I spoke with Nintendo last night and the best answer that the Rep had for me was that in the spring and summer months, the grass will grow quicker.  It just so happens that in the winter time, grass/snow takes longer to re-grow, just like in real life.  Supposedly.  I’m just supposed to take this guy’s word for it I guess…


There is a “weather report” posted today, saying there is going to be a meteor shower tonight.  That’s kinda fun!  Also, there’s a 50% off sale going on at Nook’s tonight at 8 PM.  I guess the game really wants me to play tonight!  Maybe I will…

Tomorrow is the fishing tourney.  I have two tunas in my basement that I’m saving for the occassion, LOL!  But I wonder, since I’ve already won a gold trophy, maybe I should try to get the silver instead.  Purposely lose the tourney??  I dunno if I can do something like that, lol!  

Curly is in the Cafe again, this time at 11:25 AM.  It’s so wierd to see neighbors in there randomly!  I wish I knew what times they are in there.

Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday but I checked at Town Hall, and construction for the fountain is starting!  Yay!  Hopefully next Thursday I’ll have a fountain my town.  Woot!

Almost every single hybrid in my town is withering today.  NOOOOo!  I’m going around trying to check them all but I can’t help thinking I’m missing some.

AM turnip price is 117.  What a wild week!  

Oh no.  I just realized, a new neighbor moved in.  And it’s freakin DAISY.  I hate Daisy!  She was so annoying in Wild World!  UGHHHH!!!!  Maybe she’ll be better in this game.  I’d also like to note that she moved in directly next to Rowan’s house.  There go all the nice fruit trees I had planted there….

I just ran into Sahara!  The hunt for old wallpapers begins!

Squirt just asked EVERY neighbor in town and nobody had any old wallpaper.  One of them said “Oh Cube will have one, he’s been redecorating” but then Cube didn’t have any either!  Or maybe they just won’t give them to Squirt.  I guess I have to log in as Twinx if I want to help Sahara!

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