It’s a new year and I’m trying some new content ideas! Starting with “Wuts Glux,” a mid-month check-in since admittedly I plan on doing more IRL activities going forward. But I’m still gaming and doing fun stuff, so why not write about it? If I have time, someday I might turn this into a video thing!


DOING: My word of the year for 2023 is “COURAGE” and I’m trying to live up to this by trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m a Taurus and I LOVE my comfort zone, so its especially challenging. But I’m ready! Another thing I’m doing is exploring a little corner of Netflix that I’ve recently discovered: French Reality TV.

SAYING: Speaking of Reality TV, have you been watching “The Circle”? There is a new season out and I’m obsessed. There is a player on the show named Sam (who I looooove) and she quoted a meme that really resonated with me. “Know your worth, and add tax.” That quote really stuck with me and I find myself reciting it often… to myself lol! It’s comforting.

READING: I just finished reading a historical fiction novel that was REALLY good! It’s called “Opium and Absinthe” by Lydia Kang. It’s set in 1899, a time when doctors liberally prescribed strong opiates to women to keep them under control. But the main character is determined to solve the murder of her sister despite her limitations! It takes place in New York City, and the author constantly weaves bits of real history into the story. I really enjoyed it; I couldn’t put my Kindle down!

PLAYING: My sisters usually give me GameStop gift cards every year for the holidays, but since that store kind of sucks now, this year I asked for Steam gift cards instead. Not knowing that Steam games are varied in price, my sisters opted for $60 in credit, thinking that would cover a game. (How cute and thoughtful! lol) Luckily for me, I was able to go on an indie game shopping spree with that cash! I picked up Melatonin (rhythm game), Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (RPG), Purrfect Date (you date CATS), Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim (you date PHONES), and TOEM (photography game). I’ve only tried the first two so far, and Voice of Cards is really freaking good and plays well on Steam Deck! Melatonin is a bit more challenging than I expected, but maybe I just need to git gud at rhythm games…?

BUYING: Now that I’m living in New York City again, I decided to treat myself to a bit of culture this year. I purchased myself a WCS Land & Sea Zoo Membership (Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, New York Aquarium… here I come!!) as well as an American Museum of Natural History Membership, so I can go see the Planetarium whenever I want! I’ll be privy to all of the exclusive members-only events and early access. Plus… it’s all tax deductible. 🙂

TRYING: As part of my quest for courage, I’m forcing myself to try lots of new things. But I hate new things lol! So I’m starting with baby steps. First baby step… instead of trying something NEW, try something that you haven’t done in a while! For me, that something is joining a choir! I haven’t been in a choir for several years (I last appeared in Sailor Moon concert that I cannot seem to find a video of anywhere… sob) and decided that it’s time! I went to the first rehearsal this week and I’m very excited to sing with some cool new people!!

So that’s Wuts Glux for January! Wut are you up to this month? Please send your game and book recco’s in the comments!

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