Time Lapse Pt. 3
Time Lapse Pt. 3

The carnations by my house spawned a third bunch of carnations!  Hooray!

So last night, I logged on late night (well, 11PM isn’t THAT late but later than I usually play) and opened the gates.  Bubbzi came by, and I told her Sahara was in town.  She suggested we duplicate the remaining old flooring that I had, and then take it all to Sahara to get a bunch of carpets.  Sounds like a good idea, since I’m usually struggling to even get one rare item from Sahara.  So I don’t feel guilty about cheating.


Bubbzi also gave me a Famous Painting!
Bubbzi also gave me a Famous Painting!


Now, duplicating wallpapers is all well and good.  Problem is, Sahara usually only comes looking for wallpaper.  So now I have 10 wallpapers and only 2 rare carpets.  It’s a little off balance!!!  We ended up getting a few spares for the wallpaper, so I’m hoping maybe someone will want to trade a carpet for a wallpaper?  Anyway, here’s a list of the rare wallpapers I now have:

  • Bathhouse Wall
  • Garden Wall
  • Ancient Wall (my personal favorite!  it’s soo cool)
  • Classroom Wall
  • Mortar Wall
  • Office Wall
  • Shoji Screen
  • Lunar Horizon
  • Blue Tarp
  • Desert Vista

I actually have the matching flooring for the Desert Vista – the Western Desert flooring.  I don’t know if I want to make a room with a wild west theme.  Although I do have all the items in the series now, I think.  

So I have ONE extra wallpaper of each of these:  Tropical Vista, Ancient Wall, Bathhouse Wall, and Classroom Wall.  If you would like to trade me a carpet that matches a wallpaper from the above list, I’ll be happy to give you one of these spares!  Let me know!

I went to Tom Nook to recheck my inventory, but was surprised to see the old raccoon sighing and fretting.

Hm…  What to do…  I can’t believe I saw her over there…  Do Sable and Mabel know about this…?  You know, the OTHER Able sister…  Erp… HWAAH!  Squirt!  What the– What in blazes?!  Don’t startle me like that!  Walking in on people when they’re busily talking to themselves is a horrible thing to do, hm?  Just pretend you didn’t hear any of that!  (I chose “Whatever” as my response)  …That’s not so polite…  Hm… I guess there’s nothing to do about it now that you’ve heard, yes?  But at the very least, just promise that you won’t tell anyone what I was saying.  And when I say “anyone,” I mean especially SOME people, hm?  Like the girls at the tailor shop.  Don’t breathe a word of this to them!  Now, enough of that, hm?  I can’t blab on all day to you!  I have work that needs to get done!  




I believe we have CONFIRMATION!

Ooh, Nook also asked if I want to change the current store.  I think I’ll take the plunge and say hours.  Screw it!  He never has the stuff I want anyway!  The only down side being less flowers to buy each day.  I think I’ll suffer through it!

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