The AC Inquirer: The Roost Returns – UPDATE

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In this issue, we will follow up with an update on our previous report about the return of the Roost cafe. Last time we had limited information about the cafe’s return, but recently more information has become available.

The latest news about the update came out around the end of October, letting us know that the cafe and other exciting features would be coming on November 5th! AC Inquirer has been doing some research regarding our ongoing missing person investigations.

Confirmed Updates on Missing Persons:

  • Brewster will return along with The Roost Cafe. It seems that Brewster and Blathers have reconnected and restarted their collaborative marketing efforts. It is worth noting that K.K. Slider will not be returning to The Roost, and instead will continue the outdoor plaza shows on Saturday nights. Does this mean that there is still an underlying conflict between the former business partners?
    • An important note about The Roost: As a popular gathering place, this cafe is likely to be a great place to get information and conduct interviews. With the use of the Amiibo phone, AC Inquirer hopes to get more answers about the individuals who remain missing.
  • Kapp’n is confirmed to be alive and well, and will be resuming his ferry boat taxi services escorting people to exotic island adventures. He appears to be the same as always… however, there is still no sign of the rest of this family. AC Inquirer expects that Kapp’n might provide updates about his family via his famous sea shanties, as he has done in the past.
  • Harriet will be making her return via Harv’s island. The expansion of Harv’s island will allow for many vendors to set up shop. It appears that Harriet will be providing new stylish haircuts, which can be used at the mirror afterwards.
  • Katrina has resurfaced, as expected, and will provide her fortune telling services at Harv’s island.
  • Tortimer is still around! Despite rumors that he had ‘moved on to a better place,’ Tortimer will have a confirmed spot at Harv’s island, aiding tourists with storage access while traveling.

As of now, these are the only confirmed missing persons to be officially returning. Unfortunately, this does leave a long list of characters who are still nowhere to be seen. This list includes Booker & Copper, Digby, Kaitlin & Katie, Dr. Shrunk, Master Frillard, Blanca, Lyle, Gracie, Pelly, Pete, Phyllis, Phineas, Porter, Wendell, Joan, Chip and Nat. The AC Inquirer previously explored the possibility of certain characters being “retired” in favor of a younger, trendier counterpart. With the latest news on the Paradise Planning DLC, it would seem that two more characters are being added to the “retired” list.

Joan was replaced with the young Daisy Mae. Chip and Nat’s tournaments are now hosted by CJ and Flick. Now at Paradise Planning, it seems quite evident that Wendell is being replaced with Wardell, and Porter with Niko.

While we still don’t understand all the details regarding these retirees, and we certainly do condone people taking a well deserved rest after years of hard work, it does seem a bit surprising and strange to see younger relatives replacing characters that we once knew… without any sort of explanation. If Wendell and Porter are indeed on the retired list, we wish them the best of luck.

AC Inquirer hopes to use the amiibo phone at The Roost in order to get more information about these retired characters. We have the contact information for many of these missing people. It is our hope to be able to sit down and interview certain individuals and get more details. As soon as we get concrete information, we will share it with our loyal readers!

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