Introducing Indica Island!

On March 20th, Mayor Gluxie set off for her latest adventure. Having left her town of Jubilife behind, she decided to drop the ‘mayor’ title and get to work on building up a deserted island into a thriving village.

When she arrived on the island, it was pretty bare and everyone seemed slightly insecure about sleeping in tents. But Tom Nook was organized and kept everyone informed on the plans. He provided canvas tents and other provisions to the islander pioneers.

Tom Nook handing out native cherries.
Tom Nook handing out native cherries.

Gluxie was pretty overwhelmed at the sheer size of the island! It’s enormous, filled with foliage and the strong scent of something… else. It was a dank, musky smell that wafted up from the tall green leafy weeds that were growing almost everywhere around the island. Upon further inspection, Gluxie knew that this island was filled with naturally abundant sticky-icky weed, and suggested that the island be named Indica. The others didn’t have any better ideas, and so Indica was founded!

There were parts of Indica Island that Gluxie couldn’t even reach on the first night, so she focused on collecting materials and helping the others get established on the island. She picked out tent locations for Antonio and Reneigh, her new island neighbors, and helped Blathers set up a tent where he could begin work on building up a museum.

Soon Gluxie began to learn to craft necessary items and tools for herself, using the abundant resources on the island. Even the potent weed growing all around was useful for crafting things like basic bedding and a woven backpack. Gluxie decided that the weed growing on this island should be protected and not simply picked by everyone. It should be cultivated and harvested with care!

Gluxie went so far as to make signage to make sure all visitors knew that the weed clusters on Indica were to be revered! And not snagged for free! Timmy in the Resident Services tent was willing to purchase the weed, although Gluxie felt weird about selling it to a youngster. But Tom Nook was standing right there and was clearly fine with it, so she continued on.

Eventually she was able to upgrade to a house with all of her hard earned bells!

The next day was Sunday, when Gluxie used to meet with an old sow named Joan who sold turnips for the stalk market. However, when she checked her mailbox that morning, Gluxie had a letter from Daisy Mae, who claimed to be Joan’s granddaughter.

Daisy Mae is adorable and an enthusiastic salesperson, so Gluxie didn’t want to ask outright what had happened to Joan. But Daisy Mae did mention Joan, and said that her grandmother had trained her to do the job. So perhaps Joan finally did retire, passing along the reigns to a youngster. It didn’t sound as though Joan had passed away, based on the way Daisy Mae talked about her. But she didn’t mention Joan’s whereabouts, and Gluxie felt too awkward to pry.

As time passed, more initiatives were completed. Timmy and Tommy opened up their own store, Nook’s Cranny. Blathers finally got the museum built and ready for visitors. And even Mabel showed up, offering her services as a clothing merchant! Things were progressing quickly.

Gluxie went on little island excursions to procure extra resources, and met other animals in her travels. She convinced Al, Coco and Cheri to move to Indica, and quickly set to work getting their houses ready as well.

Gluxie preparing Coco's house.
Gluxie preparing Coco’s house.

In addition to creating this utopian island paradise, Gluxie had a side project in mind. She wanted to rebuild the glorious concert festival that she had started at her Campsite. Back then, DJ KK was the headlining act, and there were three stages for performers. Gluxie decided she was going to make a new GLUXFEST that was even better than the original, right here on Indica Island! Someday.

Sound equipment and musical instruments.
Sound equipment and musical instruments.

First she’d had to get things ready. She started collecting musical instruments and sound equipment that could be used on stage. But she knew she couldn’t do it all herself. Gluxie needed help, resources, networking. She began reaching out to her connections to see who might be able to help her put this festival together.

Pop star Cheri is interested!
Pop star Cheri is interested!

What luck! Indica Island had it’s own rising pop star… at least, that’s what newest resident Cheri seemed to think when she heard about the GLUXFEST plans. She thought the Town Plaza would be a good spot for a concert, but Gluxie wanted more. She was determined to put together the best festival ever!

Gluxie asked Tom Nook to reach out to K.K. Slider directly to see if they could book him for a show on Indica Island. Tom Nook seemed pretty skeptical about the whole festival idea. But he shrugged and said he’d give him a call.

The next day, the Town Hall had officially been erected, replacing Tom Nook’s Residence Services tent. Gluxie was impressed to see such a bustling office in the Town Hall, and her old friend Isabelle was now on the premises as an administrative assistant.

“Why isn’t she running things back in Jubilife…?” Gluxie wondered to herself. Isabelle was acting as though she didn’t know Gluxie, and was meeting her for the first time. Gluxie was a little confused by this… perhaps Isabelle was delirious from her flight over?

Before she could inquire, Tom Nook called Gluxie over to his counter. He had a very serious face on and Gluxie knew this was time to talk business.

“Listen Gluxie, I spoke to K.K. Slider. He’s not coming.”

“What?! Why not?”

“He says he’s never heard of Indica Island. He only plays at venues that meet his specific standards. He needs five star, high class amenities! Things we don’t have. Perhaps in time, if we make some improvements, I can change his mind,” Tom explained. Gluxie sighed, feeling a bit defeated. But at least there was hope!

“But there is another matter we need to discuss,” Tom Nook continued on.

Uh oh.

“Listen, I know what is going on here. The island is named Indica, there are weeds growing everywhere. I get it. But we need to establish a reputation as a clean, upscale island if we want K.K. Slider to visit. And I don’t mean to stress you about this right now, but there is an Inspector coming next month. If he sees weeds everywhere on Earth Day, we are going to have some real problems on our hands. Bottom line, you don’t have the permits to grow weeds all over the island. They have to be removed.”

Gluxie stared blankly at Tom Nook. Finally, she exclaimed, “Removed?! Erase the culture and identity of Indica Island, just like that??”

Gluxie didn’t want herself or her islander neighbors to get in trouble with the law. She would go through the proper channels to get approval for her cannabis cultivation plans. But until that was all taken care of, she’d have to comply with the order.

The good news was that by harvesting all of the weed crops, she found herself surrounded by mountains of bud. More than she knew what to do with! She shared some with the islanders, and is working on selling the remainder of the greens.

Gluxie knew there were other options. Perhaps she could find the proper equipment to set up an indoor growhouse. Or maybe she’d find a greenhouse for sale at the market or in the Nook Shop machine. She has her work cut out for her, but she’s determined!

…And then this happened.

Find out what’s next in a future blog article… coming soon! Be sure to follow my Twitch channel for ACNH livestreaming fun and Dodo Codes to visit Indica Island!

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