Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 8

Written by Gluxbox 2/27/11.

Pokédex Completion Photolog!

As you may have noticed from my previous blog, I’ve been working hard to complete my Pokédex in HeartGold.  I am proud to announce that it is now official:


Here is a series of photos I took to commemorate all the excitement:

First I went to the GameFreak office in Celadon City to get confirmation of my success!

This certificate is for completing the Johto Pokedex.  It’s cute!

Then the dude realized that I had completed my ENTIRE Pokedex.

Here is my GOLDEN certificate for completing the HeartGold Pokedex!  I wonder if this certificate would be silver if I were playing SoulSilver instead?

Next I went to Pallet Town to talk to Professor Oak about how I completed his task.  He was so impressed.  YAY!

Professor Oak finally offered to take a photo with me!  Don’t I look great?  lol  The last pokemon I needed to officially complete my ‘dex was Celebi.  Today I was able to get to GameStop and pick up my copy, and after that we went STRAIGHT to the shrine in the Ilex Forest!

Ethan, of course, had to butt in.  As usual.

There was a flash of light and swirling, and suddenly we were on the route to Mt. Silver!  And according to the radio, we were three years in the past.

We overheard a conversation between my rival (named Assface lol) and Giovanni.  While Gio was pretty dellusional, Assface showed his true colors and renounced Team Rocket.  He’s good at his core, I guess.

Celebi used it’s swirling magic to transport us to another place and time… to a random cave where Giovanni was hiding!

Giovanni tried to intimidate us, but I easily spanked him up in his battle.  For those who are wondering, Giovanni’s team was all under level 50, and consisted of Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Kangashkan and Honchkrow.

Well, needless to say, I beat Giovanni and he ran off to wherever he goes to hide.  Celebi took us back to our time and Ethan ran off cuz it was past his bed time.  He’s a loser lol!  :PIf you want to see more about the Celebi event in HeartGold/SoulSilver, you can check out this youtube video I found.  It’s NOT from my game, I didn’t make it or anything, but it’s pretty much the entire event sequence.  So if you can’t get Celebi in your area and you just wanna see what happens, check this out:

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Celebi/Giovanni Event ENGLISH


Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 7

Written by Gluxbox 2/9/11.

A Shiny in my Pokédex

With less than a month to go until the release of Pokémon Black and White, I made it my mission to complete my HeartGold Pokédex.  This was no easy task and I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, trading Pokémon from my Diamond and Platinum games to HeartGold.  And now I can finally say that I’m ALMOST done.

A [somewhat] thrilling thing happened yesterday.  I have been battling my pokémon at Mt. Silver because it’s the most convenient location with high-level pokémon opponents.  Since a lot of the pokémon I needed were high evolutions of ones I already had, this seemed like the best place.  I was busy battling Donphan after Donphan, leveling up a Nincada (with an empty party slot so I could get a bonus Shedinja at level 20).  Suddenly a Ponyta appeared!  But this was no ordinary Ponyta!

It’s shameful to admit that I’d never seen a shiny pokémon in the “wild” before.  Sure, I have a few shinies that were traded to me from friends or from the GTS, but that’s not the same as the exciting moment when you see the sparkly swirl around your opponent and notice that the coloring is a bit off!  I was so excited, and threw out a quick ball to catch my Shiny Ponyta without a hitch!

In fact, I was so thrilled that I almost forgot to run back to the Pokémon Center and deposit this Shiny Ponyta in my storage boxes.  (Imagine if I wasted the opportunity to get a Shedinja by forgetting to leave that space open in my party!  lol)

Anyway, so that was very exciting for me.  Suuuure, some of you might have been chaining-masters in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum…  but I never had any luck at finding shinies that way.  This was my first wild shiny and I am very proud of it!  Now I need to evolve it to a shiny Rapidash for extra butt-kicking-ness!  😀

Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 6

Written by Gluxbox 8/19/10.

Arceus and the Sinjoh Ruins

Arceus is probably the most versatile Legendary Pokémon, since it can become ANY type if it holds the corresponding plate for that type.  Arceus is also known as “The Original One,” as it is said that it created Sinnoh, and possibly the entire Pokémon universe, along with the lake guardians and dragon trio. Arceus can only be found in the wild legitimately with the Azure Flute, which has not yet been distributed officially and can currently only be obtained by cheating. However, Arceus itself was once distributed at Toys “R” Us stores in the United States and Puerto Rico from November 7 to November 15, 2009.

I was lucky enough to receive this Event Arceus last year from Vella.  (ありがとうごさいます!)  It’s Level 100!  If that wasn’t special enough, this Event Arceus has SPECIAL POWERS when you transfer it to HG/SS.  This weekend I was able to see firsthand just what Arceus is capable of.

If you have an Event Arceus, you must take it to the Ruins of Alph in Johto.  Walk up to the Research building with Arceus and a man will come bursting out!

Arceus at the Ruins

This unnamed man will be VERY excited that you have an Arceus.  He will beg that you accompany him down into the Ruins of Alph.

In the Ruins

Once you’re in the Ruins, this man will be busy staring at the wall… I’m guessing he’s supposed to be reading the Unown hieroglyphics.  It doesn’t matter, because after a few seconds you and Arceus will suddenly appear in a strange, empty temple!

In the Temple
At first you can’t do anything in this temple, so walk outside.  You will appear to be on some very high, snowy mountaintop area.  A scruffy-looking mountain man will be waiting out in the snow, and ask you to join him in a nearby cabin.

The Snowy Cabin
Don’t worry, it’s a SAFE cabin.  Inside you’ll find the mountain man, an old man with an Abra who can teleport you back to the Ruins of Alph, a computer to free up your party of all Pokémon except Arceus (this is required for the event) and a familiar face!

It's Cynthia!
If you’ve ever played Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, you’ll recognize Cynthia as your ally when battling against Team Rocket, as well as the Champion of the Pokémon League in those games!  Cynthia explains that settlers came from Sinnoh to Johto and named this specific area the Sinjoh Ruins.  Apparently it reminded the Sinnoh-ians(? lol) of their home land and named it thusly.  Anyway, Cynthia senses Arceus’ great power immediately, and asks that you come with her to the “Mystri Stage.”

Mystri Stage
Cynthia starts talking about Arceus having the ability to create life out of nothing.  Then she explains that the different symbols on the Mystri Stage represent different Pokémon.  Arceus is represented by the circle in the middle of the stage, while the patterns in the three corners of the triangle represent Dialga, Palkia and Giratina!  All you have to do from here is step on the pattern that you wish to ‘create.’  I would HIGHLY recommend choosing Giratina, because Arceus will create it with a Griseous Orb as a held item.  This is the only way to get the Griseous Orb in HG/SS, and that orb is the only way to switch Giratina between it’s Altered Forme and Origin Forme.  The choice is yours, but you only get to create ONE of these legends with this special Event Arceus, so choose wisely!

When your selection is made, a bunch of Unown will come swirling in out of nowhere, and a really cool animated cut-scene will begin.  I should have switched my camera to video mode, but it all happened so fast!  Here’s some photos I managed to snap during the cinematic:

Arceus Sky

Arceus City

Arceus Space


Sorry the pics are kinda messed up and you can see the reflection of my camera lol!  Basically what happens is Arceus is shown with the Mystri Stage pattern over various different landscapes.  Then Arceus disappears and the Earth is seen.  Suddenly the Earth turns into an Egg – and then the Egg begins to hatch!

Egg Drops
The hatching Egg will then fall from the sky and into your party!  You don’t have to run around or wait for the Egg to hatch, when you finally get to view your Pokémon, you will see the Legendary Pokémon you had selected – only it’s a baby at Level 1!  (Aww!)

After the cut-scene is over, Cynthia will be astonished – you both just witnessed Arceus creating life!  Then you will be whisked away from the dreamlike Sinjoh Ruins and appear back with the weird guy in the Ruins of Alph.  He’ll say, “You disappeared before my eyes!” and you explain to him that the power of Arceus and the Unowns brought you to the Sinjoh Ruins.

I don’t know if I was just lucky, but as soon as I was exiting the Ruins of Alph, Cameron the Photographer stopped me!  What perfect timing – now I was able to get a photo of myself, Arceus and the new baby Giratina in the Ruins of Alph!

Photo Op!
Hooooooray!!!  xD  If you need to borrow my Event Arceus, we can work something out.  I will only trade this Arceus will friends that I TRUST – cuz it’s the only one I’ve got!  It’s my bebe!!  lol

Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 5

Written by Gluxbox 8/18/10.

Shaymin in HeartGold

For the past couple of days I didn’t have work so I used my time productively – to catch up on some Pokémon gaming!  I finally beat Pokémon XD and Grand Master Greevil!  What’s cool about XD is that after you beat the game, you can transfer Pokémon from XD to a GBA game (if you have all the necessary hardware).  So I was able to transfer Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and a really cool Elekid named Zaprong that I received in a trade during the game.  It knows Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch!  Cool!  😛

Since I was in the ‘trading with myself’ mood, I figured I would transfer some of my Legendaries from Platinum to HG.  (I love having two DS’s!  Even though my DS Lite has a broken hinge that’s ready to break off.)  One Pokémon I was excited to transfer was Shaymin, since there’s a special way to get the Gracidea in HG.  For those who don’t know, the Gracidea is a key item that is used to change Shaymin between Land and Sky Formes.

Last year there was a WFC Event that distributed Shaymin, and if you brought that Shaymin to Floaroma Town, you got a Gracidea.  But you can’t trade key items between DS games.  So how do you get one in HG/SS?  Take that same Event Shaymin to the Flower Shop in Goldenrod City!

The Flower Shop in Goldenrod City

Here you can see Shaymin in Land Forme.  As soon as I walked in, the store clerk came running over and offered to give Shaymin a flower.

Gimme gimme!

She gave me a Gracidea!  Immediately I opened my Key Items pocket and used the Gracidea on Shaymin to turn it into Sky Forme!

Shaymin Sky Forme

Hooray!  Now I can change Shaymin back and forth as I please!  In case you’re wondering, the Gracidea can’t be used at night or when Shaymin is frozen.  And if you put a Shaymin in Sky Forme into your storage boxes, it will revert to Land Forme.  But you can always switch it back!  😀

I also traded over another notable Pokémon from Platinum but that story is even longer so I’ll save it for tomorrow!  lol XD

Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 4

Written by Gluxbox 5/5/10.

The Trendy Word Man

There is a character in HG/SS that I believe is new to the game.  He helps you ‘expand’ your in-game vocabulary by teaching you new, trendy words.  The guide describes him thusly:

“Inside the house on Route 16 is a man who’ll teach you tough words, like ‘neutrino’ and ‘stock prices’ that you can use to liven up chats and mail. talk to him every day to learn the latest trendy saying.”

So of course, I had to check it out.  Once I reached Route 16 in Kanto, I stopped by this man’s house, hoping for a cool new word to learn.  Guess what word he teaches me?



Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 3

Written by Gluxbox 4/29/10.

Kanto Comparison:  FireRed and HeartGold

In 2004, Pokemon FireRed (and LeafGreen) was released.  The story takes place in Kanto.
In 2010, Pokemon HeartGold (and SoulSilver) was released.  The story takes place in both Johto and Kanto.

When I reached Kanto, I immediately wanted to do a location comparison to see how things have changed in the past 5-6 years.  I haven’t explored every city in Kanto yet, but here are my findings so far:

This is Vermilion City in FireRed.  Notice there is an old man and a Machop that are working on a ‘construction area.’

Here is the same area of Vermilion City, only in HeartGold instead!  Quite the upgrade, if you ask me.

Now this is the Silph Co. building located in Saffron City.

Notice how I was taking these photos at night time and while you can obviously tell it’s night in HeartGold, apparently time has no effect on the graphics in FireRed.  I like how they kept the 4 stars on the Silph Co. building awning in both versions.

And finally, this is Lavender Town.  Notice the building on the right – in FireRed, this large building is called the Pokemon Tower.

In HeartGold, the building on the right is the Kanto Radio Tower.  I was somewhat shocked about this.  In FireRed, the Pokemon Tower is essentially a haunted, multi-level graveyard with the souls of dead Pokemon inside.  In HeartGold, apparently the citizens of the town decided it would be ok to dig up all those graves and move them to the south of the town and make a smaller mausoleum there instead.  I thought digging up and moving graves around was a bad omen?  lol  Oh well!

So those are my observations so far in Kanto.  Look for more comparison blogs in the near future!  😀

Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 2

Written by Gluxbox 4/8/10

Capturing a Legend

The time had come to finally stop being a wuss.  I had procrastinated long enough, it was time to progress in HeartGold and face the music.

It was time to capture Ho-Oh!

After taking on the Kimono Girls (which was no easy task), I took my team to the Bell Tower.  The guards were impressed to see my Badge collection and allowed me to pass through.

Surfachu is ready to go!

First we came up on this lovely path with orange and yellow trees.  (Why is it autumn here and nowhere else?)  As you can see, Surfachu was very eager to climb to the top of the Bell Tower!

The Kimono Girls Dance

The Kimono Girls were waiting at the top of the tower.  Using the Clear Bell, we were able to summon the LEGENDARY BEAST!  It swooped in from the sky and bore down upon me with it’s massive size.

Here is Ho-Oh!

Quickly, I saved the game.  Then took a deep breath and entered the EPIC BATTLE!

Remember how I had Surfachu as the head of my party?  Big mistake.  My Surfachu is a newer member of my party and I’ve been working on building up his experience.  So he was only like Level 35 at the time of this battle.  Before Surfachu could even unleash his Surf attack, he was bombarded by Sacred Fire.

And he fainted.  NOO!!!

Other members in my party were:  Typhlosion, Jirachi, Gallade, Phione, and Altaria.  (If you’re thinking “Muh??” about the pokemon I have, most of them are NOT from HG/SS.  I transfered them from my Platinum game lol!)  Using Phione’s water attacks, I was able to take a decent chunk out of Ho-Oh’s HP.

But Phione would have killed Ho-Oh if I left it out there.  So I decided to try Gallade, who has been designated as my Roaming Legendary Catcher.  Sure, Ho-Oh wasn’t going to flee from this battle, but I could still use Gallade’s Hypnosis and False Swipe.

Gallade's Battle

So then Ho-Oh was asleep and down to a sliver of HP.  Great time for throwing Pokeballs, right?  Meh.  I tried!  I threw around 8 Heavy Balls, a few Dusk Balls, etc.  Once I had used them all up, Ho-Oh woke up and burnt Gallade to a crisp.  Dang it!

Next, I sent in Altaria.  Not to attack Ho-Oh, but to Sing it to sleep again.  That worked for a little while, but my Ultra Balls were having little effect on the giant bird.  Finally Altaria had felt enough Extrasensory attacks and it was time to switch it out.

Since Ho-Oh kept using this Psychic attack, I figured maybe Jirachi would be OK in the battle.  It was a good plan, Ho-Oh kept using Extrasensory and it was barely making a dent in Jirachi’s HP!  Hooray!  But Jirachi didn’t have any ‘status altering’ moves.  I couldn’t put Ho-Oh to sleep anymore.

However, once Jirachi’s HP started getting low, I remembered that Jirachi had the move Rest.  So I figured I’d use that to save my Potions.  Rest is a move that technically takes 3 turns to fully complete.  I decided to throw Pokeballs while I waited for Jirachi to wake up.

The FIRST Ultra Ball I threw while Jirachi was asleep magically LOCKED HO-OH INSIDE!  HOORAY!!

So apparently [in my game, at least] it is not as effective to make Ho-Oh go to sleep – rather, put your OWN Pokemon to sleep and then Ho-Oh becomes cooperative!  *shrug*

Afterwards, I took Ho-Oh to the Goldenrod Tunnel to take a commemorative photo.

Photo Op!

And then I inappropriately named my Ho-Oh “Ho-Bag.”  Hehehhehehehehehe!!!  xP

Pokémon Flashback Blog – Part 1

For those who don’t know, I used to run a social network about Pokémon.  Unfortunately, those jerks decided to start charging money to use their services so my social network is now being shut down.  I don’t care THAT much, as Facebook kinda serves the same purpose.  However, I did have some blogs that I’d written that I don’t want to lose when they delete my network.  So I’m going to do a Flashback Blog for the next few days, re-sharing my blogs and keeping them on THIS blog to be cherished… forever!  😛

Written by Gluxbox 4/4/10

I’m Scared of Ho-Oh

Happy Easter everyone!  I don’t really celebrate the holiday, but I do enjoy picking up piles of 50% off Easter candy the day after!  lol

Anyway, to ‘celebrate’ Easter this year, I’ve been hatching Turtwig Eggs.  In Pokemon Diamond.  Why???

Cuz I’m scared of Ho-Oh!  I recently beat the 8th gym in HG.  Next I’m supposed to battle the Kimono Girls and then climb to the top of a tower, view a fantastic cut-scene involving the Kimono Girls and Ho-Oh’s arrival, and finally battle the giant bird and capture him as my own.

But I’m too scared.  It’s a lot of pressure.  I’m still debating if I want to use my Master Ball on Ho-Oh or save it for later.

So instead of dealing with Ho-Oh, I’ve been procrastinating.  Specifically, last night I made a serious effort to start succeeding in the Pokeathalon.  And succeed I did!

I won the Speed Competition!

As you can see, I received the highest score and the Gold Medal in the Speed Competition at the Pokeathalon!  I will post some info on the HG/SS Forum regarding the strategies for these events.  My main goal with the Speed Competition was to find a use for some of the ‘less effective’ battling Pokemon.  Specifically, the two special Pichu’s that I obtained via GameStop and the Spiky-Eared Pichu event.  Check out how cute my team was!

My Pichu-Pikachu Team

From left to right, we have:  Spiky-Eared Pichu, Pikachu-Colored Pichu, and Surfing Pikachu.  I must say, my two little Pichu’s were GREAT in this event!  I ended up using the Pikachu-Colored Pichu in the Jumping Competition too, and he kicked ass there as well!  GOOOOO PICHU!!!!  ❤

So that’s what I’m currently working on in HG while I build up my Pokemon, and my own courage to do what I have to do lol!  But I’m not ready yet.  That’s why I’ve been hatching eggs.  It’s Easter after all, so I figured I should mess around with some eggs.  😛  I’m going to transfer all my baby Turtwigs to “My Pokemon Ranch” (WiiWare) and hopefully start making a real dent in the requirements for obtaining a Mew from Hayley at the Ranch.  It’s gonna take a while but I’ll get it someday!  xD