King Squirt’s Birthday Party!

Yesterday was King Squirt’s Birthday Party. Thank you to everyone who came and made this day special! I took over 50 photos this weekend, so I don’t think it would be sensible to show them all. But I will post here a photo-log of all my favorite moments of the day!

Twinx set up the Gate area for the party! Thanks, Twinx. ūüėõ

12 PM: Sorami and Bella arrive for the first party!

Bella asked, "Should I... eat the cake?"

5:30 PM: Hery comes to visit. Sorry, I was delayed in opening my gate for this time slot. ūüė¶

9PM: Kate and Orenji come to Shaolin and get a grand tour!

Kate, Orenji and the King on the Lighthouse

King Squirt plays a prank on his visitors! MUAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*

11PM: Chokomaru and Orenji eat cake, while Miao and the King watch! lol

12AM: Vella stops by to have the last piece of cake!

The After-Party

The After-Party: Vella blows bubbles, Hery reveres his silver fishing rod, and King Squirt falls on his face to release the balloons!

Of course, these are just a small sample of all the photos I took yesterday during the Party! ¬†You’ll have to go to my Flickr Photostream to see the rest!

Thank you to all my friends for all the fabulous gifts! ¬†King Squirt received so many wonderful items, you might notice that my “Countdown to Retirement” list has gotten a lot shorter over the weekend! ¬†Now I only need some Gyroids, a couple of Nook Point Items, and the rest of the Gulliver series. ¬†If you have some of these items, please feel free to send them over to Squirt! ¬†ūüėÄ

I’d just like to issue an apology regarding the 5PM Party Time Slot. ¬†I went out grocery shopping in the afternoon and was late getting back home. ¬†I wasn’t able to open my gate until 5:25ish. ¬†So if anyone missed that party because the gate was not open at the correct time, I’m very sorry! ¬†Don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to visit Shaolin when it’s time for Squirt’s Retirement Party. ¬†Don’t worry, it’s not happening yet. ¬†I’ll give everyone advance notice about that. ¬†But I do have to say, I won’t be having an all-day party for his Retirement. ¬†It’s too much work. ¬†ūüėõ

Squirt isn’t retiring yet, so don’t get all upset! ¬†LOL and my next character, (the one with my name) Deb will be ready to take over all blogging and daily town chores after that, so the Shaolin Town Blog will continue! ¬†XD



Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!

Last night was the Shaolin Halloween Party!  It was a LOT of fun, with plenty of unexpected guests, spare furniture items and Pumpkinheads galore!  Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the festivities!

For those of you who haven’t yet played Halloween (for whatever reason, I don’t judge TT’ers! ¬†lol) I thought I would write a little guide to how Halloween works in Animal Crossing. ¬†It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t just a little confused before I started. ¬†The Wiki page helped a bit but nothing beats actual gameplay experience! ¬†So here’s how it goes:

6 PM: ¬†The sun starts going down, and that means it’s time for Halloween! ¬†Make sure you’re wearing a MATCHING COSTUME if you want to collect all the items in the Spooky series!

Suddenly, all the neighbors (who are outside their homes) are now running around in Pumpkinhead costumes.


Basically, the game of Halloween is that you have to find Jack, the Czar of Halloween. ¬†He looks exactly like the other Pumpkinheads running around your town. ¬†The only difference is, he doesn’t accost you the way your neighbors will. ¬†If a neighbor spots you, they will begin to chase you! ¬†And then they will initiate a Trick or Treat dialog, from which you CAN’T escape!

Trick or Treat?

If a Pumpkinhead neighbor manages to ask you to Trick or Treat, you only have two options. ¬†Give candy, or get tricked. ¬†(By getting tricked, you risk losing an item in your pocket, which suddenly gets turned into a Jack in a Box! ¬†Squirt lost his beloved bubble wand in one of these pranks. ¬†Luckily he’s got a spare in his closet. ¬†XP) ¬†The Pumpkinhead townies will ask repeatedly for candy, and you could end up giving all your candy away before even finding Jack! ¬†That wouldn’t be good, so here’s the plan:

TRAP THE TOWNIES! Go around town, talk to each of them once (tricking or treating is up to you) and then grab your shovel to start digging holes around the townie so they will not be able to chase you again.  Be careful, they could start asking you for more candy if you walk away before trapping the Pumpkinhead neighbor!

Once all of your neighbors have been corralled, it will be a lot easier to find Jack.  (Keep in mind there will be 5 townies dressed up as Pumpkinheads.)  Why is this easier?  Because once you know that the fake Pumpkinheads are trapped, then when you see a Pumpkinhead walking around freely, then it MUST be Jack!  This Czar of Halloween is also different because he does not chase you, nor does he force you into a conversation.

Finding Jack

Once the real Jack is found, you must give him a piece of candy to exchange for a piece of furniture from the Spooky series. ¬†(aka Halloween swag! ¬†lol) ¬†Don’t get all excited that this is going to be easy, because once you find him and get your Spooky item…


Jack disappears after every conversation! ¬†You can’t trap him like the townie Pumpkinheads. ¬†You are going to have to search your town every time, to find Jack and get another piece of furniture. ¬†And Jack likes to give out plenty of repeats, which means you should plan on doing TONS of laps around your town!

Considering the amount of repeat items you’ll be getting, you might not have enough candy (even if you stocked up all month with candy from Tom Nook). ¬†Unless you want to get tricked by Jack (I’ll get into that later) you are going to need plenty of candy! ¬†Don’t worry, your character can go trick or treating just like everybody else! ¬†Since half of the townies are out dressed as Pumpkinheads, that means the other 5 townies will be in their houses, cowering in fear of being pranked. ¬†Or just being ‘too grown up’ to dress up.

Trick or Treating

If you go to a house that has lights on inside, you will get candy. ¬†You can go back and get more candy as often as you want. ¬†Your neighbors seem to have an endless supply in their houses. ¬†So don’t worry if you’re running low on sweets, you can always get more from trick or treating!

If however, you don’t have any candy and run into Jack, he will prank you. ¬†It’s basically the same as when the townies prank you, only he tells you a long poem before leaving you with a Jack in a Box. ¬†Now, getting a ton of Jack in a Boxes is fun and all, but what about the other Halloween items – the Pumpkinhead, the Moldy Shirt and the Patched Shirt? ¬†It’s very easy to get them too! ¬†Here’s what you’ll do:

Wear mis-matched clothing! ¬†Put on a hat and a shirt that don’t normally go together. ¬†Make sure it’s something that you won’t care about losing, because you WILL lose it if you want the special clothes. ¬†Once you are fully mis-matched, talk to a Pumpkinhead in your town. ¬†It can be a townie or Jack. ¬†When they ask you for candy, you must refuse! ¬†Then, as their prank, they will transform whatever hat you had on into a Pumpkinhead! ¬†(You won’t get your old headgear back, that’s why I said make sure it’s something you don’t mind losing!) ¬†While wearing the Pumpkinhead and a random shirt, talk to a different Pumpkinhead outside, and again refuse to give them candy. ¬†They will transform your shirt into a Moldy or Patched shirt! ¬†Rinse and repeat to get all the special Halloween clothes! ¬†(Somehow I forgot to take pictures of all this happening. ¬†I was a little over-stimulated at the party! ¬†lol)

I would recommend obtaining all the Spooky furniture items before attempting to collect the Halloween clothes. ¬†Jack will only give you Spooky items if you are wearing a matching costume. ¬†Otherwise, you’ll be yelled at for not wearing a costume on Halloween!

Well, I think that’s about all you need to know about Halloween! ¬†The furniture items sell for over 10K bells, so sell any spares to make some quick cash!

  • Note: I still have a BUNCH of spare items at the Town Hall. ¬†I’ll probably sell them tomorrow, but I figured I’d leave them for a day in case any of my loyal readers out there weren’t able to find a particular item. ¬†Let me know what you’re missing and I’ll check to see if I have it. ¬†If I do, I’ll be happy to ship it over to your town!

And just for fun, here’s a few of my favorite photos from HALLOWEEN:

Jack doing a Back-Flip!

Giving Jack candy while an impersonator watches nearby.

Party guests checking out the Spooky Room.

Pumpkinhead Partying!

Of course, as always, there are more photos on my Flickr page. ¬†Click on the pics in the Flickr widget on the right side bar! ¬†–>

Thanks to all my guests who made this party possible: ¬†Bella, „Ā°„āá„Āď„Āĺ„āč, „ā™„ɨ„É≥„āł, Hery, Miao, Subi, and Ifetayo! ¬†ūüėÄ

And don’t forget folks, now that it’s November, you will start to see mushrooms popping up all around your town! ¬†Start collecting as many mushrooms as you can find. ¬†Some of them are worth a ton of bells, and others are actually pieces of the Mush furniture series! ¬†Plus Thanksgiving will be upon us sooner than you think, so keep playing Animal Crossing!

The Photo Shoot!

Since the Dimentio Mask HDLC issue is pretty much widespread, I’ve decided not to stress about it.¬† Hopefully Nintendo will know a work around.¬† Anyway, I had arranged to host a little Photo Shoot with some ACUKE buddies – Vella, Jed and Ifetayo.¬† I ordered a bunch of costumes that matched the themes I had in my rooms.¬† Here are my favorites:

Tomb Room

Tomb Room

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Squirt as King Tut, Ifetayo as The Mummy, Vella as The Explorer, and Jed as King Tut.

Kudos to Vella for her excellent acting ww!

Outer Space

Outer Space

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Squirt as Samus, Ifetayo as a Spaceman, Vella is the Sleepy Alien, and Jed is a Spaceman.

Pirate Attack!

Pirate Attack!

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Vella as the Sailor, Ifetayo as a Pirate, Squirt as the Captain, and Jed as a Pirate.

Japanese Room

Japanese Room

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Jed wearing a Samurai Wig, Ifetayo as a Ninja, Squirt in a Samurai Suit, and Vella as a Geisha Girl.

Construction Site

Construction Site

Models in this photo (from the left) are:¬† Ifetayo as a Construction Worker, Vella as the Superstar Visitor, Jed as the um… Cow Bone, and Squirt as the Distracted Construction Worker.

I really liked this pic b/c I managed to snap the video just as the menu was disappearing after I clicked the Blushing emotion.¬† You can still kind of see Squirt’s hand behind his head.¬† It was funny at the time!¬† Whatever.¬† ūüėõ

It was a fun time!¬† Thanks to everyone who participated!¬† I don’t think I’ll be organizing another event like that for a while, but I’d be happy to attend one!¬† Hehehe!¬† Now that the Photo Shoot is done, I’m going to clear out some of these rooms and create new themes.¬† Since the Flea Market is coming up, I figured I’ll let the townies pick off the furniture they want.¬† Maybe I’ll put all the highest priced items in my main room, like the Moon.¬† That thing’s gotta sell for big bucks right?¬† lol

In other news, it seems that the elusive Piranha has disappeared from the rivers of Shaolin.¬† I’ve been searching for days and I haven’t been able to catch any!¬† Does anyone know what time of day is best to look for these stupid fish?¬† Are they out when it’s raining?¬† I mean, this fish isn’t even supposed to be rare.¬† What gives??¬† I’ve even been walking around with a Four-Leaf Clover in my hair for good measure.¬† I guess the game just *knows* that I want a piranha, so it’s going to make me search forever!


As usual, I went to the Bulletin Board first thing to see if there’s any news for the day. ¬†And there is! ¬†Another Spotlight Item that I already have – the Dracaena! ¬†Great. ¬†And also, Nookington’s will be closing after today. ¬†No store access in Shaolin tomorrow, and we will be downgrading allll the way down to Nook ‘n ¬†Go to get those great hours back! ¬†Maybe I’ll get sick of the small amount of flowers on sale each day, but I doubt it. ¬†I could always switch it back in a few months.

Anyway, today Vella is throwing a Costume Party over in Doomdoom, so I rushed to the gates at 3PM.  Apparently there was a little time mix up, but eventually the guests started coming in!


You cant tell, but thats Jake in that King Tut costume!

You can't tell, but that's Jake in that King Tut costume!

Jake arrived first, sporting a King Tut costume.  Great job, we could barely recognize you, Jake!




Next, our friend Emma came by (aka¬†Ifetayo) and we started a friendly game of ‘lets hit each other with an axe!’ ¬†Not long after, Jed arrived and seeing as we were all dressed as pirates and he wasn’t, we decided to play hide and seek – 3 against 1. ¬†Jed took off and we all chased him to the Museum. ¬†Then we split up and searched the various rooms of the Museum to find Samurai Jed. ¬†But we didn’t realize, he was changing costumes while he was hiding! ¬†I finally found him in the Observatory.



He had changed into a Detective Outfit, that sneak!  He rushed off and we continued to chase him until we decided it was time for a breather!  We congregated at the gate to take a nice group photo.

A nice, albeit off center, group photo.

A nice, albeit off center, group photo.

Once we had caught our breaths, it was time for a little tour of Doomdoom!  We especially liked hanging out in the Gorgeous room, because Jed matched the Samurai Suit that was on display.

Pretty good likeness!

Pretty good likeness!

But I had the most fun when we went down to the Boxing Ring in the basement. ¬†We were able to get all four of us on the mat at once, and started bouncing off one another! ¬†I guess this is AC’s form of wrestling? ¬†It’s a little wierd, but whatever! ¬†It looks hilarious!

Too bad Vella and Emma passed out... lol

Too bad Vella and Emma passed out... lol

All in all, it was an excellent party!! ¬†It made me excited about planning an event for Shaolin – a Photo Shoot! ¬†I’m setting up some rooms in ¬†my characters’ houses to have certain themes, and then I will invite friends to come over dressed up in costumes that will match the room! ¬†It’ll be great. ¬†But I still have more coordinating to do before I can announce a date for this event. ¬†So stay tuned! ¬†I’ll post the event on ACUKE when I’m ready, but if you’re not a member that’s ok! ¬†You’re still invited! ¬†I’ll post info here on the blog once I decide on a date. ¬†I hope everyone will come to my party too!