Glux Reviews: Cult of the Lamb

Are you one of the million people who are already playing Cult of the Lamb from Devolver? If not, you need to join the cult! I’ve been obsessed with this game for several weeks. It’s the perfect blend of adorable animal characters, morbidly dark storyline, complex town management, and challenging dungeon crawling.

You start the game as a sacrificial lamb about to be murdered in the name of the “Old Faith,” but you get resurrected by a monstrous God-like character called “The One Who Waits” who recruits you to help them in exchange for magic powers. It’s up to you to grow a following of worshippers to support you and the “Red Crown.”

The character design for the Lamb and the cult followers are beyond cute, and you can customize their appearance and names! After you assign them chores, you have to get busy developing the cult’s headquarters, which includes a temple for worship (where you get to design the rules for your cult!), a giant idol, sleeping quarters, and other amenities that you can unlock and upgrade as you progress through the game.

When you get sick of being worshipped by your followers, you can venture out and explore a variety of areas to visit and dungeon-like locations filled with enemies to battle. As you fight against the enemies, which by contrast are NOT cute and look totally terrifying, you can also collect resources to bring back home to improve the village. The gameplay loop is very addictive and a LOT of fun!

There’s also farming, fishing, and a dice mini-game for a bit of gambling. Cult of the Lamb has literally ALL of the features that I love about games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Hades… all together in one amazing game! I’m really impressed with this one, and highly recommend everyone starting drinking this Kool-aid!



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