Gluxbox Reviews: Pokemon Masters

Zomg another Pokemon mobile game was just released! How many are we up to now...? Pokemon is a very mobile-friendly concept. From Pokemon GO to Pokemon Shuffle, exploring the world of Pokemon has been adapted to fit many different playing styles and demographics. Personally, I really enjoy Pokemon Rumble Rush, which is the latest in …

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Gluxbox Reviews: Gold Glux Putty I couldn't resist buying some Glux Putty that I found online!! I made a quick little video review for you all to see what the heck is Glux Putty?!! Gold GLUX Putty by Copernicus Toys

OHAI Gamers!

Whoops I haven't posted in a minute! My apologies. Things have been busy at my new job and then my Chromebook pooped out for a bit... Hopefully back on track now tho! Thoughts about what I've been up to: I finally saw Detective Pikachu! Having played the game, I had a lot of random …

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Game Review: Cat Quest!

Did you know that there's an epic adventure waiting for you on the Nintendo Switch eShop? And it's under $15? And it's starring CATS?!?!!? Not just any cats, of course. We're talking special cats called "Dragonblood" who are super strong dragon fighters! Because of course I would think that dragons and cats would be enemies...! …

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Adults Only: Buying Legal Weed!

I know, this is a bit off-topic for this blog and/or I should have posted this on 4/20, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: I like cannabis! In my home state, it is not legal for recreational use. 🙁  (...yet.) Therefore, when I visit states that DO have 'adult use' marijuana for …

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