Today is the Flea Market!  Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some crap!  

I couldn’t find Joan this morning.  But after this week’s horrible prices, I don’t really care.

Grizzly bought three shirts from me.  Hooray!  Curly still won’t sell me his right platform.  Daisy came by and didn’t buy anything!  Brocollo sold me his Classic Vanity, which is pretty sweet!  I didn’t have that one.  Monique bought 3 items from my house, yay! 

OK time to go to Katrina.  Maybe with a good luck fortune, Serena will be nicer to me!

I can see Leo heading out for a picnic, bearing Scorpio on piggyback.  The usually present light of conflict is nowhere to be found…  If only this state of peace and harmony could last forever…  The stars surrounding you shine down with a soothing, gentle light.  As they shine upon you, the illuminate a gentleness and universal appeal.  During this shining time, you will garner support, especially from those who share your gender.  Just remember that the way you see the world may have little to do with how the world sees you…  That is all.

Hmm.  OK, well I got a good fortune, but she said it would mainly effect males, which Serena is not.  Well I don’t think so anyway.  Oh well, let’s give it a go!

Serena:  Umm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was regular.

Serena:  Hmm… at least you’re telling the truth, unlike some people.  All right, I guess I’ll give you your axe back…  

And that was it.  Boring!  Dammit, what am I doing wrong?  

I bought the Spotlight Item of the day, which was a Throne, from Nook’s.  It was 720K!  I decided I want it b/c it’s cool, and then I realized it skyrocketed me to Platinum Membership in the TNPS.  Sweet!

Rowan came by and bought 3 things too.  Nice!

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