Yay it’s raining again!  I like the rain, I find it soothing.  And it looks cute.

Oh dear, Kaitlin is BACK!  NOOOOOOO!  This time she was fretting about leaving her child behind in Doomdoom.  Vella, if you’re reading this, there is a lost child on the loose in your town!  You know the drill…  LOL

I went to the city… just cuz… and Gracie is in the GracieGrace shop!  I rushed back out to re-dress myself in something that matches.  Gracie wasn’t so impressed with my hand-made hockey jersey last time.  I quickly grabbed my Royal getup: the Royal Crown and a Royal Shirt, and then hustled to Kicks’ stoop to get matching shoes.  Lets see Gracie criticize my look NOW!  Oh, I didn’t realize this but he gave me red shoes.  Hopefully they still count as matching, since I’m wearing red.  I wonder why I didn’t get the royal sandal thingies?

…Oh.  I see you’ve decided to make regal a central theme to your ensemble.  …We need to get you to a hairdresser, STAT!  Honey… I know wildebeests with better hair!  So I guess you could say your shoe choice is just a small victory in this whole fashion disaster.  …Honey, the way I see it, you’re still a step away from full-blown fabulousness!  You ARE keepin’ it quite saucy, though.  Keep working hard!  Just don’t sweat.  That’s a faux pas.

Just because I went beard-less?  Grr...
Just because I went beard-less? Grr...

What’s wrong with my hair….?  😦  Oh, maybe you HAVE to wear that ugly king’s beard thing with the regal outfit to get full marks.  Grr, I knew I shoulda just worn my Native outfit again lol!  Nobody mentioned anything conspiracy-wise.  Maybe I have to get three more Gracie evaluations?  I have no idea…

Great, now I’m stuck with bright red shoes that I don’t even want!  Guess I’ll keep this royal ensemble on for the rest of the day.

I heard that Saharah was wandering around in Doomdoom, and this was probably blocking Vella from finding that whiney Katie.  We decided to make the most of it, and go on a little cloning spree.  It was a lot of work, but I have almost every rare Sahara wallpaper/carpet set.  Now the question is…. what to do with them all?

Its a pathway made of old floorings!  lol
It's a pathway made of old floorings! lol
I know I shoulda cropped this.  Too bad!  :-P
I know, I shoulda cropped this. 😛
All in a days work...
All in a day's work...

2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. KKSliderfan924

    Dang, Gracie can be harsh! I think she’s just jealous she doesn’t have the Royal Crown 🙂 I never received a good evaluation from her, but that’s due to my lack of accessories, or so she says. Ugh! I always get stuck with the red shoes too … but what’s worse is when they have the blue & white stripe socks (or stockings) to go with them!!

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