[aka Wasabi News #1.  We are going to try a different, 
weekly format for updates on my ACNL town Wasabi.  
This should leave more room for other non-AC posts.]

Week of 1/27 – 2/2

Wasabi Inaugurates Newly Constructed Lighthouse

Thanks to the hard work of the citizens of Wasabi, and the generous donations of the town’s Mayor Neko, Wasabi has the fortune to inaugurate a new Lighthouse!  Construction began on 1/24/13 and the estimated cost of construction was over ฿370,000.  Many of the residents of Wasabi gathered at the site of the new Lighthouse to celebrate the inauguration on 1/30/13.  Fundraising and construction took only 6 days.

QR Scanning Now Available at Able Sisters

The Able Sisters, Mabel and Sable, are proud to announce that as of 1/27/13, they will now be servicing clients who wish to scan QR codes to create clothing patterns.  Many official Nintendo patterns can be scanned from QR codes that are found on this website.  Popular right now are the K.K. Slider PRO t-shirt design, and the Princess Peach dress.

Welcome New Resident!

The population of Wasabi has been consistently growing, ever since Mayor Neko took over at Town Hall.  The newest resident of Wasabi is a small Monkey named デリ (Derry).  We are proud to announce that Derry was originally a resident of the neighboring village Kasen, but opted to move to Wasabi in hopes of finding larger fish to catch.  Good luck on that quest, Derry!

Floating Objects

Mayor Neko has reported seeing various balloons floating overhead ever since she moved to Wasabi.  She has been diligently been shooting them down and collecting the prizes that these balloons hold.  Mayor Neko has almost completed the Balloon Series, and on 1/29/13 had the luck to find three golden balloons floating overhead.  After shooting this down, she became the first resident of Wasabi to obtain the 3-Way Shot slingshot!  Congratulations Mayor!

Club 444 is NOW OPEN!

Due to the overwhelming demand of the residents of Wasabi, the world famous DJ K.K. Slider has opened up Club 444 in the Wasabi Strip Mall!  Mayor Neko had the residents of Wasabi sign a petition to bring DJ K.K. to Wasabi, and he simply could not refuse the requests of his fans.  Club 444 officially opened on 1/30/13.  DJ K.K. will be spinning house music nightly after 8PM – with the exception of Saturday nights, during which K.K. Slider will be performing an acoustic set.  At the acoustic set, K.K. Slider will entertain song requests by fans as well.  In the afternoons before K.K.’s show starts, Dr. Shrunk can be found in Club 444 performing his “acting” to anyone who will listen.


For all of those who venture to the Wasabi Strip Mall regularly, please use caution when walking on the east side.  A massive construction project began on 1/31/13 at the Able Sisters Shop.  Rumors suggest that the construction is to build a new salon above the clothing store.  While there is much excitement surrounding this, please use caution when walking by, as there is a lot of banging and drilling going on.  Mayor Neko has requested that all visitors please watch their step and look overhead for falling objects.

Public Works: New Bench

In addition to the new Lighthouse of Wasabi, Mayor Neko has also generously funded a quaint bench that can be found on the north east side of Wasabi.  It is yet another Public Work that Mayor Neko has created to bring more life to Wasabi.  The bench construction was completed on 2/1/13 and another Public Works project is in the planning stages.  Please see the Gyroid fundraiser located in the Wasabi Train Station for more details or to contribute.

New DLC at the Post Office

Pelly the Pelican, who works the day shift in the Wasabi Post Office, would like to remind everyone that there is new February DLC available for download.  The new DLC creates an Aurora Borealis – INDOORS!  Please visit the Post Office from 2/1 – 2/28 to receive this exclusive new item!  Mayor Neko, of course, snatched hers up as soon as she could and added it to her Ice Room.  She was quoted saying, “This new item is both beautiful and useful – it could serve well as a security device to block a doorway, while still giving visitors a peek inside the secured room.”

Museum Additions!

After a recent visit from Crazy Redd, a new addition has been donated to the Wasabi Museum by Mayor Neko.  The very first painting has finally been hung on the walls of the Museum!  The painting has been inspected by Blathers and deemed 100% authentic.  After Mayor Neko donated this first artwork, she told the Wasabi News, “I think that Blathers wants to upgrade the Wasabi Museum.  He seemed very pensive after I donated the painting.  I think now that each section of the Museum has at least one exhibit, Blathers will want to add a second floor.  Only time will tell!”

Stalk Market Report

Asking Price for Turnips on 1/27/13:  ฿106

Week’s Analysis:  It appeared that this was a Bear Market Week, with prices dipping as low as ฿47 per turnip.  The highest recorded price of the week was ฿140, which was posted after Mayor Neko had already sold her 200 turnips  in Kasen on 2/1/13, and took a small loss for the week.  Hopefully Joan will have a more favorable asking price on Sunday, 2/3/13.


A collection of the best photos of the week, as submitted by Mayor Neko!

Kuroi Robo Lamp!

Watch your step – it’s icy out there!

“The turnip prices went down AGAIN??”

Mayor Yumi of Kasen visiting the Wasabi Lighthouse.

Mayor Neko learned a new emotion thanks to Dr. Shrunk!

Fist Pumping! Even the townies dance when DJ K.K. plays the Town Tune Remix!

Pictured from left to right: Ri-Rii, Kitt, King, Mayor Neko, Wendy



Many Holidays!

Resetti was FUMING!

Squirt got in trouble last week because I accidentally turned off the Wii without saving.  It doesn’t happen often, but when I do see Resetti it’s usually pretty funny.  He called Squirt a big baby for resetting the game.  I tried to explain that it was an ACCIDENT, I wasn’t trying to cheat or anything…  but rules are rules, I guess!  lol

Northern Lights

Have any of you readers out there been watching the Olympics?  Did you see the Northern Lights in the Opening Ceremony?  I immediately thought of Animal Crossing when I saw the aurora borealis being recreated on stage!  😛  This ‘light show’ occured on 2/13, when Squirt was on his way to visit Japan!  He was going to visit オレンジ and to pick up a copy of the new JP DLC:  the Emperor’s Cap!

Squirt is the Emperor KING!

We had a good laugh about how Squirt looked wearing the Emperor’s Cap and the King’s Beard.  We laughed even more when Orenji’s friend ときーさん entered the town, ALSO wearing a King’s Beard!

Nice Beards!

It was very nice to visit Japan once again!  I had not visited Orenji’s town in a while so it was a lot of fun to hang out!  ありがとうございます オレンジーさん!

The next day was Valentine’s Day!  While I had plans with my RL Valentine ❤ I did manage to log in and find out who was crushing on Squirt this year.  He had sent some hybrid flowers to Agent S in hopes of gaining her love.  So he was very pleased to discover this Valentine Card in his mailbox:

V-Day Card

But then when Squirt talked to Agent S later that day, she said that she didn’t think she’d ever find the right guy for her…?  Squirt was so distraught by what Agent S said that he didn’t even remember to get his special cup of hot cocoa from Brewster, which is only available on Valentine’s Day!  Oh well, there was no time to dwell on this because the following day was FESTIVALE!

Viva Festivale!

Confetti filled the air, and Deb decided to log in and participate in Festivale because she hadn’t experienced it yet.  For those of you out there who might have their dates turned back and haven’t done Festivale this year, here’s a little reminder of how the event works:

  • You will need a LOT of candy.  Many people find that the best strategy for this is to simply stock up on candy during Halloween.
  • First, you must go and speak with Pavé, who will tell you what color candy he wants at the current time.
  • Second, you gather the candy (if you were lucky enough to have the right color) and give it to Pavé.  Don’t forget (cuz I did!) that Pavé will only accept THREE of whatever color he requested!  He’s not cool like Jack was on Halloween, Pavé is very picky and demanding!
  • If you did not have the right color candy, then it’s time to play some games with the townies!  Most people agree that it makes life easier if you follow this strategy:
    • Push any townies you find into the area around the Town Hall.  Dig holes around the townies so that they can’t escape.
    • Invite friends over to help you!  Pavé gives a LOT of repeats so get all the help you can!
    • Be careful, the games you play with the townies are all CHANCE.  If you lose, they will either take a candy from your pocket or take 500 bells!  Be prepared.
    • You can’t play games with the same townie twice.  You must go to a different townie before returning to one you’d spoken with before.

Deb tried to collect as much of the Pavé Series as she could, but doing it all on her own got a bit tedious.  Plus I already have the full set so I wasn’t really trying that hard.  But then later that day, I logged in as Squirt to send some mail to my sister.  That was when I discovered one last tip about Festivale:  WEAR A MATCHING COSTUME!

Squirt's Costume

King Squirt wears this outfit everyday (as you well know) so he didn’t even think about the fact that he was wearing a costume.  But when he talked to any townie roaming around, they would comment that they liked his costume and gave him FREE CANDY!  So that’s an extra way to earn a few pieces of candy without even trying.

Here is Twinx’s newly updated Pavé Room, complete with the new Pavé Clock EU DLC that was released recently!

Pavé Room

It’s not exactly the coolest furniture series, but I don’t mind it as much as SOME people do.  😉 Hehehehe!

Before I go, in some general Shaolin News, I changed the pathway that leads to the Museum so that it is now lined with K.K. Slider songs.  They are really cute and I think it looks nice.  What do you guys think?

New MuseoPath

And finally, someone has decided to leave Shaolin.  Peaches, the clown horse, is packing her bags!  She might even be gone already, I didn’t log in to play ACCF yet today.

So long, Peaches.

See ya in the city, Peaches!  We had a good run.  But it’s time for her to go back to the circus!  lol 😛

Groundhog’s Day (and more!)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!  I’ve been keeping busy!  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing ACCF, of course.  In fact, I have even been WIFI’ing a little bit more than usual!  At the end of January, my [real life] younger sister and I played AC together!  She’s new to the game and doesn’t know much about it, so I reluctantly gave her my ACCF Guide!  lol  Her name is Rachel, and she visited Shaolin, where we set off party poppers during the grand tour!

Party Poppers w/Rachel

After she visited my town, we decided to go to her town, named Funville.  (Sounds like FARMville to me!!  lol)  Since she was wearing her Mii Mask, I figured I might as well put mine on also.  Don’t you see the family resemblance?  LOL

Matching Mii Masks

I think it’s pretty funny, our Mii’s do kind of look similar.  We chose the same nose and eyes for our Mii’s.  Great minds think alike!  Anyway, I planted a bunch of fruit trees in Funville to help Rachel make some more money to pay off her house loans!  I’m just glad my sister is liking ACCF!  🙂

Since then, things were pretty quiet in Shaolin through the end of January.  The Northern Lights appeared a few nights ago, so that’s always fun!

Northern Lights

Shaolin has a new resident, too.  He moved into Victoria’s old spot, which is a pretty boring location.  But I don’t mind it.  It’s the new animal that I don’t much care for.

Kody the Kodiak

I guess Kody’s interior design skills are pretty good.  But Kody is just another beef-head and Rowan is already the resident jock in Shaolin.  But I guess it could be worse.  Now if I could just get rid of Bella…

Anyway, when February rolled in, it was time for a new HOLIDAY!  If you can call it that.  Groundhog’s Day isn’t exactly a ‘hootenanny’, as Puck would say.  But nonetheless, my buddies in Japan wanted to come by and join in the festivities!

First, オレンジ [Orenji] came by and wanted to pick up a bunch of Resetti Models, which are the prize Tortimer gives out on this day.  (Does anyone need a Resetti model?  I have an extra.)

Orenji in a tam o'shanter!

I had posted on Twitter that my gate was open, so another Japanese friend came by – one that I hadn’t met before!  He calls himself NB-8C.  I don’t know what his name means, but he’s very nice and informative on Twitter!  lol  It was my first time meeting him, so I was very sorry that I had to cut our WIFI session short… because I had to go to work.  STUPID WORK!!  lol

Meet NB-8C!

Doesn’t NB-8C look very dapper?  I hope we can WIFI again soon!  オレンジ told me that there is another holiday on 2/14 (also Valentine’s Day!) so I will try to take a trip to Japan to hang out with my ともだち!

And before I go, I’d like to let you know what DLC is coming up soon!  First, in the US, we will be receiving a Valentine’s Day themed item:  the Cupid Bench!

Cupid Bench

Make sure your WiiConnect 24 is turned on!  (If you aren’t sure, go to the attic of your ACCF house, pick up the phone and talk to ROVER, who will make sure it’s connected for you!)

And in Japan, new DLC is coming as well!  I’m not exactly sure what holiday it is for, but I believe it is called the Emperor’s Crown:

Emperor's Crown DLC

Don’t forget, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in ACCF!  One animal in town will give you a chocolate heart (if you’re friendly, that is…) and you can get hot cocoa from Brewster on this holiday!  So take some time to find out which animal in YOUR town loves you!  🙂


What a busy morning!  I knew my friend Pal was going to be celebrating Festivale today (she TT’ed one week ahead) so I quickly rushed around my morning chores.  I was going to just run straight to the gate, but I saw Pascal on the Old North Bridge!  So of course, I ran back to my house to get the Scallop.  And he finally gave me the Sea View wallpaper I’ve been wanting!  But the timing couldn’t be worse, b/c I was going to re-do my house with Beach furniture.  Maybe I’ll put the Tropical stuff in the basement, and the Ship stuff on the main room with a bunch of lucky items?  But I also bought an entire Lovely series that I was going to put in the basement….  Oh dear…  I’ll figure something out!

Once I had dumped all my stuff in the house, I raced over to the gate to visit Cairnie!  And it was pretty busy there too!  Confetti was falling from the sky constantly, like rain!  It was pretty cute.  There was an upbeat tune playing.  I went over to the Town Hall, and there was the flamboyant Pavé dancing to a tune all his/her own.  (I think he looks like a drag queen so I’m going with that…)  


Meeting Pavé for the first time!

Meeting Pavé for the first time!

Here’s a breakdown of how Festivale works, in case you’d like a preview for next week.  Basically, you have to talk to Pavé and find out what color candy he wants.  Then you have to talk to the townies and try to get that color candy.  You need three pieces of the specific color candy before Pavé will give you anything.  

Sounds easy?  Well, it’s not!  If you are attempting to complete the Pavé Series on your own, I feel bad for you.  To get one piece of candy, you have to win a minigame with one of the animals in the town.  Only some games allow you to choose what color candy you will get.  Some of the minigames include:  Coin Flip, Rock Paper Scissors, Soccer Shootout and Psychic.  I’m pretty sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but that’ll just be a surprise I guess!  If you lose the minigame, you will lose either a) a candy, if you had one in your pockets b) 500 bells or c) something from your pocket, if you don’t have at least 500 bells.  The animals will NOT play a game with you if you have nothing to wager!  From my experience, the animals will take fish, fruit and shells for the minigames.

When you do get a candy, it will be either Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.  Pavé will tell you which color you need, but you have to talk to him first, and listen to his long song before he will tell you anything.


Viva Festivale!

Viva Festivale!

From my experience, it’s easier to just do a bunch of minigames, and drop off the candy you win in front of the Town Hall.  Don’t have candy in your pocket when you play a minigame, or you could risk losing it!  When there are three of the color Pavé asked for, bring them to him and he’ll give you a piece of furniture.  He’ll also tell you the next color that you need to collect to get another piece of furniture.  The furniture item Pavé gives you is completely random (but all are from the Pavé series, obviously), and it will take a WHILE if you are looking for a specific piece.  In essence, there is a lot of back and forth:  play a game, drop off candy, play a game, drop off candy and so on.  Talking to Pavé is never a quick thing either.  I highly recommend getting a friend to come and help you, if you can!  


Feeling worn out after all this hard work...

Feeling worn out after all this hard work...

Here is Squirt, Pal and Tan, feeling worn out after a day’s worth of Festivale!  As you can see, candy is strewn everywhere.  We tried to keep it organized and drop them in sections for each color.  And just an insider’s tip:  it helps a LOT if you can manage to ‘corral’ the animals behind dig spots (see the lower left corner of this photo, if that helps) so they are stuck in one spot.  This way you know where to find them for the next minigame!


Another Example

Another Example


Here’s another example of how to get the animals stuck in one spot.  It really helps to have a friend with this, because one person can engage the animal in conversation, keeping them in one place while the other digs holes around them so they can’t get away!  It’s a pretty funny process, so it’s definitely worth it to help you out a little bit more!  I certainly wouldn’t want to add running around looking for neighbors to the already long list of tedious things to do during this holiday!  

And one small note:  Townies inside their houses are not participating in Festivale, and will not play minigames.  They are party-poopers.

When I first arrived at Cairnie, I faced the ethical dilemma of deciding whether I should take the entire set now, without doing the actual activities, or really work for it.  I ended up taking the set, after warnings from Pal and her friends.  So I picked up the pieces (Pal had them strewn all over her town) and found everything except the Pavé Chair.  Pal said, “OK don’t worry we’ll probably get one soon enough.”  NOT!  It took us over a half hour of playing games, getting candy, and talking to Pavé (and getting like 10 Pavé Lamps instead…) before we got the Pavé Chair!  It was crazy.  I was thankful that I didn’t have to worry about getting every item of this set.  Not that I even think I’m going to use it, since it’s very weird looking.


After a long day, Northern Lights appear!

After a long day, Northern Lights appear!


I will participate in Festivale when it occurs in Shaolin next Monday.  Mostly because you get 12,000 bells for each piece of furniture!  Sounds like a good way to make some money!  But I won’t be playing all day, that’s for sure!  It was a LOT of work, it was even worse than when Franklin wanted to play Hide and Seek for 12 hours on Thanksgiving!

After visiting Cairnie, I opened the gates of Shaolin to visitors.  Pal came by to sell some fish since her Nook’s was closed, and then Matt came over wearing a crazy t-shirt designed to look like a bare chest!  He had a sailor cap on, so I guess it was fitting to wear something like that…  A new friend came to visit as well, called No Name, from the town Glitch.  (Some people have the craziest town names!)  I visited Glitch too, and it was pretty cool!  Yay for new friends!

Sunday AM

Got my HRA evaluation this morning.  Guess what my score was?  181,149 points!  Whoa!  That’s even higher than I had hoped.  And of course, what came with it was the Two-Story Model house!  Hooray!  Now I just need Nookington’s and the Museum (I think) to finish the model set.  I wonder why there’s no Able’s shop model.

It was REALLY tough to find Joan this morning, because I was afraid of walking on the snow since I didn’t want it to disappear.  But I didn’t find her near any of my paths, so I ended up treading everywhere anyway, and I probably killed a lot of grass/snow.  Sigh… then of course she turned out to be hiding between trees right by Bree’s house, which was pretty annoying.  She was selling for 108 bells and I had a lot of money in my pocket so I bought 3 batches of 50.  Hopefully that’ll work out for me.


Twinx under the Northern Lights.

Twinx under the Northern Lights.

As you can see, last night we had Northern Lights in Shaolin!  Twinx spotted them first, on her way to listen to K.K. Slider at the Cafe.  I took a picture with her since she never is in any photos, cuz Squirt is always playing!  I like this picture because it also looks like the Pac Man constellation is going to eat the moon.  Double point score lol!

In the city, I visited the HRA HQ to get my results.  It was the same as last week though.  I guess you can’t improve on perfection!  Heheh!  But then I went to GracieGrace.  And who do I find in there?  None other than Gracie herself!  I asked her for her “fashion advice” but she was totally impressed with my Samus helmet and Varia suit.  She even said that my shoes matched, which she thought was cool because she claimed many people overlook footwear.  Then she told me that as a reward, I’d be given a 10% discount off everything in the store.  But it’s just for right now!  I only have 6K, and I don’t have my Gold Card on me.  Grrrrr!  How useless lol!


Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount

Gracie, after giving me a one-time 10% discount

Friday PM

8 PM – No Northern Lights spotted as of yet.  

  • Curly wants a centipede.
  • Cube wants cabin furniture.
  • Rowan has a message for (and a crush on, it seems) Twinx.  “Outfits.”

Twinx paid off her second house loan, with a little help from Squirt.  Hooray!  Now there’ll finally be some room in her house for a full furniture set.  I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with each house yet, but I think I’ll let her display the Harvest Series for the time being.  At least that will give me something to do tomorrow while Nook’s is closed!  I know he won’t be slacking off when it comes to building Twinx’s house expansion!

Peanut keeps saying she wants to move away but I think I convinced her to stay.  For the time being at least.

PM turnip price is 67 bells.  Looks like I made the right decision selling this morning!  

My friend in Udrigle sent me a letter saying that the Northern Lights appeared in her town at 11:45 PM.  Maybe I should look then?  I’ll keep looking while I try to sell as much stuff as I can before Nook closes.  

Hmm, I just did a delivery for Jambette to Ruby.  Now remember, Ruby had just asked me to get her a danger shirt yesterday, which I did.  She was wearing that shirt all day.  Then I delivered Jambette’s package, which was a shirt as well.  Ruby put it on without delay!  All that trouble to get the danger shirt and she didn’t even wear it for more than a day.  How ungrateful!  LOL.

8:52 PM – Northern Lights spotted!  Cool!  They are like wavy glowing lines in the sky!  I took a picture, but I already used my daily photo email, so I can’t upload it.  😦  I really need an SD card reader!!!  It looks very pretty, I’ll upload the pic as soon as I can!  It looks like the colors in the sky are changing and the stars are sparkling, it’s so nice.  Very excellent new feature to this game.  I wonder how long it will last…