My Day in Japan

Good news!

Good thing he cant say no to me...

Good thing he can't say no to me...

Apollo is staying in Shaolin!  SWEET!  He said that my pathetically sad face made him change his mind.  That’s a good thing, cuz I like this cranky bird!  He’s super easy to spot while playing Hide and Seek.  But for some reason, he didn’t want to join in our game.  Bree organized it, and I had 15 minutes to catch her, as well as Victoria and Elise.

Umm... youre kinda sticking out.

Umm... you're kinda sticking out.

Apparently these guys don’t know good hiding strategies.  I found them all in the same general area, hiding behind someone’s house.  It’s a LOT harder to find them when they hide behind trees, in my opinion.  One time I saw Bree trying to hide behind a signpost.  I mean, I know she’s a little mouse but come on!  lol

If you haven’t caught a Gar yet, here’s a picture of the shadow you’ll see in the river:

This is the shadow of a Gar in the river.

This is the shadow of a Gar in the river.

For the record, I have spotted the Gar hanging out in the large pool areas of the river.  They have an enormously long shadow that looks bigger than a Sea Bass would in the ocean.  You can’t miss it!  lol

Anyway, back to today’s news.  I went to Chibikuro again this morning, and I was greeted by THREE nets in the face!  Chokomaru, Orange and Vella were all waiting at the gate for me!  I was left pretty defenseless.  Luckily I was able to push through and pick up my new Ghost Umbrella.  In Japanese it’s called “teru teru bozu” which means shiny shiny priest.  (No, I don’t speak Japanese.  I looked it up on Wikipedia lol!)  Apparently Nintendo didn’t want to go that route when translating it to English.  Regardless, the umbrella’s intention is to bring good weather, but I have my doubts.

We all have our Ghost Umbrellas!

We all have our Ghost Umbrellas!

We had a lot of fun hanging out, whacking each other with nets, shovels and wetting each other with watering cans.  This is how adults play videogames!  LOL!  Chokomaru showed me a new room he’d set up, which was full of conterfeit paintings.  They looked pretty real to me!  It was cute.  Then we realized we should be taking advantage of the fact that it was 12am in Japan, and there were big bugs to catch!  Vella was scouring the oak trees for Rainbow Stags and Oak Silk Moths.  Orange was on alert down at the beach.  Suddenly, Orange said “Squirt!” and I rushed, as quietly as I could, down to meet him.

In his limited English, Orange whispered, “Walk slowly.”

There was a gigantic GOLIATH BEETLE rocking left to right on a palm tree.  I took a baby step.  And another.  I usually scare beetles away because I don’t even notice them as I rush past.  I wasn’t going to let it happen this time!  I kept a steady hand and swung my net just in time to catch that bugger!

Showing off our buggies!

Showing off our buggies!

If Orange hadn’t helped me, I probably would NOT have come close to catching that Goliath Beetle!  Thanks Orange!  And thanks Chokomaru for having us over and sharing your DLC with us!

Next weekend there will be a surprise summer-themed DLC for European AC players.  I’ll try to pick one up from my buddy Ifetayo (who was nice enough to hook up Deb with a silver net!  Thanks!) or maybe Pal.  It’s coming out on the 21st, so keep your eyes peeled!  I’m hoping it will be a super soaker water gun!  But only time will tell…



Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  One of my kitties at my parents’ house died recently and I’ve been kinda down in the dumps.  I loved you Midnight, RIP.  Didn’t feel like posting yesterday.  But now I’m ready for some video game distraction!

Today is the first of the month.  That means all kinds of new excitment!  Such as my monthly savings account interest notice – last month I accrued over 30K!  Sweet.

There are new bugs and fish to catch now that it’s May!  Hooray!  Keep an eye out for the Raja Brooke, Moth, Long Locust, Pond Skater, Diving Beetle, Frog, Catfish, Angelfish… and the Dab is back.  Joy!  (This info comes from the Prima Guide, which may or may not be valid lol!)

Next stop, the city!  It’s the first of the month, so I need my new charm!

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that averts trouble that swarms from the boughs of trees…  Yesss…  You must catch a coelacanth in Shaolin…  This is Shaolin’s May charm…

Riiiiight….. good luck with that one, folks!

The new Gracie set!

The new Gracie set!

GracieGrace’s new summer line is debuting at the store today as well!  I think it’s very chic.  I like the furniture so I’ll have to save up for that set.  I’ll come back later to get the clothes, cuz my pockets are full right now lol!

Deb, however, couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new Bathrobe and Headband, because it fits in perfectly with her spa room.  I hadn’t logged Deb in for a few days, so unfortunately a roach was spotted running around inside!  EEP!  Don’t worry, Deb took care of it and the Spa is now sanitized lol.

Deb is happy that the roaches are gone!

Deb is happy that the roaches are gone!


Oops I played earlier but I forgot to post!  It wasn’t a very exciting day, haven’t seen anyone’s gate open in a while.  That’s ok cuz I’ve been pretty busy lately anyway.  But there is some exciting news to report:  Chokomaru sent me a Bath Tile!  That means Deb can now finish her Spa Room!  YAY!  I ordered a bunch of spa stuff so I’ll be able to set it up tomorrow.

Been seeing more and more Jacob’s Ladders.  I like how my town is perfect without me even trying!  😛

Tomorrow is my birthday, so hopefully I will get a cake from one of the townies!  And my gates will be open early when I get up on Wednesday for Nature Day!  Come visit and get a Cool Globe from Tortimer!  (I think?  lol)

OH yeah, and Wendell was here today.  I never even bother talking to him, I have too many pattern designs already.  He’s the only visitor who seems to come to Shaolin regularly.  I kind of miss all the different special characters that would visit all the time in Wild World.  Oh well!


I decided to buy that Throne last night to earn the Nook Points.  I have a LOT now, so I decided to go ahead and order the Toad hat.  Nobody else seems to wear that and I like being different!  If anyone would like to buy my extra throne, I’ll sell it for the clearance price of 500K bells!  That’s 200K less than full price!  Comment or send me an email if you’d like to buy it off me.

This morning, the first thing you notice is that Ohanami is over.  No more pink trees or petals in the air.  That’s ok, it was cute but it got old fast, if you ask me.  And I’ve been wanting rain for days, so I was very excited to see dark and cloudy skies today!  Guess I’ll have to learn a rain dance…

The King’s Beard was on sale so I reluctantly bought it for 8000 bells.  I guess I should have it, in case I ever want to try my regal attire during a Gracie evaluation.  The Toad hat and Toad shirt arrived (I ordered the shirt, obviously) and I immediately tried it on.  At first I was disappointed b/c the Toad hat is actually a helmet, meaning you can’t wear any glasses or accessories with it.  I was hoping to wear my 3D glasses with the hat.  Then I was looking at the shirt and hat together, and it just looks wierd.  The hat is white with red spots, the shirt is red with white spots.  I did a google search for images of Toad and realized that the REAL Toad wears a little vest and goes bare-chested!  So I went to Able’s to design a replica of the blue vest, with yellow piping.  Now Squirt is looking more like Toad… but it’s just not quite right.  I think Squirt’s blue eyes ruin the image.  Toad is supposed to have little black beady eyes.  Ahh well.

Katie was crying at the Town Hall today.  Ugh!!!  Now we have all this noise pollution to deal with.  Katie wants to go to Doomdoom.  I guess Nintendo is trying to make up for the little screw up last week when I had Kaitlin, but Katie could not be found in Doomdoom at all.  I talked to Vella and she said Kaitlin is in her town.  I’ll try to bring Katie over there this afternoon to put an end to this nonsense!  And yay, I’ll get a prize!  Hehehehe!  Don’t worry Vella, if I get something cool, you can clone it.  And if I get the Portrait… you can just HAVE that cuz I hate that thing lol!

  • NOTE: I’d like to take a moment to send my thoughts and prayers to my friends’ town Plaahaus.  😛  Sadly, their Wii has also succumbed to some stupid problem and they had to send the Wii in for repairs.  So to Russell and Brannon (aka Subi and Bam Bam lol):  I hope you added a note on your Wii saying to retain all save files!  And if you do have to restart your town, which I hope you don’t, but if so I’ll help you regain any items you need – like Wheat Fields!  😛

When I was finally able to get Katie to follow me up to the gate, I checked with Copper to see who’s was open.  Doomdoom wasn’t open yet, so I quickly ditched the kitty and ran off to Cairnie!

You cant really tell, but Katie fell on her face when I took off lol!

You can't really tell, but Katie fell on her face when I took off lol!

It is July in Cairnie right now, so I knew I should head down to the beach and look for that elusive Elephant Beetle!  I scared a bunch of beetles away, but none of them were Elephant so it’s ok, lol.  I did manage to catch a Lantern Fly, as well as a SHARK!  I forgot to take a picture though.  Guess you’ll just have to believe me!  My friend Magoo also showed up in Cairnie, and I was very excited to see her!  Hadn’t talked to her in a while, so it was nice to catch up a little!

Pals catch of the day, and Magoos cool afro!

Pal's catch of the day, and Magoo's cool afro!

Not long after I’d been hanging out with my Scottish friends, Doomdoom’s gates were open and I rushed through with Katie to deliver her to her unfit mother.  I hope I get a decent prize!  *crosses fingers*  Jake and Jed came to hang out in Doomdoom too, which was fun!  Jed discovered that Monique is all packed up and ready to go.  Did I mention that Cube is planning on leaving Shaolin?  It’s sad but I’m ready to have yet another new face in town!  Cube will probably wait all week before he moves.  So everyone come and say your goodbyes!  lol

Once I had delivered Katie and returned back to Shaolin, I noticed Wendell walking around.  Quietly I snuck off without him seeing me.  I don’t need any new patterns today!


Nothing starts the morning like a game of Hide and Seek!  I have to find Bree, Monique and Curly in 15 minutes.  Hopefully my new path system will help!  Ooh yay, I actually won this time!  Bree thought she could hide behind a palm tree.  You’re small, but you’re not THAT small, you silly mouse!  

Right after, I witnessed Bree and Monique getting in a little cat fight.  Monique said that Bree was bland, and Bree said the same back to Mo.  Why are they fighting?  Can’t we all just get along?

Wendell was wandering around this morning.  I gave him a Pear for a Coloring K.K. pattern.  I laid it on the paths leading towards the Museum, since that’s the only place you can find K.K. Slider!  Now if only there was a Coloring Able’s or something.  But there’s not.


My daily visit to Serena:

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwwww!  You noticed!  This sweet girl down at the Glimmering Goddess beauty boutique made my eyelashes nice and curly!  Ohhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

I said a gold axe.

Serena:  Wow.  Don’t you think that’s pushing it a little?  Just because you get a little praise, doesn’t mean you should get a big head about it.  Sheesh.  …You know, I guess I am still mad!  No more reward!  I’m even going to keep your axe!  B’bye now!

Whoops.  I guess I blew it.  I think she hates me now.

AM turnip price is 58 bells.

Wendell is in town.  I don’t even know what pattern I want.

Wow, there’s a clearance going on at GracieGrace!  There’s almost nothing left, except the bed (which I already have… it’s selling for 150K, which is half of what I paid… grr!) and some outfits.  It makes me wonder if maybe the inventory will change at the start of February.  I mean, they can’t possibly have an empty store for another full month right?

Oohh, lots of good stuff at Crazy Redd’s this week!  I got a Lovely End Table (now all I need is the Lovely Kitchen to complete that series) a painting, and a Medicine Chest for the mad scientist series.

I ended up getting the Coloring House pattern from Wendell, so I could notate which paths lead to my house.  It’s cool to be efficient and user friendly! 

Yay, I just visited my friend Pal, and she came back to Shaolin as well!  I hadn’t seen her in ages!  (I let her in b/c she’s super nice and I know she wouldn’t run in my town!!)  We had a lot of fun.  She let me catalog her Bear Top, as well as the Crown and the Royal Crown!  Hooray!  Now I just have to save up so I can actually BUY them!  

We also tried out sharing the bed… but that didn’t work out so great!  She’s trying to steal all the blankets!


It was Pals idea!

It was Pal's idea!



PM turnip price is 53 bells.

I went to Grizzly’s house and all his stuff was boxed up.  Guess he’s made up his mind now!  He didn’t even give me an option to ask him to stay.  I expect he’ll be gone in the morning.

  • Ruby wants some clothes.  But she says it better be good!

Monique is coming over at 6:15!  I hope I don’t forget lol!

Ooh now it’s time for hide and seek!  I must find Broccolo, Bree and Peanut in 15 minutes.  Yay, I won!  I got a gyroid.  Nice!

Monday AM

Busy morning!  Wendell is in town again, so i got a curved track from him.  I created another perfect snowman, hopefully he’ll give me the Snowman Wallpaper.  I’m almost done with the Snowman Series!  

Turnip price this morning is 99 bells.  I REALLY hope that this week is going to be steadily INCREASING instead of going down the tubes again.  Only time will tell!

Yesterday was a TNPS 5x Special day at Nookway.  Now I have enough points for Samus’ suit!  I ordered the shirt last night and the helmet today.  I should have a picture of it by tomorrow!

There have been MANY flower hybrid sightings in my town lately.  There are purple pansies, an orange rose, a purple rose, pink cosmos, black cosmos, and pink tulips.  The pink tulips have REALLY been going strong, four of them have sprouted up, with three of them happening just this past week.  All my pink tulips are near a cliff, and they have been growing so much that some of the roots somehow reached the area below the cliff!  It’s crazy so I took a picture lol!


Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips

So maybe even more pink tulips will grow down there, behind Jambette’s house!  I’m sure she won’t mind, hehe.  I’m really hoping I get a new neighbor in my town soon.  Butch left a while ago, and I don’t like having only 9 residents in town!  Hopefully it won’t take too much longer.

And hopefully the Nintendo WiFi servers are working today because I want to try out my new Wii Speak!  🙂

Monday AM

Turnips are back up!  At least I’m hoping they are going in that direction.  The AM price was 72 bells.  Hopefully they will rise instead of drop this week…

The Lucky Gold Cat was on spotlight at Nook’s today.  Now I only need one more cat statue to complete the set.

Wendell is in town today.  I gave him a pike and he gave me a stone paving pattern.  Now I will make real paths and try to stay on them so my grass will grow back.