Yesterday was Boy’s Day!  I remembered to get up nice and early to stop over in Japan before the clock struck midnight there.  I think I got in at like 11:30 PM JP time lol!  I brought over the new US DLC, which came out on the 5th.  It’s a Bus Model.  Supposedly to commemorate Teacher’s Week or something.  I’ve never heard of that… but whatever!  Apparently our European AC friends got the Bus Model as well, only it was to celebrate… Kapp’n driving the bus to the city, or something dumb like that lol!

Learning about Boys Day

Learning about Boy's Day

Tortimer didn’t seem to HAVE any of these delicious bamboo cakes that he spoke of.  What a tease.  He did have a Newsprint Hat for me tho, so I quickly put it on so I could match Chokomaru!  Now donning our new hats, he showed me around town, and we stopped at a house that had some cool new rooms in it!  First was the Restaurant, which I thought was very cleverly put together.

Chibikuro Restaurant

Chibikuro Restaurant

I really liked how he combined certain parts of specific sets to make a full Restaurant feel.  He used the Gracie set, the Ranch set, the Classic set and some regular Household stuff for the kitchen area.  Then of course he added Sweets lamps to look like food on the tables.  Very nicely done, Chokomaru!  Next, we went down to the new Chibikuro Arcade!  It was cool!

Arcade Chibikuro!

Arcade Chibikuro!

Every game you can think of was here!  Bowling, video games, table top games, etc.  It was great!  I only wish you could actually play old NES games in AC:CF, like you used to be able to in ACGC.  Ahh well.  We just pretended lol.

Just when I thought I was safe…

Swine Flu!

Swine Flu!

I ran into Hugh the pig outside of one of the houses, and Chokomaru immediately put his doctor’s mask on!  Oh no, I may have been exposed to Hugh Swine Flu lol!  Guess the whole swine flu insanity has reached Japan as well.  All I know is, the reported cases in NYC have not been fatal and schools are re-opening now.  But how safe my AC town is… we’ll never know lol!

Vella showed up!

Vella showed up!

After midnight (in Japan, 11 AM here lol) Vella popped in as well.  I guess Chokomaru was saving a hat for her, since her character is a girl and probably wouldn’t have gotten anything from Tortimer on Boy’s Day.

Back in the USA…



When I got back to Shaolin, I remembered to take a photo of the latest Japanese message from Chokomaru.  The only thing I recognize in his post is the name of his town, Chibikuro.  I have a feeling this message is just telling me to go to his town on Boy’s Day, which I did… but regardless, I want to know what this message says!  If anyone can translate, please let me know, thanks!  🙂

Anyway, Daisy is gone.  She moved out yesterday.  I took a sad picture of the big empty spot next to Rowan’s house where her house used to be.

Daisy is gone...

Daisy is gone...

Poop!  I kinda liked her.  She sent me a letter saying we’ll always be friends and she hopes we’ll run into each other some day in the future.

Deb wanted to log in and finally add the Carp Banners to her house.  She likes to pretend to be Japanese!  I don’t know if all the furniture matches or anything… but I like it!  What do you guys think?  hehe

Carp Banners in my Japanese Basement!

Carp Banners in my Japanese Basement!

Deb got bored once she was done decorating, so she decided to take the bus to the city, despite the advances from Kapp’n.  She realized she had never even signed up for the HRA, so that was her first stop.  Lyle gave her the whole song and dance, telling her about his old job (he said he “used to be somebody”… I don’t agree.  I thought he was super annoying at his old job lol!).  Then she asked about the Model Room.  There was a new room this month – the room with the best Feng Shui.  I expected it to be one of Chokomaru’s rooms again, but then I heard the truth –

Bamette of Plaahaus has HRA Model Room Honors this month!  Congratulations!  🙂

Its my favorirte room in all of Plaahaus!  And I sent them this moon!  lol

It's my favorirte room in all of Plaahaus! And I sent them this moon! lol

I was so psyched that the wheat field room was the Model Room!  This is my most favorite room ever!!  I love how they put the Moon in there, it looks so funny!  AWESOME!  Great work, guys!

According to Lyle, if you put yellow stuff on the west side of the room, you will notice increased luck and fortune.  Too bad Lyle wouldn’t tell me what the red and green stuff do, specifically.  Ahh well.

There was a Weather Forecast posted on the Bulletin Board today:

~Weather Forecast~

Warm, early-summerlike weather will be the norm.  If this pattern continues, the rainy season should start at the end of June.

Rainy season?  That hasn’t even happened yet?  I thought it was raining a lot already.  Does this mean it will start raining even MORE in a month or so?  That would be SWEET!  We love rain!  lol



Turnip prices suck.  I’m not even going to bother to check them anymore.  I’m sick of it!  Lol.

I got my Hero’s Cap in the mail today.  So now I have the full Link costume.  Problem is, I hate it!  I forgot that Link has those weird long ears.  I think they look creepy.  I’m not wearing this!  Maybe I should auction it off?  Any readers out there interested in a trade or want to buy it?  I have both the Hero’s Clothes and the matching Hero’s Cap.

Oh, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Squirt achieved a new high score from the HRA.  210,991 points!  I guess I’m an expert at this stuff.  I wonder if my room was switched into the HRA now?  I should go check.  Here’s what Lyle said about my room.  “Your room breathes style and excellence with equal aplomb!  Truly, you have created the Perfect Room!”

But apparently Twinx’s Gorgeous Series still is holding down the Model Room honors.  Lyle especially likes the random tape deck that is thrown in there, he says it gives the room personality.  But I happen to know that the only reason that tape deck is in there is because Twinx doesn’t have any other stereo to play her music from!  (What a fraud.  LOL jk.)

I wonder when Gracie will ‘grace’ us with her presence again at GracieGrace.  I want a new fashion evaluation!  Made me feel pretty snazzy when she said I had great coordination.  I have no idea when she shows up, so I just have to keep checking for her I guess.

Squirt decided to go and get a weekly fortune. 

…Oh, my stars!  What… is this vision?  The mood is tense among the constellations.  Yesss…  A highly charged standoff is in the offing.  They all scowl and mutter amongst themselves…  It’s as if an epic space war is on the cusp of erupting…  Come on.  That would never happen, of course, but you know what I mean…  My, my, my…  The stars surrounding you are not happy at all.  Misfortune may fall upon you…  I cannot say exactly what might happen… but I can say that worrying over it will do you no good.  Try to think positively, and remember that panic will draw misfortune’s cruel hand ever closer.  …That is all.  

Oh just great.  I got cursed AGAIN.  WHYYY???

I’m starting to realize that the townies in Shaolin are extremely lazy.  I just spoke to Broccolo at the middle bridge.  He asked me to deliver a present for him.  It was for Rowan, who lives like 5 steps from where Broccolo was standing.  I mean, what’s that about?  I guess Broccolo is too scared of rejection to deliver it himself!  But he did give Rowan a royal shirt.  Maybe I should wear mine and we can be twins!  LOL maybe not.

Despite the bad luck fortune, Squirt is going to try to reason with Serena anyway.

Serena:  Ummm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was regular.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Huh?  …Oh, so sorry!  Looks like I’m fresh out of gold axes!  Awww, I guess I’ll just give you back your plain old axe.  Try to keep your axe to yourself, all right?  I better not find out you threw your axe in here just to get a gold one…  ‘K, b’bye now!

Oh well.  It could have gone worse.  Since Serena is in an OK mood, Deb is going to try next.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

Deb said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwww!  You noticed!  This sweet girl down at the Glimmering Goddess beauty boutique made my eyelashes nice and curly!  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

Deb said “A silver axe.”

Serena:  Whaaaaat?!  You want a silver axe?  Hmm…well…maybe I could give you a silver axe or two… Oh, but if I did give you a silver axe, I should just give you one at a time.  You know, goddess rules.  So, how bad do you want one?

I pushed the lever up to just under “Super bad!”

Serena:  Oh, yeah?  So, that’s your game?!  With that kind of attitude, you shouldn’t be trying to get a silver axe!  A regular axe is good enough for you!  Here!  I’m giving yours back, so walk on out of here.  B’bye now!

Darn!  I really thought something good might come of that.  Silly me.

Deb also had to find Apollo, because he had a top secret message to discuss with her.  “Carpet” it was.  So she mentioned this word, and he gave her a Lovely Carpet in return.  But it was weird, I don’t know if he was stuttering, or it was a typo.  What do you think?


Stutter or Typo?

Stutter or Typo?



Ooh, Monique wants Deb to come over for a visit at 4:20 PM.  Interesting!  I guess Monique likes hanging out with girls more than guys, cuz she never asks Squirt to come over!  Deb thought Monique was a little full of herself, talking about how great her furniture was.  So when she left, she told Monique that the furniture was ‘so so’.  Monique was pretty insulted!  Oops lol.



It’s the first of February!  That means it’s time to go get a new monthly charm, and to check out the new seasonal items at GracieGrace!  I bought a pack of red turnip seeds, but I’m giving up on white turnips for a while.  I’ll still post the prices, but actually worrying about selling them is too annoying!

By the way, the HRA scored my house at 200,868 points.  Whoa!  “You have some especially unusual decorations, so we’re awarding you a lucky bonus!”  That’s what Lyle said.  Apparently Twinx got the HRA Model Room honors this week.  Good for her!

OK time for the monthly charm:

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that brings happiness out of trees…  Yesss…  You must plant flower seeds in Shaolin.  A total of 3…  This is Shaolin’s February charm…  However, it will have no effect if YOU perform this charm…  It must be performed by a visitor from another town, and it may be that only THEY reap the charm’s reward!

For the record, Katie sent me an Apple TV.  Now my fruit set is complete!


There are two new residents in Shaolin.  Dan and Deb!  They just moved in and are excited to be a part of Shaolin!  Their character info will be available on the All About Squirt page shortly.

Friday PM

PM turnip price is 141.  Guess this would’ve been the time to sell!

OK Twinx’s turn to talk to Serena.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwww!  You noticed!  I picked up some new clothes!  The design is the same, though.  Being a goddess and all, I can’t exactly just grab stuff off the rack.  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

I said “Nothing, I’m OK.”

Serena:  …Really?  Come on now, you don’t have to be shy.  All right, then…  Here’s your axe back.  I’ll let you go this time, but I don’t know what’ll happen if you do it again!  B’bye now!

Dammit!  I thought for sure that I’d get something good from that.  Oh well.  It’s interesting how her dialog changes based on how many times the character has visited her, rather than the day of the week.  (I know this because she said the same thing to Squirt yesterday, and I didn’t log in as Twinx yesterday.  Today she said something different to Squirt.)

Twinx paid off 47K bells towards her house loan.  Now she’s down to only…. uhh 200,000 bells to go!  Maybe I should focus on finishing Squirt’s house first?  Or should I make sure I have over a million bells before I do anything else?  (That last one sounds like the right answer!)

But I really want a lighthouse.  Pal has one in Cairnie, and it looked really cute!  I took a picture but it’s stuck on my Wii, of course.  Someday I’ll get an SD card reader….

Sunday AM

Got my HRA evaluation this morning.  Guess what my score was?  181,149 points!  Whoa!  That’s even higher than I had hoped.  And of course, what came with it was the Two-Story Model house!  Hooray!  Now I just need Nookington’s and the Museum (I think) to finish the model set.  I wonder why there’s no Able’s shop model.

It was REALLY tough to find Joan this morning, because I was afraid of walking on the snow since I didn’t want it to disappear.  But I didn’t find her near any of my paths, so I ended up treading everywhere anyway, and I probably killed a lot of grass/snow.  Sigh… then of course she turned out to be hiding between trees right by Bree’s house, which was pretty annoying.  She was selling for 108 bells and I had a lot of money in my pocket so I bought 3 batches of 50.  Hopefully that’ll work out for me.


Twinx under the Northern Lights.

Twinx under the Northern Lights.

As you can see, last night we had Northern Lights in Shaolin!  Twinx spotted them first, on her way to listen to K.K. Slider at the Cafe.  I took a picture with her since she never is in any photos, cuz Squirt is always playing!  I like this picture because it also looks like the Pac Man constellation is going to eat the moon.  Double point score lol!

In the city, I visited the HRA HQ to get my results.  It was the same as last week though.  I guess you can’t improve on perfection!  Heheh!  But then I went to GracieGrace.  And who do I find in there?  None other than Gracie herself!  I asked her for her “fashion advice” but she was totally impressed with my Samus helmet and Varia suit.  She even said that my shoes matched, which she thought was cool because she claimed many people overlook footwear.  Then she told me that as a reward, I’d be given a 10% discount off everything in the store.  But it’s just for right now!  I only have 6K, and I don’t have my Gold Card on me.  Grrrrr!  How useless lol!


Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount

Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount

Sunday AM

Joan didn’t have red turnip seeds ONCE AGAIN! I have a feeling it has something to do w/the TTing I’ve been doing. Oh well, its not like there’s that much point to growing them in this game anyway. I bought 50 white turnips at 94 bells each.

I could actually find the snowballs today so I made a new perfect snowman. Hooray! I got a Snowman Carpet as a reward.  

In the city there was no Kicks for a new shoeshine. Dammit! I got a makeover at Shampoodle’s and got my debbie Mii mask.  

My HRA Evaluation came in the mail this morning.  It said I scored 70,418 points.  I actually was hoping it would be higher, but I guess I have to complete the furniture series before I put it out since it doesn’t score full points.  That’s ok, I’m getting the Jingle set on Wednesday so I will have all new furniture to play with!

Last night I got two songs from K.K. Slider (using Squirt and Twinx).  I got “Mr. K.K.” and “The K. Funk” which can both be found in my stereo.  The K. Funk is my new favorite!

Cube changed his mind and decided he wants me to “pick out holiday clothes for him.”  Umm.. ok?