New Japanese Garden
New Japanese Garden

TGIF!  Not much going on this morning, so Deb logged in to set up her new Japanese Garden room.  It’s complete with Mossy Carpet and a Garden Wall, and an assortment of Japanese themed items.  I was going to add the Tokonoma and other DLC that Chokomaru sent me, but I was thinking about it and I think those items are better suited for an indoor Japanese themed room.  So I will save them for when Deb upgrades to a house with a basement!  lol

Deb likes doing gardening so she set off to water flowers.  When she walked over to the black tulips, she noticed an extra one had sprouted!  Now I’ve got three black tulips.  Nice!  Deb also spied Saharah walking around town.  Ugh.  She’s looking for wallpapers today.  Deb surprisingly got 3 wallpapers from the townies!

Squirt logged back in, since he’s got work to do now.  First he stopped over at Nook’s cuz nobody had done that yet.  Bought the usual 2 flower packets and looked around.  In the back of the store where the tools are, at first I merely glanced and moved on.  Then when I looked again… I noticed the fishing rod on sale had a green handle.  Wait a sec – then it must be the Silver Rod!  I bought it in a hurry.  I’ll leave it for Deb since she’s the Silver Tool maven.

Next, over to the Able’s Shop.  I read in Vella’s blog that Mabel still had something to say in regards to the conspiracy.  I decided to go hear her out.

Hmm…  (What’s wrong?)  …Squirt, I’ve been thinking about what we talked about…  After all is said and done, there’s really just one thing I want to happen.  If only Sable and Label could be on speaking terms again, I think I would be completely happy.  And if I want to see that day come, I need to stay bright and cheerful!  Because if I lose hope, so will my two sisters.  But if all three of us keep working toward our dreams…  Then I’m positive a day will come when we can all be together and happy!

I hope this isnt the end of the conspiracy...
I hope this isn't the end of the conspiracy...

Aww, that was sweet Mabel.  I hope that day comes too!  Can’t I help them along in some way?  And I agree with what Vella said in her blog:  “What does Tom Nook have to do with all of this?”  I have no clue!  Maybe this conspiracy isn’t as over as I thought it was!

In the afternoon, I had a bunch of friends over.  No name, Vella and Jake came by at first, and the guys watched as Vella and I organized a massive wallpaper cloning session.  Jake managed to convince me to let him clone my Royal Crown, but I wouldn’t allow more cheating than that.  I don’t think cloning wallpapers counts as cheating cuz it’s too rediculously hard to get anything if you play legitimately!  Saharah is a biatch.  Vella and I got tons of wallpapers, and Jed came by later on to take some of the spares.  I hope everyone who visited got loads of nice, rare wallpaper!  We’re still looking for a Backgammon Wall, does anyone out there in the interweb have one that I can clone or trade?  🙂

Stupid Saharah!
Stupid Saharah!

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