Pond Smelt Tourney

Before I get into today's blog, I just wanted to share that Shaolin has a new resident.  I'm not pleased.  She moved in next door to Rowan (in Margie's old spot) and she's fugly.  Well, not as bad as Elise, but she's pretty gross nonetheless. Yeah that's right, it's Bella the Pimple Queen.  Blah.  Somebody …

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Did everyone remember to display an item at the Auction House this weekend?  I know I did!  Both Squirt and Deb left something on display with Lloid.  Somebody please bid on them next week!  🙂 Yesterday was the Fishing Tourney.  Chip wanted only Black Bass submissions.  Whoever had the biggest bass was going to win!  …

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Saturday – Valentine’s Day!

It's a bright, sunny Saturday morning.  Squirt came out of his house, expecting someone to be standing outside his house, offering love and chocolates.  No such luck.  I think that's only on your birthday.  So Squirt went to check the mail.  Inside was a letter from Magoo, who sent him an item he needed for …

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