Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I’ve been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.)

Before I get into my latest obsessions, here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in Animal Crossing.  I still have to get the latest Best Buy DLC!  AHH I hope it hasn’t expired yet!!

Gulliver is still suffering from PTSD and amnesia…

Gruff wins the award for most random music request AND most cultured townie in Jubilife. I literally had to look this up to understand what he was talking about. For the record, zydeco style refers to Cajun/Creole.

That’s MAYOR Madam Grooville to you! lol

Visiting the island with some Rando’s from Club Tortimer!

Jubilife townies can sleep easy knowing that we now have official police protection! (Or that they might find something they’ve lost in the Lost and Found.)

Existential questions with Vic.

Old Man Phineas approves of my coffee-making skills!

Won second place in the July Bug Off Tournament. I’d like to say that I purposely won second to get the silver trophy (since I already have the gold), but the real reason is that I was traveling that day and couldn’t devote as much time to the Bug Off!

Dizzy proves that he doesn’t have a clever name, but that he’s actually just drunk.

Still can’t afford this crown… 😦

In all honesty, I just have to thank MYSELF for having a second town on my JP 3DS, and my boyfriend JDubz, with whom I StreetPass ever single day. 🙂

Kapp’n shows his support for the 99%. Also, a bit of insight into his problems with the IRS! lol

Visiting with StreetPass Long Island members. And yes I am wearing a Reggie t-shirt in this photo lol!

T.I.Y. Home Store is officially open!

We’re starting to go GREEN here in Jubilife by installing a new Wind Turbine!

BEST NEWS EVER! Jubilife has officially reached PERFECT TOWN STATUS!!

So now you’re up to date on Jubilife.  I will probably write a special Wasabi News entry later on, since I have some stuff to report.  But here’s the REAL reasons I’ve been so busy lately:

  • New StreetPass Games!  Have you downloaded the latest update for your Nintendo 3DS?  The update includes a redesign of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which features a more “town-like” atmosphere.  More importantly, you can also download NEW STREETPASS GAMES!  There are four to choose from.  “Mii Force” is a classic arcade shooter style game, using your StreetPass friends to supply different weapons depending on their color.  “Flower Town” is a casual collection game in which you have a beautiful garden and your goal is to grow and document as many flowers as possible, with your frequent StreetPass friends turning into Flower Pals who help you to grow rare breeds.  (You can also build and decorate gardens and take screenshots!  See below.)  “Warrior’s Way” brings new life to the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game and turns your Mii Plaza into a growing ARMY to help you in a quest for World Domination!  “Monster Manor” is a slow-paced nod to Luigi’s Mansion, except instead of Luigi, you act as your Mii trying to find your way through a haunted house, beating up ghosts and saving your friends from unknown horrors… plus it adds a bit of Tetris to it’s game mechanic!  I love these games because there really is something for everyone.  Another added bonus is the introduction of a new form of currency:  Plaza Tickets!  With Plaza Tickets you can “buy” new hats and outfits for your Mii to wear in the StreetPass world.  Each game does come with a price (of $4.99) but all four can be bundled for a discounted price of $14.99.  Obviously I had to have them ALL!  I highly recommend checking them out.

My first garden in Flower Town.

  • EarthBound has come to Virtual Console!  This classic SNES game is a blast from the past brought to you by the year 199X.  Aliens have invaded Onett and it’s up to Ness to figure out WTF is going on!  I never played this game as a child, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo, please bring this to Wii U VC?  Or… dare I ask… make it a 3D Classic??!?!?) and I didn’t touch RPG’s again until Paper Mario.  To be honest, I’d never even heard of Ness until Super Smash Bros. when he was reintroduced as a fighter.  I could never get his Up+B move to work properly, and had a grudge against him.  But I digress.  When EarthBound came out on Virtual Console for $9.99, I decided it was time to learn what Ness was all about.  Plus I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews about the game for the past month from my StreetPass buddies.  What’s so great about this game (besides the awesome soundtrack, retro-familiar graphics and awesome RPG action) is the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top storyline.  I REALLY love it!!  To show you a sample, here’s a screenshot I posted to my Miiverse profile.

“At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.”

I’m sure you guys can understand now why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like.  But I promise (like I always do… but this time I SUPER DUPER MEAN IT!!) to make a better effort to post my random updates on what videogames I’m playing and stuff.  (Did I mention I also started a new game in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?  Yeah…)  So tell me, what games are YOU playing?


Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at NWS!

OK now that I’m back from my trip to California and Las Vegas, I finally have a chance to catch up on some awesome blogging action for you Glux Blog readers!  First up is full coverage of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

June 8th was the big day!  Nintendo announced that they’d be releasing ACNL one day early at the Nintendo World Store, along with an ACNL take-over of the store!  The event was running from 9AM – 1PM.  Obviously I had to be there.  Apparently, so did hundreds of other people!

JDubz and I arrived early, around 7:30AM to get a decent spot in line.  We weren’t in the first 100 sadly (those lucky folks got free ACNL skins for their 3DS) but we had plenty of time to chat with other ACNL fans and check StreetPasses!  We also met up with our friends from StreetPass NYC, including their founder Jordan W. who was dressed up as Resetti and lecturing people in line!

Jordan wasn’t the only one who dressed up.  I’d spent the past week putting together a little cosplay for myself.  I decided to dress up as an Animal Crossing Villager!  Check out my costume!

As you can see, I was sporting the popular BB shirt, some camo shorts, ladder shades and a bug net!  I was SO ready for this!  I wonder how Gracie would have rated me?  (BTW, I do NOT recommend wearing ladder shades EVER in life.  It’s very difficult to see anything, very disorienting and does NOTHING to block the sun from your eyes.  Novelty use ONLY!)

This is the cool 3D window display that they had up at the Nintendo World Store.  HYPE!!  We couldn’t wait to get in.  It wasn’t until sometime after 10AM that we actually made it into the store to get in line to buy all of our stuff.  For the record, I only bought the guide at this event, since I was planning to download a digital copy of the game from the eShop the following day.

As you can imagine, the line inside the store was extremely long.  Luckily, the Nintendo World Store was nice enough to have a free photobooth kiosk set up near the line.  JDubz and I popped in to take a few shots.  They let me do it a second time because I forgot to put my ladder shades down in my photos with JDubz.  I also think they let me do it a second time cuz I was one of only a few people who really went all-out with cosplay for this event lol!

Once we finished our purchases, it was time to have fun with all the activities that were set up in store!  Time for a Photolog!

An ACNL Coloring Wall! Grab a marker and color away! I colored in that lower case “r” in purple… just cause!

Posing with a cut-out train lol!

This was the Bug Catching Booth. Similar to those booths where they throw a bunch of cash to blow around in a booth and you have to grab as much as you can with your hands, this one had little slips of paper with bugs drawn on them. I got an ACNL button for participating!

Blathers’ Matching Game! The NWS Employees put a bunch of fossil drawings face down and we had to match them – just like the Island Tour Matching Game in ACNL!

Fishing with Kapp’n! Magnetic fishing rods were handed to participants, and you had to “fish” for two matching fish that were illustrated on the back of some magnetic “shadows.” It was very cute and harder than it looked!

DJ K.K. was on hand to spin some club music for everyone!

This was a small part of a really cute diorama made to look like a mini version of an Animal Crossing town. It was hand made by NWS employees. So awesome!!!


This was one of the most entertaining launch events that I’ve ever seen at NWS.  Maybe it’s just because I’m so enthused about Animal Crossing, but I really felt they pulled out all the stops for this party.  I’m really happy to see so many people excited to play ACNL too!  And it’s not just girls, plenty of grown men were on line to pick up this game!  I can’t wait to start playing online with everybody!  Now that I’m back from vacation, there will be plenty of time for WIFI gaming!  😀

Just have to put this out there:  StreetPass Long Island is hosting an ACNL Event of our own on Sunday, 6/23!  We are having the event at the beautiful Clark Botanic Gardens from 1-4PM.  We will be handing out Flower Hybrid Guides, a new Hybrid Flower Chart, and of course playing the game together!  I have lots of giveaways from my JP town of Wasabi to give to all gamers who attend the event!  For more details, please visit our website for more details:  The ACNL SUPER AWESOME GARDEN PARTY!


Week of 2/10 – 2/16

Festivale Comes to Wasabi!

This week in Wasabi started off with a BANG!  The holiday known as Festivale was in full swing on Sunday, 2/3 and it was a big hit with the villagers!  Everyone was dressed up in their best samba outfits, including Mayor Neko!  She worked hard all day to collect almost every single item in the Pavé Series.  (Editor’s Note:  Mayor Neko has requested that if anyone has a spare Pavé Bed, please send a message to the Wasabi Town Hall.  That is the only furniture item that she has not acquired.)  All of the town enjoyed putting aside their daily chores in favor of collecting feathers and dancing the day away!  For more detailed coverage of the Festivale Holiday, please read the Wasabi News: Festivale Edition! Special issue that was released on 2/12.

During the morning of Festivale, Mayor Neko was surprised to see a young student named Maikochan wandering around Wasabi.  At first Mayor Neko thought maybe the small yellow cat was her intern for the day, and let Maikochan follow her around town.  Luckily, Mayor Neko was able to contact Mayor Mikuro of Orantoiro Village, who opened his town gates so that Maikochan could visit his town.  Unfortunately, as Mayor Neko and Maikochan were boarding the train, the little kitty dropped her train pass.  She ran out to pick it up but the train departed without her.  Mayor Neko felt very sorry for Maikochan afterwards.  However, on Monday, Mayor Neko received a letter from Maikochan, which assured the Mayor that she’d found her own way to the next town.  Attached with the letter was a limited edition pink camera, which Mayor Neko is proudly displaying in her home.


After the excitement of Festivale had died down, it was back to business in Wasabi.  Mayor Neko made a great effort to complete another Public Works upgrade for the town.  The most recent change made to Wasabi was the expansion of the Wasabi Museum on 2/12.  Thanks to the diligent work of Mayor Neko donating thousands of dollars worth of fossils, fish, insects and works of art, the Museum Curator Blathers authorized a second floor expansion of the Museum, and invited his younger sister Celeste to join him.  Celeste is now running the Gift Shop of the Wasabi Museum, selling rare tools, carpets, wallpapers and more!  Visit the newly expanded Wasabi Museum today!

In addition to the Gift Shop, Mayor Neko funded the expansion of the upstairs of the Wasabi Museum.  Mayor Neko was given access to four new display rooms to show off more limited edition and exclusive items to the visitors of the Museum.  She is not giving away much information at this time, as these rooms are “works in progress” but the Wasabi News was able to get one exclusive photo of one of Mayor Neko’s display rooms while she was setting it up.


Thanks to a stroke of luck, the black market art dealer Crazy Redd was in Wasabi Village on 2/13.  He had four different paintings for sale.  Since Mayor Neko is still not up to snuff when it comes to art history, she recruited the help of Mayor Yumi from Kasen Village to help her determine which painting was real and which ones were fake.  The two Mayors inspected all the artwork very carefully, and the legitimate artwork was decided upon and purchased.  The following day, the painting was shipped to Mayor Neko, and she immediately donated it to the Wasabi Museum.  The Museum is quickly filling up, attracting visitors from all around!


On 2/14, Wasabi Village celebrated their first Valentine’s Day.  While this holiday isn’t quite the same “take-over-the-town production” as Festivale, it is still very sentimental to a lot of people.  Sadly for Mayor Neko, she didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day is very private in Wasabi – town villagers will not walk up to you and ask you to be their Valentine.  Nor does your Valentine wait outside your house to deliver chocolates to you, as King Squirt had once described to Mayor Neko in his town of Shaolin.  Mayor Neko wandered the town all day, wondering if anyone loved her enough to be her Valentine.  Since she and King are such great friends, Mayor Neko had hoped to receive a Valentine from him, but she couldn’t find him all day.

It wasn’t until Mayor Neko checked her mailbox that she discovered not one but TWO Valentine letters waiting for her.  The first was a chocolate cake from Shizue, and the second was a letter from none other than the King, and he had attached a pink rose for her.  Mayor Neko was elated when she realized that she did have admirers, they are just a bit more private about it!

Chocolate Cake!


It was shaping up to be another dreadful week in the Stalk Market.  Prices were hovering in the ฿80/turnip range for most of the week.  But on 2/15, Mayor Neko checked the morning turnip prices and was shocked!  The turnip price for the morning had sky-rocketed to ฿457/turnip!  Thanks to the low buying price of ฿94/turnip that was paid on Sunday, Mayor Neko was able to make over ฿300K in profits for the week!  Mayor Neko took to Twitter to announce the extremely high selling price, and Mayor Yumi rushed over to sell her turnips before the price changed to the afternoon price, which was considerably lower.

With a huge chunk of cash in her pockets, Mayor Neko was able to pay off her current house loan, which will allow her to now add a back room to her house.  In addition, the Mayor was also generous enough to donate the funds needed to complete the latest Wasabi Public Work – a Police Station!


The residents of Wasabi can now sleep soundly, knowing that their town is being guarded by one of the top police officers in the region!  Newly separated from his long term partner Booker, Police Chief Copper can be found working at the Wasabi Police Station.  His professionalism is unmatched, and Mayor Neko was quoted saying, “We are very happy to have Chief Copper joining us here in Wasabi.  He inspires confidence every time he salutes me, I know we are in good hands with Chief Copper.”  As soon as he was instated, Chief Copper began displaying items for the Lost and Found.  Mayor Neko claimed that everything belonged to her and snatched up every single item.  Chief Copper did not question the ownership of these items… after all, why would the Mayor lie about such things?

Now that the Police Station is completed, Mayor Neko has started raising funds for a new Windmill.  Please see the Gyroid or ask Shizue at Wasabi Town Hall for more details!


  • 3/3/13 – Girl’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Dainty cakes will be served!  Yummy!
  • 3/31/13 – Bunny Day
    • Special Guest:  The Easter Bunny
    • Spend the day hunting for eggs!  Eggs can be found in the ground, floating in balloons, hiding in trees, even in the river!  Rumors claim that you can even go diving and find Easter Eggs during this holiday.
    • Inside each egg is a special foil which can be used to trade in for the limited edition Egg Series.
  • 4/1/13 – April Fool’s Day
    • Special Guest:  Blanca
    • Be careful – the villagers are set to play pranks on you!


Derry Photo-Bomb!

Despite all the profits from the Stalk Market this week, Mayor Neko still cannot afford to buy a royal crown.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Valentines ❤

Mayor Neko loves watching the new Cat and Mouse Cartoon Show on her wide screen Kuroi-Robo TV!

“What?? No more holidays until March??”


[aka Wasabi News #1.  We are going to try a different, 
weekly format for updates on my ACNL town Wasabi.  
This should leave more room for other non-AC posts.]

Week of 1/27 – 2/2

Wasabi Inaugurates Newly Constructed Lighthouse

Thanks to the hard work of the citizens of Wasabi, and the generous donations of the town’s Mayor Neko, Wasabi has the fortune to inaugurate a new Lighthouse!  Construction began on 1/24/13 and the estimated cost of construction was over ฿370,000.  Many of the residents of Wasabi gathered at the site of the new Lighthouse to celebrate the inauguration on 1/30/13.  Fundraising and construction took only 6 days.

QR Scanning Now Available at Able Sisters

The Able Sisters, Mabel and Sable, are proud to announce that as of 1/27/13, they will now be servicing clients who wish to scan QR codes to create clothing patterns.  Many official Nintendo patterns can be scanned from QR codes that are found on this website.  Popular right now are the K.K. Slider PRO t-shirt design, and the Princess Peach dress.

Welcome New Resident!

The population of Wasabi has been consistently growing, ever since Mayor Neko took over at Town Hall.  The newest resident of Wasabi is a small Monkey named デリ (Derry).  We are proud to announce that Derry was originally a resident of the neighboring village Kasen, but opted to move to Wasabi in hopes of finding larger fish to catch.  Good luck on that quest, Derry!

Floating Objects

Mayor Neko has reported seeing various balloons floating overhead ever since she moved to Wasabi.  She has been diligently been shooting them down and collecting the prizes that these balloons hold.  Mayor Neko has almost completed the Balloon Series, and on 1/29/13 had the luck to find three golden balloons floating overhead.  After shooting this down, she became the first resident of Wasabi to obtain the 3-Way Shot slingshot!  Congratulations Mayor!

Club 444 is NOW OPEN!

Due to the overwhelming demand of the residents of Wasabi, the world famous DJ K.K. Slider has opened up Club 444 in the Wasabi Strip Mall!  Mayor Neko had the residents of Wasabi sign a petition to bring DJ K.K. to Wasabi, and he simply could not refuse the requests of his fans.  Club 444 officially opened on 1/30/13.  DJ K.K. will be spinning house music nightly after 8PM – with the exception of Saturday nights, during which K.K. Slider will be performing an acoustic set.  At the acoustic set, K.K. Slider will entertain song requests by fans as well.  In the afternoons before K.K.’s show starts, Dr. Shrunk can be found in Club 444 performing his “acting” to anyone who will listen.


For all of those who venture to the Wasabi Strip Mall regularly, please use caution when walking on the east side.  A massive construction project began on 1/31/13 at the Able Sisters Shop.  Rumors suggest that the construction is to build a new salon above the clothing store.  While there is much excitement surrounding this, please use caution when walking by, as there is a lot of banging and drilling going on.  Mayor Neko has requested that all visitors please watch their step and look overhead for falling objects.

Public Works: New Bench

In addition to the new Lighthouse of Wasabi, Mayor Neko has also generously funded a quaint bench that can be found on the north east side of Wasabi.  It is yet another Public Work that Mayor Neko has created to bring more life to Wasabi.  The bench construction was completed on 2/1/13 and another Public Works project is in the planning stages.  Please see the Gyroid fundraiser located in the Wasabi Train Station for more details or to contribute.

New DLC at the Post Office

Pelly the Pelican, who works the day shift in the Wasabi Post Office, would like to remind everyone that there is new February DLC available for download.  The new DLC creates an Aurora Borealis – INDOORS!  Please visit the Post Office from 2/1 – 2/28 to receive this exclusive new item!  Mayor Neko, of course, snatched hers up as soon as she could and added it to her Ice Room.  She was quoted saying, “This new item is both beautiful and useful – it could serve well as a security device to block a doorway, while still giving visitors a peek inside the secured room.”

Museum Additions!

After a recent visit from Crazy Redd, a new addition has been donated to the Wasabi Museum by Mayor Neko.  The very first painting has finally been hung on the walls of the Museum!  The painting has been inspected by Blathers and deemed 100% authentic.  After Mayor Neko donated this first artwork, she told the Wasabi News, “I think that Blathers wants to upgrade the Wasabi Museum.  He seemed very pensive after I donated the painting.  I think now that each section of the Museum has at least one exhibit, Blathers will want to add a second floor.  Only time will tell!”

Stalk Market Report

Asking Price for Turnips on 1/27/13:  ฿106

Week’s Analysis:  It appeared that this was a Bear Market Week, with prices dipping as low as ฿47 per turnip.  The highest recorded price of the week was ฿140, which was posted after Mayor Neko had already sold her 200 turnips  in Kasen on 2/1/13, and took a small loss for the week.  Hopefully Joan will have a more favorable asking price on Sunday, 2/3/13.


A collection of the best photos of the week, as submitted by Mayor Neko!

Kuroi Robo Lamp!

Watch your step – it’s icy out there!

“The turnip prices went down AGAIN??”

Mayor Yumi of Kasen visiting the Wasabi Lighthouse.

Mayor Neko learned a new emotion thanks to Dr. Shrunk!

Fist Pumping! Even the townies dance when DJ K.K. plays the Town Tune Remix!

Pictured from left to right: Ri-Rii, Kitt, King, Mayor Neko, Wendy


Condensed Wasabi Catch-Up

Mayor’s Log


Such an exciting morning!  I woke to find a certain psychiatrist waiting outside my house…

He gave me a petition and told me to get 6 signatures from the residents of Wasabi!  Hooo boy was I thrilled – I quickly ran all around town to get the necessary names on the form.  I was so diligent that I got the signatures I needed too quickly.  I continued asking other residents, and when they didn’t mention anything about the petition I got confused.  Then I checked the petition and saw I already had the 6 I needed.  Woo hoo!  So before doing any other chores, I rushed over to the strip mall and hand delivered the petition.

Then I realized that something else was new at the strip mall – THE SHOE SHANK WAS OPEN!

Finally I can start shopping for some nice shoes and socks!  LOL!  I picked up a pair of what I figured might be moccasins to complete my little Native American Girl outfit.  After doing some browsing around in the city, I headed back home and visited the beach where a certain someone was passed out…

I answered the quiz blindly as always, but I think I actually guessed correctly!  He started glowing with flowers and stuff.  That seems like a good sign.  We’ll see what happens!

In the Public Works department, Wasabi is now in the process of constructing a new Lighthouse!  I have no idea how I managed to get this on my special Public Works list in my Mayor’s office, but no complaints!  Unfortunately the costs of funding this Lighthouse are monstrous.  It might be a while before this structure is completed…

I placed the Lighthouse right by the dock on the beach.  It should make for some very cute photos when it’s completed!


As expected, I received a letter [that I didn’t understand] from Gulliver with a present attached.  Score!

I know this to be called the “Mouth of Truth.”  I have no idea what country it was from, or how I managed to actually guess the right answer in Gulliver’s quiz.  But I’m happy!  Hopefully I won’t accidentally sell this thing.

I heard from Zen that his town was having an event.  They have somehow magically moved about a week ahead in time, so I figured I’d run over and get a sneak peek at what’s to come!  At his Town Plaza, the Shi-tzu (how’d she get over here?  Why isn’t she busy sleeping in the Wasabi Town Hall?  lol) was handing out ogre masks.  But since I arrived just one minute before midnight, I didn’t get to experience rice being thrown at me.  Not really sure what’s going on with that holiday but we’ll find out soon enough when it comes in February!

After the festivities, Zen asked if I had my wetsuit.  I grabbed it from my locker and he cryptically asked me to follow him.  Hmm… what’s Zen up to?  We walked over to a cliff that looks over the ocean.  Then Zen told me to JUMP!

Apparently you can cliff dive in this game!  (Here’s a few details – you can only dive off of cliffs that directly overlook the water.  No diving onto the beach – there’s no doctors for sprained ankles around here!  You have to be wearing a wetsuit for this to work.  Also, the water’s cold in the winter so BRACE YOURSELF!)

My mind is totally blown.  How much fun is this???  I will be spending HOURS doing this.  No joke.

I wish I had time to write about all the amazing things I saw in Zen’s town.  For now, I’ll show the outside of his glorious mansion and anyone who wants to can view the rest of the photos on my Flickr Photostream.

We had to stop at Club 444 of course.  Today DJ K.K. was spinning house music.  We really enjoyed hearing remixes of old K.K. Slider favorites.  K.K. also did a remix of Zen’s town tune!  I can’t wait to hear my town tune remixed!  I hear it will take 5 days after getting that petition signed, so hopefully this Saturday I can watch the K.K. Slider acoustic set in my own town!

I really love the smoke and lighting effects!  So cool!!

When I returned to Wasabi, I ran into the Badge Beaver.  (Or whatever he’s called.)  I got some badge… no idea what it is.  But it’s a crown!  That must be good, right?

I did a little cliff diving of my own.  Managed to get some better shots too.  Check out my Photostream!

No matter that the water is cold… cliff diving is too much fun!  Just look at my face!


OK let’s face it… I’m a snoop and a gossip.  So when I spied these two love birds, I had to snag some photographic evidence.

I’m sure they’ll deny everything but a photo speaks a thousand words!  ^^

Anyway, today was full of more cliff diving.  Of course!  I went over to Kasen to try out diving off of the cliff there.  (Yumi also gave me the Balloon Clock I was missing.  Thank you!!)  I kind of like Yumi’s cliff better than mine, because the beach ramp is a lot closer to the cliff than in Wasabi.

Being the fangirls that we are, of course Yumi and I had to check out the K.K. Slider Acoustic show.  Not barely pictured: Fanboy Kokuto.

I came back to Wasabi and visited my best buddy the King.  I am kind of concerned about him.  His once regal and grandiose home decor is slowly devolving into country-bumpkin chic.  He recently replaced his gorgeous grand piano with a kiddie pool and rubber ducky.  Should I be worried?



We don’t care if you have a net, axe, watering can or hammer… all weapons are welcomed!  ww

After the usual “greetings” we all crammed into the motorboat and shipped off to the island.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mention the girl with the pink hair is a new friend (who I’ve since added as a BFF!  Now I’m up to 4 BFF’s!  lol) named Racchi who lives in a town called Melody.  She was very nice, like all my friends in AC:NL!

We did a couple of Island Tours.  We kicked some butt at the butterfly tour!

After a while I headed back to Wasabi.  I discovered something in the Able Sister’s clothing store that I hadn’t noticed before.  There was an over-sized sewing machine with a monitor built into it.  Turns out this is where I can scan QR codes and get new shirt and dress designs!  Of course I didn’t have any QR codes to scan.  I’ll have to look that up or something.

In the afternoon, Tiffany asked if she could come visit my house.  I am trying to get her to like me so that she’ll give me a signed photo of herself.  She’s really cute dammit!  I LIKE BUNNIES!!  So I started leading her to my house, when I stumbled into a pitfall…

Tiffany was obviously sympathetic to my plight, but a helping hand would have been nice.  I think it’s really cute that townies react to things that go on in town.  Did I ever mention that I’ve seen quite a few townies randomly shaking trees in town?  They get mad when nothing falls out.  It’s really adorable!

In other news, I picked up 200 turnips for something like ฿108 per turnip.  Keeping my eyes peeled for any good turnip prices this week… wish me luck!

Welcome to わさび (Wasabi)!

Mayor’s Log


Sleeping in a tent is not good for my back.  No surprise that I wasn’t feeling my best this morning.  For some reason I was repeatedly tripping and falling flat on my face all morning.

Needless to say, my first priority was to give Tom Nook my down payment on an actual house.  I gave him ฿10,000 (yes that’s right, I’ve decided ฿ will be the currency symbol for Bells) and was told that my house would be ready tomorrow.  Not sure how he will manage to construct a house overnight but I’m excited!

I thought that for today it would be nice to get to know the residents of Wasabi.  Unfortunately since I don’t speak the language, I’m struggling to learn their names.  But here’s the current Wasabi Town Census:

  • たいへいた (Taiheita?) – A friendly, large brown Bear.  I’m just going to call him Teddy.
  • 2ごう (2-Go?) – This Squirrel is a familiar face to me.  King Squirt told me that she once lived in Shaolin, and called herself Agent S.
  • リリィ (Ri-Rii) – She is a tall, blue Wolf.  We are neighbors and I see her quite often.
  • キンプ (Kinpu?) – The majestic, royal Lion of Wasabi.  I’ll call him Kingypoo.  The inside of his house looks very regal, he has a throne and everything!
  • ペーター (Paytah) – A delightful young male Deer.  I guess his name is Peter?  We’ll stick with that for now.

I noticed that a piece of land had been sectioned off, meaning that another resident would be moving in soon.  How exciting!

Besides meeting all the townies, I also spent a good amount of time working to improve my town by picking weeds and planting fruit trees.  This apparently pleased my Shih-tsu assistant, because she started raving about how I needed to keep up the good work and obtain 100 points.  Town points?  Mayor points?  I have no idea.  After all this hard Mayor-ly work, I thought it might be nice to unwind.  I spoke with Yumi and she said she could open Kasen’s town gates so I could come and see the K.K. Slider acoustic set, which he performs only on Saturday nights.  Clearly I didn’t want to miss this!  (Especially since we have yet to open up a nightclub in Wasabi…)

The show was great.  Kokuto came along as well.  Here’s just a few photos:

Yumi sure has some sweet dance moves!  She learned how to do a lot of cute moves from a stand-up comedian named Dr. Shrunk.  Unfortunately he only performs for an audience of one, and only works during the day.  My best bet will be to open up my own nightclub in Wasabi if I want to be able to dance like Yumi.  Another addition for my Mayor’s To Do List!

After the show we took a quick trip to Kasen’s Resort Island and played a few Island Tours.  I was able to buy a cute sailor cap.  But now it’s time for bed – my last night sleeping in a tent!



Oh Glorious Day!  I have an actual HOUSE now!

Yes, it’s still just as cramped but I have a roof.  And a door.  No more brisk drafty winds for me!  I spoke with Tom Nook and, yesterday he apparently neglected to tell me that I still owed him ฿98,000 for the house.  Ugh.  I figure if I do enough fishing around town, I should be able to pay it off fairly soon.  Then I heard that there was a visitor in town named Joan, who was selling turnips for the stalk market!  Now that’s a good way to make some money!

Unfortunately the buying price for turnips this week was pretty high – ฿108 per turnip.  I opted to just buy ten.  Hopefully I will be able to sell them for a decent profit later this week!

The new resident moved in today.  Her name is ウエンディ(Yu-in-dee?).  She is a yellow Sheep that kind of looks like a piñata.  I think I’ll call her “Windy.”

For most of the day, I was fishing and earning money to pay off my house loan.  (I eventually made it!  Hooray!  Then Tom Nook began saying something about how my house was too small and I should expand it…  I think I agreed.  Most likely will be in debt again tomorrow, but with a larger room in my home!)  But in the afternoon, I popped over to Kasen once again.  Today she had a friend named Zen over, and we all hung out in the well-stocked Kasen Museum.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been taking loads of photos?  But there are just too many to include in my log.  The rest are posted on Flickr.

After having fun at the Museum, I headed back to Wasabi.  There’s always more to explore!  I was hanging out by my house, looking at the waterfall from the edge of the cliff where my house is situated.  I noticed that off to the north was a beach area I hadn’t noticed before.  I’ve decided to call it “Secret Beach.”  I say it’s a secret because there’s only one way to get there – by swimming!  I pulled my wet suit from my closet and braced myself for the freezing ocean water.

I mean, as far as beaches go, Secret Beach isn’t very glamorous.  The train tracks are right above, as well as the metal bridge that the train crosses to get to the next town.  But it’s still special to me ♥.  It’s an exclusive beach that only those who are privy to the info and have the proper equipment can visit!  Since I was swimming around anyway, I started diving for some rare fish and crustaceans.  Now the Wasabi Museum is looking a little better!  It’s nothing like the museum of Kasen but these things don’t happen overnight.  🙂

More to come tomorrow!

Say it ain’t Snow!

It’s pretty fair to say that there’s not much going on in terms of Nintendo news right now.  We’re still waiting for the release of Kid Icarus and PokéPark 2.  Impatiently!  Give us some games dammit!

In New York news, the New York Giants are going to the superbowl!  Sweet!!!  Let’s Go Big Blue!  Also, we got our first snow of 2012 this weekend.  I hate snow.  But it did inspire me to look at some funny snow creature photos, and here’s one that I know you guys will appreciate!

K.K. Slider Snowman!

Check it out!  It’s K.K. Slider of Animal Crossing fame!  He’s made of snow, but he’s still authentic with his guitar and signature black eyebrows.  I’m loving it!  (Wanna see the rest of the random snow creatures I was looking at?  Check them out here, it’s pretty cool!)

Now for some Pokémon related news.  A new trailer has surfaced for the new Pokémon + Nobunaga crossover game, due to release in Japan… sometime.  Not sure when.  Obviously long before we will get our hands on it.  So here’s the trailer.  I have no idea what they are saying, but it looks EPIC AND I WANTS IT!

Finally, just wanted to let you all know that the last of the North American passwords for Pokémon Rumble Blast are now available.  They unlock the original Legendary Birds – Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres for your game.  Be sure to catch em all!  Visit serebii.net for the password list.

I’ll keep scouring the web for news and updates for you.  If you see anything that I might have missed (particularly anything about Animal Crossing!) please be sure to comment or email me and let me know!  Thanks!

つきみ – Tsukimi

You might have heard of the Harvest Moon before.  And no, I’m not talking about the Nintendo game.  I mean the REAL Harvest Moon.  Now, in RL, the harvest moon is all big and orange in color.  It’s pretty cool.  So when I heard that an event in Japan was happening called つきみ, or Tsukimi the Moon Viewing Festival, I rushed over to check it out.  The US and EU version of this holiday is tonight, I think.  I’ll check it out after work.



I was hoping that maybe the moon would look different for this event.  But no… same old white rock in the sky.  Ahh well.  I was able to pick up a bunch of Dango items (Rice balls from Japan!  Yum!) before touring Orenji’s (オレンジ) town.  I haven’t quite sounded out the name of his town yet, it’s all written in Katakana, which I stink at reading.  😛

Dark Abyss of Creepies

Dark Abyss of Creepies

This was in オレンジ’s basement.  AHHH!!!  Darkness and scary bugs!  Poor ちょこまる never caught a Tarantula this past summer and he has to wait until next year.  I suggested to オレンジ to try and sell one of his bugs during the Flea Market, and have ちょこまる buy it from his neighbor.  But I’m not sure if they understood what I was saying lol!!

At the end of my visit, I told my Japanese friends that my gate would be open at 9:30 PM that night.  I didn’t really expect them to show up.  So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the Shaolin Gates hours later and オレンジ ran through the gates!  Hery showed up too, sporting a new Gas Mask.  Maybe his town Frost is undergoing fumigations?  😛

First Show of the Night!

First Show of the Night!

After a while, オレンジ had to go and, you know… start his day and whatnot.  It’s so weird to think about how we can hang out even though we’re on opposite sides of the world.  Gotta love Animal Crossing for bringing people together!  Right after he left, Miao came through the gates.  Hery had to go for a bit so Miao and I treated ourselves to another K.K. song.

Miao has a CRUSH!  lol jk

Miao has a CRUSH! lol jk

It was starting to get late.  But then, quite unexpectedly, ちょこまる made his way to Shaolin!  I thought he had just overslept.  I told him about the Shaolin Charm, but I’m pretty sure the fish have different names in Japan.  He seemed to know what I was looking for, but didn’t have any luck finding one.

Beach Photo!

Beach Photo!

I think it’s great that ちょこまる decided to start wearing the HDLC Dimentio Msk.  He’s breaking the unspoken rules of Animal Crossing in Japan, but that’s ok!  This game is all about doing whatever you wanna do.  Power to the people!!

In Other News…

New DLC has been announced for the EU and also for JP players.  (Lucky!!!  The next US DLC isn’t til next month, and it’s just for stinky old Election Day!  But I digress…)  The new EU DLC is 4 Weeks of Nintendogs!  I think it’s really cute and I’m totally jealous.  Starting on 10/7, EU players will receive four different dogs in four weeks.  How cute!  Now we can finally have pets in our house!  (Pets other than fish and bugs, of course.)

The JP DLC is しろぐみのぼうし, aka a BASEBALL CAP!  Now, I’m not going to pretend that I am fluent in Japanese and can read the JP Nintendo website.  But based on the photo, it looks like there will be two caps released, one red and one white, in honor of the 日本シリーズ.  That of course, means the Japanese Championship Series, which is usually held in October, just like our World Series here in the states.  As a baseball fan, I’m pretty psyched about this!

So yeah, exciting new DLC for our overseas counterparts.  Now the only question is… why does all the US DLC suck so much???  I mean, what did we get over the summer… hmm…

  • Creepy Mayor’s Flag
  • Hot Dog Hat (ok I did like this one)
  • Useless Dolphin Model
  • Ladder Shades (like three months late..)
  • Ugly Hopscotch Floor
  • Pile of Leaves????

So I’m not really expecting much in terms of our next DLC, for Election Day.  I mean, what could it possibly be?  A voting booth?  When is NOA going to start giving us cute outfits and pets for our homes?

Anyway, keep an eye out for the Autumn Moon tonight.  I’ll probably open my gates again tomorrow since I don’t have to work.  So if you missed out on the fun last night (or maybe my town was full when you tried to enter!) you can try again Monday!  If you’d like to come, email or message me a time you are available.  I’m free all day.  I still have some Dango’s left for anyone who needs them!  😀

Flea Marketing

Last night the gates of Shaolin were open.  I was hoping to have a new guest visit, but instead some of my regular buddies showed up!  Herito, Vella and even ちょこまる busted through the gates for an impromptu get together.  Since it was Saturday night, of course we had to check out the K.K. Slider show.

Luv for K.K.

Luv for K.K.

*Begin Rant* I don’t know what happened to my new guest who was supposed to come by.  But being flaked out on is never fun, so please next time try to let me know in advance if you’re going to bail on me.  It’s happened to me a lot by some new people who shall remain nameless.  (You know who you are.  If you have visited my town and we had fun, then don’t worry – I’m not referring to you!  I’m talking to the people who SAY they are going to visit, and then don’t show up.)  I’m not mad, but I am getting sick of it.  Or at least, if you don’t show up because you forgot… just send me an email the next day saying so.  It’s just polite.  I know life happens and people can be forgetful.  Heck, I forget things all the time.  But the flaking out is just getting annoying and I don’t feel like just sitting by and letting it continue to happen.  *End of Rant*

Discount?  What is the meaning of this word?

Discount? What is the meaning of this word?

ANYWAY.  Today is the Flea Market!  My boyfriend had to remind me that I should log into AC before I started work lol!  It went pretty well, considering I didn’t have too much stuff to sell.  But my Dorado and Coelacanth sold for $30K each, and I had a few other rare bugs and stuff that put my grand total for the day over $100K bells.  Huzzah!  Not that I really need money anymore.  But the sense of accomplishment from ripping off my townies just can’t be beat.  😛

My wallet AND my pockets were full!

My wallet AND my pockets were full!

Jay is really starting to grow on me.  I’m not a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays but I’m willing to make an exception now.  Hehehe!  A lot of the townies in Shaolin have decided to start wearing the Akai Chanchanko.  I think it’s hilarious!  They love Japanese fashion.

Oh and just a bit of news, I forgot to take a picture but Gala is going to be leaving us.  She volunteered to move out the other day.  I’m not really a fan of pig characters so I was happy to tell her to go.  So, unless she has a change of heart, one of Shaolin’s newest townies will be out the door soon.  She just didn’t really… fit in with us.  😛

K.K. Concert

Last night I went to Frost!  Hery the Hobo had some black market items that I had to pick up for someone (who shall remain nameless.) ww!

Hery the Hobo likes my fish!

Hery the Hobo likes my fish!

I think Hery looks hilarious like that.  The purple polka-dot shoes really tie the outfit together.  Plus I bet it would make Gracie go nuts.

Hery reminded me that K.K. Slider was in town, so we rushed over to his Museum to check out the show.  Here’s some of my favorite pics from the concert:

Squirt apparently entranced by the disco ball.

Squirt apparently entranced by the disco ball.

Hery Luvs K.K.

Hery Luvs K.K.

Squirt cheering from up front!

Squirt cheering from up front!

Uh Oh... Busted!

Uh Oh... Busted!

But then Brewster kicked us out for breaking the rules.  😛