Turnip prices suck.  I’m not even going to bother to check them anymore.  I’m sick of it!  Lol.

I got my Hero’s Cap in the mail today.  So now I have the full Link costume.  Problem is, I hate it!  I forgot that Link has those weird long ears.  I think they look creepy.  I’m not wearing this!  Maybe I should auction it off?  Any readers out there interested in a trade or want to buy it?  I have both the Hero’s Clothes and the matching Hero’s Cap.

Oh, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but Squirt achieved a new high score from the HRA.  210,991 points!  I guess I’m an expert at this stuff.  I wonder if my room was switched into the HRA now?  I should go check.  Here’s what Lyle said about my room.  “Your room breathes style and excellence with equal aplomb!  Truly, you have created the Perfect Room!”

But apparently Twinx’s Gorgeous Series still is holding down the Model Room honors.  Lyle especially likes the random tape deck that is thrown in there, he says it gives the room personality.  But I happen to know that the only reason that tape deck is in there is because Twinx doesn’t have any other stereo to play her music from!  (What a fraud.  LOL jk.)

I wonder when Gracie will ‘grace’ us with her presence again at GracieGrace.  I want a new fashion evaluation!  Made me feel pretty snazzy when she said I had great coordination.  I have no idea when she shows up, so I just have to keep checking for her I guess.

Squirt decided to go and get a weekly fortune. 

…Oh, my stars!  What… is this vision?  The mood is tense among the constellations.  Yesss…  A highly charged standoff is in the offing.  They all scowl and mutter amongst themselves…  It’s as if an epic space war is on the cusp of erupting…  Come on.  That would never happen, of course, but you know what I mean…  My, my, my…  The stars surrounding you are not happy at all.  Misfortune may fall upon you…  I cannot say exactly what might happen… but I can say that worrying over it will do you no good.  Try to think positively, and remember that panic will draw misfortune’s cruel hand ever closer.  …That is all.  

Oh just great.  I got cursed AGAIN.  WHYYY???

I’m starting to realize that the townies in Shaolin are extremely lazy.  I just spoke to Broccolo at the middle bridge.  He asked me to deliver a present for him.  It was for Rowan, who lives like 5 steps from where Broccolo was standing.  I mean, what’s that about?  I guess Broccolo is too scared of rejection to deliver it himself!  But he did give Rowan a royal shirt.  Maybe I should wear mine and we can be twins!  LOL maybe not.

Despite the bad luck fortune, Squirt is going to try to reason with Serena anyway.

Serena:  Ummm, did you throw a gold axe in here?  Or maybe a silver axe?

I said it was regular.

Serena:  Honesty?  Huh, that’s refreshing…  Just because you told the truth, I’m going to give you a special gold axe…  Huh?  …Oh, so sorry!  Looks like I’m fresh out of gold axes!  Awww, I guess I’ll just give you back your plain old axe.  Try to keep your axe to yourself, all right?  I better not find out you threw your axe in here just to get a gold one…  ‘K, b’bye now!

Oh well.  It could have gone worse.  Since Serena is in an OK mood, Deb is going to try next.

Serena:  Hey, let me ask you something.  How do I look today?  Don’t you think I look completely different?

Deb said “Big Change.”

Serena:  Awwww!  You noticed!  This sweet girl down at the Glimmering Goddess beauty boutique made my eyelashes nice and curly!  Ohhhh!  Someone noticed!  At first I was kinda mad because you threw an axe at me and all…  But you’re not so bad!  People who aren’t so bad get a special treat!  ‘K, what do you want?

Deb said “A silver axe.”

Serena:  Whaaaaat?!  You want a silver axe?  Hmm…well…maybe I could give you a silver axe or two… Oh, but if I did give you a silver axe, I should just give you one at a time.  You know, goddess rules.  So, how bad do you want one?

I pushed the lever up to just under “Super bad!”

Serena:  Oh, yeah?  So, that’s your game?!  With that kind of attitude, you shouldn’t be trying to get a silver axe!  A regular axe is good enough for you!  Here!  I’m giving yours back, so walk on out of here.  B’bye now!

Darn!  I really thought something good might come of that.  Silly me.

Deb also had to find Apollo, because he had a top secret message to discuss with her.  “Carpet” it was.  So she mentioned this word, and he gave her a Lovely Carpet in return.  But it was weird, I don’t know if he was stuttering, or it was a typo.  What do you think?


Stutter or Typo?
Stutter or Typo?



Ooh, Monique wants Deb to come over for a visit at 4:20 PM.  Interesting!  I guess Monique likes hanging out with girls more than guys, cuz she never asks Squirt to come over!  Deb thought Monique was a little full of herself, talking about how great her furniture was.  So when she left, she told Monique that the furniture was ‘so so’.  Monique was pretty insulted!  Oops lol.


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