Leaving PokéPark!

It was a short stay in PokéPark 2.  While the game was completely adorable, unfortunately it’s time to go.  Don’t worry Pikachu – I’ll always have your save file!

I’ve decided to trade in PokéPark 2 towards the purchase of Kid Icarus: Uprising at GameStop.  But don’t get me wrong, PokéPark 2 was a lot of fun!  The mini games were great (albeit repetitive) and the new battling aspect was a lot of fun.  I’ve got a ton of photos [memories!] that I’ve got posted on Flickr.  Feel free to look through them and comment!  🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos from the game:

Sometimes you had to befriend Pokémon by doing them favors, like carrying Ferroseed to a place he needed to go.  But mostly you had to either battle or chase the Pokémon to become friends, and honestly that does get kinda boring after a while.

I would definitely say that Wish Park was the coolest part about this game.  You’d go to this weird trippy area where all the Pokémon are possessed.  Each area of Wish Park had it’s own theme, and this Pagoda one was my favorite. 

Here’s another view of that area of Wish Park.  Here you can see Flareon all possessed and upset.  Wah!

This photo represents the only reason that I’m slightly hesitant to get rid of my game.  Hidden throughout the PokéPark are these shrines that have depictions of legendary Pokémon on them.  If you befriend the right amount of Pokémon, these legendaries come out of their shrines, and you can battle and become friends with them!  I’m pretty sure you can potentially become friends with Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Zekrom and Reshiram.  But the qualifications to get them to appear is a pain in the butt and I’d never have finished it before Kid Icarus comes out.  So alas, I don’t have any cool photos of Pikachu with Reshiram.  But I can always rent this game and finish it up at a later date!

So that’s my overview of PokéPark 2.  All in all, it’s a great game for Poké-fanatics.  For hardcore gamers it’s not a great choice, as there’s not much action or challenge involved.  But it’s also a perfect game for kids.

In other Poké-News, today is the last day to register for the 2012 International Challenge, which is a WIFI Tournament hosted through the Pokémon Global Union.  The actual tournament starts tomorrow and runs until the 26th of March.  On the 27th, the PGL site is going down as they prepare for whatever changes and updates will need to happen when Pokémon Black & White 2 debut in Japan this coming June.  (I’m totally buying a Japanese copy of that new game when it comes out!)

If that’s not exciting enough, I also have a real-life tournament coming up this Saturday!  JDubz and I are going to attend an event called Pokémon Battle Through the Generations, which is being held at a local games store.  They are hosting a tournament where you can bring ANY of your old Pokémon games, all the way back through Red & Blue.  If there is an opponent who also has the game (and a connector cable!) you can battle and win money!  I don’t know what kind of turnout to expect, but I will of course document the event and share all the fun with you guys!  🙂


PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond!

Despite being a day late (thanks a lot for not sending your shipments to GameStop on time, Nintendo!) I finally got to playPokéPark 2 for the first time yesterday!  The game is BEYOND cute, and I really like it so far.



You start off the game as Pikachu, much like the original title.  You go around with Piplup making friends and whatnot, until the both of you are convinced to enter a suspicious looking area.

Wish Zone

Wish Zone

This area, which I think is called the Wish Zone, is made entirely of sweets.  Everyone who eats the cakes that were made in this area suddenly become possessed!  Pikachu and Piplup run into Oshawott, who is investigating what is going on with these possessed Pokémon.  Pikachu is challenged to take on the “Attraction” of this area, which is a whack-a-mole type mini game hosted by Cofagrigus.  When Pikachu wins, the Pokémon are freed, but the world starts imploding or something and Piplup manages to save Pikachu and Oshawott – while sacrificing himself!  It becomes Pikachu and Oshawott’s mission to return to the Wish Zone to save Piplup!

I don’t want to give everything away, but the story is cute and the animation is adorable!  If you aren’t into cute Pokémon, then this game might not be for you.  Also, I hate to say this because it’s a kid’s game, but I often find myself getting confused as to what I’m supposed to be doing at any given time.  But whatever!

In terms of mini games, the format is somewhat different from the original title.  No longer are you competing for best scores (at least from the gameplay I’ve seen so far) and doing ridiculous mini games every time you encounter a Pokémon.  The main “Attractions” in different areas are similar to the mini games from the previous game.  But when you encounter a new Pokémon, you usually have to play a game of Chase, or you will be asked to BATTLE!  This is a new aspect of PokéPark 2 – you can battle using Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig!  (You have to unlock these extra characters first, of course.)  Each Pokémon has a different move set for battle.  There’s a regular Tackle-type move, a special move, and a sweeping move to help you beat your opponent.  Plus, when you are battling, sometimes one of the OTHER Pokémon you might have befriended along the way will pop out and offer their services!  For example, I was playing as Snivy and battling a Leavanny.  I wasn’t very effective against her and was losing.  Then Seismitoad pops up and did a sludge bomb on her!  Thanks Seismitoad!  😛  (You can’t walk around as any Pokémon but Pikachu and the BW starters tho.)

There are some familiar faces in this installment of PokéPark.  Drifblim is back to ferry you and your friends to whichever town you might need to reach.  Misdreavus once again is in charge of the photos.  The format of this game is similar to the previous PokéPark, except this game actually has more of a storyline!  Imagine that!

OK well that’s all I have time to write about right now.  Visit my Flickr Photostream to see the rest of the photos I’ve taken so far.  Enjoy!

PS – Stay tuned for some ACCF DLC news coming soon!  O.O

The Big Reveal

Well, it’s now Sunday, and as promised, a new game was revealed on the Japanese TV Show “Pokémon Smash!”  Or should I say, games?  That is because two titles were revealed:  “Pokémon White 2” and “Pokémon Black 2” and they are the sequels to the current games.

Most of the buzz surrounding these new games is based on the cover artwork.  It’s very similar to the cover art from B&W, however instead of Zekrom and Reshiram on their respective colors, we see two different (and NEW) forms of Kyurem!  Take a look:

It’s pretty cool!  It looks as though Kyurem is taking over Zekrom and Reshiram’s bodies or something!  I’m sure all that will be explained in the game and/or the movie.  B&W2 are slated to be released this June in Japan… no release date or anything for any other region.  (Of course!  Wah.)

Anyone else a little bit irked by the titles of these new games?  They just slapped a 2 on there?  What’s up with that?  Maybe they are saving Pokémon Gray for yet another game?  Or maybe they just don’t like Gray for a title?  I dunno.  What do you think?

Well that’s pretty much all the info that was revealed so far.  If you visit www.pokemon.com there’s a little video about B&W2 but not much else.  But as soon as more info is available, I’ll be sure to share it with you all!

While we wait for more info regarding the new games, I’ll be super busy playing B&W as I prep for 3 upcoming Pokémon Tournaments.  The first is the new International WIFI Tournament which will be held through the PGL this March.  Then I have a local tournament at a store called Play N Trade, here on Long Island.  April brings the official Pokémon Video Game Championships which is being held in Philadelphia.  Road Trip!!!  That’ll be fun.

Oh and of course, until then, I’ll have PokéPark 2, which releases TOMORROW!  Yeah!  So I will officially be all Pokémon’ed out after April.  Then I’ll probably be back to Harvest Moon, or maybe (by some miracle) Paper Mario 3D or AC3DS will come out.  Don’t hold me to that – I have no idea on the release dates for either one of those games!  If you see any info, please share it with me either here or on the Glux Box Facebook Page!  Thanks.  😀

My Valentine!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a pleasant Valentine’s Day!

Mine was great!  JDubz got me a dozen red roses (aww!) and a really cool Pansage Reversible Plush!  It can convert from a Pansage plush to a Pokéball plush, kind of like those old plush toys from the 80’s [whose name I am forgetting lol!].  In addition, we went to Dave & Busters for a fun celebration, where we earned enough tickets to cash in on a pretty sizeable Pikachu plush!

Here’s my Pokémon Plush collection.  It’s getting pretty freaking sweet!

My Pokemon Shelf

Don’t be jealous!  I’ve got some really cool Pokémon stuff here.  You might notice that big Pokéball behind Pikachu – that’s my reversible Pansage.  I didn’t want him to try and upstage Pikachu so I left him in the ball lol!  Pikachu is seen here wearing an old Pikachu dog tag necklace that my little sister got back in the late 90’s.  I also have my McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon toys, a bunch of AR Markers and TCG cards.  Off to the side you can kind of see the cut-off corner of a Pikachu glass, which was actually a collector’s edition jar of Welch’s grape jelly from many years ago, that has since been emptied, washed out and displayed with all my other cool Pokémon stuff!

While we’re on the subject, there’s been a lot of buzz about the newest legendary, Keldeo.  It seems like a WIFI Mystery Gift Event is in our near future.  That and/or a new game (I hope!) on the horizon.  I don’t really have any idea though.  But here’s a video that someone in Japan managed to get somehow.  I don’t know what’s going on in the video but here it is anyway!

Keldeo Event Video

I just want to remind everyone that Arceus is available on the PGL until May 1, 2012.  You can also get Mewtwo via Nintendo WFC Mystery Gift right now!  WOOT!

In case you haven’t been following my new Gluxbox Facebook Page, you might have missed this article I posted:

“Lots of details about Animal Crossing 3DS”

I didn’t write this article, nor will I take any credit for finding it.  However, if you are like me, you are looking to find ANY new updates regarding the upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS game!  The above article contains new scans from Official Nintendo Magazine (I should probably subscribe lol!) that also contains lots of never-before-seen photos and info about the game!  I CAN’T WAIT!  Rumors are saying that AC3DS could come out as soon as this summer, but I won’t get my hopes up.  I just hope they give us some OFFICIAL info pretty soon!

Before I go, just wanted to say… ONLY 11 DAYS UNTIL POKEPARK 2 COMES OUT FOR THE WII!  YAY!!!

Glux Blog Updates!

Hello everyone!  Today was a great day.  The NY Giants won the SUPERBOWL!  And while watching the big game, I was playing Pokémon White and really making some progress in completing my National Pokédex.  Huzzah!

Click "Add to Home Screen" to download the app!

Another project I’ve been working on (while anxiously awaiting the release of PokéPark Wii 2 later this month) I decided to give my blog some upgrades.  You probably already noticed the new header and background images.  It’s still kind of a work in progress but I think it looks pretty cool so far!

In addition to the regular website, I also added a really cool feature!  If you have an iPad, you can now download The Glux Blog iPad App.  All you have to do is visit gluxbox.wordpress.com using the Safari browser on your iPad, and then click on the little settings button.  Choose “Add to Home Screen” and voila!  Now you have a really awesome new app!  And it’s FREEEEEE!!  🙂  Disclaimer:  I don’t know if this also works for iPhones.  I didn’t get a chance to try it out on an iPhone to see if it works the same way.  But I doubt it would, because the WordPress menu says it’s specifically for iPad.  But if someone wants to try it out and let me know, that’d be super!  lol

I really hope you’ll check it out.  Grab your friend’s iPad if you must!  It looks really swanky, like something you’d download from the App Store, or the Newsstand.  Yeahhhhh I’m really proud of it hehe!

For those of you who, like me, are Facebook junkies, I also decided to create a Glux Blog Fan Page.  Please “like” me on Facebook for random updates, photo shares and other fun Nintendo related stuff!  And of course I will be posting my latest blog entries on the Facebook page, so you won’t miss a thing!

Here’s a random bit of games-related news to post.  If you don’t have a 3DS you might not know about this, but there’s a feature called Nintendo Zone that allows you to download exclusive content from specific WIFI Hot Spots.  One of these Hot Spots is at most Best Buy retail locations.  There was a special promotion (although today was the very last day) where you could buy certain 3DS titles at 50% off.  JDubz and I went to Best Buy to take advantage of the deal before it expired.  We decided to each buy the game “Asphalt 3D” which is a car racing game.  Honestly I know nothing about it, but we figured it would be cool because we can race each other and there’s a StreetPass function to it.  We are obsessed with StreetPass!

Anyway, so the special 50% off deal required that you present your 3DS, which had a coupon UPC code for the sales associate to scan, at the register.  When JDubz and I went to make our purchases, the girls at the counter had NO IDEA what we were doing, they couldn’t scan the codes, and it was an overall headache.  Of course we demanded the manager and got our discounts anyway, but seriously… wtf Best Buy?  How can they be hosting a Nintendo Zone WIFI coupon, and yet none of the people who work there know anything about the offers?  It was really lame.  I’m going to call Best Buy tomorrow and let them know that they should keep their workers informed!

Since that offer expires today, that means there could be a new Nintendo Zone coupon or deal starting tomorrow!  Also, I heard that there will be downloadable episodes of the Pokémon Animated Series in the February update for Nintendo Zone.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I’ll try to get to another Hot Spot soon so I can see what’s new!  And of course I’ll keep you all informed.  🙂


Arceus for All!

Well, the votes are in.  You may or may not have participated, but everyone who owns a copy of Pokémon Black and/or White can receive a FREE Legendary Pokémon for their games!  And who is the lucky winner?

Arceus – the Pokémon of Time!

You may remember that I’d blogged about Arceus’ cool cut-scene from the game HeartGold.  Now I can rest easy – I don’t have to transfer that Arceus from my completed Pokédex collection in HeartGold, because now I can download the new Arceus for my Black and White games using the Pokémon Global Link!  Saaaweet!

Arceus is really quite cool for a Legendary.  It’s the most versatile Pokémon because you can change it’s type just by giving it a certain held item – things like the “Fire Plate”, “Water Plate” and so on.  Here’s the details on Arceus, courtesy of Serebii.net.  Where you can obtain these plates in Black and White… that I’m not sure about.  I’ll try to find out some info and let you know!

If that wasn’t cool enough for you, there’s ANOTHER Legendary Pokémon for you to get your grubby hands on!  This one is a WIFI Event Pokémon – all you have to do is receive this one as a WIFI Mystery Gift starting February 12th, through your Black and White games.  Who is this Legendary, you ask?


Here’s all the details (provided by Serebii, of course!  They sure on on the ball when it comes to all the breaking info!) on this WIFI Mewtwo.  Not entirely sure why it comes holding a King’s Rock, as I don’t think that’s an item Mewtwo needs to use, but you can use the King’s Rock to evolve a different Pokémon.  So I guess it’s a good thing!

Phew, ok that’s enough Pokémon news for now.  Besides the fact that I’m waiting IMPATIENTLY for the release of “PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond” which is coming out on February 27th!  OMG IT’S GONNA BE SO COOL!

Also, just wanted to mention that I recently subscribed to a UK magazine (through the iPad’s Newsstand) called “Nintendo Gamer” and it’s really cool.  The issues are a little pricey, but there’s about 150 pages per issue and the digital version is beautiful!  I am a “Nintendo Power” subscriber too, but I thought it would be nice to get a different perspective from across the pond as well.  And I can’t help but feel as though NP is written more for a younger audience, while NG is geared more towards adult gamers.  I’ll let you know what cool UK insights I might find from this new mag!  🙂

Say it ain’t Snow!

It’s pretty fair to say that there’s not much going on in terms of Nintendo news right now.  We’re still waiting for the release of Kid Icarus and PokéPark 2.  Impatiently!  Give us some games dammit!

In New York news, the New York Giants are going to the superbowl!  Sweet!!!  Let’s Go Big Blue!  Also, we got our first snow of 2012 this weekend.  I hate snow.  But it did inspire me to look at some funny snow creature photos, and here’s one that I know you guys will appreciate!

K.K. Slider Snowman!

Check it out!  It’s K.K. Slider of Animal Crossing fame!  He’s made of snow, but he’s still authentic with his guitar and signature black eyebrows.  I’m loving it!  (Wanna see the rest of the random snow creatures I was looking at?  Check them out here, it’s pretty cool!)

Now for some Pokémon related news.  A new trailer has surfaced for the new Pokémon + Nobunaga crossover game, due to release in Japan… sometime.  Not sure when.  Obviously long before we will get our hands on it.  So here’s the trailer.  I have no idea what they are saying, but it looks EPIC AND I WANTS IT!

Finally, just wanted to let you all know that the last of the North American passwords for Pokémon Rumble Blast are now available.  They unlock the original Legendary Birds – Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres for your game.  Be sure to catch em all!  Visit serebii.net for the password list.

I’ll keep scouring the web for news and updates for you.  If you see anything that I might have missed (particularly anything about Animal Crossing!) please be sure to comment or email me and let me know!  Thanks!

Upcoming Awesomeness

Like the rest of you, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release dates for upcoming titles like Animal Crossing 3D and Paper Mario 3D.  Not to get your hopes up – there still aren’t any official release dates for these titles.  Wah.

However, there are a couple of Wii titles that I’m looking forward to, and they actually ARE coming out soon!  Namely:

PokéPark 2 – Release Date: 2/27/12

This game promises to be a vast improvement over the original title in this Pokémon spin-off series.  Not only will we be able to play as Pikachu, but the Unova starters also play a major role in this game!  There will be battles in addition to the regular mini games, and of course more adorable areas to explore!  I can’t wait to start playing and sharing my photos with you all.  🙂

Mario Party 9 – Release Date: 3/11/12

The newest Mario Party game looks like it’s going to be awesome!  The creators re-vamped the gameplay and added a ton of new mini games to enjoy.  I like how they added Boss Battles to the game, and how you travel around the board with your competitors.  I think it will make for an interesting twist on the original formula.  Can’t wait!

So these Wii titles will have to tide me over until some new 3DS games are finally released.  Be assured that when we do finally get some more info on AC3DS, I’ll be all over it!  I’ll post as much info as I can find.  As of now the only update on the release date for AC3DS is GameStop’s list, which currently says May 2nd.  However, you might remember my old GameStop list said Jan 2nd for AC3DS, and that didn’t happen.  So I don’t think GameStop knows what they are talking about lol!  But I’ll keep looking.  Until then…  toodles!