Gluxbox Invitational: A Monthly Tournament

Have you been watching my Twitch channel lately? If you have, then you would have seen that for the past few weeks I’ve been playing in a Volo Gaming Mario Kart League on Mondays and Wednesdays. It’s been a lot of fun! The finals are on Monday and I’m already feeling sad about the league ending. (I’ll probably sign up for more punishment lol!)

One of Mario Kart league players came up with the funny idea of “Frat Donkey Kong,” choosing DK as his player and putting him in a fancy Mercedes kart. This combo is, naturally, quite difficult to handle with the serious weight of DK and tricky handling of the kart. It was hilarious and we thought it would be fun if we all raced as Frat Donkey Kong and see who was the most elite racer in the fraternity. 😛

The league got me thinking – why not start hosting my own tournaments? I used to host tournaments a lot back in the SPLI days, and since we’re still in lockdown, most people are bored and looking for ways to socialize… it seems like a great time to start doing them again.

I present to you the Gluxbox Invitational! Every month I’ll plan a different tournament with some crazy theme, and invite some of the great gamers in my network to participate! There is no fee and there is no prize, only bragging rights here. The tournaments will be streamed on my Twitch Channel!

The May Gluxbox Invitational will be the Frat Donkey Kong Cup! 

Date: Wednesday 5/20/20 starting at 8:30 PM


  • All players must select Donkey Kong as their racer
  • All players must select from the following frat-approved vehicles:
    • Badwagon
    • Sports Coupe
    • GLA
    • W25 Silver Arrow
    • 300 SL Roadster
    • City Tripper
    • Prancer
  • Players’ choice of wheel and glider – with the exception of Roller Wheels, which are not allowed. (Size matters to Frat Donkey Kong lol!)
  • 12 Races – 150 CC – Normal Items – No COMs
  • Invitees will be capped at 12 racers
  • Racers are strongly encouraged to BYOB (lol!)
  • Racers must join the Gluxbox Discord channel to join the voice chat.
  • Any racer who does not follow the rules will be ineligible to participate in future Gluxbox Invitational monthly events, and will be berated by us in the voice chat. Please play along and don’t break the rules!

If you’re interested in participating in the Frat Donkey Kong Tournament or future Gluxbox Invitational events, please send me a DM on Discord (gluxbox#4369)!

I am expecting a lot of interest, so not everyone will be selected – I apologize in advance! Since this is the first Gluxbox Invitational, I’d like to keep it small and simple.

All selected racers will receive the Frat Donkey Kong Tournament code via DM on Discord.


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