Yesterday was Boy’s Day!  I remembered to get up nice and early to stop over in Japan before the clock struck midnight there.  I think I got in at like 11:30 PM JP time lol!  I brought over the new US DLC, which came out on the 5th.  It’s a Bus Model.  Supposedly to commemorate Teacher’s Week or something.  I’ve never heard of that… but whatever!  Apparently our European AC friends got the Bus Model as well, only it was to celebrate… Kapp’n driving the bus to the city, or something dumb like that lol!

Learning about Boys Day
Learning about Boy's Day

Tortimer didn’t seem to HAVE any of these delicious bamboo cakes that he spoke of.  What a tease.  He did have a Newsprint Hat for me tho, so I quickly put it on so I could match Chokomaru!  Now donning our new hats, he showed me around town, and we stopped at a house that had some cool new rooms in it!  First was the Restaurant, which I thought was very cleverly put together.

Chibikuro Restaurant
Chibikuro Restaurant

I really liked how he combined certain parts of specific sets to make a full Restaurant feel.  He used the Gracie set, the Ranch set, the Classic set and some regular Household stuff for the kitchen area.  Then of course he added Sweets lamps to look like food on the tables.  Very nicely done, Chokomaru!  Next, we went down to the new Chibikuro Arcade!  It was cool!

Arcade Chibikuro!
Arcade Chibikuro!

Every game you can think of was here!  Bowling, video games, table top games, etc.  It was great!  I only wish you could actually play old NES games in AC:CF, like you used to be able to in ACGC.  Ahh well.  We just pretended lol.

Just when I thought I was safe…

Swine Flu!
Swine Flu!

I ran into Hugh the pig outside of one of the houses, and Chokomaru immediately put his doctor’s mask on!  Oh no, I may have been exposed to Hugh Swine Flu lol!  Guess the whole swine flu insanity has reached Japan as well.  All I know is, the reported cases in NYC have not been fatal and schools are re-opening now.  But how safe my AC town is… we’ll never know lol!

Vella showed up!
Vella showed up!

After midnight (in Japan, 11 AM here lol) Vella popped in as well.  I guess Chokomaru was saving a hat for her, since her character is a girl and probably wouldn’t have gotten anything from Tortimer on Boy’s Day.

Back in the USA…


When I got back to Shaolin, I remembered to take a photo of the latest Japanese message from Chokomaru.  The only thing I recognize in his post is the name of his town, Chibikuro.  I have a feeling this message is just telling me to go to his town on Boy’s Day, which I did… but regardless, I want to know what this message says!  If anyone can translate, please let me know, thanks!  🙂

Anyway, Daisy is gone.  She moved out yesterday.  I took a sad picture of the big empty spot next to Rowan’s house where her house used to be.

Daisy is gone...
Daisy is gone...

Poop!  I kinda liked her.  She sent me a letter saying we’ll always be friends and she hopes we’ll run into each other some day in the future.

Deb wanted to log in and finally add the Carp Banners to her house.  She likes to pretend to be Japanese!  I don’t know if all the furniture matches or anything… but I like it!  What do you guys think?  hehe

Carp Banners in my Japanese Basement!
Carp Banners in my Japanese Basement!

Deb got bored once she was done decorating, so she decided to take the bus to the city, despite the advances from Kapp’n.  She realized she had never even signed up for the HRA, so that was her first stop.  Lyle gave her the whole song and dance, telling her about his old job (he said he “used to be somebody”… I don’t agree.  I thought he was super annoying at his old job lol!).  Then she asked about the Model Room.  There was a new room this month – the room with the best Feng Shui.  I expected it to be one of Chokomaru’s rooms again, but then I heard the truth –

Bamette of Plaahaus has HRA Model Room Honors this month!  Congratulations!  🙂

Its my favorirte room in all of Plaahaus!  And I sent them this moon!  lol
It's my favorirte room in all of Plaahaus! And I sent them this moon! lol

I was so psyched that the wheat field room was the Model Room!  This is my most favorite room ever!!  I love how they put the Moon in there, it looks so funny!  AWESOME!  Great work, guys!

According to Lyle, if you put yellow stuff on the west side of the room, you will notice increased luck and fortune.  Too bad Lyle wouldn’t tell me what the red and green stuff do, specifically.  Ahh well.

There was a Weather Forecast posted on the Bulletin Board today:

~Weather Forecast~

Warm, early-summerlike weather will be the norm.  If this pattern continues, the rainy season should start at the end of June.

Rainy season?  That hasn’t even happened yet?  I thought it was raining a lot already.  Does this mean it will start raining even MORE in a month or so?  That would be SWEET!  We love rain!  lol

2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Tee-hee! Thanks for the moon! It’s funny that they chose my room when there’s no red or green at all… kinda weird. That goofy old HRA. I put in the UFO now–it’s kinda fun.

    I really enjoyed your report about Boy’s Day! You’re like the news for AC/CF. Keep up the good work.

  2. *gasp* Three days with no post!? Are you ok?

    I had Grebo attempt to translate your bulletin board. It says something to the effect of “Don’t watch TV, come to Chibikuro and play with me.” He’s my amateur translator, so it could be wrong. 😉

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