The AC Inquirer: The Roost Returns?!

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In this issue, we will provide an update on the latest news regarding a character that had been identified as missing in The AC Inquirer: Issue #2: Brewster!

In this brief trailer that was recently released, there is limited information available regarding the whereabouts of Brewster. What we do see quite clearly is that Brewster’s cafe, The Roost, is returning to the Museum. Brewster’s image is portrayed in the cafe’s logo, but the barista has yet to be spotted. The trailer indicates that the cafe will be opening in November of 2021. This gives us plenty of time to speculate what might have happened.

The History of The Roost

The Roost cafe had been a mainstay of the Animal Crossing series since 2005. Here is a timeline of events:

  • 2005: Animal Crossing Wild World
    • The Roost cafe opens, located in the basement of the Museum
    • Hosts local musical act K.K. Slider on Saturday nights
  • 2008: Animal Crossing City Folk
    • The Roost cafe remains in the Museum basement
    • K.K. Slider shows continue on Saturday nights
    • Brewster offers Gyroid storage to frequent customers
  • 2012: Animal Crossing New Leaf
    • The Roost cafe severs ties with Museum, opens standalone venue
    • The Roost cafe no longer hosts K.K. Slider performances
    • New coffee blends are added to the menu
    • Traveling visitors and ‘off-duty’ townsfolk seen relaxing at the cafe

Based on the history of the cafe, it seems that The Roost went through a re-branding phase. Instead of the Museum basement, Brewster spread his wings and found his own venue to expand the business and allow for more seating. New coffee blends, milk and sugar options attracted new customers and Brewster no longer relied on K.K. Slider to bring in business.

Brewster serving Resetti and a villager in ACNL

Currently, things are quite different in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Brewster and The Roost were nowhere to be found, and Blathers had not mentioned anything about his old friend’s disappearance. Meanwhile, K.K. Slider has returned to his former schedule, showing up only on Saturdays. These days, he doesn’t have a venue anymore and can be found playing outside in front of the Town Hall on Saturdays – rain or shine! Many people have commented on K.K. Slider’s dedication to performing in all sorts of weather, from bitter winter snowstorms to thunderous summer storms. Townies come to show their support regardless of the weather, which is reassuring. But doesn’t such a prestigious musical act deserve a home venue?

The Roost Returns

All we know right now about The Roost is that it’s coming back. The AC Inquirer warns readers against blindly assuming that Brewster will be returning, as we have seen Joan, Chip and Nat seemingly forced into retirement and replaced by younger relatives instead. However, since caffeine-deprived fans have been clamoring for the return of Brewster, it would stand to reason that the beloved pigeon is making a comeback.

But what function will the cafe serve in New Horizons? Will the cafe simply bring back the variety of coffee beans and host cameos from long-lost characters that we have been missing? Why did Brewster’s standalone cafe venue fail? Will K.K. Slider resume his Saturday night performances in the venue that gave him his big break, so he doesn’t have to play outside in the rain anymore? Is there any possibility that Gyroids will be returning, since Brewster was always so obsessed with them??

More information is apparently coming in October. We will update our findings based on the information that is released! Stay tuned for the next issue!

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