyone.  I guess Pascal enters the town via waterfall?  He does always float away into the sea, so that must be his mode of transportation lol!  Oops I accidentally pressed B and insulted him and he just dove and swam away.  Oh well, I already have everything in that set anyway.

Later on, Vella and Jake stopped by to hang out!  

Dont worry, Vella seemed fine after the experiment.
Don't worry, Vella seemed fine after the "experiment."

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