Decided to sleep in, so no morning turnip prices.  Too bad!  Hehehe.  PM turnip price is 112 bells.

Squirt has a lovely flag in front of his house now!  Huzzah!  I should go check out Deb’s larger pad too, since the first loan was paid off on that house!

Phineas is back woot woot!  Nice!  He’s been around every day this week, as long as the weather is nice!  It was snowing yesterday, but that was it!  LOL, I saw a cow in the city named Tipper.  And she was wearing a rainbow shirt.  Very interesting.  Squirt put a Black Queen item up for auction, since it’s the weekend!

Deb decided to try and talk with Serena.

Serena:  Sigh… My hair is all frizzed out.  My mascara is running…  I got a rip in my favorite toga…  And to top it all off, people are throwing axes at me…  The handle hit me on the head and left a huge bump!  You… You’re the one who threw the axe, huh?  I came out just to see what kind of person throws axes at cute fountain goddesses.  Oh… Why do these things always happen to me?  

And that was it!  She wasn’t very thrilled to meet Deb I guess, lol!

Deb also decided to go to the city.  She’s wearing the maid’s dress, and she opted to get a shoe shine.  When asked, she requested that the shoes go “by color,” and Kicks gave her the cutest little black patent shoes!  i think they are Mary Janes but I can’t be sure.  They look so cute though!

One thought on “Saturday

  1. You reminded me to go to the auction house and put something up. I never remember that. While I was there I ran into Tipper as well. Weird…

    I won’t be playing AC much this weekend, but I might try tomorrow before I slip off to class (around 9 PST till 10:30 or so) or maybe at night after 7:30. It would probably be easier to coordinate a visit during the week.

    Let me know when you’re free. I’ll add you to Higarden’s roster as well. 🙂

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