Pond Smelt Tourney

Before I get into today’s blog, I just wanted to share that Shaolin has a new resident.  I’m not pleased.  She moved in next door to Rowan (in Margie’s old spot) and she’s fugly.  Well, not as bad as Elise, but she’s pretty gross nonetheless.

Meet Bella

Yeah that’s right, it’s Bella the Pimple Queen.  Blah.  Somebody get her some facial cleanser!

Anyway, my character Deb has been logging in a bit more often, since King Squirt is still planning on retiring soon.  (If only he could find those last few gyroids!  And maybe find the UFO… but I’ve decided that shooting Gulliver down is not one of Squirt’s priorities.)  Deb, unlike Squirt, still has a lot of stuff to do before her catalog will be complete!  Earlier this week, she shot down the wonderous Golden Slingshot.

Golden Slingshot

Of course, Deb is the character who always has to be a fashionista, and she doesn’t care for the gaudy golden tools.  (She has the complete Silver Tool set and is quite pleased with it.)  So this golden slingshot is waiting in the FREE section by the Shaolin Gates, ready for someone to come and snatch it!  😛

Now for today’s news:  The Fishing Tournament!  Earlier this week, Deb had caught a couple of scary Football fish and she decided to keep one in her house – just in case she could use it in the upcoming tournament.  Sadly, when she spoke with Chip, she found out what sort of tournament was being held this month:

Pond Smelt Fishing Tourney

Pond Smelts.  And ONLY pond smelts.  BOO!  So Deb went up and down the river.  She only saw small shadows, so of course she cast her fishing line out to them.  Every time, it was a pond smelt!  It was like Chip had just brought a bucket full of pond smelts and dumped them in the river.  Deb ended up catching 5 pond smelts in a row!  She entered them all in the competition, and last I checked, she was winning!

Deb's Winning Catch

Wouldn’t it be nice for Deb to finally win a contest, instead of just getting that lame Honorable Mention (aka the You Suck Certificate) letter in the mail?  Let’s hope that none of the other townies will surpass 6.7 inches.  I won’t find out the results til after the tournament.  Fingers crossed!  😀

In DLC news, nothing really has been announced lately.  Sad.  The only clue I have is for the next US DLC, which is going to be released for Valentine’s Day.  I hope it’s something cute!  If I hear any other info, I’ll be sure to post it here!

Before I go…  a bottle was found by the beach.  There was no note attached, only this photo was shoved inside, with a quick little comment:

Pippin is the UFO Expert now!

At least SOMEONE is having some luck finding the UFO!  😛



Did everyone remember to display an item at the Auction House this weekend?  I know I did!  Both Squirt and Deb left something on display with Lloid.  Somebody please bid on them next week!  🙂

Yesterday was the Fishing Tourney.  Chip wanted only Black Bass submissions.  Whoever had the biggest bass was going to win!  Squirt’s had enough of fishing tourneys for now, so Deb decided to give it a go.  She found TONS of black bass, luckily it was an easy fish to catch in this tournament!  Ruby had the lead at 20.4 inches, but then Deb found a black bass that was 23.4 inches!

Woot!  Deb caught the biggest fish!

Woot! Deb caught the biggest fish!

Squirt had been wearing a Canucks jersey the past few weeks, because that was a hockey team in the playoffs that I particularly liked.  Sadly for them, the Canucks lost and got booted out of the finals.  So I decided it was time for Squirt to get a makeover!  Now it’s all about the watermelon costume!  I even got red hair to go with it.  It’s pretty cute, I guess!

I logged in later on to make sure that Deb won the fishing tourney.  I also managed to accomplish something else…

Yay, I caught the elusive.... moth.

Yay, I caught the elusive.... moth.

Umm… I do think moths are scary.

Today was less exciting.  I found two orange roses.  One of my grass re-patching areas was completely filled in with grass, so I transplanted the flowers to a new re-patching zone.  We’re almost done fixing up the grass problem in Shaolin!  Hooray!


Today is the Fishing Tournament!  It’s also Dan’s birthday.  I wonder if he’ll get a cake, since he never plays…

Check that.  Apparently today is the Sea Bass Fishing Tourney!  Great, I have to catch sea bass all day?  Blah.

Last night, a new friend named Brenda came by.  Too bad I was busy dismantling the Tomb Room to get ready for Sunday’s Flea Market!  My house was a mess.  She asked if she could clone my Lovely Phone, and I said, “Sure, if you can clone a couple of hybrids for me while you’re at it.”  I just want more purple roses to attract some peacock butterflies to Shaolin.  There are NO peacocks as of now.  And Brenda came back with sooo many hybrids – roses, carnations, pansies and tulips.  Thank you Brenda!!

So far I’m in the lead with a 46.5 inch Sea Bass.  This is one sucky tourney!

Kadomatsu up for auction!

Kadomatsu up for auction!

Don’t forget, everybody, it’s the weekend!  So get to the city and put something on display at the Auction House!  Next weekend is bidding!  I placed my extra Kadomatsu on display, so if you are looking for a rare Japanese item, bid on it next weekend!

GASP!  I went to GracieGrace and spoke to Labelle.

Sigh…  (Label?)  Yes?  Just a moment, please…  …Oh, my goodness!  H-how on earth did you know that name?  Oh…  Of course, you must be from Shaolin, hmm?  Yes, sir, that sure was my home.  But I reckon that was a long time ago.  When I moved to the big city to become a designer, I tried my darndest to start fresh!  …What?  My sisters really said that?  I-I’m afraid I said some downright mean things to my sisters when I left.  I was young, you see, and hadn’t learned much in the way of grace or tact…  Truly, I feel just awful about some of those things I said.  But maybe my sisters understood more than I gave them credit for after all…  Sigh…  I guess I can’t just stay depressed about it forever.  If I have time to mope, I should be using it to study fashion design!  When I fulfill my dream of becoming a designer…  Then maybe the day will also come when I reunite with my sisters.  …Oh!  I am so sorry for prattling on like that again…  If my boss had caught me, I know she would’ve chewed me out.  But even so, I actually do have a ton of respect for my boss.  That’s why I’m going to keep working here.  I have so much to learn!

Well go back home and talk it out!

Go back home and talk it out!

Well, that’s better!  At least a glimmer of hope that the sisters will reunite some day.  Maybe in the next AC installment?  I don’t know.  I doubt they’d be reunited in this game though.  Label(le) wouldn’t talk any further on the subject.  She’s got her goals, gotta respect that.  At least this conclusion was a little more uplifting than Sable’s “oh well things are better off as they are” BS.  Oh crap, I didn’t even realize Gracie was back there!  I’m wearing a custom shirt, a blue cap and blue shoes.  Let’s see what she says about me.

…Just to start, honey, your choice in clothing is all over the place!  I just don’t see a solid theme…  So I guess you could say your shoe choice is just a small victory in this whole fashion disaster.  …Hmm.  Honey, I gotta give you an A for effort…  but you haven’t arrived yet.  But don’t fret!  Study your fashion flash cards and make a few purchases, and you might make it!  Maybe.  Dear, you’ve still got much to learn about fashion.  You have potential, so you can still dare to dream.  You have to start studying.  Start by perusing my latest collection!  Off you go!

Fashion flash cards?  Or does she mean Liquefy’s AC:CF FAQ lol?!

Ooh and I’d just like to mention, Vella’s princess room is in the HRA HQ today.  Don’t know how long it’s been there, but congrats Vella!

Saturday PM

At the time of the last post, I stopped playing around 2 PM.  I knew that a Sea Bass probably wasn’t going to cut it.  So I logged in again around 5 PM, so I could double-check that I was still in the lead.  Unfortunately, when I talked to Chip, he said that Apollo had taken the lead, with a 46 inch Sea Bass.  Doh!  I should have known, seeing as eagles are excellent at fishing, lol!  I knew I still had some time, so I thought I’d try fishing again and see if I can find a bigger bass or something.  I started by the river, but it was pretty crowded already…

Cube and Daisy are hogging all the fish here...

Cube and Daisy are hogging all the fish here...

Obviously I wasn’t going to find any good fish here!  So I went down to the beach, and started looking for big fish.  Mostly all I could catch were Horse Mackerels, of course.  But I saw a large shadow, and figured it was worth a shot!  Maybe I’d at least catch a Sea Bass bigger than Apollo’s.  Luckily for me, I pulled out a huge Tuna instead!!  I ran straight to Chip to have him measure it.

Woo Im in the lead!

Woo I'm in the lead!

I was able to hold onto the lead for the rest of the tournament, and Chip told me that I was the winner after 6 PM!  Hooray!  I guess I’ll be getting yet another gold trophy?  What am I supposed to do with all these things anyway?

A little while later, I ran into Blanca yet again, as she was still wandering around town.  (How does she see if she doesn’t really have eyes?)  I really wanted to take a picture of her (and my handiwork) so I went over to talk to her.

Its Blanca!

It's Blanca!

Well, I think so Blanca!  I drew it, after all!  Before logging off, Squirt wanted to get a song from K.K. Slider.  He decided to go with “I Love You” since it’s Valentine’s Day and all.  Then Twinx decided she wanted to go and get the other romantic themed song, titled “K.K. Love Song.”  

But before she went anywhere, Twinx checked her mail, hoping to find a valentine card from an admirer.  Imagine her dismay when she only received this letter:

Valentines Day Fake Out!

Valentine's Day Fake Out!

Nothing was attached.  Rowan was just bragging about his valentine, and sent nothing to poor Twinx!  I guess that means only one Chocolate Heart can be found in Shaolin… this year, anyway!  

All in all it was a very fun holiday!  Valentines and fish don’t usually go hand in hand, but this year it was a perfect combination!

  • Side Note:  I’d like to make a shout out to my new friends Russell and… his roommate, who like to read my blog!  Hopefully they’ll get their friend codes figured out soon, so we can WiFi sometime!  🙂

Saturday – Valentine’s Day!

It’s a bright, sunny Saturday morning.  Squirt came out of his house, expecting someone to be standing outside his house, offering love and chocolates.  No such luck.  I think that’s only on your birthday.  So Squirt went to check the mail.  Inside was a letter from Magoo, who sent him an item he needed for his catalog – a Saw Horse!  There was also a letter from Peanut, which was very pathetic and sad, and a little creepy.  Here’s what it said:

Like, to Squirt,

I’m gonna move.  It’s hard to leave, since we’re BFFs and stuff…  But I have a picture of you that I took when you weren’t looking, so I’ll never forget you!

From your BFF, Peanut

I’m not exactly sure why she thinks we were BFFs, but whatever.  She’s gone now!!  YAY!

Squirt was very excited when a letter from Ruby said HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  Someone loves Squirt!  “You don’t know what I went through to get this premium chocolate.  Don’t just eat it.  TASTE it!” is what she wrote in her letter.  And finally, shoved in the back of the mailbox, was a little note from that silly kitten, Katie.  UGH, and inside is my least favorite Katie item, the Portrait!  I already have one!!  And I hate it!!!  UGH.  Guess this will be saved for the Auction House next week.

A pink rose hybrid appeared this morning, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

So far I’m leading the Fishing Tourney with a 43.1 inch Sea Bass.  I still have my Tuna in reserves, should I need it to beat a ridiculous score.  

Squirt stopped by the Roost, as part of his usual morning routine, and took his regular seat at the bar.  Brewster seemed to have a little secret, as he said “Drink up…” I sensed a little mischief.  Squirt drank it down, and realized – wait a second!  This is hot chocolate!  Brewster laughed and said “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Awww!  How sweet.


Thanks, Brewster!

Thanks, Brewster!


Squirt saw something wierd, right in front of Nookington’s was a cat.  A white cat, with no face.  It’s Blanca!  I was wondering when she’d show up!  I gave her a face with big sunglasses and a tongue sticking out.  I was going to take a picture but she just wouldn’t hold still.  Oh well!

I went to the city and luckily it wasn’t snowing there today.  I went to Kicks, who asked if I’d like to try a ‘cuter’ style for my shoes!  I guess that means I can get girl’s shoes now!  I opted against it for now tho.  Maybe next time.

OK, gotta go do things in REAL LIFE for Valentine’s Day!  I’ll be back with more later, probably!


Today is the Fishing Tourney!  How exciting!  I have two Tuna fish in my basement in case I need them.

But I just talked to Chip and he said today is the “Dab Fishing Tourney”.  The person who submits the biggest Dab by 6pm is the winner.  This is going to be trickier than I thought!  Too bad I can’t use those tunas lol!

Daisy is already throwing out fighting words and said I’m going to lose today.  BITCH!  (well, she is a female dog…)

AM turnip price is 77 bells.

I submitted a 23.0 inch Dab that is currently winning!  Woo Hooo!


The Fishing Tourney

The Fishing Tourney



PM turnip price is 73 bells.

I found a little hot spot where I’ve been finding a lot of Dabs.  It happens to be the beach right in front of my house!  But everything I catch seems to be smaller than 23 inches.  I think that means I’ve got the best fish!  Now I’ll just wait for the results tomorrow.

  • Curly wants a dung beetle.