Join Me on Wii Fit U!

Hi there fitness freaks!  This month Nintendo released a gift to everyone who played Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus for the original Wii.  If you have a Wii U and an existing Balance Board in your house, you can try Wii Fit U for FREE for 30 days by downloading the free trial on the Nintendo eShop!!  After the trial period, all you have to do is purchase a Fit Meter for $20 to unlock unlimited use of the game.  As someone who’s been playing Wii Fit Plus since 2010, I jumped on this deal as soon as it became available on November 1st.

Wii Fit U is the latest installment in Nintendo’s amazing efforts to make a fitness game that actually gets you results.  Using the newest features of the Wii U GamePad, and the innovative technology of the already awesome Balance Board, you can get real feedback on form and balance from your virtual trainer.  Something I especially love is the new Mirror Mode feature, which allows you to use the GamePad’s camera to actually see yourself on the TV (or you can play completely on the GamePad if you wish!) and compare your form to the trainer.

On top of new features like that, Wii Fit U includes lots of fun, new balance games, and improvements to already popular Aerobic activities.  You can now do “Free Boxing” and punch to the beat while watching TV!  There are lots of new ways to personalize your workout too.  And if you are an early adopter of the Wii Fit franchise, you can transfer your old save files and data from the original Wii for a fast start!

Another cool feature is the way that Wii Fit U integrates the Miiverse.  You can sign up for a Wii Fit U Gym Community on Miiverse, and this will post your activities to your friends!  I set up a Gym Community for StreetPass Long Island, but everyone is welcome to join!  As of now, I’m kind of pathetically alone in this Gym so PLEASE won’t someone join my Gym Community?

StreetPass LI Gym Community Code: 7008-8617-8850

Another cool way that Wii Fit U gives you feedback on your progress are all of the analytics that the game provides.  If you’d played the older Wii Fit games, you’re already familiar with the charts that measure your weight and BMI.  But Wii Fit U adds new levels of feedback, such as telling you how much time you’ve spent working on different parts of your body, allowing you to tailor your workout to sculpt targeted areas!

Now I must go into detail about the super Wii Fit Meter.  This is not your average, everyday pedometer.  Sure, yes, it measures the number of steps you take per day.  On top of that, since it’s synced with your Wii Fit U game, it knows your BMI and can calculate how many calories are being burned.  The Wii Fit Meter also includes an altimeter, which measures if you are climbing stairs or a hill and takes this into account with your burned calorie count.  On the Wii Fit Meter, you can view many charts and see what time of day you were being active… and lots of other cool stuff!


OK yes, the Wii Fit Meter is quite reminiscent of the old Pokewalker from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.  I kinda want to figure out if it’s possible to swap the faceplates.  While you can’t carry a Pokemon around with you on the Fit Meter, you can see your Mii winking away at you while you run.  It’s much more advanced and I am really impressed with the information it obtains and transmits to your Wii Fit U game.  You can sync your steps and calories burned, so Wii Fit U will account for every single calorie you burn, whether you are playing the game on Wii U or doing a run around your neighborhood.

So please, join me in playing Wii Fit U!  If you have a weight loss goal, this game can help you reach it, and I’m speaking from experience!  And if you are currently playing this latest fitness game, please join my Gym Community!  Once again, the Community Code is 7008-8617-8850!  If you’ve never played a Wii Fit game before, fear not!  Full game, Fit Meter and Balance Board bundles will be available for the holiday season.  Check for more info!



Wasabi’s Obon Festival

On August 15th, Mayor Neko was very excited.  It was time for the Obon Festival!

A special WIFI Meet Up Event was organized by StreetPass Long Island to invite American players to visit the Japanese town of Wasabi, so that they could partake in the unique festivities of this Japan-exclusive holiday!

Mayor Gluxie of Jubilife City came by to find out the details of this event [in English].

Isabelle was more than happy to explain what the Obon Festival was all about!

Isabelle was handing out free gifts.  There were two options that were handed out, either the Eggplant Cow or the Cucumber Horse.

She must have seen me giving her a weird look, so she explained that it’s more of a “kids thing” to play with an Eggplant Cow…

Mayor Neko opened the gates of Wasabi to visitors.  At first we had a bit of a connection issue, due to so many people trying to enter the town at once!

Isabelle and Mayor Neko kept their spirits up despite the disconnection frustrations by dancing together at the Town Plaza!

Here’s a shot of the Face-Cutout Standee that was provided by Isabelle for the Obon Festival.  You can see an Eggplant Cow and Cucumber Horse!

Ultimately visitors were only able to enter one at a time, to ensure we wouldn’t get more disconnects.  Sorry for the confusion!

Wasabi was even visited by royalty!  Even a King needs an Eggplant Cow!

Guests enjoyed posing in the Face-Cutout Standee.  It was so cute!

For future Japanese events, it seems likely that the “one at a time” rule will have to be used, only to keep things a little more regulated.  Everyone is just too excited and tries to enter the town at the same time, causing the internet to derp and disconnections happen continuously.  We will be sure to post this as a warning for all future Japanese events.  (And there are plenty of them, so if you missed this event, be sure to “like” StreetPass Long Island so you can stay informed of all ACNL JP Events!)

Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I’ve been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.)

Before I get into my latest obsessions, here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in Animal Crossing.  I still have to get the latest Best Buy DLC!  AHH I hope it hasn’t expired yet!!

Gulliver is still suffering from PTSD and amnesia…

Gruff wins the award for most random music request AND most cultured townie in Jubilife. I literally had to look this up to understand what he was talking about. For the record, zydeco style refers to Cajun/Creole.

That’s MAYOR Madam Grooville to you! lol

Visiting the island with some Rando’s from Club Tortimer!

Jubilife townies can sleep easy knowing that we now have official police protection! (Or that they might find something they’ve lost in the Lost and Found.)

Existential questions with Vic.

Old Man Phineas approves of my coffee-making skills!

Won second place in the July Bug Off Tournament. I’d like to say that I purposely won second to get the silver trophy (since I already have the gold), but the real reason is that I was traveling that day and couldn’t devote as much time to the Bug Off!

Dizzy proves that he doesn’t have a clever name, but that he’s actually just drunk.

Still can’t afford this crown… 😦

In all honesty, I just have to thank MYSELF for having a second town on my JP 3DS, and my boyfriend JDubz, with whom I StreetPass ever single day. 🙂

Kapp’n shows his support for the 99%. Also, a bit of insight into his problems with the IRS! lol

Visiting with StreetPass Long Island members. And yes I am wearing a Reggie t-shirt in this photo lol!

T.I.Y. Home Store is officially open!

We’re starting to go GREEN here in Jubilife by installing a new Wind Turbine!

BEST NEWS EVER! Jubilife has officially reached PERFECT TOWN STATUS!!

So now you’re up to date on Jubilife.  I will probably write a special Wasabi News entry later on, since I have some stuff to report.  But here’s the REAL reasons I’ve been so busy lately:

  • New StreetPass Games!  Have you downloaded the latest update for your Nintendo 3DS?  The update includes a redesign of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which features a more “town-like” atmosphere.  More importantly, you can also download NEW STREETPASS GAMES!  There are four to choose from.  “Mii Force” is a classic arcade shooter style game, using your StreetPass friends to supply different weapons depending on their color.  “Flower Town” is a casual collection game in which you have a beautiful garden and your goal is to grow and document as many flowers as possible, with your frequent StreetPass friends turning into Flower Pals who help you to grow rare breeds.  (You can also build and decorate gardens and take screenshots!  See below.)  “Warrior’s Way” brings new life to the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game and turns your Mii Plaza into a growing ARMY to help you in a quest for World Domination!  “Monster Manor” is a slow-paced nod to Luigi’s Mansion, except instead of Luigi, you act as your Mii trying to find your way through a haunted house, beating up ghosts and saving your friends from unknown horrors… plus it adds a bit of Tetris to it’s game mechanic!  I love these games because there really is something for everyone.  Another added bonus is the introduction of a new form of currency:  Plaza Tickets!  With Plaza Tickets you can “buy” new hats and outfits for your Mii to wear in the StreetPass world.  Each game does come with a price (of $4.99) but all four can be bundled for a discounted price of $14.99.  Obviously I had to have them ALL!  I highly recommend checking them out.

My first garden in Flower Town.

  • EarthBound has come to Virtual Console!  This classic SNES game is a blast from the past brought to you by the year 199X.  Aliens have invaded Onett and it’s up to Ness to figure out WTF is going on!  I never played this game as a child, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo, please bring this to Wii U VC?  Or… dare I ask… make it a 3D Classic??!?!?) and I didn’t touch RPG’s again until Paper Mario.  To be honest, I’d never even heard of Ness until Super Smash Bros. when he was reintroduced as a fighter.  I could never get his Up+B move to work properly, and had a grudge against him.  But I digress.  When EarthBound came out on Virtual Console for $9.99, I decided it was time to learn what Ness was all about.  Plus I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews about the game for the past month from my StreetPass buddies.  What’s so great about this game (besides the awesome soundtrack, retro-familiar graphics and awesome RPG action) is the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top storyline.  I REALLY love it!!  To show you a sample, here’s a screenshot I posted to my Miiverse profile.

“At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.”

I’m sure you guys can understand now why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like.  But I promise (like I always do… but this time I SUPER DUPER MEAN IT!!) to make a better effort to post my random updates on what videogames I’m playing and stuff.  (Did I mention I also started a new game in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?  Yeah…)  So tell me, what games are YOU playing?


Week of 5/5 – 5/11

Wasabi Celebrates the Children’s Festival!

On Sunday 5/6, Wasabi celebrated another Japanese holiday:  The Children’s Festival!  Also known as Boy’s Day, this holiday is all about having fun and being a kid.  Shizue was posted at her usual spot in the Wasabi Town Plaza, handing out free newspaper hats to villagers.  In the week leading up to the holiday, festive Carp Flags were for sale at Nookmart.  A photo board was set up so villagers could pretend to be in a Carp Flag as well, which made for lots of fun and goofy photos!

In proper “Boy’s Day” spirit, Mayor Neko catches her first frog!


A new townie has moved into Wasabi!  While Mayor Neko isn’t thrilled by the newest resident’s house placement (it rather obstructs the main road she uses to get to the West Bridge from the Mayor’s Estate), she welcomed Blaire the [snooty] Squirrel with open arms.  Blaire has transferred to Wasabi from Mayor Mikuru’s town of Orentoiro.  Clearly she had a taste for Wasabi’s delicious cherries!  Welcome to Wasabi, Blaire!


Allergy Warning: High Pollen Count

While Wasabi still has not installed a weather box (it has yet to be requested by a villager!) the Wasabi News Weather Analysts are recommending that those who suffer from pollen allergies use preventative measures, as the pollen count in the village has been rising rapidly this spring.  Mayor Neko personally nursed King back to heath this week, as he was suffering from intense allergy symptoms.  Luckily, our local Nookmart carries a magical all-purpose medicine that cures just about any ailment!

Spring Showers Plague Wasabi

It’s no big surprise that the rise in temperature will cause rainy weather conditions in town.  This year is no different, and it has been raining almost daily in Wasabi.  Please remember to use caution while running outside, and don’t forget your umbrella!  Despite the lousy weather, Mayor Neko would like to remind everyone that there are a few rare fish and bugs that only come out while it’s raining – so go outside and play!  Recently Mayor Neko caught the elusive snail, which only appears on hedges while it is raining.  They are quite small and hard to spot, so be sure to walk slowly past bushes, or else you might hear the dreaded “bloop” of a snail being knocked to the ground and out of sight!


Through the generosity of the townies, the Wasabi Museum has yet another new addition to the Art Exhibit!  The famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting was donated by Mayor Neko on 5/11.  Mayor Neko asked the Wasabi News to include this statement: “I’d like to personally thank Kitt for the recent donation to the Wasabi Museum.  She was the one who sold me this painting.  She must have seen that I was upset after recently being tricked once again by Crazy Redd’s counterfeit artworks.  Buyer Beware!”


Members of the 3DS StreetPass Long Island group already know this, but as the US release date of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is fast approaching, Mayor Neko has been busily preparing for some upcoming WIFI Events she has planned for her friends to attend when they finally can start playing the game!  Wasabi’s WIFI Events will include giveaways such as silver tools, gyroids, flowers and exclusive Nintendo theme items!  To learn more about attending a WIFI Event, please join StreetPass Long Island on Facebook!


  • 5/12/13 – Mother’s Day
    • Check your mailbox for a letter from your Mom!
    • She might send you a special packet of seeds!
  • 5/18/13 – Fishing Tournament
    • Catch the best fish in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Gates to Infinity!

Have you picked up the latest in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series?  The newest game, which came out on March 24, 2013, is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.  It was released exclusively on the 3DS system.  As someone who never got into the Mystery Dungeon spin-off series before, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this newest game, but since I had a gift card I figured I’d give it a shot.

What makes a Mystery Dungeon game different from regular Pokemon?  Lots of things, actually.  First of all, you don’t play as a human character – you ARE a Pokemon!  There is still a ton of battling in this game; in PMD you lead a team of 4 Pokemon through various Dungeons, where you encounter all kinds of wild Pokemon to fight.  Battles are still turn-based, meaning that you can’t launch a second attack on a Pokemon until everyone in your party, and your opponent, has taken a turn.  You can still learn new moves and collect some TM’s, but the full Pokedex and TM selection is not available (as far as I can tell).  One bonus is that as you battle, everyone in your team gets experience points – including Pokemon who are sitting in Pokemon Paradise doing nothing!

This game is not just battling, however.  There’s an interesting story line (which I won’t give away much of, you can learn more by downloading the PMD game demo from the Nintendo eShop) in which you help your partner (I chose Pikachu in my game to be my partner) build and create a Pokemon Paradise.  The Pokemon Paradise is a town which you can develop and expand, add new shops and you can invite more Pokemon to come and stay with you and the gang.  There are mini-games, training dojos, berry and seed fields, and other shops too!

In addition to all of this, PMD has two game modes.  I don’t know if this is the case in the older games, but in the 3DS version you can switch to “Companion Mode” which allows you to battle in dungeons using some of the Pokemon who are living in the Pokemon Paradise.  This mode runs parallel to the main story mode, so if you’re stuck in a tough dungeon in the main Story Mode, you can switch to Companion Mode to play around and level up your team.  There is a local wireless co-op option for the Companion Mode as well.

On top of all this, you have beautiful 3D graphics, StreetPass features, and you get to learn a little more about the personalities of the different Gen V Pokemon.  It’s a very cute game, and while it’s definitely kid-friendly, I am having a lot of fun with it as a grown-up gamer!

Rather than just tell you about everything, here’s a little gameplay footage from my game, courtesy of StreetPass Long Island’s Twitch TV Channel!  (Btw, if you aren’t a member of StreetPass Long Island, what are you waiting for?  You don’t have to live in NY to join, and there’s always room for more friends!  Join us on Facebook!)

PAX Preview

This upcoming weekend is the PAX East Video Game Convention, being held in Boston, MA.  The Con will take place from 3/22-3/24.  JDubz and I will be in attendance, just like at New York Comic Con, and I plan to give you Glux Blog readers full coverage of the event!  But to make things even more exciting, I also want to announce that I’ll be speaking in a PANEL at PAX!  As a Co-Founder of StreetPass Long Island, I was invited to speak on a panel discussing StreetPass Groups.  For more info on our panel, please visit the official PAX site:

I’ve never spoken on a panel like this before, so I’m very excited!  I will be covering what my own group (SPLI) has accomplished in the 7 short months we’ve been in existence, as well as discussing some more established StreetPass groups, such as StreetPass NYC and StreetPass Arizona.  The panel takes place on Friday at 12:30.  All I have to do is survive the panel, and then I can run around and enjoy the Con!  I was hoping to do a cosplay outfit, but unfortunately I ran out of time.  I do plan to bring/wear my giant oversized Pikachu costume/footie pajamas.  It’s been so cold this week, I welcome the idea of wearing a ridiculous full body fleece Pikachu costume lol!

Most likely I’ll be tweeting live from the event (assuming the building has WIFI or I can get 3G service inside, unlike how it was at NYCC’s Javits Center, where I could get no cell service whatsoever…) but not sure which account I’ll be using.  To be sure you get all the updates, please follow both @gluxbox and @StreetPass_LI on Twitter.  🙂

When I get back I’ll write a big blog covering all the details so look out for that as well!  If any of you guys are going to PAX, please let me know so we can StreetPass!  😀


Yesterday was a super great day, because the Wii U was finally released!  Every Nintendo fan who had enough money and was lucky enough to snag a preorder went out in droves to pick up their shiny new consoles.  And I was no different!

As soon as preorders became available (in October I think it was?), JDubz and I went into GameStop to try and stake our claims on the newest toy.  However, they apparently had filled up on their preorder quotas and turned us away.  So we went to Best Buy, where they happily accepted our $5 deposits and promised to have our consoles on the day of launch.  So we were happy but worried, as we’d heard that Best Buy had a reputation of accepting more preorders than the number of products they actually receive in store.  While we had our preorders all set up, JDubz was concerned that we might not get our consoles.

Which means that he convinced me that we needed to get over to Best Buy at 7AM (when the store actually opens at 10AM) to make sure there wasn’t too much of a line.  We dragged ourselves out of bed super early on Sunday and made our way to Best Buy.  When we got there at that ungodly hour (can you tell I’m not a morning person?) we saw just ONE guy waiting in front of the store.  I would have been happy to go back home and come back closer to 9:30 but JDubz was very concerned and didn’t want to risk missing out on the Wii U.  So we stopped over at Dunkin Donuts and got breakfast, which we ate in his car at the Best Buy parking lot.  After we ate, ONE whole other person had joined onto the line.  We still figured we were okay so we played a bit of Pokemon until 8:30AM or so.  Then we headed over to the line to make our presence known.

As we joined the line, an older guy queued up behind us.  Then a cop car pulled over in front of the line, asking what we were all doing there.  We explained about the Wii U and the cop seemed very interested.  I’m still convinced that the cop was really just scoping out the line to see if he could get a Wii U for his kid lol!  After chatting it up a little bit, and hearing that one of the guys in the line said he DIDN’T have a preorder, (and that he’d asked a customer service rep if they expected to have enough consoles after fulfilling all the preorders and they said they should have plenty) we decided it was safe to go back to the car and chill for another hour.

By 9:30AM the line really was starting to get long, so we hustled back over.  The older guy who had been in line behind us originally insisted that we rejoin the line at our original position, which was nice of him.  So we stood there a half hour and FINALLY got into the store!  We rushed over to be the first in line at the customer service desk.  Of course we got our Wii U’s with no issue.  I really think we could have showed up AT 10AM and gotten the console, but some people are major worriers!  (And I thought I was the crazy one!  lol jk jk)

Whatever, all that matters is that I got this:

Wii U!

Like everyone else, I was surprised at how long the system updates took to download.  I’m sure it’s got a lot to do with servers being overloaded with too many eager gamers.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to any of my AC:CF readers, since we all experienced server errors when WIFI became available and everyone wanted to log on at the same time.  I’m sure that the server traffic will subside in a few days.  I wonder if that’s why they released the Wii U in America first, since they knew we were going to crash the servers on day one like we had in the past.  Might as well only have the server overloaded with one country’s gamers, b/c in AC:CF we were also competing with Japanese players for server space.  So I’m sure the Miiverse will be running normally by this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend – I am happy to announce that my StreetPass Long Island group is having our first Meet Up/Tournament on Saturday and Sunday!  The first day will be chock-full of Super Smash Bros. Brawl battling.  We are doing a singles and a doubles tournament, using the ruleset for the upcoming APEX 2013 Tournament in New Jersey.  There is also going to be a Project M tournament.  (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of or played Project M before but everyone seems to like it so I guess it’s cool?)  Then on Sunday we are going to host two Pokemon tournaments.  The first Pokemon tourney is going to be a classic doubles tournament with the APEX 2012 ruleset.  But after that, we are doing a “SPLI Pokemon Singles” tournament with our own rules.  I’m going to be giving away a Pokemon Black and White 2 Prize Pack to the winner (they are going to receive all the cool, exclusive stuff that was given out at the B&W2 Launch Event at Comic Con last month!).  We’re very excited to host this event.  I’m just hopeful that we get a decent turnout on both days.

I know it’s short notice but if any of my readers out there want to join us, please let me know!  I am pretty sure some of you are in the NY area, so please come out and help support my group!  Here’s the flyer for the event (made by ME!) just so you can see how awesome the event is going to be:

Of course, even if you can’t make the event, you are all welcome to join my StreetPass group – I don’t care if you live on Long Island or not!  I just want to get as many members as I can who are active Nintendo fans who aren’t trolls lol!  So please also visit our new website, which has links to all of our social network outlets.

OK before I go – who else got a Wii U this past weekend?  If you did, let’s add each other on the Nintendo Network and be friends!  My Nintendo Network ID is:  gluxbox

If you have an ID, please comment below so we can add each other!  Thanks!  🙂

I’ve only gotten to play Nintendo Land so far.  I’ll do my best to post some game reviews asap.  Stay tuned!

Going for the GOLD!

Yesterday was an awesome day!  Not only was it a BIG release date for Nintendo gamers, but I also hosted my first StreetPass Long Island meet up!

First thing in the morning, JDubz and I went to GameStop to pick up our pre-ordered 3DS XL consoles and NSMB2 games.  I opted to wait and trade in my original 3DS later in the year, towards the the cost of a Wii U, so I didn’t have to worry about the stress of doing an in-store data transfer.  This allowed me to get started faster – YAY!

My 3DS XL!

As soon as we got home, I immediately pulled my new console out of the box, to set it up for the 3DS to 3DS XL data transfer.  It takes a little while so I wanted to get it started asap.  Total time spent on the data transfer was about 20 minutes, plus the time it took to copy the data from my 2GB SD Card to the computer, and then from the computer to the 4GB SD Card that comes with the new XL console.  So maybe 25-30 mins over all.  The transfer process is really cute, a bunch of Pikmin come out and “move” the data for you.

Data Transfer… brought to you by Pikmin!

Where were these Pikmin guys I was moving from the city to Long Island?  They would have been a big help lol!

JDubz and I only had a few minutes to try out the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game before we had to head out east to our first StreetPass Long Island meet up.  We kinda decided to do it at the last minute, so most of the group wasn’t able to come.  However, we did meet one guy from the group and we got to talk to him for a while; and I also left a lot of flyers around at GameStop’s and at the Game Play! event that was being held at the Smith Haven Mall.

The Game Play! event was pretty cool.  I was expecting to see some unreleased Nintendo games… but they didn’t have any.  What they did have was a bunch of consoles tethered to tables, and people were playing out all kinds of games.  There was also a set up for Xbox and PS3.  Some guy was giving out free Coke Zero to everyone.

Game Play! tour at Simon Malls across the nation.

While our event wasn’t very big, I’ll chalk that up to last minute notice and the fact that we don’t have that many members to start with.  But the big success was that someone DID come and that’s a small sign that the demand is there for a Long Island StreetPass group.  Everyone who saw my flyers was very excited about the idea, so at this point I’m just…  ‘planting the seeds’ as they say.  It will take time.  I will document everything here on the blog, hopefully we can watch my group grow and flourish over time!  🙂

Speaking of which, I’d like to invite all of my readers to join the StreetPass Long Island Forums.  This is a free forum open to all who want to discuss Nintendo games and 3DS with other gamers.  Obviously we’ll also have some local event stuff posted on the forums, but there is plenty of space to talk about games in general, and you guys are my invited guests to join in any WIFI Tournament we might host in the future.  Please take a minute to click the forum link and sign up, I would really love to see this forum be a resource for all gamers, not just those who live in NY.

Anyway, back to the 3DS XL and NSMB2.  I have to say, I really do LOVE my new console.  I was slightly worried at first, because I’m so used to having a Nerf armor case on my handhelds, I thought it might be uncomfortable in my hands.  But the new 3DS XL is so smooth, it doesn’t really need Nerf.  All the corners are rounded out, so nothing is jutting into your palms as you play.  The feel of the console is so smooth, it has almost a satin feel.  The upper screen is HUGE – I am excited to try watching a show on Netflix on this new device.  I am VERY satisfied so far!  And for those accessory-a-holics like me, you’ll be happy to know that any DSi XL case will fit the 3DS XL.  The DSi version is actually a teeny big wider than the 3DS XL, so all cases will work for both consoles.  I couldn’t leave GameStop without SOME kind of protective casing, so I got a cheap DSi XL case and my 3DS XL fits snugly and safely inside.

Now, onto the New Super Mario Bros. 2!  What an awesome game so far.  I’ve made it up to World 3 – meaning I’ve completed World 1, World 2 and World Mushroom(?).  I’ve collected over 13,000 coins in the game so far.  Far from a million, but one step at a time!  I found a guide to help everyone improve their StreetPass scores in the Coin Rush mode.  Check out this article!

Let me know how many coins you’ve obtained so far!  Let’s see who can get the most, the fastest!  🙂