Twitch Business 101 for Streamers

Hi everyone! Have you been keeping up with the GluxCon 2021 festivities? There’s a giveaway contest happening right now, so be sure to enter before 9/30/21!

To start things off at GluxCon 2021, I put together a high-level overview of some business basics that new streamers should consider before they get started. You can watch the full unedited panel on Gluxbox TV VOD.

5 Business Essentials for Streaming
  1. Budget
    • Are you financially secure enough to support yourself if your streaming channel is unprofitable?
    • Should you stream full time or part time?
  2. PC Setup
    • Is your computer capable of streaming and running game software?
    • Do you have high speed internet? Is it reliable?
    • What kind of streaming accessories do you need?
      • Lighting
      • Webcam(s)
      • Special Effects
  3. Marketing
    • Who is your target audience and what are the best platforms to use to reach them?
    • What kind of additional content will you create to promote your channel?
    • What is the overall message in your marketing? How do people respond to this?
  4. Sales
    • How will you turn followers into subscribers?
    • How will you promote your paid services to your fanbase?
    • What kind of metrics will you use to track your success?
  5. Stamina
    • Can you maintain your streaming schedule?
    • What will you do to prevent burning out?

This panel doesn’t go into the details of how to answer these questions, because the answers will definitely vary depending on who you are and what you’re trying to do. But these are important things to think about before you get started. You don’t want to get in over your head when you are starting a new Twitch channel!

What did you think of this panel? You can check out the slides from the presentation here. Do you have any questions about the insights that I shared? Would you like to see more of this content? I have another panel (Twitch Business 102!) coming soon, but I can keep this panel series going, and include more detail if there is an interest! Leave a comment or hit me up on social media and let’s chat.

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