AM turnip price is 139 bells.  Didn’t really expect the prices to go up in the second half of the week.  Very interesting indeed!

Twinx is going to visit Serena first this morning.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?  

I said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwwwww!  You noticed!  I got a special volume-enhancing treatment on my eyelashes to make them big and bold!  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But just this once, I’m willing to overlook it.  …But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.  You’re still not getting your axe back!  Oh, look.  It’s time for my skin-rejuvenation treatment.  B’bye now!

Hmm what was that about?

Squirt thinks dealing with Serena is futile, because last night a very nice friend came by!  Tequila stopped by and dropped off an entire Gold Tool set (woo hoo!) as well as a full Gorgeous set, a Princess set and a Sweet set!!!  She’s so nice!  I also got a Lovely Phone, which is pretty fun too!  And an extra throne (or two!).  It helps to have friends who have friends that are hackers lol!

Twinx just arranged the Gorgeous series in her house (because Squirt didn’t have enough room to even store it lol!) and her house looks like a hotel now!  Very snazzy!  But the only song in her stereo is K.K. Country.  Not exactly the right mood!  Hopefully Squirt will remember to leave her a song that better suits the room.

LOL oh jeez, Squirt just discovered Katie again!  And she wants to go to Cairnie, AGAIN!  Pal isn’t going to be pleased!  She said she ALWAYS gets the mother cat, and never the kitten, so she never gets the prize!  Luckily for her, I have a spare Music Box that I was going to give her.  

  • Curly wants to talk to Twinx about “wallpaper”.

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