AM turnip price is 59 bells.

I saw Peanut this morning and she said she was planning on moving.  (Does this happen every week?)  I told her “Bye.”  Then she got all offended, because she wanted me to plead with her to stay.  Not happening, you dumb squirrel!  😛

Well, look at that!  Kaitlin is in my town today, looking for her kitten.  And the kitten is in Cairnie!  Hopefully my friend Pal will be able to bring Katie here in one piece!

Whoa, Sahara is here too, she was hiding over by the southern waterfall.  Only one townie was nice enough to give me an old wallpaper, Apollo.  He’s my new best bud lol!  I got a Shogi screen, after I combined Apollo’s donation with my leftover wallpaper from last time.  Maybe Twinx will try her hand at this later.

I found a fossil and took it to the museum, as always.  It happened to be a plesio skull, and now my Plesiosaurus is complete!  WOO HOO!  I only need one more fossil, I think.  Let me go check.  Yep, all I need is a parasaur skull!  Nice!

Awesome, Phineas is in the city again!  He’s been here all week, sweet!  I saw Jambette in the city, but she didn’t seem to recognize me… sniff sniff lol jk!

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. gluxbox

    I guess both? LOL I just don’t like boring animals in my town. I want rare animal neighbors, like gorillas, octopi, and kangaroos!

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