Nintendo Feud at PAX East 2022!

PAX East is coming THIS WEEK! Will you be attending? I’m super excited to see my gamer friends and present the Nintendo Feud Game Show and the Pokemon: Choose Your Own Adventure panels at PAX East 2022! Even if you aren’t going to the con this year, you can still get involved! Read on…

Here are the details:

As we prepare for these panels, my friends and I need YOUR help! The Nintendo Feud is based on a popular game show that surveys the studio audience for popular answers to funny questions. Since we don’t have a fancy studio (and production assistants), we get our popular answers via an online SURVEY!

So if you are attending PAX East 2022 on Friday 4/22, take our survey and let us know if you’d like to be considered as a CONTESTANT at the game show! If you aren’t attending, take our survey and share your opinions so we can compile data on what is most popular, that way you’re still a part of the show!

Take the Nintendo Feud Survey now! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!

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