Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I’ve been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.)

Before I get into my latest obsessions, here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in Animal Crossing.  I still have to get the latest Best Buy DLC!  AHH I hope it hasn’t expired yet!!

Gulliver is still suffering from PTSD and amnesia…

Gruff wins the award for most random music request AND most cultured townie in Jubilife. I literally had to look this up to understand what he was talking about. For the record, zydeco style refers to Cajun/Creole.

That’s MAYOR Madam Grooville to you! lol

Visiting the island with some Rando’s from Club Tortimer!

Jubilife townies can sleep easy knowing that we now have official police protection! (Or that they might find something they’ve lost in the Lost and Found.)

Existential questions with Vic.

Old Man Phineas approves of my coffee-making skills!

Won second place in the July Bug Off Tournament. I’d like to say that I purposely won second to get the silver trophy (since I already have the gold), but the real reason is that I was traveling that day and couldn’t devote as much time to the Bug Off!

Dizzy proves that he doesn’t have a clever name, but that he’s actually just drunk.

Still can’t afford this crown… 😦

In all honesty, I just have to thank MYSELF for having a second town on my JP 3DS, and my boyfriend JDubz, with whom I StreetPass ever single day. 🙂

Kapp’n shows his support for the 99%. Also, a bit of insight into his problems with the IRS! lol

Visiting with StreetPass Long Island members. And yes I am wearing a Reggie t-shirt in this photo lol!

T.I.Y. Home Store is officially open!

We’re starting to go GREEN here in Jubilife by installing a new Wind Turbine!

BEST NEWS EVER! Jubilife has officially reached PERFECT TOWN STATUS!!

So now you’re up to date on Jubilife.  I will probably write a special Wasabi News entry later on, since I have some stuff to report.  But here’s the REAL reasons I’ve been so busy lately:

  • New StreetPass Games!  Have you downloaded the latest update for your Nintendo 3DS?  The update includes a redesign of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which features a more “town-like” atmosphere.  More importantly, you can also download NEW STREETPASS GAMES!  There are four to choose from.  “Mii Force” is a classic arcade shooter style game, using your StreetPass friends to supply different weapons depending on their color.  “Flower Town” is a casual collection game in which you have a beautiful garden and your goal is to grow and document as many flowers as possible, with your frequent StreetPass friends turning into Flower Pals who help you to grow rare breeds.  (You can also build and decorate gardens and take screenshots!  See below.)  “Warrior’s Way” brings new life to the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game and turns your Mii Plaza into a growing ARMY to help you in a quest for World Domination!  “Monster Manor” is a slow-paced nod to Luigi’s Mansion, except instead of Luigi, you act as your Mii trying to find your way through a haunted house, beating up ghosts and saving your friends from unknown horrors… plus it adds a bit of Tetris to it’s game mechanic!  I love these games because there really is something for everyone.  Another added bonus is the introduction of a new form of currency:  Plaza Tickets!  With Plaza Tickets you can “buy” new hats and outfits for your Mii to wear in the StreetPass world.  Each game does come with a price (of $4.99) but all four can be bundled for a discounted price of $14.99.  Obviously I had to have them ALL!  I highly recommend checking them out.

My first garden in Flower Town.

  • EarthBound has come to Virtual Console!  This classic SNES game is a blast from the past brought to you by the year 199X.  Aliens have invaded Onett and it’s up to Ness to figure out WTF is going on!  I never played this game as a child, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo, please bring this to Wii U VC?  Or… dare I ask… make it a 3D Classic??!?!?) and I didn’t touch RPG’s again until Paper Mario.  To be honest, I’d never even heard of Ness until Super Smash Bros. when he was reintroduced as a fighter.  I could never get his Up+B move to work properly, and had a grudge against him.  But I digress.  When EarthBound came out on Virtual Console for $9.99, I decided it was time to learn what Ness was all about.  Plus I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews about the game for the past month from my StreetPass buddies.  What’s so great about this game (besides the awesome soundtrack, retro-familiar graphics and awesome RPG action) is the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top storyline.  I REALLY love it!!  To show you a sample, here’s a screenshot I posted to my Miiverse profile.

“At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.”

I’m sure you guys can understand now why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like.  But I promise (like I always do… but this time I SUPER DUPER MEAN IT!!) to make a better effort to post my random updates on what videogames I’m playing and stuff.  (Did I mention I also started a new game in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?  Yeah…)  So tell me, what games are YOU playing?


Jubilife Gets Livelier!

Well, now that it’s July, that means I’ve been the Mayor of Jubilife for almost a month now.  Every day we have something new going on in town, there’s really never a dull moment!  Here’s a photolog of the latest happenings in Jubilife:

Gulliver washed up on shore recently. Despite the efforts of myself and JDubz whacking him with squeaky hammers, he would not get up. (Note: Gulliver will not wake up if you have visitors in town. He did eventually get up once the gates were closed.)

So far, the Gulliver items I’ve collected are a Hula Doll from Hawaii, a Dala Horse from Sweden, and a Mummy’s Casket from Egypt.  Pretty cool stuff!  I wonder how many countries Gulliver plans to visit in this game?

I love going to the Island with my boyfriend JDubz. Kapp’n however seems a bit jealous lol!

Playing on WIFI is so much fun! Recently Mayor JDubz and I visited with Mayors Vella and Kokuto.

We tried some cliff diving while we were in Hanabi! It’s really hard to coordinate everyone to jump at the same time…

I didn’t post this photo last time, but it’s cute! This is a face-cutout standee from the Summer Solstice festival on 6/21. Vella is a happy sunflower, while I am a happy sun wearing Ladder Shades!

The Dream Suite is now open for business in Jubilife!

Some profound words from the most annoying camel I know…

Oh hey, Reggie visited my Happy Home Showcase again! But he still doesn’t give me any ice cream so… I’m not impressed lol!

I *might* have eaten a Magic Mushroom while visiting the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town! FYI the Official Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite code is: 0000-0100-0017

Gruff seems to think he’s my stand-in for Mayor. He was also seen patrolling outside Ruby’s house to make sure nobody plants pitfall seeds… (I swear I’m not making this up lol!)

Chops thinks he’s the Official Jubilife room inspector… I mean, I appreciate that these guys want to help me out with my Mayor-ly duties. I just hope that they realize these are volunteer positions and that they won’t be getting paid or stealing my coveted Mayor’s chair at the Town Hall!

YAY I’m starting to get a tan!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Island doing tours to stock up on medals and get my tan on. In the process, I’ve discovered that not all Island Tours take place in the daytime.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are more night-time Island Tours popping up than I’d realized.  The Evening Firefly Tour, the Pro Diver Tour, and the Dangerous Fishing Tour all take place during night time, or during a thunderstorm.  So don’t try to get a tan by doing those tours!

So happy! I’ve basically completed the my Sweets House exterior! I have the house exterior, the roof, the door and the mailbox all with sweets style decor. Don’t know if there’s a sweets fence or something… Anybody seen that in their Nook’s Housing store?

On June 30th we completed the Face Cutout Standee Public Works project. Of course I replaced the existing image with a face cutout of Miyamoto, which I picked up in the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town!

Yesterday I also got the latest Best Buy DLC… a “Cat Tower.” Now I need to somehow obtain the latest NL DLC, which is a shaved ice lamp!  Don’t forget to pick up the monthly DLC from the Post Office as well!

So yeah… lots of happenings in Jubilife!  Here’s the latest news from Wasabi: “Due to inactivity, some villagers have been moving out.  So far Deli and Gabi have already left town for greener pastures.  Mayor Neko is taking it as well as anyone can… just hoping for new neighbors to take their places!  If you’re trying to get rid of a townie, please let Mayor Neko know!”

If you are looking to make new ACNL friends, I highly recommend you join ACUKE.  They have a lot of fun in-game meet ups planned, and you can chat w/members in the chatroom and forum.  Definitely a great resource!



There’s Life in Jubilife!

Jubilife Update

Hey everybody!  You’re probably all thinking… “What gives?  Why hasn’t Glux been posting blogs about her new Animal Crossing New Leaf town, Jubilife?”  Well said, you.  That’s a good question.

The honest answer is that I really don’t have much time to blog these days.  What I am able to do is post photos as things happen in Jubilife onto my Tumblr Blog (gluxbox.tumblr.com) which bounces the photos here onto the Glux Blog.  I know it’s not the same, and I’m sorry for that.  But ever since I came back from vacation, things have been crazy busy.  Also I came down with a nasty chest cold that will not go away, so it’s been a struggle for me to get anything done.

I’m going to try to do a quick recap of what’s been going on in Jubilife.  Please follow me on Flickr and Tumblr to get the full experience.

Jubilife started on June 9, 2013. I was ready to take on the challenge!

My beloved Ruby lives in Jubilife! HUZZAH!! (She will NEVER leave me again!!)

As soon as I was able, I commuted to Wasabi, where I ransacked the town, stole money and snagged designer fashions to wear.

Meet Gruff. He looks scary when he’s mad. (Yes he’s mad in this photo.) He’s kinda scary looking even when he’s not mad. But he’s still my favorite goat!! 😀

I’m finally able to enjoy the StreetPass functions in ACNL! Here I am standing outside of Mayor Neko’s house in the Happy Home Showcase. Also pictured… some type of robber who is scoping out Mayor Neko’s house. Hope she locked the door…!

While I was at E3, I was able to get a special StreetPass from Reggie Fils-Aime! His house is weird.

Reggie has a picture of his own face on his bed? Like I said… weird.

While I was in California, I had a visit with Mayor Yumi in Kasen Village. She has a Tokyo Tower there now! **ooooh!** Also note that Mayor Yumi was kind enough to give me a squeaky hammer!!

I won the Bug-Off on June 15th! 😀

Been adding lots of public works already. I started with this suspension bridge, but have since added the Dream Suite and the Museum Renovation on Main Street.

We had the Summer Solstice Festival on 6/21. It was really freaky – at night the sun was still blazing! Fireflies were floating about in full daylight. It was odd.

I love Ruby so much!! So freaking cute! My favorite pop star!! 😀

We are impatiently awaiting the grand opening of Club LOL, which I expect to happen tomorrow.  I haven’t decided which public work to start next.  A third bridge?  Gruff wanted me to add a Danger Sign…  So many choices!

OK I promise I’ll try harder to make time to blog about Jubilife.  But the Tumblr updates should at least make it a little easier to keep you updated!  Don’t even ask about Wasabi.  It’s falling into disarray, weeds everywhere, bamboo starting to get overgrown…  King better not move away, that’s all I can say!

Game & Waaaaaario!!

In other news, I also recently picked up the Wii U game “Game & Wario” which is REALLY cool!  It makes great use of the Wii U Game Pad, with every mini-game using the GamePad in a different way.  You can shoot arrows, draw shapes, complete puzzles, drive a taxi, dance like a pirate (don’t ask!) and lots more!  There’s also a pictionary-esque side game that posts directly to the Miiverse, which is pretty cool.  Here’s some of my screenshots from my Miiverse Profile!

This is from the Miiverse Drawing game. It’s kinda like the app “Draw Something” but more Nintendo-themed.

This is a screenshot from the cinematic at the beginning of the Ski game. The Ski game plays exactly the same as the F-Zero game in Nintendo Land, in that you have to hold the GamePad vertically and turn the GamePad to steer. It’s tricky!

My score after playing the “Pirates” rhythm game. My score is… MEH!!

For those who like quick, casual mini-games like I do… I highly recommend this title!  It has multiplayer as well as a single player mode, so it’s fun for everyone!  Check it out sometime!  😀

Pokemon Reggie’s

On November 8th, a new app came out for the 3DS, called Pokedex 3D Pro.  For $15 you get a fully completed Pokedex, filled with 3D rendered versions of every Pokemon, a full Move listing for each Pokemon, as well as a Quiz section.  One of the things I was most excited for was the “correct pronunciations” of every Pokemon’s name, because when you select a Pokemon in the Pokedex, an announcer type voice reads off the Pokemon’s name.  Now we FINALLY know how to pronounce those crazy names!  One name I’d always struggled with was Regigigas.  There were just too many gi’s to comprehend.  So I was very excited to learn that it’s pronounced “Reggie-gig-as.”  Not TOO complex.  And then it inspired me to make this meme:


AR Card Fun!

Yesterday I was so excited!  The April issue of Nintendo Power had arrived!  I quickly flipped through the pages, because I knew something special was going to be inside this issue.  And there it was!

KI: U AR Cards

An exclusive pack of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards, only for Nintendo Power subscribers!  WOW!  The 3 card pack contains Poseidon, Medusa (Battle), and God of Death Thanatos.  They are all very cool looking!  I managed to get a photo of all three of them while I was scanning away, so check them out!

AR Card Battle

Have you ever tried to battle your Kid Icarus AR Cards?  It’s actually pretty cool!  You align two cards up (arrows facing each other and touching) and a button appears on the touch screen, inviting you to watch a battle.  I say “watch” because you don’t get to participate in the battle, each card has it’s own stats and they take care of the battle automatically.


Anyway, I posted all my AR Battle photos on my Flickr page, feel free to check em out!

OH and before I forget.  Something sad happened to my 3DS last night.  Yesterday a special Mii was sent via SpotPass to everybody’s StreetPass Plaza.  The special Mii was none other than Reggie Fils-Aime, the CEO of NoA.  He had gold pants, his text was shown in a special gold text bubble, and he was a level 5 fighter in Find Mii!  Unfortunately, I was stupid and selected the option to add Reggie to my Mii Maker.  I didn’t realize that doing so would REMOVE Reggie from my StreetPass Plaza!  Now I can’t battle with him anymore.  This is very upsetting!!!  lol wah!

So yeah… if you get a special Mii, don’t send them to the Mii Maker or you lose them forever!  😦

Excitement Abounds!

Nintendo certainly knows how to build up anticipation!  I’m excited about so many things right now, I don’t know what to do with myself!

First of all, I received a Swapnote via SpotPass yesterday from Reggie Fils-Aime, CEO of Nintendo of America.  His note said to check nintendo.com today for a special announcement.  So I logged in this morning to see what was going on.  Apparently there was a new Nintendo Direct video to watch!  Check it out online or via the 3DS eShop!  There wasn’t anything about my favorite games (where’s my damn Animal Crossing news???) but there were some more reveals for Kid Icarus and a couple of other games.  I’m still undecided about Kid Icarus.  Do I want to get it?  Or rent it?  It’s going to have StreetPass features, and the 3D visuals look kickass.  Maybe I should at least rent it.  What do you guys think?

In addition to that, there’s been a lot of buzz that the Pokémon Company is going to make a special announcement on the Japanese TV show “Pokémon Smash” about an upcoming game.  If this is true, then there could be BIG news on Sunday!  There’s been mixed opinions on whether or not this is for real… but I’m certainly hoping for the best!  If you want to see where I got this info, check out PokemonBlackandWhite.net and let me know what you think about all this.

If that wasn’t enough for you, I have SUPER EXCITING news too!  I just bought tickets to attend “The Legend of Zelda – Symphony of the Goddesses” concert!

You lucky ducks will get a full report on this super cool symphonic display of Zelda fandom!  I’ll be sure to take as many photos and videos as I can from my swanky Orchestra seats!  JDubz and I will be attending in July, at the Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA.  (No tour dates were announced for the NY area, but if they decide to come to NY at some point, we’ll probably get tickets for that too lol!)  It’s gonna be a kickass Zelda-themed ROADTRIP!  Should we get into cosplay for this show?

Join me at the Glux Blog Facebook Page and let me know what you think about all these exciting prospects!