A Note from Mayor Gluxie

Can you sense it? The change in the air? The sun shines down more warmly these days. At least, that's what Mayor Gluxie has been saying about her campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! 


Love is in the Campsite Air!

Brr! It's been very cold across the US and hiding inside from the cold is the perfect time to do some gaming. Luckily, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just released an update that includes some fun, new and unexpected features! I must say that I am very impressed with the constant updates that Nintendo provides for …

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Season’s Greetings from Mayor Gluxie

Mayor Gluxie wanted to send an update on what's going on at her Animal Crossing Pocket Camp campsite! A new holiday campaign has begun, with Jingle showing up at the campsite to kick things off with a gardening event. https://flic.kr/p/2df6xgL The gardening event is very cute, we are planting poinsettias and then use our nets …

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Halloween in my Pocket!

October is SUCH the best month. Definitely for me, in 2018 at least. Earlier this month I attended New York Comic Con (and co-hosted the super fun Pokemon Feud Game Show!) and the following week I went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas for a work conference... but the fun hasn't stopped there! Now …

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Inside the Nintendo Labo

With birthdays come presents, and so on Friday when I (and thousands of others) received the Amazon Treasure Truck alert for Nintendo Labo pick-up in NYC and a friend suggested this be her gift to me... I decided to go pick one up! I've never purchased anything through Treasure Truck before, so I was interested …

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Is that an UPDATE in your Pocket [Camp]??

While we all anxiously wait for the inevitable announcement (someday) of an Animal Crossing Switch title, most fans are content to play Nintendo's mobile version Pocket Camp. I really want to give them kudos because I think this game encompasses the AC feel and cuteness of the main franchise, while seamlessly adapting it to a …

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AC Pocket Camp Updates

Mayor Gluxie doesn't want her fans to forget about her! She has been hard at work maintaining and updating her AC: Pocket Camp campsite, and there are plenty of updates to discuss! She was very proud to announce that after months of searching, she finally caught the elusive Tuna! But that was something that was …

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