Animal Crossing & Smash: An Observation

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Hey everyone! Super Smash Bros. Wii U is coming out THIS FRIDAY (11/21/14) and I got a chance to play it early at a demo event this past weekend. I was really excited about the new Animal Crossing stage! But when I saw it in all it’s glory… I realized it was a bit dated.

Am I the only one who cares about this? I touched on this a little in my last blog entry. The Villager, the Wii U Animal Crossing stage… everything except for Tortimer Island in Smash 3DS is actually based on Animal Crossing: City Folk, and not Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is weird? I’m sure it’s a result of games like these being so content-heavy that production takes years, and when they were working on the Smash game ACCF might have been the only option for the game designers to use as a model. But personally it kind of bothers me! I’m just being nit-picky. I think they should have updated the look of the Villager characters to match ACNL, at least.



ACNL Female Villager

ACNL Female Villager

Again, notice that these SSB4 Villager characters are short and well, wide around the middle. The female at the end is jumping and you can see her little undies, which was a trademark (and pet-peeve of mine) of the female characters in ACCF and earlier. I was happy when they changed the look of the human characters in ACNL, making them a little more proportionate and girls’ underwear not visible lol! I think this would have been an improvement for Smash players too, because the way the Villager was designed, the character is more of a shorter, child size character like Ness or Toon Link. I would have pictured the Villager as a medium height character in Smash Bros., especially since the villagers are almost as tall as the tall bears in ACNL.

Height comparison - Vllager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Height comparison – Villager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Aside from the Villager character design in Smash, my other observation is about the Wii U Animal Crossing stage. (NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!!!) It’s a fantastic stage, excellent for competitive play and incorporates the “rolling log” effect of the Animal Crossing games, which is really cool! The graphics look amazing. So amazing that you can see the Town Gate all the way in the background… wait a sec. Town Gate?? This is a feature from the Animal Crossing City Folk series! In ACNL, there are train tracks, the Train Station and a stairway to the Shopping District at the north-most part of town.



See those adorable Animal Crossing characters that stand along the background of the flat area in the stage? Sure, you might recognize the three pictured here, but during the stage these characters change! I saw Frillard and Serena appear in that part of the stage a few times, and players new to ACNL will certainly not know who they are lol! Plus, you can clearly see a sign for the bus stop, which does not exist in ACNL.

Another feature of this stage in Smash is that you actually follow a bus to the city. It’s really cute! I don’t have any images of that so no major spoilers here but I just think it’s interesting that they chose to model this stage after the Wii game instead of the latest 3DS game. I know it’s not a big deal and I’m a fan of throw-backs too… it’s just not what I was expecting I guess.

Tortimer Island

Tortimer Island

Really can’t complain though. At least Animal Crossing is represented in the game! And we do have Tortimer Island, which is a really awesome stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS. I love this stage because of the awesome music, its like a remix of the songs Kapp’n sings on the boat ride to the island! Plus you can get eaten by sharks and harvest fruit from the trees. It’s one of my favorite stages!

Wouldn’t it be great if all of the ACNL animal townies were assist trophies? Or all the gyroids?? You know, maybe they should just make an Animal Crossing/Fighting Game crossover series to get more people interested in the franchise lol! I’d play it…



I have much to update!  I kept playing on after I finished my blog yesterday, and something unexpected happened!  Deb decided to pick up an axe and talk to Serena, yet again.  I wish I had written it down, but she said the regular “Don’t you think I look completely different?” and Deb said “Big Change!” as always.  Serena reacted positively (which was surprising, cuz lately when Squirt says big change, she goes ‘Oh No!  You saw my wrinkle!’ and gets all upset lol) and asked what ‘reward’ Deb wanted.  Boldly, Deb said “Gold Axe.”  Serena laughed and asked something (which I now forget… sorry) that resulted in a meter coming up for a response.  I put the meter one notch below “Absolutely!”  In the past I tried putting it one notch above the low option, but that didn’t go well for me.  Well, apparently one notch below Absolutely is the sweet spot, because she said “Oh I agree!”  And then before she knew it, Deb had a GOLD AXE IN HER HANDS! 

Yay for Gold Axes!

Yay for Gold Axes!

In other news, I was really jonesin’ for some AC last night when my bf was watching hockey on TV.  So I picked up my DS!  I’ve been doing a time travel thing in that game where I play a day (check the stores, recycle bin, lost and found, look for a special  character, etc.), log off, change the calender, play a day, and so on.  In that game (the town is called The Isle, if you want the Friend Code info, leave a comment and I’ll share it!) I’d been working on the “Big Trade” to get the Golden Axe.  I was up to the end, I had the Scallop from Tortimer and was just waiting for Pascal to show up.  Finally, he did and I hurried Squirt over to him.  He asked if I had dropped a Gold Axe and I said yes.  But he knew I was lying!  I froze, thinking, Oh No, did I just ruin my chances of getting this thing?  But Pascal just shrugged it off and gave it to me anyway.  (It’s not like he’s evil like Serena or anything!)  WOO so now I have Gold Axes galore, lol!

  • Side Note:  In my AC:WW, it’s the time of year when Nook is depressed and wants to talk to you about his past whenever you enter the store.  Since I found out about the whole ‘Labelle used to be from the small town and then ditched her sisters to move to the city in AC:CF’ thing (which is true, I’ve seen photographic proof!), I’ve kinda been thinking more about Nook’s role in that drama.  And the fact that Nook is all depressed about something that happened when HE was in the city, when he was younger, makes me think it’s gotta be related.  Maybe Nook lent money to Gracie, thinking he would get it back, and she just laughed at him as her store rapidly became more popular?  And then Labelle took Gracie’s side, wanting to be a famous designer herself, and that is why Sable ‘dis-owned’ her as a sister?  I don’t know.  I’m probably thinking too much into all this.  But I really like the “things aren’t as perfect as they seem” side stories that you can uncover in these games!

OK now that we’re all up to speed, it’s time to go play AC!  It’s Wednesday, my favorite day, because Redd restocks!  Ooh, the trees have changed color today!  Everything is a brighter green than before.  Hooray!  Spring is coming!

Squirt walked into the Able’s Shop and a beautiful, shiny Royal Crown is on display!  YES!  Time to hit up the ABD and buy this puppy…  Wow, now my account is down to 2.9 million.  Maybe I should harvest fruit today to get that back up to 3 mil.  And now is the real question:  Do I wear this crown, instead of my new Pirate hat?  Shall I be the Pirate King?  Monique gave me a fashion critique and said if you don’t ‘own’ your look, don’t wear it!  You have to have confidence!  So maybe I’ll put the crown inside on display somewhere, until I have the confidence… lol!

In the city, Phineas has been showing up again!  He was there yesterday, and again today!  Huzzah!  What prize should I get this time?  I got a regular balloon, and it’s orange.  I feel like the only colors he gives me are orange and purple.  Barf!  Orange is ok, but what about red, blue, green?  Yellow?  Pink?  Hehehe!

This week, Redd has a Clear Model, a Serene Painting, and an Apple Clock.  Well, I bought the Clear Model, but I’m leaving that other stuff cuz I already have it!  

The townies have been very demanding today.  Bree wants ‘fresh’ clothes, but I have no idea what that means.  I tried giving her like 11 different shirts and she rejected them all.  Curly wants a football fish, which I think is asking a bit much since they are worth a lot.  But I’ll try, I guess…  Cube wants to talk to Dan about “wallpaper”, Broccolo wants a koi (which is a fish I haven’t seen in months) it’s like these missions are endless!  Get your own damn stuff!  Sheesh.

Later on, I met some new friends on wifi when visiting Vella in Doomdoom, named Ryan and Hayley.  (Vella was super nice and gave me a ton of stuff I need for my catalog!)  They are from ACUKE, which is a social network for AC!  (Yay!)  We hung out for a while.  First we had a “Bug Net Deathmatch”… but nobody won.  Or lost.



I won the mini fishing tournament with 13 fish!  Huzzah!  But it was Vella who had the catch of the day… a huge Tuna fish!  Nice catch, Vella!

Group Photo!

Group Photo!


Turnip prices suck.  I’m not even going to bother to check them anymore.  I’m sick of it!  Lol.

I got my Hero’s Cap in the mail today.  So now I have the full Link costume.  Problem is, I hate it!  I forgot that Link has those weird long ears.  I think they look creepy.  I’m not wearing this!  Maybe I should auction it off?  Any readers out there interested in a trade or want to buy it?  I have both the Hero’s Clothes and the matching Hero’s Cap.

Oh, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Squirt achieved a new high score from the HRA.  210,991 points!  I guess I’m an expert at this stuff.  I wonder if my room was switched into the HRA now?  I should go check.  Here’s what Lyle said about my room.  “Your room breathes style and excellence with equal aplomb!  Truly, you have created the Perfect Room!”

But apparently Twinx’s Gorgeous Series still is holding down the Model Room honors.  Lyle especially likes the random tape deck that is thrown in there, he says it gives the room personality.  But I happen to know that the only reason that tape deck is in there is because Twinx doesn’t have any other stereo to play her music from!  (What a fraud.  LOL jk.)

I wonder when Gracie will ‘grace’ us with her presence again at GracieGrace.  I want a new fashion evaluation!  Made me feel pretty snazzy when she said I had great coordination.  I have no idea when she shows up, so I just have to keep checking for her I guess.

Squirt decided to go and get a weekly fortune. 

…Oh, my stars!  What… is this vision?  The mood is tense among the constellations.  Yesss…  A highly charged standoff is in the offing.  They all scowl and mutter amongst themselves…  It’s as if an epic space war is on the cusp of erupting…  Come on.  That would never happen, of course, but you know what I mean…  My, my, my…  The stars surrounding you are not happy at all.  Misfortune may fall upon you…  I cannot say exactly what might happen… but I can say that worrying over it will do you no good.  Try to think positively, and remember that panic will draw misfortune’s cruel hand ever closer.  …That is all.  

Oh just great.  I got cursed AGAIN.  WHYYY???

I’m starting to realize that the townies in Shaolin are extremely lazy.  I just spoke to Broccolo at the middle bridge.  He asked me to deliver a present for him.  It was for Rowan, who lives like 5 steps from where Broccolo was standing.  I mean, what’s that about?  I guess Broccolo is too scared of rejection to deliver it himself!  But he did give Rowan a royal shirt.  Maybe I should wear mine and we can be twins!  LOL maybe not.

Despite the bad luck fortune, Squirt is going to try to reason with Serena anyway.

Serena:  Ummm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was regular.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Huh?  …Oh, so sorry!  Looks like I’m fresh out of gold axes!  Awww, I guess I’ll just give you back your plain old axe.  Try to keep your axe to yourself, all right?  I better not find out you threw your axe in here just to get a gold one…  ‘K, b’bye now!

Oh well.  It could have gone worse.  Since Serena is in an OK mood, Deb is going to try next.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

Deb said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwww!  You noticed!  This sweet girl down at the Glimmering Goddess beauty boutique made my eyelashes nice and curly!  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

Deb said “A silver axe.”

Serena:  Whaaaaat?!  You want a silver axe?  Hmm…well…maybe I could give you a silver axe or two… Oh, but if I did give you a silver axe, I should just give you one at a time.  You know, goddess rules.  So, how bad do you want one?

I pushed the lever up to just under “Super bad!”

Serena:  Oh, yeah?  So, that’s your game?!  With that kind of attitude, you shouldn’t be trying to get a silver axe!  A regular axe is good enough for you!  Here!  I’m giving yours back, so walk on out of here.  B’bye now!

Darn!  I really thought something good might come of that.  Silly me.

Deb also had to find Apollo, because he had a top secret message to discuss with her.  “Carpet” it was.  So she mentioned this word, and he gave her a Lovely Carpet in return.  But it was weird, I don’t know if he was stuttering, or it was a typo.  What do you think?


Stutter or Typo?

Stutter or Typo?



Ooh, Monique wants Deb to come over for a visit at 4:20 PM.  Interesting!  I guess Monique likes hanging out with girls more than guys, cuz she never asks Squirt to come over!  Deb thought Monique was a little full of herself, talking about how great her furniture was.  So when she left, she told Monique that the furniture was ‘so so’.  Monique was pretty insulted!  Oops lol.



Decided to sleep in, so no morning turnip prices.  Too bad!  Hehehe.  PM turnip price is 112 bells.

Squirt has a lovely flag in front of his house now!  Huzzah!  I should go check out Deb’s larger pad too, since the first loan was paid off on that house!

Phineas is back woot woot!  Nice!  He’s been around every day this week, as long as the weather is nice!  It was snowing yesterday, but that was it!  LOL, I saw a cow in the city named Tipper.  And she was wearing a rainbow shirt.  Very interesting.  Squirt put a Black Queen item up for auction, since it’s the weekend!

Deb decided to try and talk with Serena.

Serena:  Sigh… My hair is all frizzed out.  My mascara is running…  I got a rip in my favorite toga…  And to top it all off, people are throwing axes at me…  The handle hit me on the head and left a huge bump!  You… You’re the one who threw the axe, huh?  I came out just to see what kind of person throws axes at cute fountain goddesses.  Oh… Why do these things always happen to me?  

And that was it!  She wasn’t very thrilled to meet Deb I guess, lol!

Deb also decided to go to the city.  She’s wearing the maid’s dress, and she opted to get a shoe shine.  When asked, she requested that the shoes go “by color,” and Kicks gave her the cutest little black patent shoes!  i think they are Mary Janes but I can’t be sure.  They look so cute though!


AM turnip price is 139 bells.  Didn’t really expect the prices to go up in the second half of the week.  Very interesting indeed!

Twinx is going to visit Serena first this morning.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?  

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwwww!  You noticed!  I got a special volume-enhancing treatment on my eyelashes to make them big and bold!  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But just this once, I’m willing to overlook it.  …But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.  You’re still not getting your axe back!  Oh, look.  It’s time for my skin-rejuvenation treatment.  B’bye now!

Hmm what was that about?

Squirt thinks dealing with Serena is futile, because last night a very nice friend came by!  Tequila stopped by and dropped off an entire Gold Tool set (woo hoo!) as well as a full Gorgeous set, a Princess set and a Sweet set!!!  She’s so nice!  I also got a Lovely Phone, which is pretty fun too!  And an extra throne (or two!).  It helps to have friends who have friends that are hackers lol!

Twinx just arranged the Gorgeous series in her house (because Squirt didn’t have enough room to even store it lol!) and her house looks like a hotel now!  Very snazzy!  But the only song in her stereo is K.K. Country.  Not exactly the right mood!  Hopefully Squirt will remember to leave her a song that better suits the room.

LOL oh jeez, Squirt just discovered Katie again!  And she wants to go to Cairnie, AGAIN!  Pal isn’t going to be pleased!  She said she ALWAYS gets the mother cat, and never the kitten, so she never gets the prize!  Luckily for her, I have a spare Music Box that I was going to give her.  

  • Curly wants to talk to Twinx about “wallpaper”.

Friday AM

AM turnip price is 134 bells.

There’s a 50% off sale at Nookington’s after 7PM tonight.  But I doubt I’ll remember to play at that time…

  • Broccolo wants a plesio skull.  Yeah right.

Serena time!

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?  

I said it was a regular axe.

Serena:  Hmm… At least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…

I’m starting to think you can only get an axe on those days when she asks about how she looks.  I just have to play it right!


The bulletin board said that today is Cube’s birthday!  But when I tried to give him my best regards, he didn’t mention anything about it.  I was going to give him a present, but oh well…

Grizzly moved away.  He sent me a letter saying I was the only reason he stayed so long, lol!  He was cool.  Hopefully someone else cool will move in soon!  🙂

AM turnip price is 125 bells.  Shocking.

Ugh, I picked up medicine for Rowan, and when I go to his house, of course he’s all better again!  Now I have stupid medicine for no reason!  Might as well go shake some trees and get a bee sting so I can at least use it.  Oh, at least Rowan gave me a blue vase for my troubles.

OK time to visit Serena…

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwwwwwww!  You noticed!  I picked up some new clothes!  The design is the same, though.  Being a goddess and all, I can’t exactly just grab stuff off the rack.  Ohhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But just this time, I’ll forget about that!  So…here!  I’ll give you your axe back!  Ooh, it’s time for me to go to my skin-moisturizing treatment at the spa.  You’d think living in a fountain would be enough moisture, but no.  Anyway, b’bye, now!

Darn.  At least she didn’t hate me after that encounter.


Ruby has issues.

Ruby has issues.



PM turnip price is 108 bells.


Weather Report:  There will be yet another meteor shower tonight, according to the Message Board in town.

PM turnip price is 62 bells.

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was a regular axe.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Huh?  Oh, so sorry!  Looks like I’m fresh out of gold axes!  Aww, I guess I’ll just give you back your plain old axe.  Try to keep your axe to yourself, all right?  I better not find out you threw your axe in here just to get a gold one…  ‘K, b’bye now! 

Poop.  I wonder how long it will take for this to work.  I was reading on ACC and some jerk got a gold axe on the first try!  And then a silver axe on the second try!  SO UNFAIR.


AM turnip price is 73 bells.

Sahara is in town today!  Let’s see if I get ripped off again…  Well, Bree gave me one!  OK, doing better than last time lol!

Let’s visit Serena real quick…

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was a regular axe. 

Serena:  Hmm… at least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…

Sigh… maybe it takes a week or so for her to open up to you… lol

Grizzly seems like he is definitely moving.  He asked me about it again today, and said he wanted to keep the whole thing ‘hush-hush.’  

Oh no, Rowan is sick!  Better go get some meds..

Sahara gave me a Tropical Vista for collecting 3 old wall papers.  Cool!  Too bad I don’t have the matching flooring to go with it.  

PM turnip price 68 bells.

Twinx was a little rude with Serena, and she got upset.

She asked if she should resign from being a goddess and Twinx said yes.  She got all mad and stole the axe.  Ugh!


Today is the Flea Market!  Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some crap!  

I couldn’t find Joan this morning.  But after this week’s horrible prices, I don’t really care.

Grizzly bought three shirts from me.  Hooray!  Curly still won’t sell me his right platform.  Daisy came by and didn’t buy anything!  Brocollo sold me his Classic Vanity, which is pretty sweet!  I didn’t have that one.  Monique bought 3 items from my house, yay! 

OK time to go to Katrina.  Maybe with a good luck fortune, Serena will be nicer to me!

I can see Leo heading out for a picnic, bearing Scorpio on piggyback.  The usually present light of conflict is nowhere to be found…  If only this state of peace and harmony could last forever…  The stars surrounding you shine down with a soothing, gentle light.  As they shine upon you, the illuminate a gentleness and universal appeal.  During this shining time, you will garner support, especially from those who share your gender.  Just remember that the way you see the world may have little to do with how the world sees you…  That is all.

Hmm.  OK, well I got a good fortune, but she said it would mainly effect males, which Serena is not.  Well I don’t think so anyway.  Oh well, let’s give it a go!

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was regular.

Serena:  Hmm… at least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…  

And that was it.  Boring!  Dammit, what am I doing wrong?  

I bought the Spotlight Item of the day, which was a Throne, from Nook’s.  It was 720K!  I decided I want it b/c it’s cool, and then I realized it skyrocketed me to Platinum Membership in the TNPS.  Sweet!

Rowan came by and bought 3 things too.  Nice!