Today is Twinx’s birthday!  I’ll have to remember to log in as her, and see if she gets a cake!  I won’t hold my breath tho…

Things seemed normal enough when I walked into the Able Shop.  I bought a snorkel, talked to Sable about Saturdays.  Then I walked to Mabel, just to make sure.  And she wasn’t happy!

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  Well, a faraway relative has been worried about me and constantly sends me little gifts of money.  And I know this relative isn’t rich or anything, so I usually refuse it.  But no matter how many times I refuse, it keeps coming, so I don’t know what to do…  

Now I have to choose “Is it a sibling?” or “Might it be…”  I’ll go with the sibling one, I guess.

Huh…!  Why, Squirt!  How did you know that?!  …Oh, I know.  It must have been Tom Nook…  I can’t think of any other way you would have known.  Well… You’re right, for what it’s worth.  Between me and my older sister Sable, I have another sister.  Her name is Label.  Because of various circumstances, we live apart now.  


Mabel, Sable and Label.  Cute names.
Mabel, Sable and Label. Cute names.


Again, I have a choice.  “Why is that?” or “Where is she?”  Since I already know she’s at GracieGrace, I’ll go with the first one.

…Ohh, Squirt!  You’re like a police detective or something!  Don’t worry about silly little details like those!  Now, I need to get back to work!  

And then Mabel refused to talk about the subject any more.  But, does this mean the controversy is over?  I mean, I have the proof now, but do I still have to worry about this family drama and help fix it?  I dunno.

Ugh, there are a TON of wilted flowers today.  Where’s the rain?  It’s all dark and cloudy but no rain!  


Time Lapse Pt. 4
Time Lapse Pt. 4


Rowan told me the town charm for Glitch, which is to plant 2 trees.  Then the flowers won’t wilt!  I must get to Glitch!!!  lol

Ooh the rain started.  YAY!  No more watering.  


Its Pal, someone whos name escapes me, and Squirt!
It's Pal, someone who's name escapes me, and Squirt!


I also visited Pal in Cairinie today, which was fun!  I hadn’t seen her in a while.  Cairnie is in June right now, and it happened to be the day of the Bug Off!  I crept over to the Town Hall to check it out (since I also needed to send out a piece of mail to enable the town charm).  Nat, the Bug Off guy was pretty scary!  He was shouting all kinds of nonsensical things at me!  I don’t like bugs, especially those that scream nonsense words at me!  And his eyes are huge and bug out!  I attempted to find something rare to submit, wondering why the Bug Off isn’t at night when all the big scary beetles come out.  My net only caught a Tiger Butterfly (although I saw a really speedy dragonfly whiz over my head, no idea what that was!) and it only registered a measly 33 points.  Not enough to beat Pal’s Peacock.  I conceded defeat!  LOL



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