AC Switch: A Wishlist

THIS IMAGE IS FAKE (but it would be hilariously amazing)

The Glux Blog started off as an Animal Crossing blog when I was playing AC:CF on the Wii. Ahh… back in the day. Now this blog has evolved, and so has the Animal Crossing franchise. The ‘current’ AC game is “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” on mobile phones, and while it’s not QUITE the AC experience that we know and love, it’s pretty great. AC:PC has completely revolutionized gardening; added a goal system for helping friends, catching bugs and fish, scavenger hunts and other objectives that keep you coming back; and has introduced tons of new furniture and clothing items through game updates. They add new events and features all the time, so the game is always changing.

Missions that keep me coming back and playing more.

Before that game came out, we had AC: Happy Home Designer, another spin-off title that focused specifically on interior and (brand new!) exterior home design. It introduced the new grid system for moving furniture around and made the entire home design process much easier.  AC:HHD also added large size vehicles to the catalog, something that I think a lot of people have been wanting.

Grid Editor on the lower screen makes interior design much simpler.

These games are both fun in their own ways, don’t get me wrong. But they aren’t REALLY Animal Crossing. We haven’t had a fresh AC main franchise title in 5 years. We haven’t really heard peep about something being in development for the Switch, but it must be on the way. I think Nintendo is taking their time with the release, since they already have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out this holiday season. That should sell plenty of Switch systems for 2018, leaving more sales opportunity for AC in 2019. There’s also this:

As for when Animal Crossing Switch may actually happen, Fils-Aime says that Nintendo isn’t interested in teasing games for years. When it comes to fan favorite franchises, the company would much rather reveal information closer to the game’s planned release.

This I do appreciate… I hate waiting for years anticipating a game (*cough* Cuphead *cough*). But I DO want a new Animal Crossing game for Switch ASAP.

Just in case there’s still time for game developers to read my blog and grant my wishes, here is what I’d love to see in the next Animal Crossing game. Special thanks to Carney who contributed to this wishlist!

  • Grid Editor for design and layout!
  • The Camper from AC:PC rules! Let me drive it to my friend’s towns during multiplayer. I love having that little separate space to decorate.
  • Exterior design is a MUST! I loved editing the outside of my house in AC:HHD, having control over all the aesthetics, and decorating the lawn with items.
  • Let me dress my townies!! YAS! Gracie can judge my picks!
  • Daily Goals, Monthly Goals, and Event Goals would be great!
  • Free DLC & Updates as often as in Splatoon 2.
  • Design the interior/exterior of public buildings.
  • Incorporate the fun mini games from Amiibo Festival. Also, more co-op mini games from AC:NL’s Tortimer Island.
  • FULL AMIIBO SUPPORT that brings your favorite characters to town. I’m talking  about the Amiibo Festival figures AND the Amiibo Cards from AC:HHD, and maybe some new ones too.
  • The Nintendo Switch Online App sync’s with my catalog so I can view it on the go, kind of like a Pokedex.
  • Improved gardening and cross pollination with new hybrids.
  • Bring back the virtual console games you can play in your house, like in the AC Game Cube game. WITH MULTIPLAYER!!
  • More New Animal Types (More Unicorns??!!? 🦄)
  • New NPC characters too!
  • BRING BACK THE UFO IN THE SKY (just make it a little easier to shoot please)
  • More RL holidays from different countries. In AC:CF I would have to travel to friends in other countries to experience special holidays and get exclusive DLC. Why can’t we all enjoy the rich variety of cultures and learn about new holidays from around the world?
  • A release date within the next YEAR!!! PLEASE!!!!

That’s my wishlist… so far, that is! Until Nintendo releases info about an AC Switch game, all we can do is hope and dream. What do you hope to see in the next Animal Crossing title? Leave a comment with your ideas! 🙂


Animal Crossing & Smash: An Observation

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Hey everyone! Super Smash Bros. Wii U is coming out THIS FRIDAY (11/21/14) and I got a chance to play it early at a demo event this past weekend. I was really excited about the new Animal Crossing stage! But when I saw it in all it’s glory… I realized it was a bit dated.

Am I the only one who cares about this? I touched on this a little in my last blog entry. The Villager, the Wii U Animal Crossing stage… everything except for Tortimer Island in Smash 3DS is actually based on Animal Crossing: City Folk, and not Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is weird? I’m sure it’s a result of games like these being so content-heavy that production takes years, and when they were working on the Smash game ACCF might have been the only option for the game designers to use as a model. But personally it kind of bothers me! I’m just being nit-picky. I think they should have updated the look of the Villager characters to match ACNL, at least.



ACNL Female Villager

ACNL Female Villager

Again, notice that these SSB4 Villager characters are short and well, wide around the middle. The female at the end is jumping and you can see her little undies, which was a trademark (and pet-peeve of mine) of the female characters in ACCF and earlier. I was happy when they changed the look of the human characters in ACNL, making them a little more proportionate and girls’ underwear not visible lol! I think this would have been an improvement for Smash players too, because the way the Villager was designed, the character is more of a shorter, child size character like Ness or Toon Link. I would have pictured the Villager as a medium height character in Smash Bros., especially since the villagers are almost as tall as the tall bears in ACNL.

Height comparison - Vllager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Height comparison – Villager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Aside from the Villager character design in Smash, my other observation is about the Wii U Animal Crossing stage. (NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!!!) It’s a fantastic stage, excellent for competitive play and incorporates the “rolling log” effect of the Animal Crossing games, which is really cool! The graphics look amazing. So amazing that you can see the Town Gate all the way in the background… wait a sec. Town Gate?? This is a feature from the Animal Crossing City Folk series! In ACNL, there are train tracks, the Train Station and a stairway to the Shopping District at the north-most part of town.



See those adorable Animal Crossing characters that stand along the background of the flat area in the stage? Sure, you might recognize the three pictured here, but during the stage these characters change! I saw Frillard and Serena appear in that part of the stage a few times, and players new to ACNL will certainly not know who they are lol! Plus, you can clearly see a sign for the bus stop, which does not exist in ACNL.

Another feature of this stage in Smash is that you actually follow a bus to the city. It’s really cute! I don’t have any images of that so no major spoilers here but I just think it’s interesting that they chose to model this stage after the Wii game instead of the latest 3DS game. I know it’s not a big deal and I’m a fan of throw-backs too… it’s just not what I was expecting I guess.

Tortimer Island

Tortimer Island

Really can’t complain though. At least Animal Crossing is represented in the game! And we do have Tortimer Island, which is a really awesome stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS. I love this stage because of the awesome music, its like a remix of the songs Kapp’n sings on the boat ride to the island! Plus you can get eaten by sharks and harvest fruit from the trees. It’s one of my favorite stages!

Wouldn’t it be great if all of the ACNL animal townies were assist trophies? Or all the gyroids?? You know, maybe they should just make an Animal Crossing/Fighting Game crossover series to get more people interested in the franchise lol! I’d play it…

Smash is Back!

The return of Mayor Gluxie.

Mayor Gluxie had been missing from Jubilife Town in ACNL for quite some time. Weeks, months probably… Isabelle was up to her doggy ears in paperwork trying to pick up the slack. Where was Mayor Gluxie? There wasn’t much of an excuse for the absence all summer, but in the past month, Animal Crossing Villagers had been spotted in another popular Nintendo title.

Where the Villager has been…

OK, so maybe you pro’s might notice that the Villager pictured here isn’t really Mayor Gluxie. Let’s just go with the suspension of disbelief ok? They didn’t make Mayor Gluxie’s face type an option in Super Smash Bros. 3DS lol! Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but the “sprite” of the Villager character still maintains the fashion style and proportions of the ACCF/ACWW Villager, note that you can see the female Villager’s undies – something that was done away with in the newest installment of the game. The Villager is also not as tall and slender as in ACNL. Am I the only one who cares? Probably.

Since the release of Super Smash Bros. 3DS on October 3rd, I’ve been playing this game practically non-stop. When I need a dose of nonviolence, I’ll switch over to ACNL, Harvest Moon or Tomodachi Life. But that usually doesn’t last long before I start jonesin’ for some more Smash action. I’m really enjoying the latest Smash Bros. game, there are a lot of new features and game modes. Plus… you can take SCREENSHOTS! I’ve decided to turn Smash into my own personal Pokemon Snap Redux. I’m going to start taking photos of every Pokemon and build myself a Smash Pokedex. And of course, I’ll only use the BEST photos, only the ones that would be up to Professor Oak’s standards! Save that for a future blog entry… lol!

Pokemon Snap Smash!

Overall, I have a ton of things I love about Super Smash Bros. 3DS. The updated graphics look amazing, the new characters add more options and being able to customize them really opens up the playing field in the competitive scene. I love the multiplayer options – from the original Smash mode to Smash Run and don’t forget the 2-Player games like Multi-man Smash! Since the game is now portable, it’s even easier to participate in local Smash Tournaments in the area. I recently went to a tournament in NYC and we dressed up in Smash Bros. cosplay. It was so much fun!

Smash Bros. Cosplayers!

I might not have won the tournament (wah) but I did make it to the second round, and I got a decent number of KO’s. I just need to keep practicing. If any of you out there want to battle, hit me up on Twitter – @gluxbox!

If that wasn’t enough gaming for you, there are three cool titles coming out THIS FRIDAY (Oct. 24th)! Coming to stores is the adorable Fantasy Life, which is another open-world style game with a bit of action and quests thrown in. Also coming out on 10/24 is Pokemon Art Academy so we can learn how to draw some of our favorite Pokemon – and I hear each game comes with a demo code for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, which is coming out this November! Not to be forgotten is Bayonetta 2 releasing this Friday for the Wii U, which has really cool dark graphics and a lot of magic and dragon-filled action/adventure (check out the demo on the eShop now)! I’m definitely picking up Fantasy Life on Friday… the others might have to wait. Too many games, my wallet can’t handle it lol!

What games have YOU been playing lately??  😀

Ready for Setsubun!


Fans of Wasabi can breathe easy.  It seems that Wasabi is no longer in imminent danger of being destroyed!  I did a bit of research on my game loading slowly, and saw that I wasn’t the only one experiencing similar problems.  I was reading some different forums, and many suggested that perhaps the SD card was to blame.  I investigated this a bit, by playing some of the other apps and software that I have stored on my JP3DS’ SD card.  Every other game I tried ran fine, and there were no more issues regarding the A button acting strange.  I determined that it couldn’t be the SD card.  (For the record, I’m using a Lexar 4GB SD Card.)

More research turned up this forum thread, which was very interesting.  The original thread creator describes that he is facing a problem that is almost identical to mine, only my game wasn’t crashing, just taking a long time to load.  This poster describes how it could be a digital software issue, an SD card issue, and then there was one more factor that he described in his thread:

Wow, just wow… My town crashed for the sixth time today, 3 days after I formatted that SD card into FAT32. When it happened, I was playing online with two other players in my town with the “Best Friends” function activated and my town has quite a lot of bushes, flowers, trees, and whatnot… Most of the other towns I visited are usually less jam-packed than I do. It might be due of the complexity of my town for raising the crash rate over time.

This post got me thinking about Wasabi.  What was different about Wasabi as of late that would cause it to act differently than it had in the past year?  Ohhh right… Wasabi was completely overrun with bamboo at this time.  Then I started thinking about how Animal Crossing save files have been notoriously large (remember how you needed an entire dedicated save cart to run AC: Game Cube?) and maybe all that bamboo (plus everything that comes with bamboo, such as new spawned shoots/cracks every few days, loads of rotten shoots that didn’t have the room to grow into real bamboo, which I hadn’t been shoveling up) was causing the load time to slow.  Think about it, the game has to render all of the townies, houses, flowers, bushes, public works, your full catalog… and now I was forcing it to render hundreds of bamboo stalks, shoots, cracks and rotten shoots all over my town.  It sounded like a VERY plausible cause.

So I did what any reasonable person would do.  I grabbed my golden axe and went on a rampage chopping down all the bamboo!  I left all of the bamboo stumps because they look pretty cool, like wierd mini warp pipes or something.  Guess what?  It seems to have done the trick!  As soon as I saved Wasabi with it’s new “bamboo stump” style, the game loaded up much more quickly!  What a relief!

My advice: While it’s awesome and fun to decorate your town with all of these new features like shrubs and bamboo and public works, remember that aesthetically (and apparently from a coding perspective) less is more.  You don’t need to have something in every single square inch of your town.  In fact, doing so seems to kill your game!  I don’t know if anyone had the same issues with a cartridge, but at least if you have a digital download, use caution!  But personally I think it was the living bamboo with all of the spawning and rotten shoots that was the main issue in my game.

Having said all of that, the good news is that the Setsubun Festival is ON!  If you are still interested in participating in the festival, which I will have open in Wasabi on Monday 2/3 from 9PM-11PM EST, please visit the event page here:

The main reason I ask you to RSVP on the event page is so that I know how many to expect.  If I don’t have it already, please comment on the event page with your friend code so that I can add you to my system.  I will also be trying out a new format for this JP event.  Using the StreetPass Long Island Twitch Channel, I will be streaming this event live on the internet.  Hopefully this will make it easier for people to see who is coming and going, and when they should pop in.  Our Twitch channel also has a chat room, so hopefully the power combo of a live stream AND a chat room will make the experience a little smoother for everyone.  Keep in mind that the chat room on Twitch is not compatible with iOS, so you’ll want to be on a real computer to participate in that way.

Hope to see you all there!  Fingers crossed that we won’t have any more loading problems in Wasabi!

Happy Holidays from Jubilife!

Toy Day is just around the corner in ACNL!  I’ve been busy collecting all of the festive items that are available during the holiday season, such as the Festive Tree and Stuffed Stocking that you see pictured here.  It’s so cool to see items that were once DLC in ACCF as regular, purchase-able items in ACNL.

I didn’t do a good job during Turkey Day last month, so I did a little more homework on Toy Day to make sure I’d be prepared this time!  Unfortunately there’s no real trick to Toy Day, there’s nothing to stock up on… other than taking notes of all the hints that the townies have been dropping this month!  Here’s what my townies have been asking for…









Thank goodness for screenshots or I’d be even more lost.  Unfortunately, I haven’t done a great job getting all the info I need to properly play Santa on Wednesday!  I still have a little time for sleuthing tomorrow so I will hopefully find out some kind of gift ideas for Dizzy and Aurora, because I have no photos of them telling me what they want.  Maybe I’ll send out one of my secondaries, Ash or Poketch, to find out!  I need to talk to all of the townies too, because I need to find out their favorite colors.  This is a lot of work!


Speaking of a lot of work, has anyone tried to make a snowman yet?  There are tons of items that you can get from snowmen in ACNL!  In fact, you have to create an entire Snow Family to get some of these rare items.  The easiest snowman to make is the Snowman, which consists of just two giant snowballs.  When you build a snowman, he gives you a Snowman Bingo card and you have to work to fill it out each day.  His eyes spin and randomly land on a number, and you get to check it off if it’s on your card.  Note: You can’t drop the bingo card, so be prepared to hold onto this card for a while until you get that bingo!  The items that you can win from bingo are new to the Animal Crossing series, and are all themed on outdoor winter sports.


The Snowboy is next in terms of size, and is exactly the same as the “Perfect Snowman” from Animal Crossing games in the past.  He even gives you the same reward: the Snowman Series!  This is a personal favorite of mine.  It’s funny looking.  😀

The other two snowmen are the Snowmam and the Snowtyke.  They are both tricky to make and I haven’t perfected them yet.  The Snowmam is a lady and she gives you items from the Ice Series, which is quite beautiful.  I’ll probably transfer it over from my Japanese town, Wasabi.  The really difficult part about getting items from the Snowmam is that you don’t just have to build her correctly.  You also have to bring her three snowflakes, which can only be collected on days when it’s snowing – just use your net!

The Snowtyke is the toughest snowman to make, only because if you want to get an item from him, you need to have all three of the other snowmen types in your town already!  But the whole family doesn’t have to be perfect, because the Snowtyke will give you different items depending on how many of the other snowmen are “well balanced.”  For more detailed info on the whole Snowman family, visit the guide on  If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry!  This snow isn’t going anywhere until March, so we have over two months left to get these items.  But I can’t stress enough the importance of asking your friends to help!  Find out what bingo numbers your friends have, and try to find out when it’s snowing in your friend’s towns if you need to collect snowflakes.  You can join ACUKE and SPLI if you want to make more ACNL friends.  🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed the Winter Solstice holiday on Saturday.  I enjoyed collecting all of the different light sticks.  Good luck to everyone on Toy Day, I hope you get all the presents you want – and Jingle’s photo too!  Happy Holidays from Jubilife!

Sharing is caring this Holiday Season!

Wasabi’s Obon Festival

On August 15th, Mayor Neko was very excited.  It was time for the Obon Festival!

A special WIFI Meet Up Event was organized by StreetPass Long Island to invite American players to visit the Japanese town of Wasabi, so that they could partake in the unique festivities of this Japan-exclusive holiday!

Mayor Gluxie of Jubilife City came by to find out the details of this event [in English].

Isabelle was more than happy to explain what the Obon Festival was all about!

Isabelle was handing out free gifts.  There were two options that were handed out, either the Eggplant Cow or the Cucumber Horse.

She must have seen me giving her a weird look, so she explained that it’s more of a “kids thing” to play with an Eggplant Cow…

Mayor Neko opened the gates of Wasabi to visitors.  At first we had a bit of a connection issue, due to so many people trying to enter the town at once!

Isabelle and Mayor Neko kept their spirits up despite the disconnection frustrations by dancing together at the Town Plaza!

Here’s a shot of the Face-Cutout Standee that was provided by Isabelle for the Obon Festival.  You can see an Eggplant Cow and Cucumber Horse!

Ultimately visitors were only able to enter one at a time, to ensure we wouldn’t get more disconnects.  Sorry for the confusion!

Wasabi was even visited by royalty!  Even a King needs an Eggplant Cow!

Guests enjoyed posing in the Face-Cutout Standee.  It was so cute!

For future Japanese events, it seems likely that the “one at a time” rule will have to be used, only to keep things a little more regulated.  Everyone is just too excited and tries to enter the town at the same time, causing the internet to derp and disconnections happen continuously.  We will be sure to post this as a warning for all future Japanese events.  (And there are plenty of them, so if you missed this event, be sure to “like” StreetPass Long Island so you can stay informed of all ACNL JP Events!)


Week of 5/26 – 6/1

Mayor Neko’s Makeovers!

Recently, Mayor Neko stumbled across some really cool QR code designs.  Most of them can be found on Tumblr, or shared on the super-fun Animal Crossing group called ACUKE.  One pattern particularly appealed to Mayor Neko – the Team Rocket Grunt Dress!  Mayor Neko downloaded the QR code, and also ordered a black cap, gray socks and black boots to complete the ensemble.  Looking pretty devious there, Mayor Neko!  For those who are interested, here is the QR code for the Team Rocket Grunt Dress.


Keep in mind, you have to become friends with Sable at the Able Sister’s Shop before you can unlock the ability to scan QR codes!  Here’s another tip:  If you are having trouble scanning a QR code from an image you are viewing on your mobile device, try turning up the brightness of the screen of your gadget!

However, not everybody was pleased with Mayor Neko’s fashion choice.  Someone must have called in Gracie Grace to try and convince the Mayor to change her look, because on 6/1 the Fashionista was back in Wasabi!  Gracie asked Mayor Neko to try a “Rock” outfit.  Sounds cool!  After a bit of research, it turns out that Mayor Neko already had a complete rock ensemble…  it was her Varia Suit!  No need to scramble around trying to order a costume from the catalog this time around.  Mayor Neko simply swapped outfits with the mannequin that was already wearing the Varia Suit, and then Mayor Neko rushed right back to Gracie.

This was definitely Mayor Neko’s easiest fashion evaluation!  After looking at the list of Rock style clothing, Mayor Neko has decreed that Rock Style is the best clothing style available.  From Bone Shirts to Zebra print… Rock is the coolest!  Gracie was very pleased with Mayor Neko’s cosplay, and rewarded her with a Gracie Shelf.  (Apparently since it is now June, Gracie no longer gives out the Princess series as a reward.  Boo hoo!)  The best news resulting from Gracie’s visit is a rumor now swirling around Wasabi.  Word on the street says that once Gracie gives four positive fashion evaluations, she will consider opening up a store in town.  Only time will tell!  Check back next week!


Once again, Mayor Neko has made a generous donation to the Wasabi Museum.  On 5/31, Crazy Redd had visited once again, and Mayor Neko had her sleuthing cap on!  After rejecting some very obvious fakes (Venus statue with long hair?  A giant winged statue – but with bat wings??  You’ll have to try harder than that, Redd!), Mayor Neko discovered that the Proper Painting for sale has no known forgeries!  So it HAD to be real!  (For those who don’t like to guess, this website has photos of all the artwork Redd might be selling, and shows the real and fake versions.  Become an art history expert in no time!)  The Proper Painting is now on display in the Art Exhibit!


As the North American launch date fast approaches, more and more Mayors are coming onto Mayor Neko’s radar.  A new Mayor on the scene, Mayor Lizzie, stopped by in Wasabi on 5/31 to pick up some welcoming gifts from Mayor Neko.  She showed Mayor Lizzie around town, and they had a lot of fun!  Keep in mind, all you prospective Mayors, that Mayor Neko has been stocking up on fruit baskets to give to new Mayors!  If you’d like a particular type of fruit basket, please let Shizue and Mayor Neko know by commenting on this blog, or by visiting the Glux Blog on Facebook!

Having a Mayor’s Debate in the Cafe!

Dancing up a storm at Club 444!

Visiting Mayor Neko’s Fish Room at the Wasabi Museum.


The most random and useless Public Work project in Wasabi has been completed.  Mayor Neko put on a brave face at the inauguration ceremony and smiled nicely, but rumors are coming in that she is not very pleased with the latest project – the Sand Pit.  Mayor Neko had hoped the Sand Pit would actually be functional as a Zen Garden.  This apparently is not the case.  So far the only use that has been found for this Sand Pit is to plant flowers in it.  Who plants flowers in sand??  Mayor Neko was reported as saying that she is considering demolishing the Sand Pit soon.


A lot of DLC has been announced with the fast approaching North American release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  There have been some monthly DLC distribution items announced, as well as a Best Buy SpotPass promotion for DLC.  Mayor Neko already downloaded the latest DLC, which is a Rainbow Screen!  This DLC can be obtained by speaking with either Pelly or Phyllis at the Post Office.  For more information about the upcoming DLC, visit the Animal Crossing website!  (Scroll down and click “In-Game Gifts” for details!)


    • The time has finally come!  Start up your new towns!!
    • Message me on Twitter @gluxbox if you’d like to have a private visit from Mayor Neko!
  • 6/15/13 – Bug-Catching Tournament
    • Catch the best bug in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!
  • 6/21/13 – Summer Solstice
    • Join Shizue at the Town Plaza to celebrate the coming of summer!
    • Have fun at the Photo Board!
    • Giveaways for all who attend!

Editor’s Note:  Please excuse the Wasabi News, as we prepare to go on a brief hiatus.  With the North American version of the game coming out on 6/9, the Glux Blog will likely be taking over reporting on the English game more than the Japanese game.  Don’t worry, Wasabi isn’t going anywhere and the Wasabi News will continue to publish updates!  But it might not be as frequently as readers have come to expect.  Also please stay tuned for GluxBox to report LIVE FROM E3 during the next week!


Week of 5/19 – 5/25

Subterranean Discovery!

Last week, Wasabi News readers might remember that the Manhole Cover public work had been completed.  For over a week the Manhole Cover lay in the ground, unchanged and seemed more like a decoration than anything else.  But sometime after 8PM on 5/20, Mayor Neko nearly stumbled down the Manhole!  The cover was lifted, and a bright light was emanating from down below.  (Anyone having a flashback from the TV show “Lost” right now??)  Without knowing what to expect, Mayor Neko cautiously jumped in and headed below ground.

At first, all Mayor Neko found underground was a long and creepy corridor.  It was pretty dark, and the Mayor admitted afterwards that she was a bit scared.  But curiosity got the best of her, and she walked all the way down the hall to where she assumed the source of the light was located.

Mayor Neko was extremely surprised to find what she did.  “It was pretty rank down there, between the smell of old pizza and garbage, to that wet mildew odor that sticks to the air underground…” Mayor Neko was quoted as saying to King after her visit.  In addition to the garbage, there was an old TV, some chairs, lockers, and of course… Resetti himself!  Apparently Mayor Neko had stumbled into Resetti’s Surveillance Center, and the mole in charge was not pleased!

Instead of giving the Mayor a proper greeting, Resetti rudely berated Mayor Neko for being where she did not belong.  (As the Mayor, shouldn’t she have full access to every part of town?)  After angrily ranting to the Mayor, Resetti decided to ignore her and watch his TV until she went away.

Before retreating back to the surface, Mayor Neko noticed a small area off to the side of the Surveillance Center.  There was a toilet!  She had to try it out, even though it was a bit unsanitary – she couldn’t close the stall door!  The toilet flushed itself when she got up.  Gross.  Resetti didn’t even mutter a “goodbye” when Mayor Neko walked back down the creepy hallway to leave.  Mayor Neko has pledged to speak to Shizue about turning off the cable access in the Surveillance Center.  It seemed a lot more like a break room than anything else!  Why should Mayor Neko have spent ฿398,000 for Resetti to have a place to watch TV??


Blathers, the curator of the Wasabi Museum, is extremely proud to announce the unveiling of a very famous artwork in the Art Exhibit.  Mayor Neko generously donated a Michaelangelo!  The Statue of David was donated to the Wasabi Museum Art Exhibit on 5/21.  This enormous statue was set up in the second room of the Exhibit.  It seems the placement is kind of amusing – it looks as though the ladies of the Van Gogh paintings in the background are checking him out!


There was even more excitement on 5/21, this time at the Town Plaza.  The infamous fashion guru Gracie Grace was standing in the rain, waiting to be judgmental about one thing or another.  Mayor Neko asked what the theme was this time, and did her best Japanese sleuthing to determine that the style requested for this visit was Modern.  Not sure what to wear, Mayor Neko consulted with her colleague Mayor Yumi to find an outfit that would pass the test.

Mayor Yumi helped out Mayor Neko by supplying a “modern ensemble.”  All of the clothes and accessories fit the Modern theme – who said they had to match??  For the record, Mayor Neko wore an Airy Shirt, a Dark Polka Skirt, Ellipse Shades and Sabot shoes.  Mayor Neko practiced her modeling technique in Kasen Village (of course Nelson was creepily hovering close by to catch a glimpse!) before heading back to rainy Wasabi to take her fashion exam.

Even though she felt that she looked super silly, Mayor Neko passed the test!  Gracie Grace did the usual spin of approval, and handed over a coveted item from the Princess furniture series, which is a Gracie exclusive.  Mayor Neko displayed her new item, the Princess Dresser, in her home, which is quickly filling up and needing more expansions.  Now Mayor Neko only needs one more successful fashion evaluation before the final upgrade to the Nook Shop will be available!  Good luck, Mayor Neko!


This week was a busy one for Shizue!  Several Public Works projects were funded and constructed this week.  In chronological order:

5/21 – Big Red Shoe Bench!

5/22 – Enclosure/Garden

5/24 – Rose Arch at the Mayor’s Estate

Currently in the funding stage right now is the Sand Pit, which is expected to be completed by the next issue of Wasabi News.  Stay tuned!


This week, two Wasabi villagers celebrated their birthdays!  On 5/22 it was Kitt’s birthday, and 5/24 was Derry’s birthday!  Many happy returns to you both!  Mayor Neko was in attendance at Derry’s party, but is sad to admit that she kind of forgot to go to Kitt’s party.  Sorry Kitt!


    • The time has finally come!  Start up your new towns!!
    • Message me on Twitter @gluxbox if you’d like to have a private visit from Mayor Neko!
  • 6/15/13 – Bug-Catching Tournament
    • Catch the best bug in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!
  • 6/21/13 – Summer Solstice
    • Join Shizue at the Town Plaza to celebrate the coming of summer!
    • Have fun at the Photo Board!
    • Giveaways for all who attend!