The Countdown Begins!

It’s time for a regular blog post.  I know I’ve been doing a lot of Wasabi News and random posts about Nintendo and body wash, and for those looking for a bit more… well, I apologize.  Life keeps me busy but I try to make time to post what I know the majority of my readers want to see, at least once a week.  Today I want to make some announcements, so here’s a BONUS REGULAR POST!!


There’s only 30 more days to wait until the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am SUPER EXCITED!  I’ll be downloading the digital version of this game at 12AM on 6/9.  I’ve waited long enough, dammit!  I don’t really care about the box art, yes I’m sure it’s very nice but it’s just more important to me to have AC:NL with me at all times, and I don’t have to worry about finding/losing the game cartridge.  (Yes, I’ll still have to worry about losing my 3DS…  lol!  But that’s always a concern.  I keep it close to me always!)  I can’t wait until I won’t have to carry about both my Pikachu 3DS XL and my JP 3DS daily.  I’ll still play in Wasabi occasionally but my new game will be my “main game.”  Wasabi, most of the time, will be staying at home, unless there’s a big AC:NL event to attend and I’ll bring it with me to get extra StreetPasses!

Speaking of which… I am still toying with names for my US AC:NL town.  I’m pretty much decided that I want to use a Pokemon town name.  Keep in mind that preliminary underground press is reporting that you might not be able to have a town name that is longer than 7 characters.  So I’m trying to find the perfect, short Pokemon town name for my game.  Wanna help me pick the town name?  Here’s what I’m toying with:

  • Azalea [Town] – Johto
  • Eterna [City] – Sinnoh
  • Jubilife [City] – Sinnoh (I really love this one but I’m pretty sure it’s too long!  Wahhh!)
  • Nimbasa [City] – Unova
  • Olivine [City] – Johto
  • Pallet [Town] – Kanto

For those wondering, all the Hoenn region town names are really long, so those are pretty much out.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?


Today begins the registration from the latest Pokemon B/W/B2/W2 WIFI Tournament, called the 2013 Spring Friendly.  Since I missed the past couple of WIFI Tournaments, I do plan to participate in this one.  Registration is open from 5/9 – 5/16.  The actual Tournament will be held via WIFI from 5/17 – 5/20.  For those interested, here’s the Ruleset:

  • Battle Format: Single Battle
  • Rankings will be decided based on player Ratings at the end of the competition.
  • Players may use only Pokémon found in the Unova Pokédex of Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.
  • Pokémon may not hold the item Soul Dew.
  • Pokémon may not use the move Sky Drop or Dark Void during battle.
  • For details, check the Rules section.

I will have to double check the Unova Pokedex for B&W2.  There are some older gen Pokemon in that Unova ‘Dex.  I need a refresher!  I haven’t even looked at my Pokemon game since the PVGC…

Also, quick reminder that there is an ongoing Deoxys WiFi Mystery Gift Event right now!  Don’t forget to download Deoxys to your game – he’s level 100!  The Mystery Gift event ends on May 31st so don’t delay!


OK I’ve been saving the best for last.  Guess what, Glux Blog readers?  I am taking a trip next month.  From June 10 – June 15th I’ll be on the west coast, visiting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  What am I doing over there, you might ask?  Well…

That’s right!  JDubz and I are going to E3!!!

I am SOO EXCITED!  Not only will this be my first trip to the west coast, but JDubz and I will be attending the E3 Conference as interns for Island Officials.  We’re also going to be meeting up with Jenn (aka Vella) from to see the “Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” concert once again!  And after the conference, we’re going to road trip it up and drive through the desert to visit Las Vegas!  OMG!  I am beyond excited!  I can’t wait to report to you all, EXCLUSIVELY, about all the latest upcoming games, gadgets and electronics at E3!  What’s amazing is that the Glux Blog is not owned by any major corporation, and I don’t have to answer to anybody.  What does that mean for you?  Unedited, uncensored, instant reporting for you!  No waiting for an editor to approve my news updates.  No big brother company making me sway my opinions to fit a corporate agenda.  So when you are looking for the latest news from E3, forget Kotaku!  Check the Glux Blog, or more likely my Facebook and Twitter accounts, for up-to-the-minute updates, news and photos!  I’ll do my best to blog daily as well.

So now the Countdown begins!  30 Days Until Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  31 Days Until E3!!  June is going to be the BEST MONTH EVARRRR!!!


2013 PVGC Recap!

Editor’s Note:  Before I start this entry, I would like to make a statement.  Like most Americans, I was shocked and saddened by the senseless bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  My heart goes out to the victims and their families, and I wish these violent attacks on innocent civilians would stop happening.  My father is from the Boston area, and after taking two trips to New England in the past weeks, I feel a deep emotional attachment to Boston.  I just wanted to show my support for Bostonians and Americans alike.  We must stay strong.

This past weekend was the 2013 Pokemon Video Game Championships!  This year it was being held in Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, in Foxboro, MA.  Having just been up there for PAX East a few weeks ago, JDubz and I were pumped to get on the road and visit our home away from home!  I took a bunch of photos so we are going to proceed in “Photolog Mode.”

We packed up the gang and got ready to drive up to Massachusetts!

I love driving up to Boston because we pass so many windmills! They look just like the one I have in AC:NL! 😀

We stayed at America’s Best Value Inn, which was a MUCH nicer hotel than the one we stayed at for PAX. This hotel even had a “night club” but DJ K.K. was nowhere to be found. 😛

Approaching Gillette Stadium! I really liked this eBay Tower. Not sure what it’s purpose is though.

Close up shot of Gillette Stadium. Pretty swanky!

I *think* we’re in the right place… XD

Talk about a Pokemon Stadium! While we weren’t actually competing in the stadium, they did have huge Pokemon logos up on the Jumbotrons! Imagine if we were able to play down on the field…?

Pokemon SWAG! All competitors were able to download a special Ludicolo, which was a replica of last year’s PVGC Champion’s Ludicolo that was on his winning team.

In addition, we also got these sweet Umbreon cards for the TCG!

Waiting for the Swiss rounds to get underway!

Even with my little Pokemon mascots cheering me on, I didn’t do so well. I went 0-4 in the Tournament before giving up. For those interested, my team was: Hydreigon, Gyarados, Drapion, Emboar, Glalie and Lucario. My main problem (I think) is that I approached this Tournament the wrong way – this team is probably better for a Singles battle. Most kids that had success had teams that worked together more harmoniously and had a theme, such as a Sandstorm team. For the next PVGC I’ll try to really focus on the dynamics of a Doubles battle and set my team up right!

*sad face* LOL this is after I decided to drop out of the Tournament.

JDubz did a little better than me and went 1-3 for the day. He’s the one on the left with the Umbreon hat. This photo was taken during his epic-ly long 20 minute battle with his opponent. If you’re interested, we have the footage from this Epic Steel Battle up on YouTube. Click the image to see the video!

I kinda felt like Emolga in this pic lol!

Don’t worry about me, I wasn’t expecting to do well at the PVGC.  I’m not really that competitive when it comes to Pokemon.  I really just went for the StreetPasses, Pokemon giveaways and for an excuse to take another road trip.  🙂  I am happy to report that I am now the Mayor of the Cracker Barrel in Connecticut on Foursquare!!  Hahaha!

That being said, I would be open if anyone has any Doubles teams suggestions for next year!  Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

Pokemon Tournaments and Giveaways!

Though I’m sure nobody minds that Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog entries seem to have taken over this blog… I thought it might be smart to keep posting about other Nintendo games as well.  I don’t want to torture all of you who are desperately awaiting a release date for the English version of ACNL!  So I’m going to stick with the weekly newsletter format for Wasabi.  I think it makes more sense because I clearly don’t have the time to post about my town daily anyway!

Let’s take a brief pause from Animal Crossing and talk about all the cool things that are going on in the world of Pokemon!

Tournament Announced: 2013 Winter Friendly

The latest tournament series has been announced for Pokemon B/W2.  (Pretty sure you can participate with the original B&W games too.)  This Tournament is called the 2013 Winter Friendly, and registration is open from 2/7 – 2/14.  The actual Tournament will take place from 2/15 – 2/18.  This international competition is open to all regions, with the exception of Japan and South Korea.  The format will be a Rotation Battle (cool!) and the only banned Pokemon is Chatot (…why?!?!).  An entry gift will be given to all participants – a Micle berry.  I’m very excited to check this out, as I’ve missed the past few tournaments, and this is the first Rotation Battle competition held outside of Japan.

In addition, for those with a Japanese copy of B/W2, there is a new Tournament announced called the Kanto Cup.  Registration is 2/15 – 2/22 and the Tournament runs from 2/23 – 2/25.  As you might guess from the title, only Kanto region Pokemon will be allowed to participate, with the exception of Mew and Mewtwo.  Battle format will be standard Single Battle, and the participation gift is the big selling point (at least for me) here – Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard C-Gear Skins!

Why don’t we get more awesome C-Gear skins in North America??!?!?  😦

Information about both Tournaments can be found here on Serebii.

Meloetta In-Store Mystery Gift

We’ve waited long enough, now we can finally download a Mystery Gift in Pokemon B/W2 to receive the Legendary Pokemon Meloetta!  This event has been announced for the USA and Canada.  In the US you can download this Mystery Gift from your local GameStop, and Canadian players can find Meloetta at EB Games.  The event will run from 3/4 – 3/24 so don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Once you have your Meloetta, the fun doesn’t end there!  Pokemon Black and White 2 has an in-game event if you take your Meloetta to the Cafe in Castelia City.  Doing so will unlock a scene and will allow Meloetta to learn an exclusive move called Relic Song, which allows Meloetta to change forme in battle.  For more details, click here.


A Harvest Moon Wedding!

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I love Pokémon and Animal Crossing.  But did you know that I have yet another video game franchise obsession?  It’s true, and the game is Harvest Moon.

I’ve been playing different titles in the Harvest Moon franchise for a few years now, sampling the different versions of the game as they come out.  So far, my favorite Harvest Moon game is HM: Sunshine Islands.  Currently I’m playing Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns (or HM:ToTT for short).  The only reason I’m not listing HM:ToTT as my favorite game is because there are some glitches and lagging problems in the 3DS title.  Cuz otherwise, it’s a kickass game and I’ve been pretty addicted the past couple of weeks.

HM games tend to evolve over time, like many awesome games do.  A few years back, if you played HM:DS Cute, you could lose thousands of dollars and hours of hard work if your chicken coop was demolished in a typhoon.  In the newer games, thankfully, your coops, barns and sheds are a part your farm from the start, and have stable foundations that don’t get destroyed in a storm.

You could argue that this makes the newer games easier and unrealistic (I’m sure a typhoon could very well tear apart a chicken coop in real life) but it also makes players less likely to abandon their game and give up on their harvesting life.  And I’m sure the latter is more important to game developers right??  Another change that comes with HM:ToTT in terms of game dynamics is the fact that if you play as a female character, you can actually trigger a ‘reverse proposal’ with your beau.  “What am I talking about?” you might ask.  Well, in every previous HM title, if you wanted to get married, you had to buy a blue feather (for 10,000 bucks!) and present it to your potential spouse when they were at high enough friendship… and you had to do this whether you were playing as a male or female character.  I’m guessing some female players complained that it would be nice if your in-game beau would propose to YOU, since that’s predominantly the social norm.  So a reverse proposal is when your beau asks you to marry HIM, instead of the other way around.

So last week, wedding bells were ringing on my HM:ToTT farm!  My character, Glux, finally got her beau, Kana, to pop the question!  I took a lot of photos of the proposal but I won’t post it all here…  instead, here’s Kana’s proposal written verbatim:

Kana’s Proposal

This blue feather…  You know what the deal is with this?  It means I wanna be with you forever.  You put up with me blabbing about Hayate and my dad and stuff all the time, yeah?  But it’s like… How can I say this…?  Along the way…  I…  fell in love with you.  Once I realized that, the thought of you being with another guy bummed me out.  I’ve been moping about it ever since, but…  That’s not my style, y’know?  So here and now I’m gonna bust out and say it.  Glux, I’m in love with you.  Will you marry me?

[I responded “Yes!”]


You can tell by the dialog why I liked this character the most.  He talks like a surfer dude or something, and it’s really funny and different from the other guys, whose dialog is pretty bland.  So the wedding was set for a week later in-game.  We met all of our friends up at the top of the mountain for a lovely ceremony.

Harvest Moon Wedding

The wedding was officiated by the priest of the Bluebell church, named Nathan.  (Yep, he’s the same priest from older games.)  I thought it was kinda strange that the wedding wasn’t held in the nice church.  It has stained glass windows and it’s very pretty.  Hm..  maybe Kana is buddhist or something lol!  I just thought that it was weird… like, why else would they even make a church in the game…?  But I digress.  (Btw I have a lot more photos of the wedding on my Flickr page.)

So now Kana has moved into my character’s farm house and they have a nice new king size bed.  I won’t be doing the house upgrade (which allows you to start the baby-making process lol) for a while, because there are so many farm upgrades I need to do first.  I still can’t make butter or cheese!  And I need a flour mill!!  PRIORITIES!!!

That’s my HM news for now!  I’ll post another blog about HM when I reach another in-game milestone.

In other news, over the weekend was the 2012 Spring Friendly Tournament in Pokémon Black and White.  Unfortunately I didn’t put any time or thought into my team, so my performance was pretty dismal in the competition.  I only did five battles, and my record was 1-4.  Hey, at least I won one battle!

Things to be excited about in the upcoming months:

  • The E3 Expo is June 5-7!
  • Pokémon Conquest comes to the U.S. in June
  • Pokémon B&W2 comes out in Japan in June (I’ll be getting it!  I’m not missing out on any more cool Japanese WIFI Event Pokémon dammit!)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 comes out in the U.S. in August

The PVGC Report

Yesterday was a long, exhausting, but awesome day!  JDubz and I took a road trip down to Philadelphia to participate in the Pokémon Video Game Championship Regional tournament.  I haven’t been to Philly since I was a kid, so I was also hoping to sneak in some sight-seeing while we were down there.

The registration for the Masters Division was set to start at 10 AM, so we woke up at the crack of dawn for our 2+ hour drive.  When we finally got to the convention center, I found my friends from the Pokémon DS NYC Meetup Group waiting in line to register, so we joined up with them.  They gave me a free t-shirt with the logo printed on it – the logo which I designed for them last year!  🙂

Once we were all registered, it became the waiting game.  We had to wait for the Junior and Senior Divisions to finish their tournaments before the Masters (aka old people lol) were able to compete.  We were supposed to start the Masters Division battles at noon, but once that time came around, there was an announcement that Masters wouldn’t be starting until 2pm.  While most people groaned and whined about all this waiting around, I was secretly happy – this meant I could squeeze in some tourism after all!

JDubz and I decided to head over to the Liberty Bell, which thankfully was less than 10 blocks away!  Here’s a picture of me with the bell, and you can see my Pokémon DS NYC shirt, as well as my new Ash Ketchum hat!

Glux & the Bell

Nevermind that I look like a zombie.  The lighting in there was just awful b/c it was so backlit.  You’d think they’d make the lighting a little better in an alcove containing a national landmark that people come to photograph all the time.  Or you’d think they’d at least turn the bell so that the cracked side would face the windows, so people could take better photos from that side of the room.  Oh well lol!

We also walked past Independence Hall, which is some kind of landmark… Sorry, I didn’t go inside and I don’t know what it is offhand.  Maybe that’s where they wrote the Declaration of Independence?  I dunno soo… here’s a photo!  lol

Independence Hall

We stopped by Dairy Queen on our walk back (we don’t have DQ’s in NY, so I was quite thrilled!) and by the time we arrived at the convention center, it was almost time to actually BATTLE!  The tournament was set up to have 7 rounds, with Swiss pairings.  This meant that even if you lost a match, it didn’t mean you were disqualified.  You could keep battling in each round, and only those with the best records overall would be given the prizes.  However, if you lose 3 battles or more… it was pretty much a sign that you weren’t going to win anything.

Inside the Tournament

Here’s a look at the room where the battling took place.  There were over 250 participants in the Masters Division, so it was pretty impressive how smoothly everything went, despite the waiting.  They posted two groups of people, matched them up and we battled away!  I was surprised at how FEW legendary Pokémon were in my opponents’ teams.  In fact, the only legends I battled were Zapdos and Cresselia.

OK time for the cold truth.  If you followed my tweets from yesterday, then you already know my record.  Basically, I performed terribly!  I am pretty weak in doubles battles, and since I’d done a huge overhaul of my team at the last minute, I wasn’t totally secure with my move set.  (I should have just kept my original team!  Dang it!)  My record for the day was 1-3.  That one win?  It was a win by default – my opponent didn’t show up, so they gave me a win for that round.

However, that’s not what I was disappointed in, really.  I knew I wasn’t going to be the top Pokémon battler.  But they were supposed to give us all a Shiny Shelmet trading card just for participating… but they ran out.  Luckily, I whined about it to some lady who was working the event, and she gave me a sheet of Pokémon stickers!  YES FOR SWAG!!


Despite losing in an embarrassing fashion, having to wait around and not getting my shiny trading card, it was an awesome day.  I got to hang out with the Meetup group (we all wore the same shirt – it was so cute!), I got stickers, I picked up a card holder for my Kid Icarus AR cards, received over 65 StreetPass tags, we ate cheesesteaks after the tournament…  It was a great experience.  I only hope next year’s PVGC is a little closer to home – the drive home was over 3 hours and we were exhausted at the end of the day.

Did anyone else go to their regional tournament?  If you followed me on Twitter for updates on the tournament, how did I do?  What could I improve on?  I’m looking to improve my tweeting skills.  Should I have covered more general news about what everyone was doing?  Or did I do just fine?  Let me know, I’m curious!

So anyway… now I’m pretty much Black&White’d out, and I want to pick up one of the other games I’ve been neglecting.  Should I play SoulSilver, which I started last month?  Or what about Emerald, which I’m maybe half way through?  And let’s not forget about Kid Icarus and Harvest Moon, both games are awesome but I had to put them down to focus on Pokémon for this tournament.  Any suggestions on what I should play next?

Glux Blog Updates!

Hello everyone!  Today was a great day.  The NY Giants won the SUPERBOWL!  And while watching the big game, I was playing Pokémon White and really making some progress in completing my National Pokédex.  Huzzah!

Click "Add to Home Screen" to download the app!

Another project I’ve been working on (while anxiously awaiting the release of PokéPark Wii 2 later this month) I decided to give my blog some upgrades.  You probably already noticed the new header and background images.  It’s still kind of a work in progress but I think it looks pretty cool so far!

In addition to the regular website, I also added a really cool feature!  If you have an iPad, you can now download The Glux Blog iPad App.  All you have to do is visit using the Safari browser on your iPad, and then click on the little settings button.  Choose “Add to Home Screen” and voila!  Now you have a really awesome new app!  And it’s FREEEEEE!!  🙂  Disclaimer:  I don’t know if this also works for iPhones.  I didn’t get a chance to try it out on an iPhone to see if it works the same way.  But I doubt it would, because the WordPress menu says it’s specifically for iPad.  But if someone wants to try it out and let me know, that’d be super!  lol

I really hope you’ll check it out.  Grab your friend’s iPad if you must!  It looks really swanky, like something you’d download from the App Store, or the Newsstand.  Yeahhhhh I’m really proud of it hehe!

For those of you who, like me, are Facebook junkies, I also decided to create a Glux Blog Fan Page.  Please “like” me on Facebook for random updates, photo shares and other fun Nintendo related stuff!  And of course I will be posting my latest blog entries on the Facebook page, so you won’t miss a thing!

Here’s a random bit of games-related news to post.  If you don’t have a 3DS you might not know about this, but there’s a feature called Nintendo Zone that allows you to download exclusive content from specific WIFI Hot Spots.  One of these Hot Spots is at most Best Buy retail locations.  There was a special promotion (although today was the very last day) where you could buy certain 3DS titles at 50% off.  JDubz and I went to Best Buy to take advantage of the deal before it expired.  We decided to each buy the game “Asphalt 3D” which is a car racing game.  Honestly I know nothing about it, but we figured it would be cool because we can race each other and there’s a StreetPass function to it.  We are obsessed with StreetPass!

Anyway, so the special 50% off deal required that you present your 3DS, which had a coupon UPC code for the sales associate to scan, at the register.  When JDubz and I went to make our purchases, the girls at the counter had NO IDEA what we were doing, they couldn’t scan the codes, and it was an overall headache.  Of course we demanded the manager and got our discounts anyway, but seriously… wtf Best Buy?  How can they be hosting a Nintendo Zone WIFI coupon, and yet none of the people who work there know anything about the offers?  It was really lame.  I’m going to call Best Buy tomorrow and let them know that they should keep their workers informed!

Since that offer expires today, that means there could be a new Nintendo Zone coupon or deal starting tomorrow!  Also, I heard that there will be downloadable episodes of the Pokémon Animated Series in the February update for Nintendo Zone.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I’ll try to get to another Hot Spot soon so I can see what’s new!  And of course I’ll keep you all informed.  🙂


Arceus for All!

Well, the votes are in.  You may or may not have participated, but everyone who owns a copy of Pokémon Black and/or White can receive a FREE Legendary Pokémon for their games!  And who is the lucky winner?

Arceus – the Pokémon of Time!

You may remember that I’d blogged about Arceus’ cool cut-scene from the game HeartGold.  Now I can rest easy – I don’t have to transfer that Arceus from my completed Pokédex collection in HeartGold, because now I can download the new Arceus for my Black and White games using the Pokémon Global Link!  Saaaweet!

Arceus is really quite cool for a Legendary.  It’s the most versatile Pokémon because you can change it’s type just by giving it a certain held item – things like the “Fire Plate”, “Water Plate” and so on.  Here’s the details on Arceus, courtesy of  Where you can obtain these plates in Black and White… that I’m not sure about.  I’ll try to find out some info and let you know!

If that wasn’t cool enough for you, there’s ANOTHER Legendary Pokémon for you to get your grubby hands on!  This one is a WIFI Event Pokémon – all you have to do is receive this one as a WIFI Mystery Gift starting February 12th, through your Black and White games.  Who is this Legendary, you ask?


Here’s all the details (provided by Serebii, of course!  They sure on on the ball when it comes to all the breaking info!) on this WIFI Mewtwo.  Not entirely sure why it comes holding a King’s Rock, as I don’t think that’s an item Mewtwo needs to use, but you can use the King’s Rock to evolve a different Pokémon.  So I guess it’s a good thing!

Phew, ok that’s enough Pokémon news for now.  Besides the fact that I’m waiting IMPATIENTLY for the release of “PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond” which is coming out on February 27th!  OMG IT’S GONNA BE SO COOL!

Also, just wanted to mention that I recently subscribed to a UK magazine (through the iPad’s Newsstand) called “Nintendo Gamer” and it’s really cool.  The issues are a little pricey, but there’s about 150 pages per issue and the digital version is beautiful!  I am a “Nintendo Power” subscriber too, but I thought it would be nice to get a different perspective from across the pond as well.  And I can’t help but feel as though NP is written more for a younger audience, while NG is geared more towards adult gamers.  I’ll let you know what cool UK insights I might find from this new mag!  🙂