An Update from Mayor Gluxie

Things had been going well for Mayor Gluxie. She had left her town Jubilife in the capable hands of her assistant Isabelle to pursue a lifelong dream of running a Campsite. Gluxie had received a vast open field, as well as a camper and a cabin to design, and was living quite comfortably, enjoying the great outdoors and making friends with new animal campers. She even hired a Camp Caretaker to assist her with all of her daily tasks.

Mayor Gluxie has always been a huge fan of KK Slider, so she set out to construct a stage at her Campsite worthy enough to suit this well established musician. After more than a year of planning, prepping the stage, assembling the audio equipment, and acquiring permits for lighting and pyrotechnic displays, GLUXFEST 2020 was born.

However, in recent months, the Coronavirus has been affecting the entire planet. Paranoia began to set in. Mayor Gluxie started wearing a face mask out of an abundance of caution. Directives began rolling out, telling people to stop congregating in large groups. The animal campers turned to Mayor Gluxie for guidance. Was it still safe at the Campsite? Was GLUXFEST 2020 creating a high risk scenario for the campers and Mayor Gluxie’s friends?

Whispers of disappearances began to surface. Some of the older animal villagers hadn’t been seen in ages. Isabelle sent word that Tortimer had not been heard from in quite a while. Old Joan, the seller of turnips, had also become notably absent in recent months. Mayor Gluxie wasn’t sure if this was just the paranoid rumors of animal townies’ unrest, or was there more to the story?

Then… Mayor Gluxie was met with quite a surprise at a regularly scheduled Fishing Tournament at the Campsite.

Instead of finding Chip, the lovable beaver who normally hosted the Fishing Tournament, Mayor Gluxie was met by Tom Nook. Chip was yet another older animal who had now mysteriously vanished. Yes, Mayor Gluxie was quite surprised to see Tom Nook, who refused to answer any questions about Chip’s whereabouts.

Instead, Tom Nook announced that he would be hosting the Fishing Tournament, in conjunction with a promotion for a new business venture that he was starting.

It’s well known that Tom Nook is a fantastic salesman, and he was no different on this day. Seeing the face mask that Mayor Gluxie was wearing and the anxiety in her eyes, he began to list the reasons one might want to consider to move away to a Deserted Island in these uncertain times:

  • Social Distancing: Living on a deserted island is the simplest way to avoid COVID-19!
  • Emigration Control: You can approve who moves to the island and determine the location of their residence!
  • Free Nook Phone: Keep in touch with your friends remotely and stay on top of your goals with a complimentary mobile device!
  • Resident Services: If medical attention is needed, herbs can be crafted into home made medicine!

Mayor Gluxie had to admit that, in light of the current pandemic, the Deserted Island Getaway Package sounded like a perfect solution to her problem. She could move to the island and bring along friends who were cleared by a doctor to be healthy and virus-free. There is an airport on the island, so all new arrivals would be screened by a medical technician before granted entry. It was the right move. She quietly agreed to sign up for Tom Nook’s offer, while promising her Camp Caretaker that she would continue to visit the Campsite as often as she could.

Tom Nook was quite pleased. He told Mayor Gluxie that he had brought special new fish from the deserted island to be used in the Fishing Tournament, so she could get a preview of the abundant wildlife that she could expect to find on the island.

Mayor Gluxie was quite impressed. She is now eagerly preparing for her maiden voyage to the Deserted Island, which she plans to rename as Indica Island. Her flight is scheduled to depart at 12am on March 20th. Mayor Gluxie has stressed to the animal campers and in letters to Isabelle that her goal is to establish a new safe haven for animals to visit and live, disease-free. Mayor Gluxie hopes to someday rebuild GLUXFEST into an even bigger music festival, and will invite everyone to come and visit once the island is ready for tourism (and when the Coronavirus pandemic has quieted down). She is also planning to use the new airport facilities to start some recon missions and search for the animals that have mysteriously disappeared, or at least learn about what happened to them.

Have you signed up for the Deserted Island Getaway Package? Time is running out! The first flights depart in only 6 days!! You can also WIN a free copy of the game if you enter my ACNH Gluxbox Giveaway. Click here to enter – contest ends 3/20!

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