Today is the Fishing Tournament!  It’s also Dan’s birthday.  I wonder if he’ll get a cake, since he never plays…

Check that.  Apparently today is the Sea Bass Fishing Tourney!  Great, I have to catch sea bass all day?  Blah.

Last night, a new friend named Brenda came by.  Too bad I was busy dismantling the Tomb Room to get ready for Sunday’s Flea Market!  My house was a mess.  She asked if she could clone my Lovely Phone, and I said, “Sure, if you can clone a couple of hybrids for me while you’re at it.”  I just want more purple roses to attract some peacock butterflies to Shaolin.  There are NO peacocks as of now.  And Brenda came back with sooo many hybrids – roses, carnations, pansies and tulips.  Thank you Brenda!!

So far I’m in the lead with a 46.5 inch Sea Bass.  This is one sucky tourney!

Kadomatsu up for auction!
Kadomatsu up for auction!

Don’t forget, everybody, it’s the weekend!  So get to the city and put something on display at the Auction House!  Next weekend is bidding!  I placed my extra Kadomatsu on display, so if you are looking for a rare Japanese item, bid on it next weekend!

GASP!  I went to GracieGrace and spoke to Labelle.

Sigh…  (Label?)  Yes?  Just a moment, please…  …Oh, my goodness!  H-how on earth did you know that name?  Oh…  Of course, you must be from Shaolin, hmm?  Yes, sir, that sure was my home.  But I reckon that was a long time ago.  When I moved to the big city to become a designer, I tried my darndest to start fresh!  …What?  My sisters really said that?  I-I’m afraid I said some downright mean things to my sisters when I left.  I was young, you see, and hadn’t learned much in the way of grace or tact…  Truly, I feel just awful about some of those things I said.  But maybe my sisters understood more than I gave them credit for after all…  Sigh…  I guess I can’t just stay depressed about it forever.  If I have time to mope, I should be using it to study fashion design!  When I fulfill my dream of becoming a designer…  Then maybe the day will also come when I reunite with my sisters.  …Oh!  I am so sorry for prattling on like that again…  If my boss had caught me, I know she would’ve chewed me out.  But even so, I actually do have a ton of respect for my boss.  That’s why I’m going to keep working here.  I have so much to learn!

Well go back home and talk it out!
Go back home and talk it out!

Well, that’s better!  At least a glimmer of hope that the sisters will reunite some day.  Maybe in the next AC installment?  I don’t know.  I doubt they’d be reunited in this game though.  Label(le) wouldn’t talk any further on the subject.  She’s got her goals, gotta respect that.  At least this conclusion was a little more uplifting than Sable’s “oh well things are better off as they are” BS.  Oh crap, I didn’t even realize Gracie was back there!  I’m wearing a custom shirt, a blue cap and blue shoes.  Let’s see what she says about me.

…Just to start, honey, your choice in clothing is all over the place!  I just don’t see a solid theme…  So I guess you could say your shoe choice is just a small victory in this whole fashion disaster.  …Hmm.  Honey, I gotta give you an A for effort…  but you haven’t arrived yet.  But don’t fret!  Study your fashion flash cards and make a few purchases, and you might make it!  Maybe.  Dear, you’ve still got much to learn about fashion.  You have potential, so you can still dare to dream.  You have to start studying.  Start by perusing my latest collection!  Off you go!

Fashion flash cards?  Or does she mean Liquefy’s AC:CF FAQ lol?!

Ooh and I’d just like to mention, Vella’s princess room is in the HRA HQ today.  Don’t know how long it’s been there, but congrats Vella!

One thought on “Saturday

  1. I refuse to even read more of the conspiracy! I want to be surprised. *closes eyes and scrolls to the bottom*

    I have to catch loaches all day. I logged on Grebo to do it since I already have a silver trophy. How’s your sea bass fishing going?

    One of my other characters had a birthday and didn’t get anything at all. 3/25 is Grebo’s birthday both irl and on the game, so I’ve been sending letters to *everybody* every day in the hopes that someone takes pity on him and sends him letters and cake.

    I’m on my way to the city. Auction house time.

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