Why You Need a 3DS

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t want/need a 3DS.  Even despite the ridiculous price cut, people still aren’t as interested in the 3DS as Nintendo would like.  I often wonder why that is, especially considering how people are DYING to get the Wii U.  Is HD gaming really the only thing gamers are interested in these days?  I think the lack of interest in the 3DS is due to poor marketing, and the fact that none of the most awesome features are being explained to the public.

Penny Arcade on the 3DS


Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Get a 3DS System:

  1. Nintendo Zone.  This feature is new and exclusive to the 3DS, due to it’s portability.  All you have to do is bring your 3DS with you to a designated retailer or restaurant which hosts the Nintendo Zone, and you are able to access exclusive Nintendo content, videos and even special offers (like my 50% off discount at Best Buy which I blogged about previously).
  2. Free Apps.  Specifically Pokédex 3D, Swapnote and Netflix.  (Obv you need a paid subscription to Netflix for that one to work, though.)  I’m pretty sure I’ve already discussed how cool Pokédex 3D is… I mean, I can take a 3D photo of a Pokémon in my HAND!  Or posed in some funny way!  Maybe I should take a few minutes to take some new Pokémon AR photos.  Swapnote is the newest free app available, and it’s really cute!  You can write notes to your friends, LAYERED IN 3D!  There’s cute stationery, you can attach a photo or even a sound clip!
  3. Super Mario 3D Land.  If you are a true Nintendo fan, you need to play this game!  The latest Mario installment takes the game to the next level with robust 3D graphics, intense gameplay, 3D images that you can save to your SD card, and the Special World mode!  (Spoiler Alert:  Luigi comes to upstage Mario in this game!)
  4. Nintendo eShop.  Did you play Super Mario Land back in the early 90’s?  Have you ever wished you could revisit that time in your life, but with the ability to actually PAUSE and SAVE your game?  Back when the Game Boy game was available, you had to beat the entire game in one sitting.  You couldn’t save.  However, when you download Virtual Console version of this game from the eShop, you can SAVE YOUR GAME!  It’s like a miracle!  The eShop’s library is constantly getting new ‘vintage’ titles for a fraction of their original cost, including 3D versions of popular favorites from back in the day!
  5. Import Your Mii’s.  I’m lazy.  I didn’t feel like making a ton of new Mii’s to populate my Mii Plaza on my 3DS.  Luckily for me, you can transfer any/all/some of your Mii’s that you downloaded or created on the Wii and put them on your 3DS!  I love effortless things.  And now I can pose all my Mii’s in a lovely portrait using my AR Cards!
  6. 3D Video.  There was a big system update at the end of 2011, and in that update was the ability to record 3D videos!  Each video you record can be up to ten minutes long.  Imagine the 3D possibilities!
  7. Mario Kart 7.  Do I really need to explain how epic the newest MK game is?  You can fly through the sky, submerge into the sea, and continue to whoop your friends’ butts, without the confusion of turning a Wii Wheel!  The 3DS’ control pad makes MK7 a lot easier to drive, and the game play is more reminiscent of the N64 and GC versions.  And did I mention that you can form racing communities and battle your friends on WiFi?
  8. You Can Turn OFF the 3D.  Some people may not like 3D.  They say it hurts their eyes or somethin’.  Personally, I don’t have any problem with 3D but everyone’s different.  What many people don’t realize is that you can turn OFF the 3D.  Or just turn it down really low.  Or leave it on for 15 minutes til your eyes hurt, then turn off the 3D.  It doesn’t affect game play, the 3D is really only there to enhance your experience!  It’s up to you how you want to use it.
  9. New Games are in 3D.  All the newest DS games worth playing are going to be on the 3DS.  With Animal Crossing 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and many other anticipated titles on the horizon, now is the time to get this amazing console!  And it’s inevitable, I’m sure GameFreak will be making a 3D Pokémon game (one that is not Rumble Blast, I should say) that will blow all the previous Pokémon games out of the water.  Don’t miss out!
  10. STREETPASS!  I am obsessed with StreetPass.  You take your 3DS with you wherever you go, then when you see a green light flashing… YOU GOT A STREETPASS!  It’s always so exciting for me.  Who did I get?  Have I met them before?  There are two games in StreetPass Plaza.  You can complete Puzzles by exchanging puzzle pieces with people via StreetPass.  Or you can play the epic Find Mii II game, where you take your newly acquired Mii friends and battle against ghosts, slimes, ghouls and monsters!  That’s not enough for you?  Then I should probably mention that most 3DS games also have a StreetPass feature – you can get powerup’s in Super Mario 3D Land.  Race ghosts of other people in Mario Kart 7.  Trade items in Harvest Moon: ToTT 3D.  It’s just so freaking cool.

How could anyone NOT want this??

OK, challenge me.  Tell me why you STILL don’t want a 3DS.  I’d like to hear your reasons!  And don’t just give me that whole region-locked excuse.  If you are rich enough to afford buying Japanese games from Japanese websites (and paying outrageous shipping costs), then you can afford a Japanese 3DS too lol!


Say it ain’t Snow!

It’s pretty fair to say that there’s not much going on in terms of Nintendo news right now.  We’re still waiting for the release of Kid Icarus and PokéPark 2.  Impatiently!  Give us some games dammit!

In New York news, the New York Giants are going to the superbowl!  Sweet!!!  Let’s Go Big Blue!  Also, we got our first snow of 2012 this weekend.  I hate snow.  But it did inspire me to look at some funny snow creature photos, and here’s one that I know you guys will appreciate!

K.K. Slider Snowman!

Check it out!  It’s K.K. Slider of Animal Crossing fame!  He’s made of snow, but he’s still authentic with his guitar and signature black eyebrows.  I’m loving it!  (Wanna see the rest of the random snow creatures I was looking at?  Check them out here, it’s pretty cool!)

Now for some Pokémon related news.  A new trailer has surfaced for the new Pokémon + Nobunaga crossover game, due to release in Japan… sometime.  Not sure when.  Obviously long before we will get our hands on it.  So here’s the trailer.  I have no idea what they are saying, but it looks EPIC AND I WANTS IT!

Finally, just wanted to let you all know that the last of the North American passwords for Pokémon Rumble Blast are now available.  They unlock the original Legendary Birds – Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres for your game.  Be sure to catch em all!  Visit serebii.net for the password list.

I’ll keep scouring the web for news and updates for you.  If you see anything that I might have missed (particularly anything about Animal Crossing!) please be sure to comment or email me and let me know!  Thanks!

Hiatus = Over!

Hello my friends!  I am so sorry that I went on an unannounced hiatus during the holidays.  I know it’s not a big deal, but I had fully intended to post some cute holiday-oriented photos and had planned to like… wish you all a happy holiday and such.  So I apologize for not doing that.  I’m sure if you look through the blog archives you can find some holiday goodies from years past.

Anyway, so what have I been doing all this time?  Well DUH – when I’m not working, I’m GAMING!  Basically I’ve been too busy being a nerd to fulfill my nerdly duties of writing this blog!  Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

  • Harvest Moon:  Tale of Two Towns – I’m at the end of Summer, Year 2.  Desperately trying to find an in-game husband, attempting to build up my farms, improve my lifestock, and all sorts of farmy stuff.  It’s super fun, but it’s a pretty girly game so it’s not for everyone.  But if you are playing this game, give me your friend code so we can take advantage of the WIFI capabilities!
  • Pokémon Emerald – My amazingly awesome friend Vella sent me a copy of the elusive Emerald GBA game, which I hadn’t been able to find in any GameStop in the Tri-State area.  Luckily, she found one in California, and sent it to me for Christmas!  (YOU ROCK!!!  Thank you!)  I’ve never played this particular title before, so for me its like, OMG NEW GAME!!  I’m only up to the third gym, and it’s so fun to start from scratch!
  • Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap – I always attempt to play Zelda games, but usually I end up getting stuck and/or frustrated with a particular part and eventually abandoning the game.  Thankfully, this game isn’t QUITE as difficult.  (Not to mention I downloaded a walkthrough guide for my new Kindle Fire which I consult when needed!)  The art style is very cute and it’s one of my favorite 3DS Ambassador games!
  • Swapnote – This is a free 3DS game/app that I really love.  If you are on my 3DS friend list, then you already know how much I enjoy drawing up notes and sending them to my friends.  I think it’s so cute!  I can attach photos, sound bytes and draw my own sketches… It’s just a lot of fun.  I’m into this kind of crap.  🙂
  • Pushmo – My new obsession.  I honestly just downloaded this game  from the 3DS eShop yesterday and I’m already addicted to it.  Part of me is worried that all my other games listed above will be put on the back burner until I completely beat this puzzle game.  (I am going to try to not let that happen!)  Pushmo really takes advantage of the 3D environment, it’s really cute and allows you to design your own puzzles too.  Plus you can save your designs to a QR code and share it with friends, and you can download other people’s creations too!  Yay!!

In other news…  

Now that the holiday rush is over, there aren’t too many big name games coming out right now.  Most popular is probably Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Honestly I have no interest in this game; it’s just not my thing.  But I did get a lot more interested when I saw that gamers in Japan will be getting a cool 3DS stand as part of a bundle when you buy the game!  Check it out here.

Now for some Pokémon stuff!  I don’t know when this was officially made available but there is now a free Toy Pokémon Collection Guide for Pokémon Rumble Blast that is free to download here.  It’s no walkthrough but it does serve as a checklist and tells you where/how you can obtain the Pokémon you might be missing.  Couldn’t hurt to check it out!

In addition, I’d just like to mention that I picked up a Pokémon TGC pack and I’m thinking about trying to get into the trading card version of the game now.  It’s a lot more complicated than I thought!  Does anyone have any good resources for learning how to play the TCG?  Figured I’d ask…

Now, before I go, there are two Nintendo events that are kind of happening now/coming up soon.  First is the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour.  I would LOVE to go to this concert, but there are none in the NY area scheduled.  So JDubz and I are considering our options and wondering if we’d like to travel to see the symphony.  Any suggestions?  View the Concert Schedule here!

The second event is the Pokémon Video Game Spring Regional Championships.  This event isn’t going to be held at as many places as the event last year, so if I go I will have to travel to Philly.  Which I am more than happy to do!  I have to start building up my team and making some travel arrangements!  If only the symphony was going to be in PA around that same time, that would have been perfect.  Ohhh well.

OK hopefully that was enough Nintendo goodness to make up for my disappearance for a little while.  And now… VENTURE FORTH!

Pokémon Rumble Blast!

Rumble Blast Time!

Well I am a happy little camper right now!  Yesterday I had a super fun day in the city – JDubs and I went to the Nintendo World Store [again!] to attend the pre-release event for Pokémon Rumble Blast!  I’m not going to lie – the event last week at Comic Con was cooler.

The biggest aspect of this past Sunday’s event was the fact that you could purchase the new Pokémon Rumble Blast game one day before other stores have it available.  (That was reason enough for me!)  They also gave me a few new AR marker cards, which is always cool.  The swag was all the same as last week’s, including the drawstring bag, t-shirts and the map/chart from the B&W Guide.

While the ‘event’ wasn’t that eventful, I did go on a mini-awesome shopping spree.  I’ll try to remember to take photos of the cute stuff I got, including a Pikachu t-shirt, a Goomba knit cap, and a New Super Mario Bros. tote bag.

What’s important is that I’ve got Pokémon Rumble Blast in my hot little fist!  I’ve been kind of blowing through the game, but I will attest that the Battle Royales are no joke!  You really need high powered Pokémon to succeed!  JDubs, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, opted to preorder his Rumble Blast from GameStop so that we could get the special edition Pokémon pin set as well.  He was pretty jealous that he couldn’t play the game yesterday with me though!  🙂

Sadly for me, I have work today.  We have a new intern in my office so I can’t even sneak my 3DS into my lap for discreet slacking off…  so I can’t quite play while I’m at work.  But after work, we are going straight to GameStop to get JDubs’ copy, and I’ll be picking up my new “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” Wii game, which also comes out today.  I got to play Kirby’s new game a little bit at the Nintendo World Store – it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!!  There are ‘super abilities’ and they are so kick ass.  OMFG.

A Kirby Super Ability

Swag Time!

OK it’s time to show you all my Poké-swag from the recent Pokémon Rumble Blast event!


OK so here’s what’s in the photo!  Starting from the top left:

  • A coloring sheet from the Pokémon wall mural
  • Stunfisk AR stickers provided by the Pokémon DS NYC Meetup Group
  • Toy Pikachu t-shirt
  • More Stunfisk AR stickers
  • Pokémon Black & White Hologram Poster (same one that came w/the collector’s edition game guide)
  • Reshiram Pin (it’s kinda hard to see, but it’s there)
  • Unova Map & Effectiveness Chart
  • Zekrom Pin
  • Pokémon AR Markers
  • Pokémon Black and White Art Folio

Swag Bag!

This is the Pokémon Rumble Blast drawstring bag that they handed out to everyone.  It’s really cute!

Art Folio

Here’s a closer look at what came in the Black & White Art Folio.  It’s a bunch of cards with different characters and stuff with a matte finish.  It’s very purdy.

Here’s a photo that I noticed today on Facebook!  It’s Mii, JDubs, and our friends Ana and Matt from the Pokémon DS NYC Meetup Group!  YAY!!!

Cute Poké-Couples

So that’s all the swag and coverage I’ve got from this past event.  But there’s another event this Sunday (omg can’t wait!) so I’ll be sure to take more photos and stuff for you then!  Bai!!

Pokémon Gaming Lounge Recap

This past weekend was NYC Comic Con.  I didn’t have tickets to attend the actual convention (*sob*) but I was able to participate in something awesome anyway!  And that something awesome was the Pokémon Gaming Lounge held at the nearby SIR Stage 37.  This event was completely free, and was showcasing the new upcoming Pokémon game for the 3DS – “Pokémon Rumble Blast.”

The super mega awesome Nintendo World Store was offering a free shuttle from their store to the Javits Center area, so JDubs and I decided to stop by at their store before heading to the Pokémon event.  (We picked up 9 Streetpasses at the store alone, before we even went to the Comic Con area – score!)

Psyched for the Pokemon Rumble Blast event!

Where they had the Star Fox cut-out photo op last week (I posted my picture from that small display in my previous blog entry) there was a cute Pokémon Rumble Blast Display.  Obviously I had to strike a pose.  I accidentally blocked the toy Zekrom cut-out… sorry Zekrom!

Mario Party Bus!

We patiently waited for our free shuttle to the Javits Center.  Imagine our excitement when this red van pulled up, complete with a driver wearing a Mario hat!  When we got inside, we noticed that the stereo was playing soundtrack selections from Super Mario games new and old.  It was awesome!

The Pokemon Rumble Blast Event!

We arrived at the event and had to sign photo release forms.  Maybe I’ll be in some photos that were from the event?  I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.  They gave us free Pokémon swag bags and we headed into the magical world of Pokémon Rumble Blast.  There was a stage set up with a guy who was explaining all of the cool features we’ll find in this new 3D game.  In addition, they had dozens of 3DS consoles set up with demos of the game.  By the way, the game looks AMAZING in 3D and I can’t wait to get my game a day early at the Nintendo World release event this Sunday!  (Don’t worry, I’ll have full coverage of that event for you too.  Hehehe.)

In addition to that, there were tables set up for people [kids] to color in pictures of Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig which were being pinned up and made into a mural of pictures.  (Yes, we participated – everyone who colored in a picture got a free Pokémon Black & White Art Folio!)  They were giving out t-shirts with a toy Pikachu on them, which were so cute!  Not only that, but there were giant Pokémon AR Markers to use with Pokédex 3D.  Check it out!

Reshiram and Me!

The lighting was a little iffy so it was kinda hard to get multiple Pokémon in one shot but it was still really fun!  (I took way more Pokémon AR photos than just this – visit my Flickr photostream to see all of my pics.)

AR Photos Galore!

Much to my surprise, I found my friends Ana and Matt from the Pokémon DS Meetup Group NYC at the event too!  I was able to get a few needed Pokémon for my Pokédex 3D game, and they gave me some awesome Stunfisk AR marker stickers!  Thanks guys!  Can’t wait to see you next week at the pre-release event!

Pokemon Photo Op

My favorite section of the Gaming Lounge was definitely the Photo Op area.  You can see in this photo that there was a set up where people can pose with Pokémon.  The photographer was set up behind a fake 3DS cut-out frame, so that the final image looks like the people in the photo are in a 3DS game.  It was so cute!  (This ‘behind the scenes’ photo looks awesome in 3D btw.  But I have yet to find a suitable website that hosts .mp0 files.  Anyone know a good website to host a 3D photo album?)

Our 3DS Photo!

Isn’t it such a cute photo?  We are in the game with Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Zekrom and Reshiram!  Booya!  Jealous much?  lol 😛

And Pikachu was there.

Oh, and of course, what kind of Pokémon event would this have been without someone dressed up in a big Pikachu costume?  So I took a picture of him too.

We got SO MUCH SWAG at this event.  It was freakin sweet.  I can’t wait for the Pokémon event this weekend; there is going to be a scavenger hunt and even MORE swag for everyone.  I had intended to show off all the swag we got in this post, but I didn’t get a chance to take pics of everything I got yet.  So later this week I’ll try to write up a post detailing all the awesome swag we got.  It’s better off to save the swag overview for another entry – there was so much stuff that I want to do it right.  OMG bet you can’t wait!  lol

Stay tuned!  XD

Pokémon Rumble Blast Launch Events!

This weekend is going to be exciting!  NYC Comic Con 2011 is already ongoing, and I plan on stopping by tomorrow after work.  JDubs and I are going to check out a special Pokémon Gaming Lounge that is going to have demos of “Pokémon Rumble Blast” a week before the game is available to the public!  We are psyched.  Here’s all the details, in case you happen to live around NYC and want to join in.  Or if you’re just jealous.  Hehhehe.

I really hope I don’t have to work on October 23rd, because then I can go to the second event – held at the Nintendo World Store – which seems awesome!  You can buy the game a day early, there’s gonna be giveaways and most likely StreetPasses galore!  Not to mention a very good chance to fill up some holes in my Pokédex 3D game.

Here’a link to a press release about this weekend’s event, in case you want ALL the details:  http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=31050

So that’s some upcoming excitement for me!  I will try to take a lot of pictures and I’ll blog about everything when I get back.  Yay funtimes!

New Pokémon Updates!

Well, I’ve been trying not to be TOO busy lately, but it’s tough.  I’ve got three part time jobs, I have a new [totally awesome gamer] boyfriend and I’m SUPER close to beating Kirby Mass Attack.  But just because I have a lot going on doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to read my monthly Nintendo Power and tell you about any interesting news that I might discover!

So today, there’s some things you should know about Pokémon if you haven’t heard them already!

Pokemon News

Pokemon News!

  1. Pokémon Rumble Blast is coming out in 20 days!  SQUEEEEEEE!!!
  2. PGL Update!  On September 28th, the PGL added a new area to explore, called the Spooky Manor.  There’s a new mini game in this haunted area, and you can befriend many more ghost-types to send to your Black and White games!
  3. Speaking of befriending ghost-type Pokémon, there’s an exclusive Banette that you can download from the PGL by entering the code “NPCHARACTER” in the Promotions area.  This Banette is special because it has the move Cotton Guard, which raises defense!  (Though personally I don’t need a reason to download any exclusive Pokémon.  I just gotta catch em all!)
  4. If you didn’t see it already, there has been a slight update to the Pokédex 3D app for 3DS users.  To download the update, open the Pokédex and click on the Menu (gear button).  Scroll down and there is an Update button to click on.  This update will unlock features that have previously been somewhat impossible to get, because they require you to have a set number of stickers in your sticker book.  I say this somewhat impossible because I have been stuck on 120 of 120 Pokémon in my ‘Dex…  I don’t get anymore Pokémon via SpotPass, and I can’t use markers to download the missing entries.  So I don’t know how I’m supposed to get them all.  Oh well, at least this update allows me to play with all the extra features (such as a pause button, an action button, etc!)
Since Halloween is coming up, I think it’s cool that the PGL opened up a haunted house.  I love this holiday!  It’s so fun, I might even take the time to play with Jack the Pumpkin King in ACCF!  Do you have any fun Halloween plans?  There’s a section in Nintendo Power magazine where they ask you to submit your Nintendo related fan photos and such.  I am going to try my best to take some Halloween themed AR photos and share them with you!  If you have a cute photo of your Mii in a pumpkin patch, or maybe just a great photo from Halloween in ACCF, please share them with me on Twitter!  I’ll put them on the blog for everyone to see!  🙂