Metroid: Samus Returns Event

Samus is back, baby!

Got my Samus t-shirt ready to go!

Got my Samus t-shirt ready to go!

Nintendo fans have been begging for YEARS for another Metroid game, and now the time is finally here! Metroid: Samus Returns has been reimagined for the 3DS with beautiful new graphics and controls. To celebrate the big day, there was a fun event held at the Nintendo NY store in New York City. I stopped by to check out the event! Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for it’s entirety so I missed the cosplay contest, but it was still pretty cool!

The event was held in the big upstairs area, and they had a table set out with lots of goodies for everyone in attendance!

Metroid Swag

Metroid Swag

For those keeping score, we have vinyl Metroid: Samus Returns posters, Metroid head cookies (arranged in the shape of an M!) as well as regular posters for the game. Not bad for freebies!

As guests walked into the event space, the next thing you notice is the huge Metroid backdrop with Samus Aran featured in a classic pose.

Who can resist a photo op? Not me.

Who can resist a photo op? Not me.

Of course I had to get a pic with my favorite Bounty Hunter! #girlcrush

The next feature of the event was the Metroid fan art that had been submitted in advance. It was on full display at the event and the artwork was really fantastic!

Metroid Fan Art

More Metroid Fanart

I wish I had skills like these artists! The event continued on from there, but didn’t make for great photos. There was a mass of people gathered around to play some Name That Tune with Metroid theme music. The Nintendo staff gave away prizes to those who answered correctly!

Sadly, I did not cosplay at this event. I was coming straight from work, so my red Metroid t-shirt was all I could muster. Thankfully, another Zero Suit Samus cosplayer came out to the event, and my friend Peter got a photo with her, so I’ll share it. She looks great – I just wish she had worn a wig! Brunette Samus is pretty cool though.

Peter with Samus Cosplayer!

All in all, it was a great event! I had a lot of fun, and it’s so awesome to see so many people excited for a new Metroid game. I’ve only played it briefly so far, and it’s really hard – just like the original! The new controls take some getting used to, but with some dedication I’ll get there.

It’s definitely nice to see some more great 3DS games coming out, because I really love playing 3DS on the go. It’s a great way for me to pass the time on my commute to work. I know the Nintendo Switch is portable too, but it’s still big and clunky to carry around. Plus it’s more expensive than the 3DS, should something horrible happen and replacement is needed… lol!

In closing, I love going to Nintendo NY events. They are always great! The cookie definitely had way too much fondant but I appreciate the effort and free food. Here’s a picture of my haul, including the event swag, the game, Metroid amiibos and my bonus Metroid keychain! Booyah!

My Metroid Goodies!

My Metroid Goodies!


Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at NWS!

OK now that I’m back from my trip to California and Las Vegas, I finally have a chance to catch up on some awesome blogging action for you Glux Blog readers!  First up is full coverage of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

June 8th was the big day!  Nintendo announced that they’d be releasing ACNL one day early at the Nintendo World Store, along with an ACNL take-over of the store!  The event was running from 9AM – 1PM.  Obviously I had to be there.  Apparently, so did hundreds of other people!

JDubz and I arrived early, around 7:30AM to get a decent spot in line.  We weren’t in the first 100 sadly (those lucky folks got free ACNL skins for their 3DS) but we had plenty of time to chat with other ACNL fans and check StreetPasses!  We also met up with our friends from StreetPass NYC, including their founder Jordan W. who was dressed up as Resetti and lecturing people in line!

Jordan wasn’t the only one who dressed up.  I’d spent the past week putting together a little cosplay for myself.  I decided to dress up as an Animal Crossing Villager!  Check out my costume!

As you can see, I was sporting the popular BB shirt, some camo shorts, ladder shades and a bug net!  I was SO ready for this!  I wonder how Gracie would have rated me?  (BTW, I do NOT recommend wearing ladder shades EVER in life.  It’s very difficult to see anything, very disorienting and does NOTHING to block the sun from your eyes.  Novelty use ONLY!)

This is the cool 3D window display that they had up at the Nintendo World Store.  HYPE!!  We couldn’t wait to get in.  It wasn’t until sometime after 10AM that we actually made it into the store to get in line to buy all of our stuff.  For the record, I only bought the guide at this event, since I was planning to download a digital copy of the game from the eShop the following day.

As you can imagine, the line inside the store was extremely long.  Luckily, the Nintendo World Store was nice enough to have a free photobooth kiosk set up near the line.  JDubz and I popped in to take a few shots.  They let me do it a second time because I forgot to put my ladder shades down in my photos with JDubz.  I also think they let me do it a second time cuz I was one of only a few people who really went all-out with cosplay for this event lol!

Once we finished our purchases, it was time to have fun with all the activities that were set up in store!  Time for a Photolog!

An ACNL Coloring Wall! Grab a marker and color away! I colored in that lower case “r” in purple… just cause!

Posing with a cut-out train lol!

This was the Bug Catching Booth. Similar to those booths where they throw a bunch of cash to blow around in a booth and you have to grab as much as you can with your hands, this one had little slips of paper with bugs drawn on them. I got an ACNL button for participating!

Blathers’ Matching Game! The NWS Employees put a bunch of fossil drawings face down and we had to match them – just like the Island Tour Matching Game in ACNL!

Fishing with Kapp’n! Magnetic fishing rods were handed to participants, and you had to “fish” for two matching fish that were illustrated on the back of some magnetic “shadows.” It was very cute and harder than it looked!

DJ K.K. was on hand to spin some club music for everyone!

This was a small part of a really cute diorama made to look like a mini version of an Animal Crossing town. It was hand made by NWS employees. So awesome!!!


This was one of the most entertaining launch events that I’ve ever seen at NWS.  Maybe it’s just because I’m so enthused about Animal Crossing, but I really felt they pulled out all the stops for this party.  I’m really happy to see so many people excited to play ACNL too!  And it’s not just girls, plenty of grown men were on line to pick up this game!  I can’t wait to start playing online with everybody!  Now that I’m back from vacation, there will be plenty of time for WIFI gaming!  😀

Just have to put this out there:  StreetPass Long Island is hosting an ACNL Event of our own on Sunday, 6/23!  We are having the event at the beautiful Clark Botanic Gardens from 1-4PM.  We will be handing out Flower Hybrid Guides, a new Hybrid Flower Chart, and of course playing the game together!  I have lots of giveaways from my JP town of Wasabi to give to all gamers who attend the event!  For more details, please visit our website for more details:  The ACNL SUPER AWESOME GARDEN PARTY!

Pokémon Black & White 2: Launch Weekend Update!

This weekend is gonna be AWESOMEEEE!!!

Pokemon Black and White 2

In case you didn’t know, or you forgot, or you don’t keep up with Pokémon news…  the new games are coming out THIS WEEKEND!  For most of the country, Pokémon B&W2 will be released on Sunday, 10/7.  However, if you’re super cool like me and happen to live close enough to the Nintendo World Store, the games are going to be released on Saturday at 9AM!  There is going to be a Launch Event party at the store, including free gifts and photo ops with giant Pokemon mascots!  I managed to get someone to cover my Saturday morning shift so that I can go to the event, so I’m very excited to play this game (again) before everyone else!

Since these new games are sequels, you can transfer some of the information from the original B&W to your B&W2 games.  This new feature is called the Memory Link, and it can transfer your Pokedex Completion Certificates into the bedroom of your B&W2 game.  Note:  The Memory Link does not actually transfer the contents of your Storage Boxes to the new game.  So I’m spending a lot of time working to complete my Pokedex in White so I can transfer it over.  I’m up to like 518, so I’m almost there!  Wish me luck!

In Animal Crossing news, there is a Japanese Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow (Friday) morning, apparently it will be full of Animal Crossing info on the new game.  In Japanese.  So I’ll do my best to figure out what they are talking about and share more screenshots with you.  Also, an Animal Crossing 3DS bundle is going to be available for Japan, and it is going to include a limited edition Animal Crossing pattern 3DS XL, as well as the new 3DS game.  JEALOUSSS!!!

And finally, I’d like to mention that next weekend is NEW YORK COMIC CON!  I’ve got a 3-Day Pass, and it’s going to be my first Comic Con.  I’m a bit perturbed to read that there will be many porn stars present at the convention, but I’ll try my best to remain civil and just stay away instead of starting a fight with these bimbos.  Don’t worry, I’ll take plenty of photos (tho not of those sluts lol!) and report everything I see at NYCC and share it with all of you!  🙂

Prelude to the Goddesses Concert

Yesterday I attended the Legend of Zelda: Prelude to the Goddesses Concert at the Nintendo World Store!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Wait, what? Didn’t Glux already attend the Symphony of the Goddesses concert earlier this summer? Doesn’t the word prelude mean something that precedes, or comes before something else?” Well, you are correct! However, the concert I went to was in Philadelphia. The Symphony of the Goddesses is coming to NYC in November, so this was a little teaser event to get people excited about the show. This was a free event that was going to start at 6PM.

Prelude to the Goddesses Ticket

Of course, since this was an official Nintendo event in NYC, that means you have to get there really early just to get in! JDubz and I got there around 3:15 and they had already given out wristbands to the front of the line. Luckily we got in on the next batch that they handed out, but we weren’t able to get inside until well after 6PM. The Nintendo World Store is actually fairly small, and was pretty much at capacity with about 200 attendees.

The first part of the event was an Ocarina Workshop and a merchandise stand on the ground floor selling concert t-shirts, posters and even ocarinas! The workshop was pretty interesting; I have some videos of it up on YouTube. The quality isn’t great but I recorded it with my 3DS so… oh well! 😛

Ocarina Guy starts playing Zelda music!

The guy giving the lecture was pretty kickass at playing Ocarina too! It was very interesting, but we had to rush upstairs because we wanted to get a decent spot for the concert. We ended up off to the side, but I tried my best to get as close as possible to the action!

The concert itself was very cool. The ensemble was only 6 instruments, compared to the full orchestra in the real Symphony. Since the store is small, the concert had a more intimate vibe. They played some Zelda staples, and also added some exclusive arrangements, like the theme from Beedle’s Shop, which isn’t in the set list of the Symphony of the Goddesses. (That I can remember anyway lol!)

Show Time!

I have to admit it was a long day of standing around and we were so beat that we ducked out of the concert early. But it was a lot of fun, we got to hang out with our friends at StreetPass NYC. I got a ton of StreetPasses of course, and I got all the puzzle pieces that I needed to complete the Kirby’s 20th Anniversary and New Super Mario Bros. 2 puzzles. Sweet!

In other news, I officially preordered Pokemon Black 2 and a Wii U! I was disappointed though, we tried to preorder the Wii U at GameStop and they said they were sold out already! So we did preorders at Best Buy, but that store isn’t as reliable, and they don’t do cool things like midnight launches. So if I hear that GameStop is accepting preorders again, I’ll switch my reservation. 😛

Pokémon Rumble Blast!

Rumble Blast Time!

Well I am a happy little camper right now!  Yesterday I had a super fun day in the city – JDubs and I went to the Nintendo World Store [again!] to attend the pre-release event for Pokémon Rumble Blast!  I’m not going to lie – the event last week at Comic Con was cooler.

The biggest aspect of this past Sunday’s event was the fact that you could purchase the new Pokémon Rumble Blast game one day before other stores have it available.  (That was reason enough for me!)  They also gave me a few new AR marker cards, which is always cool.  The swag was all the same as last week’s, including the drawstring bag, t-shirts and the map/chart from the B&W Guide.

While the ‘event’ wasn’t that eventful, I did go on a mini-awesome shopping spree.  I’ll try to remember to take photos of the cute stuff I got, including a Pikachu t-shirt, a Goomba knit cap, and a New Super Mario Bros. tote bag.

What’s important is that I’ve got Pokémon Rumble Blast in my hot little fist!  I’ve been kind of blowing through the game, but I will attest that the Battle Royales are no joke!  You really need high powered Pokémon to succeed!  JDubs, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, opted to preorder his Rumble Blast from GameStop so that we could get the special edition Pokémon pin set as well.  He was pretty jealous that he couldn’t play the game yesterday with me though!  🙂

Sadly for me, I have work today.  We have a new intern in my office so I can’t even sneak my 3DS into my lap for discreet slacking off…  so I can’t quite play while I’m at work.  But after work, we are going straight to GameStop to get JDubs’ copy, and I’ll be picking up my new “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” Wii game, which also comes out today.  I got to play Kirby’s new game a little bit at the Nintendo World Store – it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!!  There are ‘super abilities’ and they are so kick ass.  OMFG.

A Kirby Super Ability

Pokémon Gaming Lounge Recap

This past weekend was NYC Comic Con.  I didn’t have tickets to attend the actual convention (*sob*) but I was able to participate in something awesome anyway!  And that something awesome was the Pokémon Gaming Lounge held at the nearby SIR Stage 37.  This event was completely free, and was showcasing the new upcoming Pokémon game for the 3DS – “Pokémon Rumble Blast.”

The super mega awesome Nintendo World Store was offering a free shuttle from their store to the Javits Center area, so JDubs and I decided to stop by at their store before heading to the Pokémon event.  (We picked up 9 Streetpasses at the store alone, before we even went to the Comic Con area – score!)

Psyched for the Pokemon Rumble Blast event!

Where they had the Star Fox cut-out photo op last week (I posted my picture from that small display in my previous blog entry) there was a cute Pokémon Rumble Blast Display.  Obviously I had to strike a pose.  I accidentally blocked the toy Zekrom cut-out… sorry Zekrom!

Mario Party Bus!

We patiently waited for our free shuttle to the Javits Center.  Imagine our excitement when this red van pulled up, complete with a driver wearing a Mario hat!  When we got inside, we noticed that the stereo was playing soundtrack selections from Super Mario games new and old.  It was awesome!

The Pokemon Rumble Blast Event!

We arrived at the event and had to sign photo release forms.  Maybe I’ll be in some photos that were from the event?  I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.  They gave us free Pokémon swag bags and we headed into the magical world of Pokémon Rumble Blast.  There was a stage set up with a guy who was explaining all of the cool features we’ll find in this new 3D game.  In addition, they had dozens of 3DS consoles set up with demos of the game.  By the way, the game looks AMAZING in 3D and I can’t wait to get my game a day early at the Nintendo World release event this Sunday!  (Don’t worry, I’ll have full coverage of that event for you too.  Hehehe.)

In addition to that, there were tables set up for people [kids] to color in pictures of Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig which were being pinned up and made into a mural of pictures.  (Yes, we participated – everyone who colored in a picture got a free Pokémon Black & White Art Folio!)  They were giving out t-shirts with a toy Pikachu on them, which were so cute!  Not only that, but there were giant Pokémon AR Markers to use with Pokédex 3D.  Check it out!

Reshiram and Me!

The lighting was a little iffy so it was kinda hard to get multiple Pokémon in one shot but it was still really fun!  (I took way more Pokémon AR photos than just this – visit my Flickr photostream to see all of my pics.)

AR Photos Galore!

Much to my surprise, I found my friends Ana and Matt from the Pokémon DS Meetup Group NYC at the event too!  I was able to get a few needed Pokémon for my Pokédex 3D game, and they gave me some awesome Stunfisk AR marker stickers!  Thanks guys!  Can’t wait to see you next week at the pre-release event!

Pokemon Photo Op

My favorite section of the Gaming Lounge was definitely the Photo Op area.  You can see in this photo that there was a set up where people can pose with Pokémon.  The photographer was set up behind a fake 3DS cut-out frame, so that the final image looks like the people in the photo are in a 3DS game.  It was so cute!  (This ‘behind the scenes’ photo looks awesome in 3D btw.  But I have yet to find a suitable website that hosts .mp0 files.  Anyone know a good website to host a 3D photo album?)

Our 3DS Photo!

Isn’t it such a cute photo?  We are in the game with Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Zekrom and Reshiram!  Booya!  Jealous much?  lol 😛

And Pikachu was there.

Oh, and of course, what kind of Pokémon event would this have been without someone dressed up in a big Pikachu costume?  So I took a picture of him too.

We got SO MUCH SWAG at this event.  It was freakin sweet.  I can’t wait for the Pokémon event this weekend; there is going to be a scavenger hunt and even MORE swag for everyone.  I had intended to show off all the swag we got in this post, but I didn’t get a chance to take pics of everything I got yet.  So later this week I’ll try to write up a post detailing all the awesome swag we got.  It’s better off to save the swag overview for another entry – there was so much stuff that I want to do it right.  OMG bet you can’t wait!  lol

Stay tuned!  XD

Pokémon Rumble Blast Launch Events!

This weekend is going to be exciting!  NYC Comic Con 2011 is already ongoing, and I plan on stopping by tomorrow after work.  JDubs and I are going to check out a special Pokémon Gaming Lounge that is going to have demos of “Pokémon Rumble Blast” a week before the game is available to the public!  We are psyched.  Here’s all the details, in case you happen to live around NYC and want to join in.  Or if you’re just jealous.  Hehhehe.

I really hope I don’t have to work on October 23rd, because then I can go to the second event – held at the Nintendo World Store – which seems awesome!  You can buy the game a day early, there’s gonna be giveaways and most likely StreetPasses galore!  Not to mention a very good chance to fill up some holes in my Pokédex 3D game.

Here’a link to a press release about this weekend’s event, in case you want ALL the details:

So that’s some upcoming excitement for me!  I will try to take a lot of pictures and I’ll blog about everything when I get back.  Yay funtimes!

Good Times at Nintendo World

Hi again!  This past weekend I went with my bf JDubs to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!  He’d never been there before, so it was extra fun to take him for the first time.

Star Fox Glux

First thing we noticed was a Star Fox photo op thingy!  Of course I had to jump in there and practice my “make a stupid face” photo modeling techniques.

We went through the Pokémon floor, which is the bottom floor of the store.  I showed him the super cute Pikachu DSi charging stand, which is awesome but I can’t use it with my Nerf armor.  JDubs got me a SWEET green Nerf armor for my 3DS and I am SO HAPPY!  I’ll take a picture and show you guys later…. (I’m at work now lol)

Next we went upstairs where I found an amazingly cute Kirby shirt.  It was a youth-sized shirt but I managed to find one that fits me and it’s ADORABLE!  Again… photo pending.  I didn’t take a pic at the time lol.  It’s so great tho, you’ll all be jealous.

As we were leaving, we noticed there were giant AR markers on the floor by the entrance.  JDubs took a couple of shots of me attempting to interact with invisible Link and Mario models.  Check it out!  XD

Mario, Me and Link

Link showing me his Rupee.

Innit so cute??  I am still working on taking some cute AR Halloween photos.  Keep on the lookout for that.

Also, I don’t have time to post about this now but there are some exciting festivities coming up at the Nintendo World Store both this weekend (with Comic Con in NYC) and on October 23rd (a pre-release party for Pokémon Rumble Blast) so I will post the info about that when I get a chance.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend both events too!  I better not have work… *grumble*

OK I’ll post more later!  It was an awesome time and I recommend everyone get their butts over to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!