6 AM – I attempted to look for a Stringfish early this morning. Unfortunately I still didn’t find anything. How much more extreme do I have to get to find this stupid fish???

Twinx gave Rowan the message about “furniture.” And then he gave her a Lucky Frog! She dropped it off infront of Squirt’s house, as always.

  • Curly wants a flowery shirt.  I just looked it up in the guide and it’s not available until summer.  Better luck next time, Curly!

Peanut said that Bree told her that there might be northern lights again tonight.  I didn’t see any the last time I was told this, on Saturday.  Is every night a possible chance to see them or something?  Maybe only in January.  I dunno.

Turnip AM price is 93 bells.  Hopefully this is a good sign and not a bad one.

Sahara is in town today!  I will really try to find all three wallpapers today.  I know it can be done!  Even if I have to use Twinx to get the wallpaper.

Ruby lost her key so I have to find that now too.  A lot is going on this morning!

The PM turnip price is 140 bells.  Maybe I’ll sell one of my batches?  I dunno what to do anymore lol!!

Squirt was only able to get two old wallpapers from the neighbors.  Twinx managed to get three!  She was nice and dropped off the third at Squirt’s house, and then traded in the two remaining.  Sahara only gave her a sky wall!  Weak.  Then Squirt handed in the three he had, and he got a Lunar Horizon.  Yay, I got something rare at least!

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