Time Lapse Pt. 2
Time Lapse Pt. 2



Sahara is in town!  Hooray!  I’ll use all 4 characters if I have to, I want cool wallpapers!

Oh no, Cube just said he was thinking about leaving.  I told him not to go but he said “I don’t know if I can get out of this one” so I guess I will have to try hard to get him to stay.  I just wish it was stupid Savannah who wanted to leave…  Cube did give me an old wallpaper though, so that was nice.


Curly must be having another one of those epic brain cramps cuz he isnt speaking english so well...
Curly must be having another one of those 'epic brain cramps' cuz he isn't speaking english so well...


Curly was nice enough to give Twinx a wallpaper, but she didn’t have much more luck than that.  She searched high and low for Broccolo, only to find him goofing off at the Roost!  And he wasn’t alone, Kapp’n was there too.  Neither of them seem to like hot coffee.  I took a picture of the full bar (cuz I’ve never seen it with two people already inside lol) but you can’t even see Broccolo cuz Kapp’n has a huge head.  Guess Broccolo is too busy to talk about wallpapers.  


Broccolo is hiding behind Kappn!
Broccolo is hiding behind Kapp'n!


Daisy gave a wallpaper to Dan.  So now I have three!  Good start.  Not really, but its better than NOT finding three at all!  Hmm, Daisy also just gave one to Deb.  I wonder why she was holding out on Squirt?  Maybe its cuz he’s always a jerk to her… lol!  MOVE OUT DAISY!  It’s weird tho, I kinda like Daisy more in this game.  I feel somewhat bad about being mean to her.  But Savannah… I don’t care!

Well, thanks to Broccolo being a jerk and sitting in the Cafe all day, I only was able to get 5 wallpapers from the townies, using all my characters.  Lame!  At least I’ll get something though.  And that something is an Office Wall.  

I went to the city to see if Gracie was in town.  And she was!  And she was UPSET!


Tell me everything, Gracie...
Tell me everything, Gracie...


Sigh…  Oh… What’s wrong?  Oh, nothing.  Nothing at all.  Fine, twist my hooves!  Everything is going wrong!  My life has completely fallen off the catwalk!  But someone like you can’t possibly understand my problems.  It’s just that… my customers always ask for fashion advice, but they’ve got absolutely no style!  And that’s not all.  Even my assistant, Labelle, would say chic was a baby chicken!  But, whatever!  These are problems you can’t understand until you’re an A-list fashion icon.  So don’t worry, sugar.  Just give me and my fashion problems some space.  

But… I wanted my fashion evaluation?  I bugged her again.

You again?  What now?  Listen, I’m having a bit of a bad fur day, honey.  Let me spell it out for you.  I need to be alone right now!  


OK, sheesh!
OK, sheesh!


So, no evaluation then.  I went over to Labelle to complain.  But she was upset too!

Sigh…  Oh!  I didn’t realize that anyone could hear me.  Um, it’s nothing.  Please don’t worry about it.  


Come on Labelle, tell me whats going on!
Come on Labelle, tell me what's going on!


Well then!  The plot thickens!!!  

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