I have much to update!  I kept playing on after I finished my blog yesterday, and something unexpected happened!  Deb decided to pick up an axe and talk to Serena, yet again.  I wish I had written it down, but she said the regular “Don’t you think I look completely different?” and Deb said “Big Change!” as always.  Serena reacted positively (which was surprising, cuz lately when Squirt says big change, she goes ‘Oh No!  You saw my wrinkle!’ and gets all upset lol) and asked what ‘reward’ Deb wanted.  Boldly, Deb said “Gold Axe.”  Serena laughed and asked something (which I now forget… sorry) that resulted in a meter coming up for a response.  I put the meter one notch below “Absolutely!”  In the past I tried putting it one notch above the low option, but that didn’t go well for me.  Well, apparently one notch below Absolutely is the sweet spot, because she said “Oh I agree!”  And then before she knew it, Deb had a GOLD AXE IN HER HANDS! 

Yay for Gold Axes!
Yay for Gold Axes!

In other news, I was really jonesin’ for some AC last night when my bf was watching hockey on TV.  So I picked up my DS!  I’ve been doing a time travel thing in that game where I play a day (check the stores, recycle bin, lost and found, look for a special  character, etc.), log off, change the calender, play a day, and so on.  In that game (the town is called The Isle, if you want the Friend Code info, leave a comment and I’ll share it!) I’d been working on the “Big Trade” to get the Golden Axe.  I was up to the end, I had the Scallop from Tortimer and was just waiting for Pascal to show up.  Finally, he did and I hurried Squirt over to him.  He asked if I had dropped a Gold Axe and I said yes.  But he knew I was lying!  I froze, thinking, Oh No, did I just ruin my chances of getting this thing?  But Pascal just shrugged it off and gave it to me anyway.  (It’s not like he’s evil like Serena or anything!)  WOO so now I have Gold Axes galore, lol!

  • Side Note:  In my AC:WW, it’s the time of year when Nook is depressed and wants to talk to you about his past whenever you enter the store.  Since I found out about the whole ‘Labelle used to be from the small town and then ditched her sisters to move to the city in AC:CF’ thing (which is true, I’ve seen photographic proof!), I’ve kinda been thinking more about Nook’s role in that drama.  And the fact that Nook is all depressed about something that happened when HE was in the city, when he was younger, makes me think it’s gotta be related.  Maybe Nook lent money to Gracie, thinking he would get it back, and she just laughed at him as her store rapidly became more popular?  And then Labelle took Gracie’s side, wanting to be a famous designer herself, and that is why Sable ‘dis-owned’ her as a sister?  I don’t know.  I’m probably thinking too much into all this.  But I really like the “things aren’t as perfect as they seem” side stories that you can uncover in these games!

OK now that we’re all up to speed, it’s time to go play AC!  It’s Wednesday, my favorite day, because Redd restocks!  Ooh, the trees have changed color today!  Everything is a brighter green than before.  Hooray!  Spring is coming!

Squirt walked into the Able’s Shop and a beautiful, shiny Royal Crown is on display!  YES!  Time to hit up the ABD and buy this puppy…  Wow, now my account is down to 2.9 million.  Maybe I should harvest fruit today to get that back up to 3 mil.  And now is the real question:  Do I wear this crown, instead of my new Pirate hat?  Shall I be the Pirate King?  Monique gave me a fashion critique and said if you don’t ‘own’ your look, don’t wear it!  You have to have confidence!  So maybe I’ll put the crown inside on display somewhere, until I have the confidence… lol!

In the city, Phineas has been showing up again!  He was there yesterday, and again today!  Huzzah!  What prize should I get this time?  I got a regular balloon, and it’s orange.  I feel like the only colors he gives me are orange and purple.  Barf!  Orange is ok, but what about red, blue, green?  Yellow?  Pink?  Hehehe!

This week, Redd has a Clear Model, a Serene Painting, and an Apple Clock.  Well, I bought the Clear Model, but I’m leaving that other stuff cuz I already have it!  

The townies have been very demanding today.  Bree wants ‘fresh’ clothes, but I have no idea what that means.  I tried giving her like 11 different shirts and she rejected them all.  Curly wants a football fish, which I think is asking a bit much since they are worth a lot.  But I’ll try, I guess…  Cube wants to talk to Dan about “wallpaper”, Broccolo wants a koi (which is a fish I haven’t seen in months) it’s like these missions are endless!  Get your own damn stuff!  Sheesh.

Later on, I met some new friends on wifi when visiting Vella in Doomdoom, named Ryan and Hayley.  (Vella was super nice and gave me a ton of stuff I need for my catalog!)  They are from ACUKE, which is a social network for AC!  (Yay!)  We hung out for a while.  First we had a “Bug Net Deathmatch”… but nobody won.  Or lost.


I won the mini fishing tournament with 13 fish!  Huzzah!  But it was Vella who had the catch of the day… a huge Tuna fish!  Nice catch, Vella!

Group Photo!
Group Photo!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. The categories for clothes are really weird. My townies always want shirts I don’t have and can’t find. Static wanted a “frock coat”. Electric squirrel in a frock…whatever.

    You can find a list of most everything here:
    It categorizes all of the furniture and shirts.

    These are all the “fresh” ones

    Spade Shirt Red Tie-Dye Cyan Argyle Top Citrus Shirt
    Cloudy Shirt Green Bar Shirt Icy Shirt Melon Shirt
    Fresh Shirt Red Bar Shirt Aurora Knit Red Sweatsuit
    Sunset Top Blue Stripe Knit Lotus Shirt Blue Sweatsuit
    Deep Blue Tee Speedway Shirt Fern Shirt Cycling Outfit
    Peachy Shirt Blue Tartan Blue Retro Shirt Egyptian Outfit
    Orange Tie-Dye Blue Grid Shirt Grass Shirt New Year’s Shirt (2002)
    Purple Tie-Dye Gumdrop Shirt Snow Shirt New Year’s Shirt (2014)
    Green Tie-Dye Aqua Polka Shirt Bubble Shirt New Year’s Shirt (2026)
    Blue Tie-Dye

  2. gluxbox

    Thanks for the comments, guys! Mynista, I’m usually on anytime between 11am-6pm (EST) and occasionally at night (10-11pm). Vella, thanks for that list of shirts! It’s so random… the Egyptian outfit is fresh? Too bad I don’t have the New Years shirt from 2002… lol, I’m sure I’ve got some of these tho, so Bree will get her PRECIOUS fresh shirt. I’m gonna bookmark that link tho, so thanks!

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