Time Lapse Pt. 5
Time Lapse Pt. 5


I didn’t get up early enough to see Joan.  That’s ok cuz I still have two red turnip seed packets that I haven’t even planted yet.  So screw it!

Today is Points Special day at Nookington’s!  I went upstairs and bought all the items, for a change!  Then I went back down to sell the crap back to Nook, but he was too busy sighing away!  Time for more info!

Hm…  (What’s wrong?) I have to say, I regret telling you everything I did, Squirt.  The rumor mill has likely spread the news all the way to Mabel by now…  

Now I have to choose between “She knows.” and “About Labelle?”  Ahh I don’t like these options!  How do I know I’m getting the whole story if I’m not sure I’m selecting the right choices???  Well, I’ve been going with the top option for everything else, so I guess I’ll continue with that trend.

Ah…  I suspected that.  And here I thought I could hide from the rumors…  You see, because of certain circumstances, Labelle broke off ties with her two sisters, yes?  Those three sisters were very close while their parents were still alive…  But after their parents passed, Labelle got in a huge fight with Sable.  …And then she left home.  After that, Sable grew very depressed and didn’t speak for weeks.  Little Mabel was still too young to realize what had happened, the poor thing.  We heard rumors that Labelle had gone to the city with hopes of becoming a designer…  But I never expected to find her where I did…  

Another choice… either “Where?” or “Why not?”  I think for once I’ll choose the bottom option because I know where she is.

Oh no, I can’t tell you any more than I already have!  If I tell you, Squirt, I know you’ll try and go meet her!  I just know it!  So, please let it lie!  I don’t know anything, and you can’t make me talk, hm?  I’ve been blabbing on too long anyhow!  Time to get back to work, yes?  


But you didnt explain WHY, Nook!!
But you didn't explain WHY, Nook!!

I’m feeling hopeful that it doesn’t really matter what response you select.


Oooh I discovered a black rose!  My first one ever!  And another orange rose has spawned too.  Cool!  I’ve decided once the grass grows back and I’m not in ‘repair’ mode anymore, I’ll organize the flowers by type and color and really try to get some hybrids.  But until then… it’s patching up grass mode!

Monique just told me she has a ‘thing’ for No Name from Glitch.  LOL! 


Monique and No Name sitting in a tree....
Monique and No Name sitting in a tree....

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